Who, Why, How

Who, why, how.

I keep rotating the questions.

Someone has been hacking my private mail since 2007. It was the company monitoring me. I saw emails deleted. They even sent me a Trojan. This was not just work mail, but personal.

Later, it escalated into sending people my way to snoop or set me up. Job replies would be deleted or never reach. Book proposals, inquiries, all waylaid.

I would shut down my email and start another…and I would be safe for a few months and then it would start all over. Personal letters, phone calls, messages and always the listening.

I pulled out the land lines after things I discussed showed up in different articles all in the same incestuous web of newsletters. Who was feeding that stuff to them? Was it intelligence? Or was it some contractor?  Was the boss involved, and which boss?

Every quiet moment alone, only I wasn’t alone. Every family joke, that my enemies now knew.



But why?  And why this latest sabotage of my domain?

Who else was in on it with them? Someone at the hosting company. Yes, probably. 

American censorship, free market style. The market has spoken. Only not the market, but criminals.

White-collar criminals. The ones who never make the headlines with those Mexican rapists conjured by the crook-in-chief. The Mossad stooge.

Should I connect the dots from spammers to hackers to domain squatters and domain sabotage? I think so.

And why? Well, first, why not? If you can inflict damage with impunity on an enemy…and apparently I am an enemy for having been a victim/ target…why not.

But something else is ticking inside those malevolent heads.

What is it, fellows?



2 thoughts on “Who, Why, How

  1. I hope, really really hope, you can eventually find a solution that will take care of the saboteurs.

    As to Trump: when saying “The Mossad stooge Trump.” You nailed it. However, your enemies will never forgive you for saying that out loud. Another worry is all of the military men so close to him. He is almost the only civilian within arm’s reach of the hot button.

    • Actually, Gene, my bar is even lower. I just want to be left alone in my private life. My blog is my public outlet. Answer me on it. Don’t stalk me online. The internet is the realm of the crooked. Anyone willing to hire goons can get away with anything. But if I am hacked I need to produce all sorts of paper to get back in.

      But would you go up against a company with hundreds of millions at its disposal, hundreds of employees and gophers, connections with Intel and police, one on good terms with the Russian Jewish mafia, with enormous media clout?

      People who know more about you than yourself, who have compiled a dossier on your every move and can plant evidence on you if needed? If this is what they do to people who don’t fight, imagine what they would do if you did. Life is short. My private time goes to my family not evil dreck. They have their reward.

      One should never resent the success of evil people. It is not success. It is the long rope with which God hangs them.

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