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One  positive for me from the elections and their aftermath was the confirmation of my suspicions about some websites.I’ve linked to them in the past because they had information I couldn’t find anywhere else, but now they seem almost palpably misleading…in a clever way.

Which sites?

The most obvious one is a popular left-wing site that focuses on pedophilic networks. It makes interesting connections, but it does it very loosely and often in a way that ultimately discredits its own thesis.

But the real clincher for me was something I can’t really reveal, because it would tip off the writers behind the site. I suspect they are CIA. intelligence of some kind..and not the white hats either.

Disinformation site number  one is –


The next site is allegedly conservative. I say allegedly because if you read closely there are a number of  problems. I will sum up the issues here by suggesting that if your medium (the pictures you display, for example) are in contradiction to your stated positions, then you are suspect.

And if you  repeatedly promote positions that undermine your arguments, you are suspect. And if you pass off wild accusations as fact, you are suspect.

Disinformation site number two is –

Henry Makow

[Update, Nov. 22] A reader asks for clues.  

So here’s one for Makow: Aloyzius Fosdyke? The Flat Earth conspiracy?

Quite creative that.

Wild allegations are just that…wild allegations…reproducing them with an air of gravity doesn’t make them any better.

The third site is the one I am least sure about.

I know something isn’t right…. but what?

It’s a hugely informative site, one of those that really opened up a world of knowledge to me. But it’s also crass, even pornographic, in its language and imagery.

And it mixes truth-telling and supposed anti-Zionist rhetoric with anti-Christian propaganda that serves no one but the Sanhedrin.

Is the site Indian intelligence or is it Mossad/Raw disinformation or CIA or something else? No idea.

It also gets an entry in my Spy versus Spy ledger.

Disinformation site three is –

Ajit Vadakayil

That one really makes me sad. I had such high hopes for the captain.

Too bad for all true believers out there.

12 thoughts on “More Disinformation Sites

    • So did I. And I still enjoy both those sites. But there is disinformation going on. I used to dismiss them as simply/ a sign of his nautical background. But there is utterly false info mixed in that cannot be simply a matter of ignorance. It is intended to make Hindus look bad…and hypocritical…

      I deleted the link above to WideAwakeGentile. I notice that the reference works he posts are all kind of left of center, economically. I now have second thoughts about him. I mean, the most prominent critics of the Jewish oligarchy are Christians and culturally to the right. Marxists are simply led by yet another ism promoted by the cabal. Anyway, I am always doubtful about anonymous sites. Quite easy for anyone to call themselves Gentile and Indian. Where’s the proof?

      So caveat lector again.

  1. I have no doubt that Ajit Vadakayil is a limited hangout. Ajit Vadakayil websites aim is to control the Hindu end of the Hegelian dialectic.
    1. Loudly disclose truths about hinduism which not many hindus were unaware of.
    2. Proudly disclose many suppressed historical facts that Indian should be rightly proud of.
    3. Speak against the globalists. Gain trust.
    4. Speak against the jews. Gain trust.
    5. Gain trust of hindus by all of the above, develop a large following.
    6. Lead from the front, sideline mainstream hindu organizations like RSS and other intellectuals. Actually dismiss RSS.
    7. Support Modi, the useful idiot, in implementing the globalists schemes. Like cashless society.
    8. Maintain propaganda against the judiciary and prevent them from derailing the globalists plans.

    I doubt Modi understands what he is up against. He seems to be overconfident with poor insight into globalists plans. India has already started the downhill slide to financial / economic slavery.

    • Yes, it’s a disinfo site of some kind. It’s really hard to tell if someone is genuinely mistaken about a figure…as I was with Dr. Paul, for eg., and some still are with Trump…or deliberately misleading. So I will give him a pass about Modi, whose shill status I only figured out from Kasli’s blog post about his PR firmApco. I knew Hazare and Kejriwal were stooges from the start.But the obscenity and spinning about history on the Ajit V site became too much…also the bragging which is intended to make Hindu claims ridiculous…I suspect.

  2. RE: “That one really makes me sad. I had such high hopes.

    Too bad for all true believers out there.”

    Ha! I can’t even count the times I’ve said the same dang thing!

    I’ve never heard of the word, ‘Kabbalist’ before. I must be slacking on my reading.

    Per Wikki : “Kabbalah’s definition varies according to the tradition and aims of those following it’

    Shifting sands? Seems a bit like modern day humanitarianism/relativism. Idk.

    I try to understand the world around me and keep up on things, however; I’ve never heard of, ‘Aangirfan’ until today. Is he/she a big chicken in the yard?

    Henry Makow – I kind of always confuse him with Jeff Rense. They are both on A.M. radio? Idk.

    RE: ‘my Spy versus Spy ledger’

    Crack me up. Too cool. Blows me away this is actually a true category.

    RE: Ajit Vadakayil. ‘one of those that really opened up a world of knowledge to me. But it’s also’ …

    Never heard of that one, but I can’t help but notice your description is exactly mine for LRC. Makes me feel better.

    Thank you, for voicing you opinion. Its been a long walk to understanding that we are surrounded by two-faced back stabbers all around. Be they Imperial Christians, useful idiots, etc, etc, etc….

    Today, at the grocery store, I saw a young woman with an i-Phone in both hands. One, wasn’t enough. That must be the highest ideal in life/ …psft.

    • Hi Clark, back-stabbing may be a little personal. Some people consider it a living and they trim their sails accordingly. I do other things because this is real for me and not a game. I have made mistakes….not seeing through libertarianism at once was one of them….although I never voted then..or now…and only twice in my whole life..both a complete waste of time.

  3. Lila, glad to see you are back. I stumbled across this page when looking at Dr. Paul.

    Can you provide quick examples of Makow and Aangirfan? If you’re not too busy. I respect your site too much to take up alot of your time. I always considered them leftwing sites (economically), not right wing.

    Also isgp is now @

    • Hi,

      Will add them into the post…but, really, just a point or two. There are several other red flags, but that’s something I’d rather not get into, because the perps then improve their technique and become harder to spot.

  4. Help me understand Henry Makow a bit more. What is his agenda ? What is he promoting ? What is his end game?
    Voda kayil’s I have understood his agenda and method. His endgame is to reduce hindu opposition to critical steps on the road to the NWO. Today the critical step is demonization.
    He gains trust of hindus by speaking positively about Hinduism. Also provides hidden suppressed truths. He even doesn’t mind criticizing Modi, keeping Modis credentials suspect. Having gained trust by writing these truths, he then sells snake oil. Today he is for demonitization as a good thing for India and is against the judiciary which could potentially stop or reverse the demonization. Majority of hindus just trust him so much that they dont care to do their homework. He is using the limited hangout method of deception.

    • Hello R, I cannot fairly state what the end game of any blogger or writer is. But here are the things I note about Makow, with the caveat that I always do appreciate information. Makow’s agenda is to appropriate the highest pagan and Hindu spirituality (meditation, destruction of aham consciousness) and pass it off as modern Western…see his constant promotion of Tolle, who does this. Meanwhile, all negative aspects of Kabbala and Talmud are traced to pagans…and demonized… Guess what is the archetypal pagan religion today? Hinduism. I guess he tweeted me, while repeatedly lifting subject matter and themes from the blog, to tar my credibility. This is a move I have seen made repeatedly by intel. It is called reframing.

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