Rothschild War On India Ramps Up Under Fake Nationalist Modi

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Rothschild 9-11 on India: Modi Ban Profits De La Rue 


The big story in India, on November 8, just the day before the election of Donald Trump as US president, was the Modi government’s ban of 1000 and 500 rupee notes.

Just the value of the notes – the equivalent of a few dollars – should have made any one with one solitary brain-cell realize that the ban could not possibly have anything to do with “black” money usually held in foreign accounts, gold, and real estate.

In the last two years, soaring inflation had led the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to issue larger quantities of those denominations:

That chart should raise questions.

The chairman of the RBI from 2013-2015 was Raghuram Rajan, who is now credited at Wikipedia with having warned presciently about the risks to the financial sector in 2005. But in fact, Rajan, whose resume reads like that of the typical emissary of the banking elites (IMF, BIS and other appointments) seems to have been hired to implement the globalist project to harness the powerful cash economy that kept India afloat to the banking sector. I raise the issue of Rajan’s loyalties here.

“Black money,” that is, money hidden from government taxation, has been a big broad target of the Western oligarchy for a while.

Not because the Western elites have any objection to black money and money-laundering when THEY do it. Perish the thought.

In the West, the market and government black operations (do I repeat myself?) are both propped up by nothing more than money laundered from all kind of shady businesses in which the intelligence agencies of the afore-mentioned elites have a sizable share –  porn, prostitution, drugs, and gambling.

Anyone who looks into the history of American banks like Wells Fargo and Citibank or any of a number of European and Israeli multinational banks, knows this.  I say American and European, but of course the leadership of the banking system is mostly Jewish or shabbos goy, despite variations in citizenship and location.

The most effective money-laundering in the world isn’t in banana-republics or in far-eastern gambling dens.

It’s here in the good old United States, in our own states like Nevada and New Mexico and Delaware and Alaska and Wyoming.

Furthermore, friends of Uncle Sam, like Israel, or the UK and its island havens, the and many many other places, are awash with loopholes through which you could unload a dump truck full of illicit dollar bills.

Mind you, I am all for protecting the privacy of  financial investments. That’s not my gripe here.

But you cannot host most of the anonymous companies in the world on your own soil and then fund a vicious global campaign against “foreign’ black money and expect anyone to take it at face-value.

It is no more to be taken at face-value than any of the petty bills that Modi, a Western stooge posing as a cow-belt nationalist, has taken out.

The fact that the ban has repeatedly been dubbed a “surgical strike” by the Indian media shows just how many dupes and lackeys of the Western press barons infest the Indian media:

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The narrative of the War on Terror having become a little thread-bare, the new War on Black Money has been trotted out to make Indians a little more amenable to their coming enslavement to the global banking mafia.

Anyone wanting to understand what is actually going on should go over the the blog, Great Game India, which I first spotted when I shared information with it on the Devayani Khobragade story, which was also a coordinated attack on India.

The Rothschild war on India is real:-

The murder of Indian scientists,

the Stuxnet attacks on Indian infrastructure,

the propaganda about rape,

the Nannygate attack on Indian civil servants,

the drive to force Indians into the banking system

are about nothing less than shackling the economic power of this struggling Asian giant.

The objective is to stop it becoming the prosperous world power that it was before the advent of the European empires – Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French, and finally English – every one of them instigated and manipulated by the money-power of  the global Sanhedrin.




6 thoughts on “Rothschild War On India Ramps Up Under Fake Nationalist Modi

  1. There is something baffling about Modi ‘s actions. Tell me what is the motivation of Modi ? I have no clear answer for this question.
    1. Is Modi ignorant and is being taken for a ride? Is he a useful idiot for the western money powers?
    2. Or do the banking elite have such control on events that Modi saw no other way to come to power and stay in power, except by making a deal with the bankers and accepting their plan ?
    3. Or is a group of Indian elites supporting Modi to transform India into a personal fiefdom ? These Indian elites don’t mind India to be an economic slave to the West as long as their personal interests are protected.
    No 3 probably is the most likely reason, but I don’t have any proof.

    • I think 2 and 3. Modi is not ignorant, just cunning, and probably blackmailed as well.
      Indian elites have always worked with the Rothschilds. To wit., the Tatas, the Sassoons, and others. Anil Ambani, also.
      But I think Mukesh Ambani is a target of the elites. The banksters have cultivated a very Westernized group, drawn from among the Parsis, Sikhs, and similar groups. A case in point is Bharara, whose background is Sikh.

  2. The demonization scheme is not going well. By chance I am visiting India these days. There are long lines in front of Banks. Modi fans are loosing their patience. I suspect citizens will get very angry if this contraction of money supply policy continues.

    • Kejriwal is the left-wing of the dialectic.
      He is also on the band-wagon against black-money, he is just overtly backed by the NGOs. Modi is backed by the right wing outfits. But both are expanding surveillance and the cashless project, so that tells you that the difference is only a cosmetic difference, mainly catering to different constituencies. The fundamentals, set by the globalist intel agencies, go on. Same roti-bhaath. Different masalas.

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