Lila Rajiva is the author of two books on mass psychology, The Language of Empire (Monthly Review Press, 2005) and Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets (with Bill Bonner, Wiley, 2007). She is an activist, commentator and blogger.

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24 thoughts on “LILA RAJIVA

  1. hey lila

    i have linked you

    why dont you email me at my private email, i think i can get you involved in some stuff and also learn from you

    eteraz at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks, Andre.

    I have been trying out different formats, as you might guess. The next thing is to point my domain names here and work on the pages – they’re a bit rough now, I know, but I am a bit busy now…

  3. have read your article “Rule of the Demos” at LewRockwell.
    Reached your site but could not connect
    to the link on “Indians and Pakistanis for Ron Paul.
    Hope it fixed and works, soon. Keep it up and may you find added strength.

  4. Hi Najam –

    Thanks very much. I fixed the link. I have never blogged before and am no expert so I am constantly messing up.

    By the way, do you have any idea how to redirect incoming links to my old wordpress blog here? I have lost dozens of them and wordpress cannot direct the site traffic here…

    Please do submit Ron Paul information, articles, criticism (needs to be refuted immediately). And I do welcome your comments and interaction.

    I was linked to the university update but lost that link.


  5. Lila,

    It is refreshing to see people with a sense that we all need to live our lives with a sense of harmony and the fact that we all come from the same source.

    I belive that Swami Vivekananda’s message in World Parliment of Religons would be a beautiful way to articulate the meaning which we are all trying to exibit in our lives.

    Take care and best wishes

  6. I have found your recent articles on Lew Rockwell and about Ron Paul to be great. I hope to continue to stay aware of your writings, please add me to any list you have or email. Thanks. By the way, I too am a fan of Mr. Nash.


  7. Hi Lila,

    I found your blog via digg and your Ron Paul post. You are so smart and like me!

    If you want some help being vegetarian, let me take you to some good places for lunch and inspire your palate (I work in SOMA).

  8. Lila:

    I have read your “background and interests”, hence this post. I am getting my poems published in time for the holiday season and would like an editorial for the back of the book. I would consider it a valuable favor if you would do me the honor of writing one. As you know my email is “hidden” but I’m sure it’s accessible to you.

    Please email me so that I can send you the URL for the website that hosts my work.

    Thank you kindly……

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  10. Hi Lila, I greatly enjoyed reading, and writing about, Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets. I would gladly read, and review, The Language of Empire too, if I could snag a copy.

    I see you posted my review of Mobs (published at Blogcritics Magazine and on your blog. Thank you!

    One little thing, though… You wrote Adam Bergen. It is Abram. Could you change that?

    Thanks again. I look forward to reading more of your, and Bill Bonner’s, writing.

  11. Hey there Lila…i THOROUGHLY enjoyed the questions that you posed to the idiots orchestrating this “buy out”..the biggest scam and fraud to ever be publicly considered in the history of the world.

    I have tried to send it to as many people as i have emails for…but, as you know, the death of our society and freedom as we know it is called APATHY and most of my “contacts” just think its one more headline that they can do nothing about….for them to actually READ and get UPSET about something is next to impossible.

    All i wanted to say is that you write beautifully, ferociously, and I would LOVE to see these questions actually posed to the scumbags in questions someday. Keep up the noble work, SOME of us are listening…and your keystrokes vibrate within us and pull us into the harmony of the truth you seek to expose.

    Good vibes and congrats from Cancun MEXICO LILA!!!!

    Dr Joseph

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