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  1. Acerbic yet incisive and on the mark. I enjoyed your blog. Well, enjoyed is a relative term here…. subject matter being so grim.


  2. I getting confused.
    This mess is so layered that when I think I’ve got a handle on it something else crops up.

    Now there’s the bailout money and the surrounding pork.
    Isn’t it the pork that will create jobs?

    I understood what you said about the Swedish approach isn’t appropriate and Austrian is. Essentially, tie the money back to gold?

    And then there’s housing prices. Sure home sales are down and folk are foreclosing, but I just don’t see the air coming down on he homes that were grossly inflated in the first place.

    Please, help me understand

  3. Joe:

    Yes, the pork will create jobs. It robs from everyone to pay others to do useless work. You work harder at your job to bear the burden (taxes or inflation, depending on how it gets financed) and some jackass uses your production to build bridges to nowhere. As a result, resources are diverted into building bridges to nowhere. Professional organizations and universities divert resources into figuring our how to build bridges to nowhere. Kids entering school take classes on building bridges to nowhere. Politicians begin to talk about the importance of sustaining our competitive advantage in the industry of to-nowhere bridge building. Think about this for a few minutes and try to figure out how this could possibly help the economy.

    If creating jobs was the only important thing, then we could just each pay our neighbor to sit at home and watch television. Full employment!!!. You pay me $500k to watch TV and I’ll pay you $500k to do the same. We’re both fully employed with $500k salary. Sound too good to be true?

    Well, suppose there is a middle-man, say the government, who takes your money and pays some other guy to watch TV. And, to be fair, they take his money and pay YOU to watch TV? Full employment!!! Is it any different?

    Sorry Lila for intruding on your blog, but I couldn’t resist…


  4. Intrude any time….

    You saved me writing another post explaining Bastiat and broken windows and make-work…


  5. Lila you an Indian? I find that very fascinating most of the Indian women I know are not that interesting intellectually and philosophically.

    Full employment is never the goal of the State, maybe an excuse. Full employment might make the lower classes too powerful, demand higher wages and a cut in taxes, maybe the rolling back of the State. A significant unemployed group with some exaggerated violent crime figures in a society provides jobs for security, social workers, prison officers etc. And the fear keeps the middle classes in their place.

  6. Greetings Lila:

    I’ve been reading your work on LRC for a year or so now and it’s about time I traipsed over to your blog to check in. Bravo, wonderful work!

    Some writers, Will Grigg, Radley Balko and Peter Schiff for instance, have personalities as large as their subject matter and it’s easy, assuming one agrees with their positions, to anticipate their work, their thoughts, and their reactions to the movement of the world.

    You, on the other hand, have a slightly more subtle radiance to your work. Sure, you’re acerbic wit fits the LRC “mold” (truly for lack of better term) but your perspective, somewhat more international than the aforementioned, lends a quiet, confident quality to your writing which I enjoy very much. I look forward to reading your work in the future. Thank you very much.



  7. as a man that raised four children alone in poverty for fourteen years

    I know now that telling your children to dream and hope is a waste of time

    tell your children the truth
    governments are corrupt they only care about themselves
    and poor people dont get to have
    piano lessons guitar lessons music lessons

    thats only for the rich idiots like obama
    and his rich children
    in short those that are rich in america
    will get richer
    and those that are poor in america
    would be alot better off being put on a island and nuked

    cause if obama has his way
    every boy will be gay
    every baby will be aborted by parents that are not rich
    and every poor person will get the vaccines that are SLOWLY KILLING THEM
    great new world order you bunch of vampire idiots

    OK untill it all happens
    any poor woman out there that wants at least a marriage and a family until we all go to hell


  8. Just visited your blog after reading “Intellectual Self-Defense for Libertarians” at LRC.
    You are truly a renaissance woman, and I look forward to further insight on the human condition.
    Also, I notice from the post before mine that you don’t bother moderating comments – better to let others’ reveal themselves as they are.


  9. I would normally block a “comment” like that, but since someone with the same email account and name but a different IP address posted a comment on the Doug Valentine piece about the CIA (on this blog) – a post that seemed supportive – I’m curious as to what exactly provoked the sudden name-calling?

  10. Thank you, Jim.
    Much appreciated.

    My gratitude to the whole deepcapture team for sticking it out through all the vilification and mockery.


  11. Hi Lila,

    I enjoy your site and your insights!

    I have lived in Uruguay and So. Chile (Patagonia)and speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese. At the moment, I am living in the western USA, and am restless with the stagnant economy.

    I have excellent communication skills and a rich background in marketing and public relations, and I have enjoyed some success in real estate investing, residential and commercial.

    Would you suggest some professions or creative, lucrative work in Brazil, Chile or Argentina? It seems like Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina are likely candidates.

    I like Santiago, Chile very much, but do not know the state of their economy with the recent earthquake. Or, if an American can do well in Santiago, unless he is a creative entrepreneur with significant capital and patience.

    I do not want to simply be a libertine, living off of the land….I prefer stimulating work, and taking breaks to explore the country.


    Thanking you in advance,

  12. Please clarify your politics. You praise Ron Paul as an ideal.
    American Libertarianism is not what the rest of the world considers libertarianism. So if you are a minarchist, please say so. If you are a neo-liberal, fine. Rothbardian -Austrian school ? Or Fountainhead Objectivist Romantic?
    It is unfortunate to see such a well educated and pedigreed person duped by the ruse of ” libertarian- capitalism.”
    So much potential humanism wasted….
    With in a soup kitchen for a month and then blog on that.

  13. Hi –

    I don’t think any politician is an “ideal” . I think politics as a road to change is the wrong way to go, because it works in terms of coercion and masses..

    I think Ron Paul – so far as I know – is a sincere libertarian who understands economics and is a person of integrity.

    I like the fact that he’s a doctor.
    I’ve met him once and got the impression of a fine gentleman, quite different from the run of the mill politician.
    His positions are consistent.
    I don’t know if he is a plant or a stooge or anything else. I can understand some people feeling that way. If he’s mistaken on anything, I think it’s likely to be innocent.

    The rest of the world is socialistic in its orientation. I know what socialism is about. It’s the collective first. It’s central planning and managers and theorizing that has no relation to what actually produces jobs.

    American libertarianism is of two kinds – the kind found in the corporation funded think tanks and schools – beltway libertarians, whom you’ll find at Cato, Heritage, Reason, Mercatus, AEI etc.

    These are fine people who do fine things criticizing welfare statism…but then they refuse to confront the state when it’s fighting aggressive wars, destroying civil liberties and subsidizing corporations (to be fair, Cato wasn’t pro war, if I recall right)..

    On the other hand there are Austrians who cluster around Mises.org and Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul, who are consistently antiwar, anticorporatism (on the whole), and FOR individuals and free markets.

    That is the libertarianism of Mises…who has been conveniently scrubbed from the libertarian heritage by the beltways libs (see my recent article on WSJ whites out Mises).

    Mises and LRC are not solely American. They have a huge international following…and I guarantee it will grow…

    Re soup kitchen. I’ve seen plenty of hard time personally and of course in India, I’ve seen first hand poverty as bad as it gets.

    That’s why I spent years studying religion, politics and economics.

    That study led me to Mises, human action and the antiwar right.
    I might have some differences in theory with their style and their interpretation of certain things, but practically I find myself on their side on most issues.

    Once you get past false labels, you’ll see that we always depend on people who have more than us…or can do more..or know more..
    these are natural elites. I have nothing against them.
    My problem is with propagandists, liars, crooks, mass murderers, war mongers and so on.

    I can assure you they’re not confined to the upper levels of society.

    I doubt anyone who knows me would consider me a dupe in any way. Check the list of stories I was on to before most of the professional journalists…

    I’d urge you to visit the mises blog and keep an open mind.
    That is, if you’re really interested in how prosperity is created..

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