The United States Of Greater Israel


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has finally arrived…..with a “white nationalist/anti-Semitic/outsider” leader…

on a kosher leash, as I blogged earlier.

For more detail, see this piece on Trump’s Israeli money-laundering and mafia ties.

Plus points of this outcome:


Good riddance to 25 years of  the baggage-laden couple.

Respite from 24/7 feminist-LGBTQ propaganda and political correctness. A little plain-speaking will be allowed.

Lower taxes across the board….let’s hope.

But the decider will be if Trump repeals the evil FATCA and FBAR requirements through which the US polices banks and depositors all over the face of the earth.

Minus points.

Israel-first foreign policy and dangerous vacuums abroad.

An important step for the New World Order – managed nationalism combined with faux decentralization [Added Nov. 22]

[Added, Nov. 22]. The National Security States speeds up.

Expect New Deal-type public works programs that will fatten the wallets of mega private equity entities.

Expect Dear Leader-type mania in the population, Soros-funded agitation on elite campi, and  gang-driven agitation on the streets. [Added on Nov. 22]

The famous 90s Indian rapper Baba Sehgal has come out in support of GOP nominee Donald Trump through a rap song.

Known for his original, meaningless lyrics and terrific music, Sehgal who delivered the rap hit ‘Chicken Fried Rice’ last year, has put out a song in praise of Trump called ‘Trump Ka Mania.

Sehgal uploaded the video on his twitter, Facebook pages and YouTube channel, and it has gone viral in two days with touching 2.5 lakh views already.

“Could not resist doing a track on Trump. This guy has something in him which puts him on top of the charts. He may or may not become President of United States of America but his popularity, temperament and attitude has already won him millions of fans,” he wrote.

 The song begins with, “Everybody bole Trump pum pump, Trump bole vote come come come (Everybody’s talking about Trump but Trump talking about votes)” and shows an earlier video of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump introducing her father.

Then he goes to explain how his mania has gripped everyone from Mumbai to Kenya and surprisingly the video has a very catchy music. It also shows Mr Sehgal rapping in his trademark style as footage from Trump’s rallies across the US is played behind him.”

[PLEASE NOTE: Baba Sehgal is a Sikh. Sikh groups were actively working against Indian interests in cahoots with the half-Sikh full Shabbos Goy Attorney General, Preet Bharara, in  the Devyani Khobragade incident. By referring to Sikhs generically as Indians, the Rothschild media prevents you from knowing the ethnic identities of the interests behind its drive to fragment and destroy the Indian polity.]

Expect subliminal and maybe explicit public approval of pedophilia/ incest.

Yes, that much-circulated video of Trump’s 13-year- old alleged rape-victim doesn’t seem quite right…but convicted pedophile and known Mossad asset/sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein DID take the fifth when asked if Trump was present when underage girls were being solicited.

Evangelicals, hope you love the bargain you made with the second of the two equal evils they gave us.


Julian Assange, what was that email dump even about?




2 thoughts on “The United States Of Greater Israel

  1. Finally got the meme:
    1: Hillary will win the election. 100%.
    2: Trump won the election. Wow.
    3: Trump won because Russia hacked the system.
    4: Let us protect our national election process from foreign hacking.
    5: Homeland Security has to put itself in control of national elections.
    6: Elites have complete control over the election and their puppets win each time.

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