SPLC smears alt-right sites for inciting Bowers shooting

Hunter Wallace responds to smears by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)that the alleged Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, Robert Bowers, was emboldened by rhetoric from sites like his:-

“As usual, the disgusting smear merchants at the SPLC never let a tragedy go to waste. The Lying Press has already smeared and blamed President Trump for the Pittsburgh shooting. It has blamed Andrew Torba and GabNow, I guess it is my turn to be roped into this:

“In the months leading up to Robert Bowers’ murderous rampage, he was in deep on the social media platform Gab, frequently reposting content from influential alt-right accounts including Jared Wyand and Bradley Dean Griffin. …

Between May and October, Bowers also engaged with 14 posts from the account of white nationalist Bradley Dean Griffin.

Griffin, who operates the white nationalist blog “Occidental Dissent” under the pseudonym “Hunter Wallace” and serves as the “PR Chief” of the neo-Confederate hate group League of the South, was a prominent fixture in the “optics” debate of 2017 and was at the center of violence during the deadly “Unite the Right” event.

Griffin also created a website called “Antisemitica,” the purpose of which was to “explore the Jewish Question and anti-Semitic discourse from a cooler, more collected perspective… Instead, we shall argue that Jewish influence (in the aggregate) is a menace to the racial and cultural health of American society, and that White Americans would be better off without a Jewish presence within our borders.”

On his website after the Tree of Life massacre, Griffin wrote, “As it happens, I was in the middle of a heated argument with someone on Gab about how Jewish donors control the Trump administration when the Pittsburgh shooting happened.” Bowers shared this antisemitic criticism of Trump.

The Griffin posts Bowers shared spanned an assortment of topics and movement events. One criticized the Republican Party for moving to oust white nationalist James Allsup from his position as a precinct committee officer in Washington state. Another shared legal developments regarding the “Unite the Right” riot. Another gloated about the then-impending confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In one post, Griffin wrote, “Every time you are accused of an -ism or -phobia remember this communist garbage has nothing to do with morality.” While image content is not available in the Gab dataset, Bowers’ response suggests Griffin’s post contained an image of person who Bowers thought was Jewish: “hmmm. that hair… that nose… #EverySingleTime #ExposeTheNose.”

The user Bowers engaged with the most was someone who went by “Jack Corbin.” Corbin appears to collaborate with Griffin on Griffin’s pet project doxing activists affiliated with anti-fascist groups. …”

The shocking revelation here is that the Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers “liked” or “retweeted” about a dozen of my posts on Gab. These posts were mostly about my dislike of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I have over 7,000 followers on Gab and get hundreds of notifications every day. I have one of the larger accounts that is often featured in the “popular posts” section.

What does any of this prove? It proves that Robert Bowers was also skeptical of Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It proves that Robert Bowers was also critical of Jews. It DOES NOT prove that I had anything to do with his shooting spree in Pittsburgh or that I have ever supported mass shooters. Just the opposite is true….”


Wallace had a long and productive exchange with me back in 2007, when the word alt-right was not on everyone’s tongue and the notion that white nationalists might have things to say that would resonate with mainstream political groups would never have been countenanced.

How much things have changed.

On the good side, a large majority of the population now understands how speech codes like PC (political correctness) are techniques of disempowering people from questioning the dominant political narrative. Such codes contain instant silencers like “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” Islamophobe,” or “bigot,” to stop conversation rather than engage in it. That happens on the other side too. “Anti-American,” “terrorist,” “commie,” “fag,” are also silencers. But they tend to be seen as such and so don’t pose nearly as much a danger as terms that pretend to academic respectability.

Today, a “racist” has become a monochrome monster, as even the left concedes, so that distinguishing between violent racists, non-violent racists, racialists, race-separationists, race-realists,…or people merely interested in studying the issue of race, has become impossible.

Every step outside the magic circle of the speech code is met by hysterical denunciations.

So much the public now understands. Which is progress.

On the bad side, in August 2017, at the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, alt-right and nativist groups were perhaps irreparably tarred by association with violent/violence-advocating organizations like the KKK and Neo-Nazis.

Their opposite number, the so-called Antifa (antifascists) have usually started the violence, on the grounds that right-wing speech is in itself “violent” and needs countering by actual force:

Antifa members also sometimes launch attacks against people who aren’t physically attacking them. The movement, Crow said, sees alt-right hate speech as violent, and for that, its activists have opted to meet violence with violence……
….Levin, who for decades has attended rallies at both extremes to study radical groups, said he put his own body between an Antifa member and a Klan member when Antifa protesters attacked with knives at a February 2016 a rally in Anaheim, California.”


Yet, invariably it is the right that bears the brunt of the fall-out from such encounters.

In the beating of a black man, DeAndre Harris, during the Charlottesville rally,  the two white men who were convicted and sentenced to lengthy terms were arguably defending themselves from an initial attack by Harris and his friends, claims Hunter, supporting the claim with a video (here)

The video has been disabled for comments or sharing on the grounds of offending community standards.

Similarly, even though the alternative social media platform Gab shut down Bowers’ account and reported him as soon as it found out about his threatening posts, it found itself black-listed by Godaddy, PayPal, and other internet giants.

Neither Facebook nor Twitter, where Bowers also had accounts, reported him, but they were not blacklisted.


3 thoughts on “SPLC smears alt-right sites for inciting Bowers shooting

  1. Hi Lila,

    Glad to know that you have started writing again after such a long time.

    Was worried that “they” had somehow gotten to you or silenced you.

    Please do write on latest events in India. Things are getting more bizarre and ugly.

    Here is a link about Hillary latest video. It appears she is highly controlled.


    Regards.. Anil

    • I am replying again, because the blog is malfunctioning and I couldn’t read the whole comment first.
      I am afraid to write too much about India these days, what with family still there and no need to add to their woes with my big mouth.
      The Supreme Court decision on aadhaar really puzzled me but maybe it wasn’t a surprise. The justice system everywhere is mostly lipstick on a pig…the pig being brute power politics and money.
      I don’t know how passing aadhhar as a money bill can be regarded as anything but unconstitutional and illegal and once that’s accepted, the rest is pointless to debate. So only one justice seemed like an honest man.
      But the trend all over the world is to biometrics in identification. Problem is, if you are running a police state, you need to have police…right?
      As for Ma Clinton, is that news..
      I know a lot of Indians love her, but really..

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