“Bob Zoellick’s A Two Bit Bore, Dissident Voice, April 2009

“The New China Lobby,” Dissident Voice, October 2008

“Who Will Insure the Insurers?” Dissident Voice, October 2, 2008

“Three-Card Capitalists: The Financial Disappearing Act of 2008″,

(Lew Rockwell, October 1, 2008)

“The Paulson Putsch”

(Lew Rockwell, September 2008)

“Putting Lipstick on an AIG”

(Counterpunch, September 18-19, 2008)

*”Malcolm Gladwell and Lay Away Thinking”

(Dissident Voice, March 2007)

*”Fairy Tales from Grimm that Just Got Grimmer”

(Dissident Voice, 2006)

Was the IMF involved in gold-price manipulation?” Dissident Voice, 2006

(Dissident Voice, July 2006)

* Hanky Panky at the Counting House (about Paulson appointment)

(Dissident Voice, July 2006)

*”Why It’s Time to Sell Goldman,”

(Money Week, July 3, 2006)

Goldman Sachs Report, written for The Daily Reckoning, published under the name of Addison Wiggins’ research assistants, without my permission and in violation of my copyright. I will post the pdf. here once I have created it from the original document.

It was this material that Matt Taibbi plagiarised his bubble thesis. He also took the naked shorting argument from the work of John Olagues, Patrick Byrne, Mark Mitchell and Judd Bagley, out of which he only credited Byrne.

In a day and age when journalistic ethics was practiced, this would signal the end of a career. That day has passed and we have crooked governments, crooked financiers, and a crooked media….each bent only on self-aggrandisement.


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