225-year-old Baltimore Columbus monument vandalized

A 225-year-old marble Colombus obelisk in Baltimore, the oldest of its kind in the nation, had its base smashed in by vandals early on Monday. The results were posted on Youtube, along with a statement that, since Columbus was responsible for the colonial exploitation of the indigenous, brown, and black people of the Americas, he was not a suitable subject for a monument.

This is the most egregious in a long list of defacements in recent weeks that have affected monuments to Lincoln, Columbus, Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Martin Luther King.

These are acts of war, no less than the destruction of churches and mosques by ISIS.

I suggest public lashing, which has had such a salutary effect in Singapore.

Twenty lashings for each miscreant, followed by a year’s unpaid labor repairing monuments.

A nation that does not have the will to propose and execute swift reprisal against cultural terrorism deserves neither its monuments nor the history which they commemorate.

Southern History Erased Overnight In Baltimore

Like the sneak thieves they are, Baltimore city officials summarily removed the magnificent statues of General Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson from the Wyman Park Dell,  in the dead of night.

Also erased overnight from the cityscape were the Confederate Women’s monument at West University Parkway, the statue of Justice Roger B. Taney at Mount Vernon, and the monument to the Confederate soldiers and sailors at Mount Royal.

The pretext is that southern monuments provide a rallying point for “white nationalists” and led to the death of a progressive activist in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.


The erasure and rewriting of Southern history has been an ongoing project of the globalists for a while now and what happened in Charlottesville was simply a step on the way, a pretext.

Charlottesville smacks of a cointelpro operation.

You had police forces at Charlottesville apparently told to stand down. They did nothing while both sides brawled openly.

You had black-masked antifascist or antifa provocateurs engaged in fist-fights with self-styled KKK and neo-Nazis.

What do the KKK and Nazis have to do with Robert E. Lee, except smear his supporters by association?

The antifa people have been proven to have received funds from George Soros, the leftist billionaire who works with the CIA.

Now the DOJ has a warrant to get the million-plus IP addresses of visitors to an antifa-linked site, an order that Dreamhost, the site’s hosting company, is fighting in court.

The leftist chumps were set up.

So were the right.

Jason Kessler who organized the march is of Jewish extraction and was until a year or two ago an Obama supporter. Some Nazi.

Christopher Cantwell, whom I have linked here, until he started advocating violence, proved he was a provocateur once more.

At Charlottesville, he stated that Trump should not have let his beautiful daughter marry a Jew, thus smearing by association any Trump fan as a biological racist.

Most Trump voters voted their pocket-book, not their race.

The right was set up in other ways.

Consider the behavior of Richard Spencer, a well-known provocateur mentored by the Judaist god-father of the alt-right, Paul Gottfried,

Of course, Gottfried, who has quickly side-stepped his responsibility, is not the only Judaist god-father of  gentile white nationalism. There was also Mencius Moldbug (aka Curtis Yarvin), who spun a more  attractive version of Gottfried’s spiel, but gave the game away by christening the unholy alliance of academia, media, and political ideology, the Cathedral. 

This slur is somehow not anti-Gentilism. But only mention the names of the real Sanhedrin that governs us and the cyber-ambushes and cybersabotage begin, as we found out to our grief recently.

On this blog, I have shown that Donald Trump/Drumpf is of Prussian and Jewish extraction. So also are such key figures of his administration as Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, among many, many others.

In the media, the situation is no better.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Peinovich, Andrew Anglin, and other assorted professional alt-righters adopt the most superficial, crude, provocative, and damning neo-Nazi language, while retaining many of the key presuppositions of their enemies. They are agents of deception, not cultural conservatives.

Since the infiltration of the John Birch society in the 1950’s and 60’s, there has been no major white nationalist group that has not been infiltrated, coopted, and turned.

Dr. William Pierce, the author of the “Turner Diaries” was known by insiders to have a cozy relationship with the powers-that-be, including the SPLC. Each group terrorized their followers with the other group and raked in the profits.

“White nationalism” as a clear-and-present danger to the republic is a red (as in, leftist) herring and a pretext created by the globalists, who are happy to fan the flames of both white and black racism, as it suits them.

The cowardly and disgraceful obliteration of Southern history was the goal all along.

What is equally disgraceful is that the provocateurs who are instigating the erasure of southern history are erasing their own history.

Jews were prominent in the Confederate army and government, and Robert Lee, now vilifed as a racist, was renowned for his respectful treatment of his Jewish soldiers, in marked contrast to their treatment in the North.

Jallikattu Protests: Nachiket Mor & DARPA Links

A comment on this blog leads to new insight on what’s behind the huge, suspiciously well-organized pro-Jallikattu protests in Tamil Nadu in 2017:

Microsoft’s 2015  crowd mobilization report using mobile phone and social media in Tamil Nadu and Delhi.

That report was in turn based on earlier research summarized in a pdf entitled Vashishta-INTERACTIONS2015″

which concludes as follows:

“This paper presents the first crowd mobilization challenge conducted in India, a developing country context where effective social mobilization is broader and more inclusive than the rich country settings studied previously. We customized the design of the challenge to incorporate local languages and to enable participation at very low cost by anyone with access to a basic mobile phone. The challenge was successful in attracting broad participation, spanning 7,700 participants from all across India in less than a day.

While many participants utilized Internet technologies, we also found interesting usage
of SMS, voice, and face-to-face communications that offered benefits in the Indian context. Unlike previous social mobilization contests, participants relied primarily on their personal networks, and often recruited team members without offering any financial incentives. We synthesize our lessons learned as a set of recommendations to help
future crowd mobilization challenges extend their reach into low-income, offline envi-
These crowd mobilizations experiments came out of research begun by DARPA as early as 2009, when, as I’ve blogged repeatedly, a whole new generation of intelligence projects began, including Wikileaks.
DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is now actually headed by an Indian:
Since then, DARPA—now headed by India-born Caltech alumna Arati  Prabhakar—has driven innovation using a small, nimble team of 200 persons and delivered to the world technology ranging from the internet to hand-held GPS systems and is now focused on fields as diverse as mathematics, synthetic biology, and neuro-technology. What is critical is that it “does not perform its engineering alchemy in isolation”.
The article quoted above laments that India, which delivers high quality space, engineering, and medical research at a fraction of the cost that the US does, still doesn’t have an equivalent to DARPA.
The problem with that, as the author doesn’t realize, is that the Indians at the helm of such agencies, including Mor and Prabhakar, are simply tools used by larger interests.
And likewise, any “Indian platform” like the posited INDRA, will only be a means by which India’s low-cost, high-power advances are stolen, culled, and otherwise used to profit the Western oligarchy, while ordinary Indians themselves will be enslaved by “their government” (or rather, the financial cabal for which the government now fronts) technologically.
This has already happened, with American partnerships and joint ventures being thrust on Indian universities and promoted to Indian students, ostensibly for bringing local institutions up  to international standards, but, in actual fact,  for IP theft.
Many of these recently developed institutions, like Vellore Institute of Technology,  receive enormous promotion from left-wing English language papers like the Hindu.
It would be a reasonable guess that, with student bodies drawn from neighboring countries, they will be infiltrated by Chinese, US, and other intelligence agents.
Meanwhile, Microsoft, as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  are behind the push toward “cashless” in India.
Gates had already been a big player in computer systems used in the public sector in the country, as well in so-called philanthropic efforts implementing the UN Millennium goals, the ultimate aim of which – even with the most benign interpretation –  is global population control.
Previous posts (see below) have shown the Gates/NWO  hand behind demonetization in India.
[Scroll down for the original  blog comment posted by Shanty Mathew and my notes]



  1. Tamil Spring Color Revolution, January 18, 2017
  2. Meet the People Behind Tamil People Power, MBP, January 22, 2017  [Quote:The website is dated 2017 and 4/7 of the members seem to be the same people behind the pro-Jallikattu movement, so one wonders if the BiCCI has a substantial presence outside this particular web-page and this particular issue.  Under the tab CAMPAIGNS, one finds a few tweets about Jallikattu and nothing more, which suggests that BiCCI is simply a PR effort intended to create the impression of a substantial Indian body behind pro-Jallikattu activism. I could be wrong, but the evidence so far suggests that a very worthy cause (the viability of Indian cattle breeds) is being used as a vehicle for Tamil identity politics intended either to revive the fortunes of the Tamil parties…..or to co-opt it for some other purpose…” end Quote]
  3. Pro-Jallikattu protests hijacked by violent groups, MBP, January 26, 2017

On Nachiket Mor and the Gates Foundation’s role in Demonetization:

4. Na(chiket) Mo(r) Hatao, Desh Bachao

COMMENT from Shanty Mathew at Inkstainedmind.blogspot.in.

“THIS MIGHT JUST BE SHEER COINCIDENCE… But in September 2015, Microsoft India released a report on how they experimented with “Crowd Mobilization” via mobile phone and social media in Tamil Nadu and Delhi. The experiment was modeled around work done earlier by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The report with its vague and amorphous objectives and conclusions is available here (pdf) http://preview.tinyurl.com/j75pq7u

Remember, Nachiket Mor Country Director of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation India is from TN. (Btw, I want to thank you for bringing up that name.)

Lila: Thanks, and here is the post in which I brought it up.

As you can see, I have blogged about his connection to Aadhar as well.

I didn’t catch the Jallikattu link, but I knew the whole protest was a Rothschild creation, because of the links to the Ford Foundation, the appeal to a UN mandate,  the coordination with Trump’s inauguration, simultaneous appearance of world-wide anti-Trump feminist protests, and also the symbolism of the bull, in relation to Shiva-Shakti.]

COMMENT (continued)

Nachiket Mor, it would seem, is both omniscient, omnipresent, and yet invisible!!!

He was in the TAGUP Committee headed by Nanadan Nilekani which brought up the idea of monopolistic NIUs (National Information Utilities) to leverage Aadhaar. He was, of course, head of the RBI’s Mor Committee which brought out the report laid the roadmap for “cashless payment economy” in India. And he is currently sitting on the board of the RBI and as Director of BMGF.

It would be really interesting to know whose hands are up this sock puppet!”

Pro-Jallikattu Protest Hijacked By Violent Groups

This Hindustan Times report confirms some of the theories I’ve floated about the “Tamil Spring” Jallikattu protests.

It turns out they were well-organized; they did spring from deeper discontents than Jallikattu alone; there were secessionist, communal, and anti-national groups intent on sabotaging them; there is friction between the Tamil identity parties themselves:

One group of protesters ran inside the Parthasarathy Temple close to the beach and rolled a Sintex water tank towards the police. A car was set on fire. Mob frenzy was at its peak as protesters set fire to vehicles at will.Unverified videos of policemen damaging vehicles and setting fire to an auto rickshaw too began doing the rounds on social media. The city commissioner of police, S George, denied any use of force, saying those videos were morphed, at a press meet on January 23.

Around midnight, police had to fire blanks in the air in the heart of the city to disperse rowdy elements. According to the Chennai police, over 50 people were injured, 40 police personnel wounded and 400 police vehicles and a police station torched.

……..By 20th January, senior police officials had begun murmuring about “anti-social elements” and “fringe groups”.

“This is too organised,” said one senior police official at the time. “There are people making arrangements for food and water in a very systematic manner. In the beginning, there were only a small group of people belonging to fundamentalist Islamic groups. I saw them on the first day. There are students here now, but there is a group of people working quietly behind the scenes, and this includes extreme Left wing groups and the pro-Tamil groups,” he said.

These suspicions were further confirmed by January 21. Speaking to Hindustan Times, one of the key protesters for Jallikattu, Tirupur-based Karthikeyan Sivasenapathy, managing trustee of the Senapathy Kangeyam Cattle Research Foundation, said that genuine student protests had been hijacked by fringe elements. “By the evening of 22nd January, most of the students had left,” claimed Sivasenapathy.

“Most villagers and students in Madurai left for home by the morning of 23rd January,” said another senior police officer. “What followed was a crackdown on the combined strength of members of extreme Left-wing outfits, communal outfits, members of some political parties and pro-Tamil outfits. In fact, we have only recently received intelligence that many of these groups met in Coimbatore at least three months ago to plan a situation like this,” he said. Three police officers confirmed this separately to this reporter…….

Sources within the bureaucracy also say that these intelligence inputs did not reach the chief minister. Due to a deepening power struggle between AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala and CM OPS, the intelligence inputs are reportedly going to Sasikala, bypassing Panneerselvam. Chennai, as a result, witnessed violence like never before.Hijacking a protest?

…..By January 2016, the movement demanding Jallikattu had garnered a lot of attention, especially through social media. By June 2016, a music video composed and released by Adhi, linking Jallikattu with Tamil pride went viral, with over six million views on YouTube.

“Adhi’s music video was not just about Tamil pride but also about organic farming and native breeds,” said Sivasenapathy. “All political parties in Tamil Nadu failed to see the huge resentment among the people, and Jallikattu caught their imagination. People are fed up with the system and the leaders,” he said.

With the Supreme Court upholding the ban on the sport in November 2016 and again refusing to announce its verdict before Pongal (usually on 14th January), tempers flared.

As protests continued, the team of three who appeared to be the “leaders” of the movement were called by the state and Centre for talks on how to resolve the situation. Sivasenapathy, Rajasekar and Adhi were flown to Delhi where they met with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, home minister Rajnath Singh and other officials on January 20. A draft ordinance was quickly prepared and the Centre, the President and the Tamil Nadu governor approved and signed it by January 21. The decks were cleared for Jallikattu, at least for this year.

A change in mood

Sivasenapathy claims that when he returned to Marina Beach on January 21 to deliver the good news to protesters that they had won the battle, the mood was palpably different…

Thirumurugan Gandhi of the May 17 movement, a small organisation championing a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, now addressed the crowd. “This protest is not just for the single demand for Jallikattu, but about the excesses of the state and Central governments. No one was able to do anything about it all this while. Students are joining this protest to express their opposition to such authoritarian actions.” Gandhi was not available for comment despite multiple attempts to reach him.

Gandhi went on to attack the NDA, and the AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) government in the state. “The state and Centre are working together to bring in anti-people schemes like the Neutrino project and the methane gas scheme in the Delta areas. If Neutrino project is implemented, the final sufferers will be the people and the farmers. They will commit suicide. Students must give voice for all this too,” he urged students to continue their protests.

An alarmed Sivasenapathy and Adhi then held a press conference on January 22, distancing themselves from the protests, alleging that “vested interests” had entered what was a movement by students. “The victory belongs to students alone,” said Adhi. “There are some other organisations that have wormed their way into these protests. Traffic is being regulated by youngsters, garbage is being collected by youngsters and food is being provided by them. But small gangs of people from outside are coming in vehicles — one group is saying Muslims are being targeted, another group says Hindus are being targeted and then they clash. One gang is raising the national flag, another gang is saying ban Pepsi and Coke and pouring it on the ground…..Another senior police official who did not want to be named said that anti-Modi slogans and anti-PETA slogans were being injected into the protests by these groups.

Take for instance the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political front for the Popular Front of India (PFI), an organisation with its roots in Kerala that has taken extremist and communal turns on various social issues. SDPI cadre was part of the protests from the very first day, ensuring that food supply continued throughout the week-long action. “The Centre has full rights and powers to ensure that Jallikattu happens,” said Syed Ibrahim Gani of the SDPI in Chennai. “The BJP leaders here and at the national level all speak different things. What is their stand?” Gani also said that blankets, clothes and food were provided by the organisation and its affiliates. “All Islamic organisations supplied food. It is part of our religion and concept,” he said.

When asked for his reaction about the police’s allegations that fringe elements had hijacked the students’ protests, Gani preferred to remain silent.”

Subramanian Swamy, an alleged Mossad disinformation outlet, has suggested that ISI (Pakistan’s spy agency) might be behind the provocateurs at the pro-Jallikattu protests:

“President’s Rule necessary. CRPF, BSF and Army must be mobilised for strike. It is now or never to recover TN from Naxals & Jehadis & Porkis,” Sawmy wrote in Twitter. In this tweet, he contradicted his earlier position where he asked for Sasikala Natarajan to be made the Chief Minister of the state in place of incumbent O. Panneerselvam. “Sasikala should take over. NRH Natarajan be kept far away from power. Panneer (O. Panneerselvam) is a good man but the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Swamy, a Tamil himself, had tweeted earlier. Later, speaking with India Today, Swamy said that the sudden violence in Chennai was actually triggered by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. “Genuine agitators have dispersed. The main organiser said he is leaving Marina. Today there are people with Prabhakaran’s and Hafiz Sayeed’s posters. This is now an ISI-financed agitation,” Swamy said.

Read more at: http://www.sify.com/news/isi-behind-jallikattu-violence-need-president-rule-in-tn-swamy-news-national-rbxxEdegbaged.html

Tamil Spring Color Revolution? Massive Protests Against Bull-Taming Ban

Related image

According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus the association of this day [Mattu Pongal] with cattle.” [Pongal Festival.org]

Update, January 22, 2017:

An ordinance has been passed that allows Jallikattu to proceed without interference in Tamil Nadu.

Note: My post, unlike my anti-demonetization posts, does not appear individually in a google search. I tried immediately after posting and after it a couple of times. No luck.  You can draw your own conclusions from that.

Meanwhile, please note that the massive demonstrations across TN were singularly well-coordinated and peaceful, and very well-prepared, with beautifully done masks of bulls, vinyl posters in Tamil and English (for foreign media), and well-spoken student leaders. Bull masks and black flags and outfits abounded. IT students and Face-book featured prominently, while several major media outlets captioned the whole thing repeatedly as “undirected,” “people power” (MakkalMovement)- a signalling of the kind common in intelligence operations.

All this in a country where bus-burning and hooliganism is the norm during protests. Here, by contrast, police and protestors cooperated like long-lost family members.  The (BJP) Center and the (AIADMK) State leaned over backwards to accommodate each other.

I suggest this is an exercise in consciousness-raising, using a cardinal symbol of Shiva, the bull; opposing the old globalist feminism and virulent rights talk (PETA) with the new, controlled opposition globalism of managed nationalism and the virile male (Putin, Trump).

Supporting that interpretation, around the time of this bull-celebrating New Year festival, comes the inauguration of US president Donald Trump, the bull in the globalists’ feminist china shop…a master of bull in his own right…a stud bull…





While any protest against demonetization  has been swiftly quelled by the Central Government and blacked out from media coverage, one wave of protests in Tamil Nadu has quickly become headline news:

That’s the protest against a three-year ban on Jallikattu, a 3000+ year-old traditional Tamil sport characteristic of the Tamil Spring/Harvest Festival (Pongal) in which young men chase and wrestle down a fleeing bull to snatch money or gold tied to its horns:

In Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu is Veera Vilayattu or warrior sport, where a man matches wit and sinew with a raging bull and grabs a small bag of coins or Jalli, tied to its horns. The most daring among them twitches through the flaying horns and threshing hooves and hangs on to its hump as the animal completes a short lap of 50 metres. In the days gone, he would also win the daughter of the owner of the bull in marriage. It is about courage, masculinity, and above all, cultural ethos.”

Images of Jallikattu appear on Indus Valley seals, proving the ancient and indigenous nature of the tradition:

Indus Valley civilisation is known for being one of the most advanced and sophisticated amongs its contemporaries. The sport of Eru Thazhuvathal is celebrated so much that they decide to make a seal depicting the same.”

The Indian branch of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the Animal Welfare Board began their campaign to add Jallikattu to the list of activities banned under laws prohibiting cruelty to animals.

In 2014, a 2-member bench of the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu completely. 

A Bench of Justices K.S. Radhakrishnan and Pinaki Chandra Misra said, “Forcing a bull and keeping it in the waiting area for hours and subjecting it to the scorching sun is not for the animal’s well-being. Forcing and pulling the bull by a nose rope into the narrow, closed enclosure or ‘vadi vassal’ (entry point), subjecting it to all forms of torture, fear, pain and suffering by forcing it to go the arena and also over-powering it in the arena by bull tamers, are not for the well-being of the animal.”

But Tamil animal activists have joined bull-tamers and their aficionados to insist that the sport is not inherently cruel, despite occasional abuses.

They argue that the ban constitutes an intentional assault on Tamil culture by the Central Government.

What is clearly true is that the objective of Jallikattu is not harming or killing the bull, as it is in Spanish bull-fighting. People, not bulls, seem to be the main victims:

This is Jallikattu, an ancient and bizarre bull-wrestling sport that takes place in villages throughout Tamil Nadu every January to celebrate Pongal, a New Year’s festival that coincides with the ancient rice harvest. Though similar to and older than the Spanish running of the bulls, it’s bloodier. Instead of bulls getting killed, it’s the people. In previous years, as many as 20 young men have been fatally gored, and several hundred, including spectators, have been mauled, trampled or otherwise injure.”

Since the original impetus for the ban was the death in 2004 of a 14-year-old spectator, framing the issue as one of animal-rights versus human (read, masculine/patriarchal) cruelty is obviously misleading.

But that is how it has been framed, with the international animal-liberation movement taking a prominent role.

In January 2016, the head of PETA was detained by Indian police for blind-folding a statue of Gandhi in protest against Jallikattu.

Regarding the anti-Jallikattu activism, BJP gadfly and alleged Mossad mouth-piece Subramanian Swamy has charged that it is funded from abroad and is part of an Afro-Dravidian separatist movement intended to fragment India. He has insisted on a CBI investigation:

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has alleged that protests organised against Jallikattu have been inspired from abroad and he intends to take the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation in terms of funding of the animal rights organisations.”

Far more germane to the issue than animal-rights is the question of indigenous farming technology.

Jallikattu is a tradition that ensures that certain skills (bull-taming without the use of a rope) are conserved among agriculturalists and certain traits (virility, strength, and speed) are conserved among indigenous breeds:

Male calves in other regions are sold and taken for slaughter in a few days. Only in regions where there are events like jallikattu are they kept. The owner of an imported cow will like it to deliver a female calf. If she does, it’s a windfall. If it’s a male calf then he will have no use for it and he has to feed it. It will go to the slaughter house for Rs. 500. A lot of mutton we eat is the meat of these under-one-week calves mixed with mutton. The same will happen to these native breeds if not for activities like jallikattu. With reduced availability of males, farmers will have to go in for artificial insemination, which is cost prohibitive and is directly in contravention of in-situ conservation. Unless there are bulls being bred and reared in the in-situ region, the genetic pool of the breed will not be healthy as no adaptation to changes in climate, local environment has been ingrained. We are messing with evolution when we abandon in-situ conservation with bulls and natural servicing/mating.

Native cows do not yield as much milk as the imported breeds. So they don’t have a supportive or sponsored breeding programme. Artificial means are not adopted for native breeds. So as a fall out of the banning of jallikattu, they will soon fade away and become extinct.”

Viewed against the back-drop of an incipient digital dictatorship inaugurated by the Modi demonetization fiasco, it becomes obvious that the ban on Jallikattu is not a distraction from, but a replication of, the ban on currency notes.

The cash ban, as I showed in an earlier blog-post,  was effectively a war on small and medium businesses and the indigenous financial sector.

That sector uses indigenous methods of financing (chit-funds, hawala, angadia payments, etc.), all of which depend on a combination of cash and promissory notes/back-dated checks.

Ban cash and you break the back of the native financial sector and the economy that depends on it.

Ban Jallikattu, likewise, and you break the back of native farming and cattle-breeding and the economy that depends on it.

This year, the Jallikattu issue has boiled up into open, state-wide protests around the Pongal season (the 4-day harvest festival in mid-January).

Pongal, by the way, means “boiling.”

State-wide Jallikattu protests, triggered by anti-Jallikattu activism and the arrest of thousands of pro-Jallikattu protestors – have become a stand-in for a spectrum of discontents –

*The unilateral imposition of demonetization on the country, causing untold hardship in drought-hit Tamil Nadu

*Income-tax raids that appear to target Tamil Nadu

*The suspicious but uninvestigated death of the charismatic and popular Tamil Chief Minister, Jayalalitha

*Apparent attempts by the BJP government to insert itself into  post-Jaya politics to gain a foot-hold in the important state

*The refusal of northern neighbor Karnataka to abide by a SC (Supreme Court) directive to share Cauvery River water with  drought-hit Tamil Nadu….

*The inadequate central government response to drought in Tamil Nadu

Despite these popular grievances, however,  there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of what is being dubbed an undirected “people’s movement”.


Tamil Nadu is the most industrialized of all Indian states along with Karnataka. Bangalore is the center of the software and outsourcing industry while there is a vast amount of foreign investment in TN’s Coimbatore and in Chennai, a manufacturing center.

Western intelligence agencies are active here, protecting the investments of the business class.


Tamil politics has been the locus of foreign intervention ever since the British fostered the rise of Dravidian (south Indian) consciousness, by subsidizing the promotion of anti-Brahmin groups, out of which the DMK and the Anna DMK (to which Jaya belonged) developed.

A water-shed moment was reached during the Chief Ministership of famed film-star M.G.Ramachandran (MGR), who mentored Jayalalitha, reportedly his long-time mistress.

Under MGR, Tamil consciousness got a new, violent face, with the rise of the Tamil Tigers.  The Tigers, renowned as the world’s deadliest terrorists/freedom-fighters, began as a band of murderous roving bandits. Patronized by both the Mossad and Indira Gandhi, they eventually became a thorn in the side of the national government and one of their group murdered Mrs Gandhi’s own son, Rajiv, then the Indian PM.

The British also endorsed  a highly questionable racial narrative that pitted dark-skinned Tamils as the eternal victims of light-skinned Aryan and Vedic Hindus of the north, a narrative that is part of the Afro-Dravidian movement, which Rajiv Malhotra has identified as a Western strategy to create a Tamil secessionist state out of TN and NE Sri Lanka, home to a militant Tamil diaspora.

The Afro-Dravidian narrative in turn reinforced another fiction sponsored by imperialist ideologues – the Aryan invasion of India, a theory of the origins of classical Indian culture that has been discredited by genetic data and archeological records.

All this forces us to accept the following basic scientific fact: outside of Africa, South Asia contains the world’s oldest populations, and modern Europeans are themselves among the peoples descended from migrants from India, going back more than 40,000 years. This should be the starting point for studying history in the Holocene or the post Ice Age period.”

But, while PETA and other anti-Jallikattu animal rights groups are certainly funded from abroad,  there is evidence that the pro-Jallikattu groups are also well-funded, come mainly from Westernized student groups and IT professionals  savvy with social media in the well-known tradition of “undirected,” and “leaderless” people’s movements (Makkal Movement) that has become the new face of intelligence interventions.

Here’s more evidence of an intel connection:

1.  Both the PETA spokesman in India and anti-Jallikatu representatives have introduced the meme of “Arab Spring” into the public language around the protests. The Times of India, an elite media organ, was one of the earliest to insert the meme into Jallikattu discourse.

The Economic Times and a host of other major media outlets did so too.

2. The pro-J protests have been drawn from among relatively affluent, Westernized student groups in Chennai and appear well-funded.

3. The bull itself is the animal of Shiva and Shiva is identified by the world order as its presiding deity, using the popular but erroneous Christian identification of Shiva with Lucifer (which I have refuted on this blog).

On January 16, simultaneously with the Jallikattu uproar and the Pongal festival, in which the bull plays a prominent part, India became an associate member of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Outside CERN is a statue of Shiva in Nataraja pose (as a dancer, creating and destroying the worlds). The statue was recently depicted in a some kind of hoax video of human sacrifice to Shiva that was actually filmed within its precincts.

4. The protests have targeted the successors to Jayalalitha, CM Paneerselvam and Sasikala Natarajan, Jaya’s chosen Chief Secretary, for inadequate action on Jallikattu.

These are the same figures that the BJP itself has been interested in targeting, in an attempt to fracture the AIADMK and the DMK to secure control over the state.

5. The attacks against PETA were initiated by Subramanian Swamy, of the BJP, a known Mossad disinformation outlet.

6. The bull is identified with pre-Vedic Indian culture, supposedly presided over by a mother goddess,  associated with a snake and bull.  The mother goddess in the form of Shakti is the female counterpart of Shiva. The snake is identified with Saivite worship. For instance, the Naga (snake) sect in Tamil Nadu are Saivites.

Amma means mother in Tamil and was the name assigned to deceased former Tamil CM Jayalalitha. There is at least one important South Indian guru named Amma who is given great prominence in globalist initiatives like the fight against modern slavery and is featured by the UN.

Recently,  South Indian television networks have had a plethora of shows featuring snake-gods and humans who morph into snakes, including the popular serials, Mahamayi and Nagini.



Shiv Sena MP: Modi In Love With Self

A right-wing party attacks the PM for replacing the image of Gandhi with his own on calendars associated with Gandhi’s pet “Khadi” (home-spun) cottage industry:

“Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Shiv Sena MP from south Mumbai and party spokesperson Arvind Sawant called the move as an insult to Gandhiji. “I saw the news in some newspapers that Mahatma Gandhi’s photo from Khadi Gramodyog calender has been removed and replaced with that of the PM Narendra Modiji. Gandhi is the father of the nation, he is one who sowed the seeds of promoting Khadi. Removing Gandhiji and replacing it with PMs is an not only an insult to the Father of the Nation and but also of the nation and this should be taken very seriously” said Sawant.

In a personal attack Sawant said, “This is a perfect example of what happens when a person falls in love with his own image.”

Govt Circulates “Green Shoots” and “Vaccination” memes

In 2009, shortly after the colossal tax-payer-footed bank bail-out of  September 2008, the globalist media began to circulate a pernicious and fraudulent meme: the bail-out had worked, the economy was reviving.

I deconstructed this “green shoots” meme as a type of “verbal pandemic” at some length in this LRC piece.

Just a couple of weeks earlier, I had  deconstructed a literal pandemic – swine flu – as overblown and most likely a scare tactic in search of an audience.

The use of these memes is one of the prime ways in which the globalist cabal herds public consciousness in a predetermined direction.  Their use is a definitive signal that an elite psychological operation is in progress.

It is thus crucial to understanding what is going on when, post demonetization, the Indian government floats both these memes – “green shoots” and “vaccination.”

The effect of the memes is to connect financial bail-outs at tax-payer expense to public health crises mandating police-state measures.

In the leading organ of the globalist left in India, The Hindu, we find the following piece referencing Modi finance minister, Arun Jaitley:

Jaitley Sees Green Shoots After Demonetization (December 30, 2016).

Mr. Jaitley cited an upward trend in revenue collections and green shoots in several sectors such as life insurance, mutual funds, aviation, and petroleum.”

That the phrase is not a casual or accidental usage but a deliberate meme can be verified from its usage in previous years, also by Mr. Jaitley:

In the  2014 budget speech:

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented the Narendra Modi government’s first budget. Here are the highlights:

1. Two years of sub-five per cent growth has led to challenges to the economy

2. Green shoots of recovery seen in global economy.”

In 2015, almost to the year and once again in the Hindu, Jaitley saw green shoots:

‘Green shoots’

Jaitley said there are two indicators that can be termed as ‘green shoots.’ First, bad debts (non-performing assets) of banks have declined to 5.2 per cent as of March-end 2015 from 5.64 per cent at the end of December 2014.

Second, indirect tax collections grew by 46.2 per cent in April to ?47,747 crore, with excise duty collection logging over 112 per cent growth.”

A further indication that Jaitley’s usage of the meme is intentional and part of a psychological operation is the fact that  he has previously directly linked “green shoots” to the “war on terror”- another globalist propaganda term:

[Note: Terming the war on terror a propaganda term does not deny the existence of terrorism. It simply suggests that the way terrorism is described is misleading and propagandistic.]

“…if you see occasional green shoots or signs of recovery, that proves to be patchy at times and then it is overtaken by certain geopolitical factors which create global instability. What the ISIS has been doing in the last few months across the world, itself poses a new danger to civilisation and therefore it’s impact on global economy cannot be understated,” Jaitley said at an ASSOCHAM event here.”

The linking of demonetization to vaccination completes the resemblance of the Modi project to the Obama bail-outs:

Demonetisation is an effective anti-scam vaccine for corruption and black money and remonetisation is a part of anti-corruption strategy of the Government for the benefit of the common man as per the 2014 mandate, Information & Broadcasting  Minister Venkaiah Naidu said on Thursday. He highlighted the key ‘Achievements of the Government’ during the past two and half years.”

World-wide vaccination programs are a pet project of the Gates Foundation, the charitable arm of Microsoft mega-billionaire, Bill Gates, a prominent part of the globalist cabal.

As I’ve blogged here, the Gates Foundation representative in India, Nachiket Mor, was on the cabal on the RBI that pushed through demonetization on November 8 hurriedly, circumventing RBI rules and RBI officials. The Gates Foundation is behind both the “financial inclusion” program that has the stated goal of roping all Indians into debt and credit issued by the central bank via digital payment networks and the “clean India” project, which aims to link health in India to globalist initiatives actually intended to control and diminish population growth.

Gates has run afoul of Indian activists multiple times over his “negligent” vaccination programs:

…the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and two organizations funded by them, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), have found themselves under fire, after a writ of petition originally submitted to the Supreme Court of India, by Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and Dr. Rukmini Rao in 2012, was finally heard by the courts.

The petitioners submitting the petition stated:

“BMGF, PATH and WHO were criminally negligent trialing the vaccines on a vulnerable, uneducated and under-informed population school administrators, students and their parents who were not provided informed consent or advised of potential adverse effects or required to be monitored post-vaccination.” [2]

The Gates Foundation’s emphasis on vaccines followed on an original emphasis on birth-control, and, counter-intuitively, stems from it:

Bill’s dad had set up a dinner at Seattle’s posh Columbia Tower Club with the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). While the meeting started with birth control—among other efforts, PATH taught Chinese condom makers to test their products before shipping them—Gates began consuming data that startled him. In society after society, he saw, when the mortality rate falls—specifically, below 10 deaths per 1,000 people—the birth rate follows, and population growth stabilizes. “It goes against common sense,” Gates says. Most parents don’t choose to have eight children because they want to have big families, it turns out, but because they know many of their children will die.

“If a mother and father know their child is going to live to adulthood, they start to naturally reduce their population size,”?says Melinda.

In terms of giving, Gates did a 180-degree turn. Rather than prevent births, he would aim his billions at saving the kids already born. “We moved pretty heavily into vaccines once we understood that,” says Gates.”


More heavily than anyone ever had—even John D. Rockefeller, whose Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research pushed many key discoveries in 20th-century virology—he changed the global dialogue when it came to ­vaccines, which a decade ago had ­become controversial because of now-­disproved autism fears.

[Lila: We should not perhaps be too sanguine about autism fears being  “now-disproved” ]

The first Gates vaccine donation, $100 million, ­directed at the United Nations and ­administered by PATH, focused on getting existing vaccines to kids. To celebrate the gift, Bill and Melinda hosted a dinner for vaccine experts at their 66,000-square-foot home on Lake Washington. After Gates asked his guests, “What could you do if you had even more money?” the room exploded with new ideas. That’s when he decided to blow up his original foundation and, in 1999, reconstitute it as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, endowed with $21 billion, instantly making it one of the largest charities in the world. The endowment is now $36 billion, with $25 billion given away.”

Most tellingly, the route the Gates Foundation took to finance its projects was the notorious one of “public-private partnerships” – where risks and some of the costs are absorbed by the public sector, while the private partner takes all the profits by using the government as its marketing wing:

Drug companies wanted to immunize kids in, say, Afghanistan, but couldn’t count on demand that would be large and predictable enough to cover their costs. They faced the unappetizing choice of being humane or profitable.

So back in 1999 Gates traveled to Bellagio, Italy to hammer out a solution, along with Unicef, the World Bank, the UN, various pharmas and aid groups. The result was the Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunisation, now called the GAVI Alliance, which Gates ultimately backed with a $2.5 billion pledge and personal will, exhibiting the tough-guy tactics, when necessary, that earned Microsoft the fear of its rivals and enmity of U.S. antitrust regulators.”

The final picture we are left with is of demonetization as a thoroughly globalist program underway in India, complete with calibrated propaganda terms from both the incumbent government (“green shoots”) and the opposition (“1 percent and 99 percent).







Backlash Against Innocent Muslims


To be clear: the Islamic State, which claimed the attacks in Paris, is responsible for more Muslim deaths than western deaths. It has killed tens of thousands of Muslims for being “infidels” in the past couple of years. Nevertheless, anti-Muslim hysteria will likely soar to new levels in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

Police in Oklahoma shot a man after he called 911 and promised to shoot anyone who looked like a Muslim because of what happened in France. An Ethiopian Uber driver in North Carolina was punched in the head by a passenger, who thought the driver was Muslim. The passenger threatened to kill the driver and refused to believe he was not Muslim.

A Muslim family in Orlando, Florida, found a bullet in their garage door and believed it was retaliation for the attacks in Paris. Shots were fired at a mosque in Connecticut on November 15.

In Ontario in Canada, a mosque was set on fire in what authorities treated as an act of arson. In Toronto, a Muslim woman was robbed and attacked while picking her children up from school. Attackers called the woman a “terrorist” and told her to “go back” to her own country. And, in Calgary, someone broke into a mosque while worshipers were in the middle of a candlelight vigil for Paris and stole donation boxes and a computer.

In Glasgow and West Scotland, the Bishopbriggs Cultural Center, which is used as a mosque by the Muslim community, was set on fire.

On November 17, security removed three men and a woman of “Middle Eastern descent” on a Spirit Airlines flight after a passenger reported “suspicious activity.” One of the people removed had been watching a news report on their phone, which the passenger thought was a video from the Islamic State. The people removed were questioned and then allowed to return to the flight, which was headed to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Two men were removed from a flight to Boston on November 16 after crew expressed concerns. One of the men was in an exit seat and “couldn’t speak English.” A K-9 unit was brought on board to sniff the airplane.

The Islamic Society of St. Petersburg and the Islamic Society of Pinellas County received phone calls from a man who made terroristic threats. The man, who said his name was Martin Schnitzler, claimed to have a “militia” that would come down and “firebomb” and shoo whoever was there in the head. “I don’t care if they’re (expletive) 2 years old or 100,” he added.”

Bataclan Attacks: Silent Assassins Or Shouting Jihadis?

Stephen Farrell in the  New York Times:

Silent Gunmen Killed People in the Bataclan, Witness Says:

They didn’t shout anything, they didn’t say anything. They were wearing black clothes and they were shooting at people on the floor, executing them. I was luckily at the top of the stage, on the front of the stage.”

[Witness, radio reporter, Julien Pierce in an interview with CNN, November 14, 2015.]

But another witness contradicts this flatly, see People’s Pundit Daily, “Witness To Paris Attack: Gunmen Shouted Allahu Akbar,” November 13, 2015:

“A witness named Louis, who was in the Bataclan, told France Info radio that the men opened fire and shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

Levels Of Brain-washing

First Level Brain-washing: General Public:


“The Paris attacks were committed unprovoked by Islamicists (ISIS) who hate us (France/America/substitute country name) for our freedoms.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Islamic countries, Muslims, all brown people.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop called “war on terror.”

Second Level Brain-washing: Informed Public/Activists:


“The Paris attacks were blow-back by radicalized young men who join ISIS, who hate us  (France, America/substitute country name) for attacking them before.”

RESULT: Anger directed against French, American and allied Muslim governments.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop to dismantle all governments.

Deprogrammed public & activists:


“The Paris attacks were committed by Western intelligence operatives, working with their golem, ISIS and with hired operatives of Western-allied Muslim outfits to instigate public support for more funding for the “war on terror.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Western intelligence outfits and the Western elites who run them.

Obstructs NWO’s continuing psyop on the world, called the “war on terror,” which might better be called the “war OF terror.”


Open defecation is a social problem in India and Indonesia, not in Syria. Middle-class Syrian Muslims are not likely to be involved in anything like that.

Conclusion: the “migrants” are operatives.

Note that the CIA has, for several years, been using feces and menstrual blood in its intelligence operations abroad: for example, these “Egyptian feminist” activists, who front for Western intelligence.

[I deleted the link because of the images. You can find them by googling for Egyptian feminists sh** and bleed, or looking up the archives of Reason magazine.]

The secondary benefit Western intelligence agencies derives from the usage of feces and menstrual blood is that the public begins to be habituated to such images in the news, which helps promote genres of porn involving feces and menstruation.

The intelligence agencies are ultimately run by financiers/elites that depend on the global porn trade, so the use of these images can be seen as government-funded advertising to increase big porn’s market-share.

The images also make homosexuality more acceptable, for reasons I needn’t flog.

A further benefit to the agencies is that by running public campaigns against open defecation in Asia, on the one hand, while simultaneously running intelligence operations involving open defecation, on the other, the Western public is conditioned to associate militant brown (“like feces”) Isis operatives with, first, Islam and Muslims in general, and, secondly, with all brown-skinned people, especially South Asians and Indians.This conflation helps transform rational debate over immigration into something visceral and racial that solidifies resentment and anger toward all foreigners and thus supports imperial aggressions.

Lack of hygiene ( a social and economic problem) becomes conflated with “brown people” (color and race) and these in turn become conflated with attacks against the West leading to the notion of an anti-white foreign invasion generated by the third-world.

Syria, of course, is not a “third-world” country.

The propaganda classic, “Camp of the Saints,” made exactly the same move, conflating impoverished people in Calcutta with a migrant invasion of Europe, and in the process exacerbating white working-class anxieties.

The author, Jean Raspail, is a royalist, but, like all too many who fawn on blood-elites, he himself is  working-class.

The Calcuttan slum-dwellers who, in the book, land up in Paris, in the real world, cannot even afford to leave their slum, let alone, Bengal or India.

In the book, the slum-dwellers from Calcutta are uniformly depicted in the most loathsome terms, as perpetually copulating, disease-ridden sub-human monstrosities, swamping the shores of the “beloved city” of France.

The “beloved city” is a phrase from Revelations that actually refers to Jerusalem, so that in Raspail’s white-nationalist supremacist vision, the Christian end-times becomes fused with British Israelism and white Europeans become the “true Israel,” surrounded in the last times by the demonic forces of Gog and Magog, now equated with the third-world.

This is simply sleight-of-hand, intended to distract from the groups actually orchestrating the “clash of civilizations.”

Jeff Rense Link

Jeff Rense, the conspiracy site (which also retails “aliens” and other sci-fi stuff) has linked my piece on Merkel’s Ashkenazy and communist affiliations. I thank him heartily, but warily, since when one gets attention from bigger sites, it often ends up in the services of other agendas, some hostile.

Is November slated for some big-time shake-up (ala the Million Mask March in London) that the powers-that-be have planned and every little dissident voice must be roped in….or not?

No idea. But I see the same link showing up on some fairly racialist/racist sites, below which Indian immigrants are characterized as “shit-skins,” among other epithets.

I suppose it’s all the anti-migrant feeling being fanned by the NWO-orchestrated migrant/refugee incursion into Europe.

To be expected.

Meanwhile, I’m watching that one piece get more hits in one morning than my whole blog sometimes gets in a couple of weeks.month.

Million Mask March On London Turns Violent

From Euro News, further evidence of orchestrated chaos, as the million mask march in London descends into violent chaos.

Notice the masks from the New World Order themed movie, “V for Vendetta,” typical of the intelligence-related group Anonymous.

The Million Mask March is said to be a rebranding of the failed Occupy movement, a Soros-infiltrated effort at stirring up the masses around the globe that was a bit of a damp squib. Anonymous has been orchestrating the MMM since 2013 and there have been complaints that it is infiltrated by CIA. Not sure if the complaints are genuine or just more theater by operatives.

Notice the timing – on Guy Fawkes Day (November 5).

I’ll add to this post, once I’ve researched the topic a bit more.

Suckers For Israel: The Pentecostal Bonanza

Blogger Charles Sullivan describes how Israel is reaping financial support from the massive growth of the world-wide (and, in Orthodox Christianity’s eye, heretical) Pentecostal movement:

Many people do not realize that Pentecostalism is the fastest growing Christian religion in the world with an estimated 497 million followers world-wide and expected to top 1 billion by 2025(1) This is a sharp contrast to the 13 million people who call themselves fundamentalists.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed in Israel, who have wanted their share of this Pentecostal growth in their country. They see it as a serious economic contributor and a powerful political alliance.

Pentecostalists have inherited and modernized the fundamentalist end-time system that believes the end of the world will come with the establishment of Israel as a geographical entity, with borders very similar to what was outlined in the Bible, the return of the Jews from exile, and Armageddon — a final war between Israel and all its enemies.

Persons of Jewish heritage that support the formation and expansion of Israel on religious grounds are standardly called Zionists. Most media outlets define Christians who align with the Zionist movement as Christian Zionists. The greater Evangelical community, Pentecostals in particular, do not use the term themselves. The majority, if asked directly if they are Christian Zionists, would not even know what the speaker is talking about and would categorically say no, though the overwhelming majority do fit within the definition. Some Pentecostals may even feel insulted with them being identified this way. Most would simply think they are following what the Bible tells them to do.

Pentecostalism has a major doctrinal difference over fundamentalism that is important to understand: it promotes personal involvement rather than being a third party observer.

This may seem trivial, but it has serious ramifications.

The Fundamentalists who previously monopolized the Evangelical perspective on Israel do not believe Christians can personally intervene in the events and circumstances that will ultimately unfold into the end of the world. Their support is done en-masse with visible spokespersons such as Hal Lindsey, Bob Jones or John Walvoord.

Pentecostals understand the future events from a prophetic perspective. Prophetic can mean God speaking directly to a person to complete an objective. The cause does not necessarily need to be rational, predictable or major.

This could be a financial commitment, planting trees, political involvement, volunteering, helping in immigration, all night prayer vigils, fasting, raising specialized cattle, evangelism, etc.

For example, some have heard God call them to help Jews return to the Holy Land. One of the better known Christian organizations, Ebenezer Emergency Fund’s Operation Exodus, was started by a prophetic vision to the South African Steve Lightle.(2)

Dreams facilitate some to unusual acts. Like Bruce Balfour, a Canadian affiliated with the pentecostal based Maranatha Evangelistic Association. He believed he was called of God in dreams to plant trees in Lebanon.(3)

Others feel called to expedite God’s plan for the end. Clyde Lott, a cattle rancher and an ordained National Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ Minister in the United States, had an epiphany from God to raise red heifers according to Old Testament requirements for the new Temple.(4)

It can be financial giving. Maoz Israel Ministries — a messianic Jewish ministry in Israel relates on their website about a 9 year old boy, Christian, who believed God had called him to send his $10.00 of birthday money for Israel.(5) This may not seem like much, but this is a grassroots event that Christians are doing all over the world. One Jewish fundraiser, Yechiel Eckstein, has raised over $250 million dollars from roughly 400,000 Christian donors(6) alone. This market is seen as a veritable gold mine by the Israeli Government.

Some may feel inspired to accelerate armageddon. In 1969, Dennis Michael Rohan, an Australian sheep shearer and Pentecostalist, “acting upon divine instructions”(7) attempted to and almost succeeded in burning down the Al-Aksa Mosque situated on the Temple Mount.(8)

The call to prayer for Israel is big with Pentecostals. Robert Stearns, who grew up in an Assemblies of God Church, the world’s largest pentecostal denomination, helped organize the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, “instituted with the endorsement of hundreds of Christian leaders from around the world, representing tens of millions of Christians”.(9) It is arguably the biggest annual protestant rite held in the world.”

Now all we need to know is how these Pentecostal groups were actually conceived and if Zionists were instrumental in their birthing, just as they were with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


“Conservative” Catholic Papers Fire Pope Critics

First Things,” a conservative Catholic paper, has fired Maureen Mullarkey for criticizing Pope Francis, going to the extent of publicly ridiculing her conservative views.

Other supposedly conservative Catholic papers have also fired Pope Francis detractors:

Adam Shaw, a Fox news website editor, was fired from a Catholic News Service gig.

The National Catholic Register has fired Patrick Archbold, using liberal talking-points to make its case.

Why are all these “conservative” Catholics suddenly so eager to echo the Liberal party-line?

Were they ever real conservatives?

Are they under pressure from bigger bosses?

Are we only now finding out the extent of the subversion and infiltration of conservative Catholic circles at the behest of the ruling cabal?

As a non-Catholic, I can only feel intensely sorry for traditionalists of that faith.

And more than ever I am thankful that I have never  put all my faith “in princes nor in the son of man,” no, not even (or, maybe, especially) when they claim to speak infallibly.


I really do not have a major problem with the content of most of what Pope Francis has said publicly (from urging people to care about the poor, to supporting refugees, to asking us to care about the environment).

What I don’t like is the overwhelming priority he has given to these social issues over reaffirming the Church’s teachings on the family and on sexuality….a reaffirmation that is much more needed than the repetition of concerns voiced often enough by political groups.

Even Francis’ social teaching is marred by his ignorance of economic science and his partisanship on man-made global warming.

And all of his exhortations ring hollow when you realize how closely they follow the globalist agenda that is pushed by the intelligence agencies.


Lebanese Minister: 2-3% Of Refugees Are ISIS

A Lebanese minister that ISIS fighters constitute 2-3% of the numbers at refugee camps in Lebanon, as well as of those entering Europe:

The Mirror:

At least 20,000 bloodthirsty jihadis have infiltrated Syrian refugee camps and are plotting to enter Europe, a senior official warned tonight.

Lebanese Education Minister Elias Bou Saab said he fears Islamic State radicals make up at least 2% of the 1.1million Syrians living in camps across his country.

And he warned of a covert jihadi “operation” to get across the Med and into Europe. His warning came as David Cameron made a whistle-stop tour of refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan yesterday to try to win back public support on the Syria crisis.

“My gut feeling is they (IS) are facilitating such an operation. To go to Europe and other places… From Turkey to Greece,” Mr Bou Saab said.

“You may have, let’s say, 2% that could be radicals. That is more than enough. We have had that also with our camps here – you find 2-3% of them.”

What makes this claim plausible is the number of accounts of  rapes being reported among  the migrants, for instance, in Germany. These rapes are not only migrant-on-migrant, but are migrant-on-native.

Some people are even calling it a rape epidemic. I haven’t looked into it enough to know if that claim is hype, propaganda, or cold fact.

Whatever it is, it is added evidence that the migrants are not solely refugees.

Is ISIS behind the rape? Or are there Muslim gangs infiltrating the refugees? Are they mercenaries? Is this Operation Gladio all over?



Brazil Denounces Christophobic Cultural Subversion

Brazilians have reacted strongly against extreme anti-Christian bigotry on display in Gay Pride Parades in the country:

– In the wake of numerous homosexual “pride” parades laced with anti-Christian profanities that have sparked outrage in Brazil, legislators are advancing a new law that will make “Christophobia” a felony.

Photos of the desecration of Christian images at the parades – an activity which is common in homosexual “pride” events throughout the world – have circulated widely in the Brazilian media and social networking sites this year. The offensive image that is receiving the most attention is that of the male to female transsexual Viviany Beleboni in this year’s Sao Paulo parade, who was portrayed as crucified on a cross seminude with a sign reading “Enough of Homophobia.”

Other images reportedly taken from the parades and displayed on the Facebook page of one Brazilian congressman show additional cases of desecration of Christian symbols. One photo shows two naked lesbians on a cross kissing on the lips. Another shows two people who appear to be a man and a woman sitting naked on top of piles of crucifixes, with sacred images covering their genitals.

Other images show nude men smashing sacred images on the ground, and a transsexual stripping naked in a lewd dance in front of a church.

Rogério Rosso, representing the nation’s federal district in the House of Deputies, has responded by proposing a new law prohibiting such displays and imposing a fine, and up to eight years in prison, for perpetrators. Such legislation would reverse the penalties sought by homosexuals against Christians who express their rejection of sodomy, applying them to homosexuals and others who desecrate the sacred images of a religion.

“The intention of the bill is to protect the beliefs and objects used in religious rituals by Brazilian citizens, because what has been happening in recent years during demonstrations, particularly those of LGBTs, is what we can call ‘Christophobia,’ with the practice of obscene and degrading acts which show prejudice against Catholics and Evangelicals,” Rosso states in the text of the bill.

Senator Magno Malta denounced the government-funded parades for going “outside the boundaries” of proper discourse, sowing “intolerance and disrespect for religious liberty.” He has asked federal prosecutors to begin a criminal investigation of the behavior.

This country is Christian, and now, here, I speak in the name of millions of Brazilian Christians, Catholic Christians, spiritualists, Evangelicals from throughout the country, taking a position in their name. There is a general revulsion with this nefarious, unscrupulous and abominable attitude. You have passed the limit,” Malta said on the Senate floor following the June 7 marches.”

Tell me again why Hispanics/Latins entering the US is a bad thing from the perspective of the culture wars?



Jonathan Cahn “Fake Shemitah” Update

Jonathan Cahn, the hugely popular Messianic Rabbi, whose best-selling books have been preaching a “Shemitah” judgment on the US,  has admitted that he blew the date.

Sept. 13th came and went without a terrorist attack, financial collapse, or a meteor hit, but Cahn now says his window is bigger – any time between September 2015 and September 2016.

That of course makes nonsense of Shemitah timing, but who’s counting…

[When I call it “fake Shemitah” I don’t mean that the Shemitah cycle is fake. I am saying Cahn’s misappropriation of it is false and that if anything disastrous were to happen at the time, it would be because the masonic New World Order elite has contrived it, playing on the credulity of many Christians]

Right-Wing Watch.org:

After predicting for the entire last year that “The Shemitah” on Sunday, September 13, would usher in some cataclysmic event in America — possibly an economic crash, inclement weather, war or terrorist attacks — messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn appeared on “The 700 Club” today to save face (and sell more books) after September 13 came and went without anything out of the ordinary happening.

When host Pat Robertson asked him if anything noteworthy happened on the 13th, Cahn first tried to avoid the question but eventually told the televangelist that “you can’t put God in a box or He’ll get out of it,” saying that God doesn’t work in exact dates.

Of course, Cahn himself declared that this potential disaster would occur on an “exact date … in accordance with the ancient mystery” of the Shemitah, a day when the land is left fallow and debts are forgiven. “The coming Shemitah will end September 2015. Its final climatic day, Elul 29, the Day of Remission, will fall on Sunday, September 13,” he wrote in “The Harbinger.”

WorldNetDaily repeatedlyreported on Cahn’s September 13 prophecy, with messages like “Mark This Date For Potential Disaster,” “Get Ready: Biblical Shemitah’ Begins This Week,” and “Countdown To Disaster.” WND is even making a movie about Cahn’s prophetic message.

Cahn, however, said that the stock market selloff that occurred on August 18 of this year came close enough to the September 13 date to count as a fulfillment of his prophecy. “It started in the summer,” he said. He also pointed to Sunday’s relatively minor earthquake off the Gulf of California, which is actually located in Mexico and doesn’t even touch the U.S. As if Cahn couldn’t get any more vague, he also said that the Shemitah period marked America’s decline from the world’s leading economic power.

Moving the goalposts even further, Cahn went on to claim that his prophecy would be proven correct as long as something bad happens anytime between now and September 2016: “That’s the period.”

So once something, anything, bad happens within the year, Cahn will take credit for predicting it!

The preacher went on to allege that the construction of a new skyscraper at Ground Zero, the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality and the White House’s rainbow light display celebrating LGBT Pride Month are all bringing God’s wrath upon America.

Cahn then presented the most conclusive proof of all: He once spoke to a man who said he had a dream before the 9/11 attacks of an angel telling him that the Twin Towers would collapse, but he didn’t tell anybody, and now this unnamed prophet who failed to warn everyone about 9/11 is having similar dreams of something bad happening in the future!

– See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/jonathan-cahn-blows-september-13-doomsday-prophecy-finds-convenient-explanation#sthash.WWkBxSu9.dpuf

Far Right-Wing Attacks On Refugees Linked To Intel

From the International Business Times:

Expanding far right networks are coordinating arson attacks on refugee hostels in Germany, security experts told Der Spiegel. In recent months there have been escalating numbers of attacks on asylum centres in Germany as well as assaults on refugees. An arson attack on a planned asylum hostel in Nauen on Monday, outside Berlin, was the fifth in the country in a week.

“The continuity and number of attacks can’t be explained except by assuming organized structures,” Fabian Virchow of the Working Unit Neo-Nazism at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, told the magazine.”

The  same piece lists the names  of the right-wing groups that are allegedly involved:

The Third Way:

Third Way (Der III Weg) is a small, much more recent group than the other two groups named below. Perhaps the exposure of the intelligence connections to the other two groups made it necessary to form another “neo-Nazi” group to perpetuate confrontation using the deceptive moniker of a “third” (moderate, in between, centrist) way. “Third way” in other contexts is not on the right at all, but is informed by the communitarian philosophy behind the false-flag anti-NWO “controlled opposition.”

Be that as it may, Der III Weg has come out with a map of all refugee locations, using Google’s MyMaps.

National Democratic Party:

Ynet news.com reports on the trial of neo-Nazis for the murder of 10 people in 2013. The trial revealed that all had ties to the “right-wing” National Democratic Party and that the NDP had multiple contacts with the German intelligence services, the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV). $240000 was paid to the neo-Nazi informer over 18 years. The head of the committee that later looked into the times, Sebastian Edathy, was later tarnished by a child pornography scandal, involving a Canadian company.

The scandal exposed a sprawling web of contacts between the secret services and the far right in which the state systematically exchanged cash for information.

In the case of the NPD, the party was often aware of the informants in its ranks.”


Wayne Madsen, writing in January 2015 well ahead of this unfolding stage-managed clash between migrants/refugees and natives, describes it as a Muslim-themed Operation Gladio (see my piece in 2005 on Gladio)

Big picture of PEGIDA Cologne HERE. See this? Mostly normal Germans. No radicals. But by the time so many ordinary Germans are in the streets, we need to examine why they are there, why the intelligence agencies created PEGIDA as a vessel to harness and steer them and where this is going.

PEGIDA is similar to OWS  (Occupy Wall Street) in construct but far more dangerous. PEGIDA has been created to be a weapon against Muslims and a weapon against large portions of the German population.

Consider the contrived ever-larger protest waves in Europe. Look at the new EUGENDFOR special ops police force in Europe.

This is the logistical framework for big things yet to come. Gladio of the 60s and 70s is back. This time it has a Muslim theme. But the efforts on the ground which are visible are far beyond the Hebdo shooting. There is a huge machine on the ground by multiple intel agencies which I can show you (I plan to post more of this) which is ready for a giant fight between Europeans and their many million Muslim immigrants. This is going to become big and be big for years to come. ”



In Germany, Over 150 Arson Attacks Against Refugees

From a Reuters report in July 2015:

“I feel shame for the hatred of foreigners out there on the streets of Germany,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday after the Interior Ministry reported a near doubling of attacks on shelters to 150 in the first half of this year. There were 170 attacks in all of 2014.

Before dawn on Saturday, arsonists torched a shelter in the southwestern town of Remchingen, causing 70,000 euros in damages, just hours before assailants fired guns at the windows of another shelter in the eastern town of Boehlen near Leipzig.

In the Bavarian town of Vorra, an empty shelter was set on fire last week and swastikas were found painted on the wall.

There have been similar attacks in the eastern towns of Freital, Meissen and Troeglitz that prevented refugees from moving in.

In the northeastern city of Rostock on Sunday, police had to resort to tear gas to fight off right-wing extremists who had attacked a group of refugees from Albania andEgypt during a village festival.

Justice Minister Maas told Bild newspaper that aside from the “irrational fears and violence” against refugees in Germany, he has also seen an outpouring of compassion for their plight as well. An opinion poll in April showed 50 percent of Germans want their country to take in even more refugees.

Germany struggled with racist violence for several years during the economic upheaval that followed unification in 1990. Some 186 foreigners were killed.

Then, as now, critics assailed the government for failing to move quickly and decisively enough against the violence, and of indirectly encouraging attacks through inaction or, worse, populist comments against foreigners who abused asylum policies.

“The government doesn’t have a coherent strategy and some politicians, especially on the right, are making the situation worse with incendiary comments and actions,” Hajo Funke, a political scientist at Berlin’s Free University, told Reuters.

Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer and his Christian Social Union (CSU), the conservative sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), have called this week for quick deportations of people from Balkan countries that Germany no longer dangerous enough to warrant asylum.

“The right’s populist ideas are spreading like wildfire in the CSU and it’s extremely dangerous,” Funke said, noting that lethal fire bombings in the early 1990s often followed provocative rhetoric by anti-immigrant politicians that Germans call “geistige Brandstiftung” (“mental arson”).

More than twice as many refugees are expected in Germany this year than the 200,000 who sought shelter here last year. Of the 85,394 arrivals in the first quarter alone, most came from Kosovo, Syria, Serbia, Albania, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In poor regions of Germany, fears of competition from refugees for state resources are high. In well-off areas, fears of falling property values or a rise in crime also fuel protests and resistance to new shelters being created.”


Orthodox Warning About False NWO Opposition

Update 2: 10/13/15

As I’d begun to suspect (see update 1 below), there is something amiss here and despite the correct assessment of disinformation in Western alternative media, the Orthodox Father must himself be looked at with reserve. It turns out, from my research so far, that he was charged by several sources with the abuse of young men and was forced to leave his post for disobedience, without any comment on the underlying charges.

This is not the first serious critic of the powers-that-be who has ended up tarred with sex abuse allegations that are unclear. One doesn’t know whether Podmoshensky was simply slandered in order to discredit him because of his activism or whether he was chosen to disseminate anti-NWO views, because it was known that he was a sexual predator and that would serve to discredit those views ultimately. This is the same issue that rises with Eustace Mullins, who turns out to have had a long interaction with the FBI.  it is the same kind of thing we find in many patriot and right-wing circles, which turn out to be fully in bed with the intelligence agencies.

Yet another instance when a little sense of unease turned out to be predict a larger problem accurately.

UPDATE, September 10, 2015 @ 17:12:01

I see an approving reference to Jonathan Cahn, who has been hyping the shemitah judgment on the US, which several Christian sites have thoroughly debunked, not least for the reason that the Shemitah had to do with a covenanted nation – Ancient Israel – not the US.

The site talks about the dangers of Christian Socialism, identifying it with the red dragon and it talks about the New Age and ecumenism as dangerous.

Fair enough.

But now that people are grasping the idea that there is a fake NWO-resistance, it will not be long before that too is co-opted.

So reader beware.


It warms my heart to think that there are religious who take the time to understand the nuances of politics and the fake opposition that is deceiving so many anti-war or anti-empire people.

Here, Father Herman Podmonshenksy of Orthodox Australia talks about the real NWO that will rise from the fake anti-NWO resistance.

And, he too sees through Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and the rest – all theater for the home crowd and smoke-and-mirrors for outsiders:

Harlan K. Ullman, the principal author of the “shock and awe” doctrine and current Chairman of the Killowen Group which advises government leaders, who also writes for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.


In an article entitled War on Terror Is not the Only Threat, Ullman asserts that, “tectonic changes are reshaping the international geostrategic system,” arguing that it’s not military superpowers like China but “non-state actors” like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and anonymous hackers who pose the biggest threat to the “365 year-old Westphalian system” because they are encouraging individuals to become self-empowered, eviscerating state control.

“Very few have taken note and fewer have acted on this realization,” notes Ullman, lamenting that “information revolution and instantaneous global communications” are thwarting the “new world order” announced by U.S. President George H.W. Bush more than two decades ago.

In a similar article, Brzezinski, a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, seems to decry the ‘Global Political Awakening’ which “is making the Syrian war difficult”.


This is not the first time Brzezinski “denounces” the global awakening:


So here we have it all, the plan in plain view – the elites are seen loosing control and their NWO plan derailed  by the rebels – just like in Star Wars.

No dear Orthodox brothers and sisters, it is not that simple. As much as they would like us to believe that this is the case, the real NWO Bush was referring to, when he talked about forging “a new world order where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations”, is not about what the think-tank is suggesting, that is just the diversion. The real new world order will come about from this resistance movement that is carefully orchestrated by the same powers of darkness.

Yes, the coming world-wide tyranny under the “current” NWO is to be denounced and its true nature needs to be exposed, but we should not loose sight of what “the other hand” is doing.

Unfortunately every single member of the alternative media that have been warning about the impeding catastrophe, be it Alex Jones, David Icke, Glenn Beck etc, they are all identifying the current elites and the current NWO as the prime “enemy”, and see the resistance movement as the way to conquering it, but they give no thought to the possibility that the whole NWO thing being a diversion for the real NWO George Bush talked about – which will bring about a “more just system”. They all see these sort of news of the elite being defeated as battles won in their long war, not thinking that the victories may not be theirs at all.

It is really hard for anyone in the west, which has been under Catholic and Protestant chiliastic influences for centuries, to really see the deception, and pause for a second and take a look at the whirlpool that sucks everything in. It is hard for them to see the deception because they do not put Christ first, rather they see themselves as fighters for freedom for the sake of freedom, not understanding that the real freedom only comes from God as a gift for righteousness and repentance.

The real NWO is being prepared in secret and will be revealed by bringing the antichrist to the world scene as a liberator from the rising tyranny and coming wars, and will most likely be a leader of this movement of “awakening”. As our Holy Fathers have said, the antichrist will be Orthodox which is why the deception will be complete. He will be Orthodox, but of the World Orthodoxy – the ecumenist Orthodoxy.

Therefore we would like to ask you, our reader, to please take a moment and read some of our other related articles, and if you think that what is written here is true, help spread the message before it is too late.”


Trump: US Should Take In Syrian Refugees

Morally, Trump is actually right on this.  But does it make any kind of sense to aid and abet ISIS, and then say that Syrian refugees should come here?

What sense does it  make to grand-stand on Mexican refugees and then bring in Syrians?

If there are fears of ISIS penetration in Europe, what about here in the US? [Whatever you think about ISIS….]

My solution would be for the US to help/fund the resettlement of Syrian Muslim refugees in Muslim countries and Syrian Christian refugees in Christian countries like Armenia or Georgia.

BBC News:

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has asked governments around the world to resettle 130,000 Syrians by the end of 2016. In past conflicts, the US has typically taken half of the UNHCR request.

“On a humanitarian basis, something does have to be done,” Mr Trump said.

“It’s a serious problem. We haven’t seen anything like it since the second world war, and it’s getting worse and worse”.

When asked whether he thought they should be allowed in the US, the business mogul said: “I hate the concept of it, but on a humanitarian basis, with what’s happening, you have to.”

He added: “It’s living in hell in Syria. They are living in hell.”

Isis Embedded 4000 Gunmen Among Migrants?

From the Express.co.uk:

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.”Just wait,” he smiled.The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries.”
We know now that ISIS has been aided and abetted by the CIA.

[This is from Wikileaks, so I am delinking it. It is not necessary to go to WL because there is ample whistle-blower testimony to the fact. Besides, common-sense will tell you as much, given the surveillance apparatus in use now and the known history of the CIA.]

We have claims of social-media revolutionaries embedded among the refugees.

Multiple unusual and unusually large military drills have been running concurrently this summer all over the world.

Jade Helm 15 is one of them, and it is running in the US in the south, emphasizing special operations inside enemy territory.


Migrant Crisis Is Birthing Pangs Of Jewish Rule

Piotr Bein:

The actual wave of immigration under the title “refugees” looks orchestrated indeed.
-MSM in Western Europe is clearly hyping up the event, trying to give evidence, that the majority of the local population is willing to accept all these foreigners, when clearly the contrary is the case. At the same time Hungary and Serbia are depicted in a negative way, for their justified efforts to control the invasion.
-MSM did limit their reporting on casualties of immigrants departing the Maghreb, they are trying to downplay the main massive influx into the Greek islands of Kos and Lesbos.

[Lila: Is that location significant in any way?]

These Islands are located just a short hop (1 hour trip by small motorized boat) from the Turkish shore. The majority of the immigrants must have transited Greece, otherwise they would not have ended up in Hungary / Balkans.
-Given the number of people involved, the Turkish government (NATO) must facilitate this mass emigration, there is no way these immigrants could have organized this mass movement on their own
-the US government, which is ultimately responsible for all these displaced people, is refusing to accept any of these people.
-there is no indication, that the situation for refugees in Syria did recently deteriorate in a manner, to explain this mass movement of people
-according to reports in MSM, all these people want to go to Germany and Sweden?, they do not request asylum in Austria or Switzerland, which is proving that they are following clear instructions of a hidden plan
-the site http://www.fluchthelfer.in/ is actively trying to increase the influx of immigrants into Western Europe. (the site is said to be related to the Ayn Rand (jewish) organization)
(see http://www.info-direkt.at/page/3/ (scroll down, 3rd report) or directly https://www.whois.net/)
-long story short, the entire affair looks to me like one of the final events to bring Jewish NOW finally to power..

Lila: So this is Jade Helm’s meaning I suppose…ominous.

From Thierry Meyssan:

Photo of drowned child possibly faked/staged?

NATO misrepresenting crisis as caused by war, orchestrating movement of Syrians, in order destabilize Europe.

Moral Melodrama Of Migrant Crisis

From the always insightful Brendan O’Neill at Spiked.com:

This media-orchestrated moral drama, complete with invasive photos of dead children, highly inappropriate comparisons with the Holocaust, and the performative piety of politicians and the Twitterati holding up pro-refugee placards or promising to open their homes to migrants, confirms that what ought to be a democratic discussion — the question of what caused this crisis and where refugees should go — has been reduced to an opportunity for virtue-advertising in which rational thought and public engagement are positively frowned upon.

The most striking thing about the outburst of ostentatious concern for the refugees is its bad faith. What is presented to us as a sad humanitarian disaster that somehow materialised over the past seven days is in fact traceable to the disintegration of the Middle East over the past five years and the hollowing-out of 50 years worth of state structures in Libya and the knock-on destabilising effect that had across north Africa — globe-shaking events which our governments in the West played no small part in bringing about. ……

Indeed, the value of the refugees seems to lie in the extent to which, through playing dutiful humanitarian victims, they might help Western politicians assume the role of smiling saviour and in the process repair their flagging moral authority. It’s well known that sections of the hard right have a tendency to dehumanise asylum seekers, treating the complex human beings who cross borders as an amorphous threat. Over the past week we have seen that the other side in this discussion, those who pose as friends of migrants, also play the dehumanisation game. Where the right criminalises migrants, liberals infantilise them, reducing them from moral agents who have made a decision to migrate to childlike victims in need of rescue by virtuous Westerners. The much-shared, wept-over photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi spoke to the new Western view of the migrant: as hapless, helpless; pathetic; children requiring our care. The hard right juxtaposes itself to the threatening migrant; the pseudo-humanitarian left presents itself as lifesaver to the childish migrant. Both sides dehumanise them, for self-serving reasons.”

Privacy Expert Questions Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Privacy Surgeon.com:

I’m starting to believe the so-called “migration crisis” facing Europe is little more than a tragic confidence trick. Worryingly, however, it involves dangerous consequences for the rights of every EU resident.

I’m not being heartless. Yes, thousands of refugees have lost their lives in the struggle to reach EU borders. Many more are living in a desperate plight, often at the mercy of human traffickers. That’s not my point.

Relatively few of us have genuinely got to grips with the realities of this situation. It’s a massively complex issue that goes to the heart of geopolitics and national dynamics, but intelligent people should not be sucked into the orchestrated rhetoric that is being peddled. This isn’t the first time we’ve faced such circumstances – and it certainly won’t be the last.

The migration issue is trending across the political landscape of nearly all EU countries. Emerging from the hysteria over rising numbers of asylum seekers is a mix of innovative and humane solutions. Sadly, the “crisis” is also spotlighting the very worst of Europe, spewing out a raft of reactions that defy the very basis of the values that Europe is supposed to uphold.

Instead of making an effort to find a rational way through the difficult issues, some governments have cheered on a contagion mentality which has genuinely terrified entire populations that the barbarians are at the gate. It feels like Donald Trump’s shadow has fallen across Europe.

At one level (though certainly not for the migrants themselves) the situation is nowhere near as dramatic as some media outlets are portraying. At another level, the crisis is far worse for Europe than anyone could imagine. This situation could trigger a backlash for civil liberties across the EU.

Let’s deal first with the raw figures.

At the risk of simplification, here is the top level statistic. The EU’s external border force, Frontex, which monitors the flow of people arriving at Europe’s borders, says some 340,000 migrants have been detected at EU borders since the beginning of 2015. That compares with 123,500 in the same period last year.

My response is “what’s the big deal?

[Lila: Exactly my reaction. Anyone who has actually been in populous, poor, or war-torn countries, would find the numbers nothing so extraordinary.]


During World War II, refugees flooded from Germany to Switzerland, as any Sound of Music fan will remember. Between 1933 and 1939, about 200,000 Jews fleeing Nazism were able to find refuge in France. At around that time several hundred thousand Spanish Republicans fled to France after their loss to the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. Unlike the EU of today, nations coped with such circumstances.

It’s true that the current headline figures can look dramatic. More than 300,000 migrants have risked their lives trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe so far this year, according to the UN. This compares with 219,000 for the whole of 2014.

Nearly 200,000 people have landed in Greece since January this year, while another 110,000 made it to Italy.

To put the current situation into a statistical perspective, imagine a town of 10,000 people calling emergency meetings and getting into a froth of paranoia because ten migrants show up at the town hall office. 

Having said that, the total population of the EU member states is just over half a billion. Is anyone seriously arguing on any basis of rationality that a region of five hundred million people can’t find a way to absorb a peak of an extra half million migrants? In the view of many observers, this isn’t so much a migrant crisis as it is a crisis of political fragility over Europe’s teetering economy and employment.

To put the current situation into a statistical perspective, imagine a town of 10,000 people calling emergency meetings and getting into a froth of paranoia because ten migrants show up at the town hall office. Most of us would condemn such a response.

In line with this reasoning, let’s try to put the situation is a historical context.

Some people might like to forget that the decade leading up to 2001 saw the one of the bloodiest conflicts of modern times – and right on Europe’s doorstep. The Bosnian and Yugoslav wars saw genocide that murdered between 100,000 and 200,000 people (depending on whose figures you accept). States that are now happily part of the European family of nations were obliterating entire communities at the time your fifteen year old child was born. Now, all is forgiven – and almost forgotten.

But at the time, there was misery and human displacement at a scale that people these days can barely understand. Vast waves of refugees poured out of the carnage and tried for a new life in Europe and elsewhere.

Europe whines about a “crisis” of having to deal with an overflow that’s equivalent to less than one tenth of one percent of its population. Compare this to what Croatia agreed to burden at the time of the conflict.

The U.S. Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, tried to put the number of refugees in Croatia into perspective during an interview in 1993. He said the situation would be the equivalent of the United States taking in 30,000,000 refugees. The number of Bosnian refugees in Croatia stood at 588,000. Serbia took in 252,130 refugees from Bosnia, while other former Yugoslav republics received a total of 148,657 people.”

UK Migrant Numbers Wildly Exaggerated

The Irish Times reports that the UK Media is wildly exaggerating the numbers of migrants and refugees arriving in Britain.

Would that media be influenced by the New World Order cartel interested in inflaming race and civilizational war and enhancing surveillance and control?

I guess so.

From the Irish Times:

The United Nations special representative for migration Peter Sutherland has accused the British media of exaggerating “beyond belief” accounts of migrants and asylum seekers flooding into the United Kingdom.

Mr Sutherland said media reports that “thousands of migrants” were attempting to travel to Britain from Calais through the Channel Tunnel had been “calculated to inflame tensions”.

“The total figure that we’re talking about is at most between five and 10,000 people who are living in dreadful conditions,” Mr Sutherland told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland programme.”

The UK population is around 65 million, which is 6500 times greater than the number of people coming in. The dependency ratio as given by the UN is over 50%, meaning that over half the population is dependent on welfare and less than 50% works.

The population pyramid is stationary, with a declining birth rate and low death-rate.

The problem is not the people coming in. The problem is the people already in who are not working.

The problem is government welfare policy, not people.

The same welfare mentality that is blamed on immigrants, exists among the native-born.

It exists because politicians need vote-banks and bureaucrats need empire.

And demagogues need something to demagogue.

What kind of conditions do these migrants suffer, while they are demonized by mafia and intelligence-propped up billionaires descended from immigrants and partnered with drug barons, underage sex-traders, and intelligence operatives.

The Naval Service patrol ship LÉ Niamh discovered the bodies of 14 migrants below deck on an overcrowded trafficking barge in the Mediterranean earlier this week while rescuing 453 people from the vessel.

The 14 migrants are believed to have died of crushing and asphyxiation after they were herded with more than 500 others on board a wooden barge that left Libya in the early hours of Monday.

More than 2,000 refugees and migrants are estimated to have died or gone missing while trying to cross the Mediterranean so far this year, according to the UNHCR.

Western Europeans, who spread their populations over every continent, often through force and fraud, now demonize refugees from countries they themselves wrecked.

Christians besieged, you say.

What Christians? I ask.


European Migration Crisis: Some Facts

I will be blogging about the migration crisis in Europe, how it’s being spun, and to what end.

Bear with me.

There was enough to do with Merkel and Trump just this past week, and I barely touched the points I wanted to make.

But for a start, here are some numbers about migration that  you will never hear from the “Third-World Apocalypse” crowd, whether libertarians (Charles Burris) or paleo- conservative (Pat Buchanan).

They are all apparently acolytes of Malthus, Marx, and Paul Ehrlich (the notorious communist/green environmental scare-monger)  on this subject, for they conveniently omit from their NWO-funded propaganda the following facts:


Of the countries that receive the most refugees, no European or North American country even makes the top 10.

Western countries, even today, are seeing a small and manageable number of refugees. Countries experiencing refugee numbers large enough to strain their resources include Turkey, Lebanon and Pakistan;

Turkey has effectively built an entire large city of hundreds of thousands of people, complete with a school system and public utilities, populated entirely with Syrians.”

Source for numbers below is UN High Commission for Refugees:

Major refugee-hosting countries, end of 2014:
#1-5 (approx. numbers read from graph)

Turkey (1.6 million), Pakistan (1.5 m), Lebanon (1.18 m), Iran (1 m), Ethiopia (600k)

Major refugee-hosting countries, end of 2014:

Jordan (650 k), Kenya (475 k), Chad (425 k), Uganda (400k) , China (300k).

Matt Walsh: Trump Fans Are Embarrassing Conservatism

Matt Walsh rises to the top of the class in this outstanding commentary on Trump – the best I’ve read yet.

If only the rest of the conservative-libertarian chumps woke up and smelled the phony:

Illegal Mexicans are bringing crime. Got it. Agreed. But what about, like, everything else that’s going on? Anything on that, Trump? Anything?

Well, to be fair, The Donald has on rare occasion given the public a more in depth look at his views. For instance, he wrote a book back in 2000 where he discourses about the need for assault weapons bans, legal abortion, socialized medicine, and higher taxes.

This is your right wing hero, friends. But you shouldn’t be surprised. This is the man who spent the better part of the previous two decades using his money to keep Democrats in power.

He’s given a considerable amount to Republicans as well, but that doesn’t negate or mitigate the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars this “conservative businessman” gifted to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanual, Chuck Schumer, Charles Rangel, and other liberal darlings. He didn’t just vocally support liberal policies prior to his recent foray into Republican politics; he actively worked to empower the progressive tyrants who would enact those policies.

In fact, a look at Trump’s financial activity reveals that he was an especially active Democrat booster during the 2006 midterms; the election that put Reid and Pelosi in power. Meanwhile, Trump has solidified his conservative credentials by coming out, at various points, in favor of eminent domain, bailouts, and executing government whistle blowers.

So, alright, he’s a draft dodging, twice divorced reality star who supports gun control and abortion and corporate welfare, and who donates to Democrats, gives money hand over fist to the Clinton Foundation, and has worked tirelessly for many years to keep the worst sorts of liberals in office. At least, he was all of these things until about four years ago, when he decided to start scamming conservatives.”

And later in the same piece:

To quote Chesterton:

You will hear everlastingly that the rich man cannot be bribed. The fact is, of course, that the rich man is bribed; he has been bribed already. That is why he is a rich man.

Chesterton wrote that a hundred years ago, and I’m now convinced he composed it after being plagued with a prophetic nightmare about a future scam artist named Donald Trump.

And if Trump can question a man’s wartime heroism, isn’t it fair to point out that he was born rich? Trump came from wealth and managed to stay wealthy with the help of bankruptcy and reality TV. Nice. Congratulations. But if Trump can prefer soldiers who don’t get captured, I think I’m within my rights to prefer arrogant, haughty, dishonest billionaires who didn’t start off as spoiled, private schooled elites.

That’s just me, though. We all have our preferences. And really, I have a distaste for all arrogant, haughty, dishonest billionaires who want to be president, whether they’re self-made or, like Trump, got a head start from daddy.

Yes, Donald Trump says dumb things, but my issue with him goes much deeper than mere words. My issue is that he’s a spurious liberal swindler with little character, no integrity, no credibility, counterfeit ideas, and a feeble grasp on the issues. He does not deserve your support. He has done nothing for it, except spew a million hollow platitudes into a loudspeaker hoping a certain percentage of them resonate with the disaffected right wing masses. If you think that qualifies a man for the presidency, I don’t know what to tell you.

Yes, I know you are sick of typical politicians who lie and cheat and avoid taking a stand when it matters. I get it. I am too. And that’s exactly why you should be sick of Donald Trump.”

Topless, Free-bleeding “Activism”: Ads For Porn

The plethora of videos and photos celebrating “topless’ activism (by FemenPussy Riot, and other groups); the sudden trend of breast-feeding in public; and, lately, images of menstruation are not “activism,” although that is the pretext used by the media to inundate the public with such imagery.

Both lactation and menstruation are niche categories of porn, according to this article at Alternet.

The Western ruling class is heavily invested in pornography, which is a 97 billion dollar business, but in urgent need of diversification to survive.

Revenue from traditional porn films has been shrinking, though, because of piracy and an abundance of free content on the Internet.

“DVD sales are barely alive at this point,” says Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, one of the industry’s largest and best-known studios. “We’ve seen probably an 80 percent reduction in sales over the past five years—to the point where fairly soon it’s not going to make sense to put movies out on DVD. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but we are certainly marching towards that day.”

One way to diversify and expand the porn market is to saturate normal, day-time news with raunchy images and discussion that previously would have been confined to explicitly x-rated shows or specific channels.

The public is being conditioned to accept porn as “normal” and acceptable.

There is another angle.

Now that gay marriage is a done deal, social engineering must move onto the next step.

Consider why TV anchor Brian Williams could state publicly that he had no problem watching his daughter “perform” simulated anal sex on a studio set, in person.

Consider why the media is filled with images of Kiran Gandhi’s parents smiling cheerfully and posing for photos with their blood-stained daughter.

These are instruction manuals for us.

These images also prepare the public mind for an imminent normalizing and legalizing of incest.


The Dynamics Of The Humanitarian NGO Racket

I want to expose the actual dynamics at work below the surface of “activism” and “social justice.” [I will add links later.]


The UN and establishment Western non-governmental agencies (aka “international community”), with heavy ties to the Western corporate world and to politicized religious bodies, intervene as HUMANITARIAN ADVISERS in the policies of developing countries (in this case, India), telling them they need a FREE PROGRAM FOR THE POOR or a CRISIS will ensue.




Vulnerable members of the Indian government are either BRIBED or PRESSURED with POLITICAL/ECONOMIC THREATS to go along with the WESTERN PROGRAM. If they are reluctant,  a NEGATIVE MEDIA CAMPAIGN is launched to DEMONIZE India, and POLARIZE it, using SHILLS from the country as spokesmen. A TWITTER MOB is created to enlist support from young people who do not know they are being used. The tools are promoted and rewarded.




The Indian government succumbs and agrees to the program. Immediately, LOBBIES from politically-connected corporations descend, BRIBES/KICK-BACKS are given to CORRUPT OFFICIALS, and the BID IS RIGGED.   Local companies offering the same product at much lower rates are ignored. The Indian tax-payer is FORCED TO SUBSIDIZE corrupt Western corporations at his own expense.  The Western media sensationalizes the CORRUPTION of the Indian government, while ignoring the CORRUPTION OF ITS OWN CORPORATIONS AND NGO’s.



The Indian government then hands out free products to the poor in India, creating a DEPENDENT CLASS and a new VOTE-BANK. The CORRUPT INDIAN POLITICIANS and the CORRUPT WESTERN CORPORATIONS then pat themselves on the back. In the Western media, this is trumpeted as HUMANITARIAN AID funded by the Western NGOs who hand out the freebies, when it is actually AID GIVEN BY THE INDIAN TAX-PAYER TO THE WESTERN CORPORATIONS and NGOs.

Meanwhile, Indian small-businesses that could supply the same need un-subsidized, cost-effectively, and locally are destroyed. Only big businesses with political connections can survive this subsidized competition. Only large corporations can afford to pay for new workers. Enclaves of corporate employment are created in a sea of unemployment.



Western corporate media then sensationalizes this situation as the result of INDIAN BUREAUCRACY and demands further INTERVENTION leading to further PRIVATE-PUBLIC partnerships and further subsidies to Western corporations from the Indian tax-payer.

The NGOs are FRONTED by wealthy cosmopolitan Indians, with strong ties to Western governmental and ruling class interests, which are concealed through philanthropic foundations and charities. The greater part of the money earned goes to the “stake-holders” and administrators’ salaries. With IMPACT INVESTING, the interests are even more clearly private.

The media, owned by corporations, acts as an advertising arm using the humanitarian angle as a marketing tool. What needs are met are met not from the pockets of the investors, but from those of the developing country’s tax-payers and the government’s budget. That means there is no government money left for services to the developing country’s tax-payer. The Western media that is actually RESPONSIBLE for this situation then hypocritically trumpets this as another FAILURE of the Indian government. This becomes the launch-pad for FURTHER INTERVENTION, either “HUMANITARIAN,” or when the country has served its purpose as  a MILCH-COW for the West, for a MILITARY INTERVENTION.




London Olympics Winner Berates Kiran Gandhi

Note: Since I posted this, I’ve read that the article is a satire put in the mouth of the winner, who didn’t actually write anything addressed to Kiran Gandhi. Will check on the source.

The winner of the London Olympics has some tart words for Kiran Gandhi:

“Gandhi stained her pants in public. I ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes. That’s faster than most people could go on a bike. I called People Magazine asking for a feature, I even catered to them saying I’d talk about my fitness routine. But they just said, “Are you the tampon girl?” and I said, “No I’m the winner.” But they had already hung up on me. In Gandhi’s numerous magazine and blog interviews, she said she chose not to wear a tampon in order to fight sexism and erase the stigma about periods.

But do you know what fights sexism in an extremely tangible way? Running 26.2 miles faster than hundreds of men. Literally hundreds of men. Like me. That’s what I did. The only article about me on the internet is on RunnersWorld.com. Kiran Gandhi is trending on Facebook. Gandhi also said she went tampon-less to raise awareness for people who don’t have access to tampons.

Great, great that’s really nice. Hard to find fault with that one. Except that, you know, I could raise awareness for important causes too. And I think it would carry a little bit more weight because I earned a platform to speak by accomplishing a feat of athleticism few human beings are capable of accomplishing. Last weekend I went to brunch with my sister-in-law and she asked me if I knew the tampon girl before she said congratulations. She asked me if I ever “get to” train with the tampon girl.

The tampon girl’s time was 4 hours and 49 minutes! That’s more than double my time! I don’t even understand how she could be so slow, did she take a break?! Yet she’s the face of the London Marathon?! No. No. That’s like a child playing cup-n-ball being the face of the NBA. Oh, and the child shat himself to break the stigma of shit being gross or something.”

The Kotex-Industrial Complex: Another Indian Stooge


My apologies. I included a link from Reason I thought I’d deleted and which I didn’t know had a nasty image. If there are any disturbing images, please let me know and I will delete those too.


One more case of FeminismMakesYouAnIdiot….and why, pray tell, are all the idiots these days Indians?

There was Belle Knox, the disturbed Indo-American girl who claimed that being urinated on, gang-sodomized and repeatedly hit on video-tape was “her joy.”

Any sensible adult would have yanked her out of college, put a paper-bag over her head, and forced her into as much therapy as 24 hours will hold. They would have then sued her pimp-agent into oblivion and slapped lawsuits galore on any site that republished her pictures.

But that’s just me.

[Behind the pseudo-activist jargon, Belle Knox was in fact advertising under-age/college porn. Given that there is a growing porn market in India, driven by incessant Western advertising through the internet, putting an Indian face on the business, can be seen as a marketing gimmick.]

Now, The Cut has a piece on what comes after “slut-walking” and “topless protests.”


It’s “free-bleeding” (menstruating publicly, without a tampon), which is a strike against the “objectification of women,” according to Ms. Socrates, the bleeder-in-residence.

Yes, I see how that goes.

Turn your body parts and emissions into a public spectacle a ping-pong bar would reject and use Feminism101 as an excuse.

I think not.

It turns out, as the Spectator points out, that “free-bleeding” is nothing more than a satirical prank that feminists swallowed naively:

So in 2014 — inspired by some crazy idea they’d read somewhere on the internet — the pranksters decided to fake an even more ludicrous trend designed to discredit the radical feminist movement. ‘What is free bleeding? It consists of us womyn bleeding with no restriction … Being able to menstruate is something that is a [sic] undeniably female characteristic. How DARE they try and oppress it,’ read their working notes.

A few helpful tweets later from fake Twitter accounts and ‘free bleeding’ had become an urgent new cause of radical feminism. Eventually word got out among some women’s interest websites that they’d all been had: ‘Free bleeding is not a thing,’ warned one. But it appears the memo didn’t get through to everyone. Hence Kiran Gandhi’s marathon protest.”

But was this really just a joke?

The anonymous pranksters belong to an Internet site called 4Chan that many suspect has attracted the attention of the intelligence agencies because it was frequented at one time by pedophiles.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to conjecture that the intelligence agencies floated the meme themselves.

Just as the CIA-funded PussyRiot is really about advertising sexual tourism while pretending to protest against it, this kind of activism is  also only a form of advertising.

Of what?

Well take a look (well, actually, don’t…I won’t link, lest I contribute to the dissemination of this nonsense).

Here are activists menstruating and defecating in public.


Forget the politically correct explanation of what they are “activisting” about.

The medium is the message, remember.

These girls aren’t selling anything else except their bodies and their bodily fluids.

Menstruating in public has suddenly become a trend in the past year or so.

Check it out.

Here’s Rosie O’Donnell threatening to “free-bleed” on Trump’s face.

And here’s the entirely manufactured Donald Trump menstrual-blood libel.

And CNN had an Indian girl write this long piece admonishing Indian women not to adhere to taboos against menstruating  in a temple or in the kitchen.

And here’s a whole bunch of free-bleeding, free-pissing, free-sticking-the-cross-into-my-body-feminists who give a new meaning to the term badass...

[I didn’t insert the link, because obviously the NWO wants us all to become implicated in this pornography and sear our minds, memories, and imagination.]

It’s a meme, I tell you.

I’ll bet you, the porn industry is developing a market for this kind of thing to shore up its declining revenues.

[Added: Actually, Jessica Valenti has already told us what the menstrual meme is at least partly about: It’s about making sanitary products freely available all the time to all women – that is, making tax-payers pay for everyone’s tampons.

And this is part of a larger notion that companies like Kotex and Always (two of the largest brands) should be boycotted, because their products raise the risk of toxic-shock syndrome.

To be honest, as a tax-payer, I really wouldn’t mind paying for poor women and girls to get tampons,

But knowing that tax-money rarely goes where it’s meant and knowing that we’re already over-taxed and knowing that the introduction of the IRS was the beginning of the surveillance state, and that taxation itself is a form of expropriation by the state, I’d much prefer to donate to organizations that directly fund sanitary products for the poor.

No need for a government hand-out or a government campaign on behalf of alternative tampons –  which is what this whole absurd “free-bleeding” meme sounds like. I have nothing against alternatives to the tampon giants. I do have a problems with slick campaigns hood-winking the public.]

Slap an Asian or Indian girl’s face on it, and it also serves the double purpose of branding immigrant women as repulsive, air-headed social justice feminazis.

And that helps polarize public debate along racial lines and fuels the sex-war.

Which keeps us all looking in every direction except the one that counts –  in the direction of the NWO puppeteers.


Establishment Alternatives Defend Hersh

Michael Rozeff, who believes Hersh is accurate on the Bin Laden story, claims support from four journalists.

He says generalized skepticism about government accounts is not good enough to discount the possibility of a 2011 killing, instead of the rumored 2001 killing.

Fair enough.

However, the problem for me at least is not generalized skepticism of government accounts.

My problem is generalized skepticism of alternative media mouth-pieces attacking the government’s account – I don’t place much stock in the high-profile  Mr. Hersh and his ilk.

Unlike Mr. Roberts, I don’t believe in the theory of a 2001 killing of Obama; but I also don’t believe the government’s OR Hersh’s version.

Until I study the matter at first hand, I refuse to take any account at face-value. The only thing I do believe is that there is no end to the depth and complexity of Anglo-Zionist propaganda and that anyone who goes by party-line, confession, or ideology of any kind, will not be able to untangle the web.

High-profile journalists are suspects numero uno when it comes to intelligence/CIA propaganda.

As I said, Douglas Valentine, Ann Williamson, Paul Craig Roberts, James Petras and the less-known but insightful  Scott Creighton – between them encompassing every side of the alternative spectrum – have expressed cynicism/skepticism about Hersh.

The media fanfare over Hersh’s revelations is itself a giveaway.

Now Rozeff comes up with 4 voices in support of Hersh.

Three of them published their  support on Counterpunch, which has, sorry to say, often retailed disinformation about 9/11 by none other than Alexander Cockburn.  One is published at The Nation, another establishment leftist rag that carries disinformation all the time.

Before he died, I got to know Cockburn a  little bit, with some exchanges over the phone and email. I liked the guy. He said nice things about my writing. I am grateful for that.  I also appreciated his support of India and his love of Indian culture. His Catholic background and his sharp, curious brain made him a different kind of lefty.

But lefty he was….a true believer in feminism, the state, and “the people.”

And on at least two occasions known to me a guy who retailed government spin.

One was on 9/11. The other was on the child-sex abuse scandals of the 1990s.

The latter was a personal disappointment to me, because I relied on his word and his opinion, as an elder statesman on the subject of propaganda and the CIA.

I found later he was wrong on both subjects, but not because he was mistaken.  It was because he was misleading.

I suspected a tie to the CIA. That was confirmed to me later by a senior libertarian writer who ought to know.

So, yes, Cockburn was a good guy on a number of things. A funny, insightful, even great writer.

But he also retailed spin when he felt he had to. I can’t make a judgment about why he did it. I’m just saying he did it.

So Cockburn supporting Hersh is like, well, the Washington Post echoing the New York Times.

Journalist two:

Justin Raimondo supports Hersh.

Well, he also uncritically supported Gore Vidal, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, about whose bona fides there are persistent serious questions that have never been answered.  If you believe in the official Snowden-Assange story, I assure you, the tooth-fairy will be visiting soon……followed by some property in the Florida panhandle.

Raimondo, alas, is still an establishment alternative.  I have nothing clear-cut against him, but I find his judgment questionable on some things.

The other writers who support Hersh, Michael Brenner and Greg Grandin, are both professors – of international relations and of history – who write for the establishment alternatives – places like The Nation and TomDispatch, whose contributors often overlap.  Both are the usual East Coast left-liberal academic, part of the mandarin industry.  I have zero trust in them.
But no need to worry about Raimondo, Cockburn and the rest. Mr. Hersh can be judged from his own words, no less (Note: this is not an endorsement of the site on which I found Hersh’ words)

Seymour Hersh has admitted that he’s nothing but a liar. It’s okay tho, he only lies when he gives $15, 000 college campus speeches or gives talks for the ACLU and that sort of thing, he assures us he never lies in print (a liar who says ‘believe me’…funny.)

In a recent interview, Hersh said the following in regards to his fibbing:

“Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people…I can?t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.?

and when Hersh changes names, dates, places, and the like:

?I defend that totally…I find that totally not inconsistent with anything I do professionally. I?m just communicating another reality that I know, that for a lot of reasons having to do with, basically, someone else?s ass, I?m not writing about it.?

Hersh is merely “communicating another reality” that he knows of?! Outrageous. It’s okay tho, he still stands by his practice of lying in speeches and on talk shows and such, he just promises he never lies in print (whew, and thought we were dealing with a FULL time liar here, as long as he’s only a liar 80% of the time, it’s okay I guess.)

Hersh puts it out on the table, and in doing so he let’s us all know that nothing he says can be trusted.”

So here we have a guy who makes up names and events to convey his own reality (kind of like Rumsfeld?). A guy who rides entirely on reputation for his credibility since many of his lengthy pieces contain nothing more than a single anonymous source.  A guy whom one investigative journalist told me actually squashed an important expose (of George Soros) by a colleague and then plagiarized the material.  And people take him at face-value as more credible than “the government.”

When will boobus libertarianus wake up to the fact that the “media” and the “alternative press” ARE  the government? Often they are more the government than the “government.”

But that might require something a little bit more than slogans and herd behaviour.

It might involve – heaven forfend- a little critical thinking.





Doug Valentine: Woodward, Hersh, CIA-connected

In an interview with Suzan Mazur at Scoop.com, Douglas Valentine, an authority on CIA programs, mentions Seymour Hersh as a CIA-connected journalist.

In fact, just looking at the sites and the writers touting Hersh on the Bin Laden story will give you a good general idea about the level of complicity of American activists/alternative media in the propagandizing of the public:

Douglas  Valentine:

To answer your question about the connections between the CIA and the media and new media – I’d say they’re tighter than ever. It has to do with the centralization of wealth and influence. News organizations used to be a lot of independent owners of news outlets. There’s now less and less of that.

It goes hand in hand with the consolidation of capital in the United States. The media’s in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and those people are closer and closer to the imperial interests of the United States abroad. Their interests are now more in tune with the interests of the CIA. And they’re more likely to skew, without even being agents of the CIA.

So you don’t have to rely on the old boy system anymore; accommodating the CIA is built into the system because of the consolidation of capital.

It’s been reported that the CIA writes for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. So establishing and corroborating sources is more important now than ever. Also, since Watergate and Deep Throat, there’s a tendency on the part of CIA-connected journalists like Bob Woodward and Seymour Hersh to use anonymous sources. Just another sign of how incestuous it is between the media and the CIA.”

In addition to Douglas Valentine, writers as far apart as James Petras, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Williamson, have all questioned Hersh’s veracity.

In “Language of Empire,” I noted discrepancies in Hersh’s reporting and my suspicion that he was an outlet for disinformation.

Is the Osama Bin Laden story disinformation?

Frankly, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I care.

What I do care about is the uncritical way the alternative media trumpets “name” journalists, even when they don’t source.

Don’t they realize how easy it is for the intelligence services to feed them stories through established journalists?

Or do they just not care?

Why is it I get the feeling that a lot of the alternative media is in it for money and Google hits, not for actually finding out the truth.

It is just tamasha.  Or a form of preening.

Anyway, here is another site, a conservative, one,  where Hersh is proved to have lied…and then proved to have lied about his lie…

Seymour Hersh made some startling claims to a Pakistani paper called The Nation, basically claiming that Dick Cheney (and Israel of course) runs a secret death squad that was responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

When it became apparent that the statements made their way to people that knew they were a lie Seymour released this statement:

US journalist Seymour Hersh on Monday contradicted news reports being published in South Asia that quote him as saying a special death squad made by former US vice president Dick Cheney had killed Benazir Bhutto. The award-winning journalist described as complete madness the reports that the squad headed by General Stanley McChrystal the new commander of US army in Afghanistan  had also killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafique Al Hariri and a Lebanese army chief.

Vice president Cheney does not have a death squad. I have no idea who killed Mr Hariri or Mrs Bhutto, Hersh said. I have never said that I did have such information. I most certainly did not say anything remotely to that effect during an interview with an Arab media outlet.

He said Gen McChrystal had run a special forces unit that engaged in high value target activity, but while I have been critical of some of that unit activities in the pages of the New Yorker and in interviews, I have never suggested that he was involved in political assassinations or death squads on behalf of Mr Cheney, as the published stories state. He regretted that none of the publications had contacted him before carrying the report. This is another example of blogs going bonkers with misleading and fabricated stories and professional journalists repeating such rumours without doing their job  and that is to verify such rumours. staff report.

The problem is that’s a lie. Legal Insurrection has video of Hersh making these very claims on Marxist shill Amy Goodman’s dreadful Democracy Now! program.

Isn’t libel illegal?”

Indonesian drug laws are Indonesia’s business.

Indonesia’s drug laws are Indonesia’s business, says one American expat sensibly:

Nobody who has spent a significant amount of time in Indonesia will make the argument that Indonesia’s legal system is perfect. Corruption is a major problem, and laws ranging from traffic violations to environmental regulations are flouted with impunity. One of my fellow teachers recently confessed that he would never call the police unless he was the victim of a very serious crime because he fears getting shaken down in return for the crime being solved. However, with the exception of the province Aceh, which uses a limited form of Sharia law, Indonesia’s political and legal system is based on secular values[iv] and thus cannot be dismissed as the product of radical Islam, even if critics might have you believe otherwise. Furthermore, there is no doubt whether the aforementioned drug traffickers are guilty, rather the question is if Indonesia has the right to execute foreign drug dealers. Indonesia is well-known for its strict drug laws as its airports are full of warnings that drug trafficking offenses carry the death penalty and even customs declaration cards carry the ominous threat that drug traffickers face the death penalty. Anti-drug signs and speeches are a regular part of life at an Indonesian high school and drugs, even marijuana, are considered completely taboo. Of course, drugs exist and people abuse them, but in my own experience, the Indonesian approach is very different from the West, where many drugs are illegal, but young peoples’ drug experimentation is often tacitly accepted.

I do not believe that drug traffickers should be given the death penalty; however, my opinion is irrelevant as I am not an Indonesian citizen, and even if I were the majority of Indonesians disagree with me.[v] This article is not attempting to argue that countries should adopt the death penalty for drug trafficking, but we should avoid trying to impose our more liberal views about drugs on other countries. Trafficking large amounts of heroin is considered a very serious crime worldwide including in the countries that have abolished the death penalty. The National Institute on Drug Abuse summarizes the effects of the drug as “once a person becomes addicted to heroin, seeking and using the drug becomes their primary purpose in life.”[vi] Hopefully, I do not have to devote any more time persuading the reader that heroin is a terrible drug and that Indonesia has a right to protect itself from drug traffickers. Some pundits have argued that Indonesia should not proceed with these executions because supposedly the death penalty does not deter drug trafficking, but the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2012 World Drug Report revealed that there is a significantly higher percentage of Australians who abuse marijuana, amphetamine-type stimulants, and opioids (heroin, morphine, etc) than Indonesians.[vii] This makes intrinsic sense as the more serious the punishment for breaking a law the less likely people will do so. Obviously, there are other factors at work here as well, as many countries with less stringent laws have less drug abuse, but Indonesia should be free to combat drug dealers how it sees fit, and even if its methods are inefficient that is Indonesia’s problem, not ours.

According to The Economist’s 2012 Index of Democracy, the only Muslim-majority countries that are functioning democracies are Senegal, Malaysia, and Indonesia.[viii] Unfortunately, this list is unlikely to grow significantly in the future as the Arab Spring has not led to the expected growth in democracy, if anything the opposite has occurred. Thus, it makes sense for the West to do everything in its power to build strong relations and support the aforementioned Muslim-majority democracies, even if they are imperfect. Trying to interfere in a country’s legal system will only have adverse effects, even if the death sentences are commuted, as we risk alienating the Indonesian people, the majority of whom support the death penalty of drug traffickers[ix] and most likely do not want foreign countries interfering in their justice system. This should only be acceptable if there is a real injustice, but facing the consequences after being caught with a large amount of heroin or other narcotics is not an injustice and it is not worth damaging bilateral relations. Bob Carr, the former Australian foreign minister, put it best when he said “to produce a nationalist backlash in Indonesia would be terrible for Australia’s future in Indonesia and I really think in South-East Asia.”[x]

We expect immigrants and visitors to respect our laws, so it seems a little perverse to assume that our citizens will not be held to the same standard when travelling abroad. Indonesia is a much more conservative place than Australia, the Netherlands, etc, so if foreigners find this abhorrent, they should avoid traveling or visiting here, especially if they intend to engage in illicit activity. The only country which should be worried about how Indonesia deals with drug traffickers is Indonesia. Trying to influence domestic policy in other countries through coercion and cajoling may provide a short-term political popularity boost in your own country, but it is not a long-term formula for success, and we must respect Indonesia’s legal system. Otherwise the West risks permanently alienating Indonesia and similar countries by trying to strong-arm them into adopting our legal rules and ethics, which is bad for Indonesia, but even worse for us.”

And Alan Royle writes:

 Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is trying everything to get the condemned men’s sentences reduced to life imprisonment, on the rather dubious premise that capital punishment is barbaric, that all human life is precious and has value. Frankly, I doubt if the lady is all that familiar with the ‘all human life is precious’ argument. Why? Because one of her brilliantly thought through proposals to President Widodo of Indonesia is that our two nations do an ‘exchange’. The proposal is that Indonesia gives us back our two Australian drug dealers, and in return we give them three Indonesian ones captured on our soil. Then, our home-grown scumbags can serve a cosy prison sentence here, and the Indonesian scumbags can go home and get shot! Evidently, Miss Bishop’s understanding of the sanctity of life only applies to those holding an Australian passport. As I write, the death toll in Katmandu has climbed over 4,000 following the earthquake on April 25, yet the Australian media and government continue to focus their attention on the fate of the Bali 9 leaders. Where the Hell are our priorities? Virtually every Australian I know has enormous sympathy for the Nepalese people and none for two greedy drug dealers, so why does our media and government continually tell the world the opposite? There are vigils being held around the country, but they concern Nepal not Bali!”

Exactly right.  If the “sanctity of life trumps all’ argument were really held seriously, then of course, the US, UK , and Australia wouldn’t be turning away migrants who face starvation and/or war in their own countries.

But they do. Routinely.

In other words, if you are an innocent victim of catastrophe or war, don’t expect the self-proclaimed lovers of liberty to support your right to free movement to other countries.  Suddenly Jean Raspail gets trotted out. Europe’s very existence is threatened.

But, if you are a first world drug-trafficker inflicting untold misery on native teens and young people via hard drugs, then expect every bleating phony to rush out and defend the sanctity of life.

No one with half a brain can avoid knowing that they face the death penalty if they traffic in drugs in certain Asian countries. If you still, do it, because you want to make money off of ruined lives,  and if a lawfully elected government then sentences you to death, with the support of the culture and people in the country, and there is a legitimate and rational argument to be made that the law in question is just, your legal claim is non-existent.



Roots, Not Symptoms, Mr. Raspail

Michael Hoffman, whose  other views I don’t necessarily endorse, sees through Jean Raspail’s race-war propaganda classic, “The Camp of the Saints”:

How strange – not one word from Jean Raspail about who is really at fault for the invasion of France–the French themselves! Who were (and are) too hedonistic and selfish to average three or more French children per couple. Into this vacuum quite naturally (i.e. by the iron law of biology) rush those people who have enough sense to reproduce themselves (the Muslims) and who need lebensraum. Raspail deals, as do so many others, with symptoms and scapegoating: “those politicians” and that “sepulchral media” who vex “the still healthy body of the French nation.”

I assure Monsieur Raspail that the French people are desperately sick, not healthy, and that the “sepulchre” was built by the French themselves and the bones one finds there are of the aborted children who would have obstructed the multiple vacations, the second house, the third car. This sepulchre is also peopled by the spectre of millions of French children who were never conceived, for the same reasons.

Those white nations which do not have sufficient spark of life to reproduce themselves are indeed doomed, but this is no “conspiracy.” These are the inevitable wages of the Masonic, “secular Republic” that is France. The same is true for Italy, where the Catholic Church has auto-destructed and Germany, Spain, Sweden...all secular, all playboys and playgirls.

One cannot merely pay lip service to Christianity, tossing a bone to a mere nostalgia. The French, or for that matter the American intellectuals, even on the Right, dare not look to see what culture and religion prevailed when Charles Martel marched to Poitiers in 732, when Isabella reconquered Granada in 1492, when Pius V was victorious at Lepanto in 1571 and Nicholas, Graf von Salm in Vienna in 1529 and John Sobieski in that same city in 1683.

The West today, ruled ideologically by the spirits of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin, Albert Pike, Sigmund Freud and Menachem Mendel Schneerson cannot conquer, except from the cockpit of a glorified airborne video game attached to missiles.

Who is to blame for the demise of Europe– the healthy, fertile Muslims or the anemic, self-extinguishing denizens of the House of Usher? If lebensraum was a virtue for the Germans is it a vice for the Muslims? The most primitive pagan in the jungle knows what the “advanced” Europeans do not know, that sex without children is death!

And the current “Crusade”? It was only forty years ago that Jacqueline Kennedy wore a black veil at the funeral of her assassinated husband, and Christian women throughout Europe and America–sophisticated women of the middle and upper classes–wore head coverings in church. Now crusader George W. Bush is on a campaign to “free Muslim women” from standards of propriety and modesty not so different–at least in spirit– from what prevailed universally in the West as recently as four decades ago.

France has banned girls from wearing head scarves in its public schools, lest the girls appear too modest, and this in a France where rectums and genitals are on display on every street-corner kiosk, yet there is a morbid fear of the least display of chastity.

The Muslims rightly despise us because we have lost all self-respect; because we are not the people of the West any longer, but the people of the alchemical crucible of constant, ruinous transvaluation.

The West cannot turn its back on God and retain any territory anywhere, and when I say God I am not speaking of the god of the rabbis.

Roots, not symptoms, Monsieur Raspail.”

Patriot or Shill? Deconstructing Ann Barnhardt


Also telling is the fact that Barnhardt converted to traditional Catholic teaching only  in 2007.

Before that, she was a non-believer who’d rejected the universalist type of low church (United Church of Christ) she attended as a child.

The 2007 conversion is only two years before her 2009 conviction of fraud, which becomes even stranger in that context.


Recently, I ran across rants from a Catholic financial manager who, supposedly, called out the financial collapse in advance and then shut down her business to tour the country warning of problems to come.

ZeroHedge publishes her (a problem just there, since ZH, whom I sometimes cite , runs a lot of disinformation, as I’ve blogged before).

So does Glenn Beck, who also promotes her.

See where I’m going?

For a devout Catholic,  Barnhardt swears a lot in public and engages in unnecessarily  incendiary anti-Islamic actions, such as, burning the Koran in a viral video and  denouncing the religion in this video.

[Barnhardt has every right to her opinion. My point is solely that the style and language of her presentation conflict with her self-portrait as a devout Christian. Some samples: “faggotry”; pervy war-mongering Bedouin trash”; “scum”.]

Some other points:

1. Barnhardt attacks “halal” food (food made according to Islamic standards), but doesn’t attack “kosher” (food made according to Jewish standards).

2. She fears Islamic Sharia law in the US, but not the Jewish Noahide laws or Halakha.

See here for an extended discussion of Sharia, Halakha, and Canon law in the US.

3. Barnhardt refers to “shape-shifting  Joooooooos in one post in a sarcastic slap at people who criticize the Zionist world order:


The problem is that the psychiatric medications, we now know, often do far more harm than good, and elicit or even create murderous, suicidal rage monster reactions.  Adam Lanza, the Giffords shooter, the Aurora movie theater shooter – all of these men should have been sent to insane asylums, and all of the signs were there.  Total detachment from reality.

I have multiple people who email me who are in this category, and I keep an eye on their emails just to be sure there are no suicide or murder rampage threats contained therein, but they pretty much have two things in common: they subscribe to all of the boilerplate whack job conspiracy theories, and they are all convinced that I am communicating with them personally, that they are engaged in an intimate personal relationship with me, and that I am destined to be their wife/girlfriend/sex slave/baby mama.  And we shall go to the secret underground lair and vanquish the shape-shifting lizard jooooz and their mind control chemicals together.

See also: http://www.barnhardt.biz/the-one-about-sharia-finance-blankies-and-axe-body-spray/

4. She attacks 9/11 researchers as ignorant, sick, and anti-Semitic.

5. Then, in this piece she describes ethnic Jews/national Israel as proxies for humanity, which is a kabbalistic notion, not a Christian one:

In this portion, I would like to focus once again especially on the Jews in the audience. So far, we have established how Israel has been the proxy for humanity throughout Salvation History. Understanding that as we do, we can now see that to hate Israel is to hate humanity itself.

All we need do to confirm this is look at where the locus of anti-Semitism exists in today’s world. There are two main loci today: Marxism and islam. Both of these political systems have at their core an intrinsic hatred of the individual man. Both mask this seething hatred by wrapping themselves in a false cloak of collectivism, manifested in the call for Marxist class warfare and jihad. Both systems use the Jews as their primary scapegoat and whipping boy, blaming all problems in the world on Jews, and then calling for the “final solution” to the stumbling block to utopia that is the Jewish race.

From the Koran to Mein Kampf, the rhetoric is exactly the same: exterminate the Jews so that utopia can be achieved. But what this is at its core is a call to exterminate humanity itself, which is the ultimate goal of both Marxism and islam. If the Jews are exterminated, the rest of humanity will follow quickly, because if the Jews are exterminated, that means that there are no longer any people of good will on earth who could see and understand the representative quality of humanity itself in Israel. No one would be left to take up the banner of Christ and the Church Militant to march against the forces of evil in defense of not just Israel, but of all human life on earth. It is essential to approach, understand and see this coming war with the forces of evil through that lens.

6. She writes that she is going to fight the common era crowd (those who use C.E. or common era, rather than A.D. or anno domini, year of our lord), by using her own term:

So, I have decided to go super hardcore in my war against the “common era” crowd. There is actually a notation that is way old-school, that is even more in-your-face than Anno Domini. Check it:



“In The Year Of The Reparation Of Human Salvation”

I have put the request in to the webwizard to change the date formatting at the top of each post to this format. I will also be writing ARSH on everything I date from now on, replacing my standard “AD”.

The phrase “reparation of human salvation” seems to come from the writings of a medieval Cistercian prioress, Beatrice of Nazareth (in Belgium), whose meditations show up in collections of medieval feminine mysticism.

The removal of the masculine “our lord” with its reference to Jesus and its replacement with “reparation” and “human salvation” (strangely similar to the kabbalistic “tikkun olam“) is quite significant and gives us a clue to the agenda behind Barnhardt.

But this strange, made-up, religio-feminist phrase that Barnhardt feeds gullible Catholic traditionalists already has a meaning.

An Islamic web-site explains:

A: According to Muslim scholars, and the Arabic language, `Arsh means a throne or a throne belonging to a king.

The `Arsh of Allah is an extremely large and great Throne; it is the greatest thing created by Allah. It has four legs, and is carried by Angles. Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) is above the `Arsh as He (Glorified and Exalted be He) says about Himself: <> (Surah Taha 20:5). And: <<indeed, who=”” the=”” a=”” your=”” lord=”” is=”” allâh,=”” created=”” heavens=”” and=”” earth=”” in=”” six=”” days,=”” then=”” he=”” rose=”” over=”” (istawâ)=”” throne=”” (really=”” manner=”” that=”” suits=”” his=”” majesty)=””>> (Surah Al-A’raf 7:54).

Thus, it is a significantly large `Arsh; none knows how great the size of its magnificence is except Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He) Who created it (but we are told by the Prophet that it is very large). This `Arsh is like a dome stretching over the entire universe; it is the ceiling of the whole universe. It is also the ceiling of Paradise; nothing is above it except Allah (Glorified and Exalted be He).

How’s that for a little New World Order insider fun at the expense of Christian rubes?

7.  She’s friends with Rabbi Jon Hausman.

Hausman is a friend of Geert Wilders.

The spiritual leader of Ahavath Torah is one Rabbi Jon Hausman, we hate to give him more publicity than he deserves but a little background on him will clear this matter up sufficiently.

Rabbi Hausman is a friend and admirer of Geert Wilders, the neo-fascist Dutch politician who has called for the deportation of Muslim citizens, banning the construction of Mosques, the banning of religious freedom for Muslims, the banning of the Quran, a tax on hijabs and other similar nonsense. Rabbi Hausman invited Wilders to speak to his congregation where he spouted verbatim the above positions. Wilders, bestowed on the Rabbi the “honorific” title of “the Warrior Rabbi” which coming as it does from a fascist should send shivers down the spine of any sensible person who cares about Democratic values. That Hausman can revel in such praise from a vile cretin like Wilders exposes his moral bankruptcy and reveals how unfit and inept he is to lead a congregation. I posit another title for Hausman, instead of “the Warrior Rabbi” he may better be known as “the Betraying Rabbi” for his betrayal of Judaic values and  “never again” for any people.

8. Even her persona sounds like a composite concocted by the powers-that-be. It doesn’t ring true.

Look at this photo of Ms. Barnhardt with a pink gun and red shoes.

The staring eyes resemble Michele Bachman; the pose, Sarah Palin; the macho street language and anti-Muslim rhetoric, Pamela Geller.

And she uses quotes (Tu ne cede  malis….) that have been associated life-long with anti-state websites, like LRC and Mises.

[But, she trashes Ron Paul as an Islamic appeaser who wants Israel wiped off the map and she prefers Obama to him, when push comes to shove.]

9. And then I find that in 2009, while she was still a commodities broker, a couple of years before she popped up in the national media as a truth-teller and patriot hero, she had been successfully sued for fraud.

That is very similar to the past history of the Russian immigrant who (along with many others) runs ZeroHedge, although in her case, the matter is much more serious.

I like a lot of ZH’s commentary, but there’s definitely something odd going on there.

I don’t believe it is “Russian” disinformation, though, unless you want to add, Russian, with HQ in the USA.

Here’s a comment at ZH on Barnhardt’s conviction:


I particularly enjoyed Annie B’s rant. All the rage of a reformed sinner. On 10/28/2009 (Case #09ARB00009, filed 01/20/09) the NFA issued a finding & award in the matter of Moiola Brothers Cattle Feeders, ltd. vs. Barnhardt Capital Mgmt. She was charged with “constructive fraud, fraud and deceit, misrepresentations of material facts, excessive trading, failure to follow instructions, breach of fiduciary duty, violation of NFA Compliance rules (listed), violation of Sections (listed) of the Commodity Exchange Act, Violation of CFTC Regulations (listed). The Moiola Brothers sought $350,000 in Compensatory damages + $100,000 in Punitive; award was $50,000 + $50,000. Bad girl, Ann Elizabeth. She’s mightily pissed because little minnows like her get caught while sharkz like Corzine swim away. Still, none of us is pure…. @ http://www.nfa.futures.org/basicnet/Arbitration.aspx?entityid=0282801&case=09ARB00009.  

A conviction under federal law makes a person uniquely susceptible to any arm-twisting by the government.

It is probably the reason that Ms. Barnhardt shut down her business in 2011, a couple of years later. The conviction would have had to be disclosed to potential clients, who would naturally choose another broker.

Plus, the government would have subjected her to a variety of compliance measures that would have made continued operation impossible.

So she didn’t really “go Galt,” as she says.

My conviction is the woman is engaged in some kind of disinformation or infiltration (of the Cass Sunstein variety).

The purpose is to claim dissident status among Christians, while actually venting tropes that aid the long-term goals of  the establishment.

Controlled opposition.

Googling, I find that the astute Mr. North seems to smell a rat too:

“When a woman comes in the name of Christ with this vocabulary, do not pay any attention to her. It is bad enough when a man uses such language in public. For a Christian woman, it is reprehensible.

She has become a foul-mouthed embarrassment to the Catholic Church. She should be disciplined by her priest. If she does not publicly repent and apologize for this article, she should be excommunicated….

This woman needs professional psychological counseling……….

North quotes lengthy passages from her writing and notes that she is passing on language from popular movies, a clever way to hook into the subconscious of her listeners:

I’m your Huckleberry” was what the script writer for Tombstone put into the mouth of Doc Holliday, in his challenge to Johnny Ringo. (Just for the record, the encounter never happened.)

She is not Doc Holliday, but the IRS really is the administrative equivalent of Johnny Ringo. She can’t shoot straight. The IRS can.

She has crossed over a line: from legitimate concern over the state of the financial system and the society to a quest for ersatz martyrdom.

Avoid her.”

Spring-Break Is A Rape-Fest

File under Your Hard-earned Higher-education Dollars At Work:

Self-confessed hedonist, party-animal, and sixties wild-child Gavin McInnes admits that the time-honored college tradition of “spring-break” is today nothing more than an orgy of drugs- and- alcohol- fueled criminality:

The police recently tracked down a 17-year-old girl who was being molested by a mob of guys after performing for them naked. She told them everything was cool. I was told of two separate cases where a passed out girl lay naked on the beach as men took turns having sex with her. That’s called rape, kids. “We need to teach our boys not to rape” the other panelists keep telling me. We do. Rape gets you 15 years in jail. We also need to teach our girls not to get into a state of mind or go to a place where rape is perfectly normal. Last year, I was horrified to learn about an overweight girl who sat naked and semi-conscious on a stack of beach chairs as men walked by fingering her anus and vagina until they got bored. That nightmare sounds tame compared to the stories I heard this year and the biggest difference appeared to be drugs. 2014 had plenty of pot and booze and even some cocaine but this year, such tame highs are are quickly being replaced with molly (“ecstasy” AKA “MDMA” AKA “E”) Adderall (pharmaceutical speed), OxyContin (pharmaceutical heroin) and real heroin. The latter two are not just particularly dangerous drugs. They are killers that have been taking over Florida for a while now. The pharmacist I spoke to told me that OxyContin abuse was rampant in the early 2000s because prescription pads weren’t properly marked with serial numbers. To combat the “pill mills” that came from this weak legislation, the manufacturer changed the formula so it was harder to inject. That’s when everyone switched to heroin. People die from all these drugs. A couple just overdosed on molly at a rave in Toronto. The party promoter I spoke to told me that the PLUR (a rallying acronym that stood for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) raves we went to in the 90s have been replaced with “’roided out dudes waiting for girls to pass out so they can take them back to their hotel room.” Parents should be concerned about all hard drugs but heroin is another story. At best it leaves you semi-conscious and perfectly fine with just about any violation. At worst it kills you. We lose about 6,000 people a year to that drug. I’ve lost a dozen friends to it in my lifetime. The reporters I spoke to said they had never heard heroin mentioned so often at a Spring Break party.

That’s why parents should be afraid. I literally created Vice and I’m shocked. I’m obviously not against hedonism or sex outside of marriage. I love the idea of young people partying and getting into trouble. I don’t want my kids to be puritans who avoid the real world. I’d just like their wild years to be in the same universe as mine were. Spring Break in 2015 isn’t just another crazy party. It’s a drug-addled rapefest populated by predators. If you advocate this because it makes you feel like a cool parent, you are hurting the people you purport to empower.Today, this attitude defines liberals more than any other attribute.”

Men Forced Into Sex More Often Than Women

In a thoroughly documented piece, “Yellow Journalism and the Meme of Rape Culture,” a blogger  takes apart Rolling Stone magazine’s coverage of the University of Viriginia “gang-rape” story to show the incredibly shoddy standards of investigation of many elite (read, left-liberal) news outlets and the biased advocacy that passes itself off as objective reporting.

Rolling Stone has retracted the story and issued an apology but no one has been fired for what amounts to criminal libel.

The agenda behind this, as admitted by the reporter herself, was to find a rape story that was “emblematic” of the rape culture that feminists declare is threatening women on campus.

But as I’ve blogged many times,  this isn’t so.

To find a “rape culture” on American campuses,  you would need to use a broad definition of rape that included seduction with alcohol, fraud, or other means.

I tend to agree with the broadening of what we define as rape, while disbelieving that the criminal justice system is the best place to address any of it.

Both Heather McDonald and Emily Yoffe named the beast that nobody wants to confront: an alcohol-lubricated hookup culture that begins in high school (if not earlier) and turns colleges and universities into rape traps for both women and men.

U-VA President Teresa Sullivan didn’t mention alcohol – not even once – in her November 22 statement about the Rolling Stone report of a gang rape at a fraternity house and her intention to quell sexual abuse on campus.

Yet a 2004 study by the Harvard School of Public Health (Correlates of Rape while Intoxicated in a National Sample of College Women) of almost 24,000 women at 119 colleges found that 72% of campus rapes happened when the victims were so intoxicated they were unable to consent or refuse.”

In this broad sense (but not in the narrow one) there is a “rape-culture”.

Only, today it victimizes men as much, or more, than women, as is the case elsewhere in the world .


“If any unwanted or not fully consensual sexual activity is defined now as rape, then more men then women are victims of rape and most of their victimizers are women.

An article about college students published in the Journal of Sex Research Vol. 31, No. 2 (1994), noted that Muehlenhard and Cook (1988) found that 46% of women and 63% of men had acquiesced to unwanted sexual intercourse, while Muehlenhard and Long (1988) also found that more men (49%) than women (40%) had engaged in unwanted sex. Muehlenhard and Rodgers (1993) found that 34% of women reported having engaged in token resistance to sex, in which they said “no” when they really desired to have sex. US women acknowledge a 55% rate of consent to unwanted sex, which is consistent with the findings of 50% false rape allegations in university studies.

[Charlene L. Muehlenhard, PhD, the author of all those studies, is a Professor of Psychology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Fellow in Three Divisions of the American Psychological Association (Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues, Society for the Psychology of Women, Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues), and a Fellow in the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality]

According to a 2014 paper published in the American Psychological Association journal, Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 43% of high school and college-aged men say they’ve had “unwanted sexual contact”, and 95% of those say a female acquaintance was the aggressor.

Researchers found that 18% reported sexual coercion by force (including by use of weapon), 31% said they were verbally coerced into sex, 26% said they’d experienced unwanted seduction, and 7% said they were compelled after being given alcohol or drugs.

Dr. Bryana French, who teaches counseling psychology and black studies at University of Missouri and co-authored the study, says that male victims are often less willing to describe sexual coercion in detail, “but when asked if it happened, they say it happened”.

French said, “Seduction was a particularly salient and potentially unique form of coercion for teenage boys and young men when compared to their female counterparts.”

The Sexual Victimization of Men in America: New Data Challenge Old Assumptions is co-authored by Lara Stemple, Health and Human Rights Law Project, UCLA, and Ilan H. Meyer, Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law.

The authors assessed 12-month prevalence of sexual victimization from five federal surveys conducted, independently, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2010 through 2012. The review of these surveys provides an unprecedented wealth of new data about male victimization, challenging long-held stereotypes about the sex of victims.

In one of the studies included in the analysis, the CDC found that an estimated 1.3 million women experienced nonconsensual sex, or rape, in the previous year.

Notably, nearly the same number of men also reported nonconsensual sex. In comparison to the number of women who were raped, nearly 1.3 million men were “made to penetrate” someone else. The CDC data reveal that both women and men experienced nonconsensual sex in alarming and equal numbers.

The study also included the 2012 National Crime Victimization Survey, which found that 38% of all reported rape and sexual assault incidents were committed against males, an increase over past years that challenges the common belief that males are rarely victims of this crime.

“These findings are striking, yet misconceptions about male victimization persist. We identified reasons for this, which include the over-reliance on traditional gender stereotypes, outdated and inconsistent definitions used by some federal agencies, and methodological sampling biases.”

The 2011 CDC analysis referred to in the 2014 report found that 6.7% of men (7.6 million) reported that they were made to penetrate someone else, and that 82.6% of male victims of “made to penetrate” events and 80% of male victims of sexual coercion reported female perpetrators, meaning they were raped by a woman, according to the current and broadly accepted definition of rape as any unwanted sexual encounter.

The CDC report’s statistics for the preceding 12 months showed that a higher percentage of men were “made to penetrate” (1.7%) than women were raped (1.6%), such that if you properly include “made to penetrate” in the definition of rape, men were raped by women at least as often as women were raped by men.”

Mehdi Hasan On The Notable Absence Of Holocaust Humor

Mehdi Hasan at The New Statesman points out the glaring contradictions in the free speech orthodoxies of the liberal establishment:

“Please get a grip. None of us believes in an untrammelled right to free speech. We all agree there are always going to be lines that, for the purposes of law and order, cannot be crossed; or for the purposes of taste and decency, should not be crossed. We differ only on where those lines should be drawn.

Has your publication, for example, run cartoons mocking the Holocaust? No?

[Lila: Consider the following joke:

“Question: How many Jews can ride in a Bentley?

Answer: Six million. Two in the front, three in the back, and 5, 999, 995 in the ash-tray.”

How “brave” would it have been to publish this joke on the front-page of a magazine, while Jews were being rounded up and exterminated by the state?

Would it have been brave free speech or vile Nazi incitation?

If someone had murdered the “humorist,” would decent people have been inclined to shrug and say, “one less idiot,” or would they have marched in solidarity on the streets?]

Mehdi Hasan (cont.):

“How about caricatures of the 9/11 victims falling from the twin towers?

I didn’t think so (and I am glad it hasn’t). Consider also the “thought experiment” offered by the Oxford philosopher Brian Klug. Imagine, he writes, if a man had joined the “unity rally” in Paris on 11 January “wearing a badge that said ‘Je suis Chérif’” – the first name of one of the Charlie Hebdo gunmen. Suppose, Klug adds, he carried a placard with a cartoon mocking the murdered journalists. “How would the crowd have reacted? . . . Would they have seen this lone individual as a hero, standing up for liberty and freedom of speech? Or would they have been profoundly offended?” Do you disagree with Klug’s conclusion that the man “would have been lucky to get away with his life”?

Charlie Hebdo: The Free Speech of Fools

From Lenin’s Tomb, a clear-eyed look at the bigotry and spite posing as satire in the pages of Charlie Hebdo:

“From what psychological depths did you drag up the nerve to “laugh” at a cartoon representing veiled women baring their buttocks as they bow in prayer towards “Mecca-relle [a pun onmaquerelle, the madam of a brothel – trans.]?  This pathetic stream of crap isn’t even shameful; its stupidity embarrasses you, even before it reveals your state of mind, your vision of the world.”



Lenin’s Tomb:

“After September 11, Charlie Hebdo was among the first in the so-called leftist press to jump on the bandwagon of the Islamic peril. Don’t deprive yourself of receiving your own share of the shit, at a moment when the number of Islamophobic acts is breaking records: 11.3% higher in the first 9 months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, according to l’Observatoire national de l’islamophobie. They worry about a “new phenomenon” of violence, marked by at least 14 attacks on veiled women since the start of the year.”


Here are some more Charlie Hebdo images that the mainstream media will not publish. They demonstrate convincingly that only some religions – specifically traditional Islam and traditional Christianity – were targeted by the cartoonists, not others.

They didn’t mock Judaism, for instance.

That omission makes Charlie Hebdo in effect a mouth-piece of Zionist sensibilities.

Notice also that Arabs and blacks were the main objects of the magazine’s animus,  suggesting that its so-called satire was no more than a vehicle through which it  propagated Anglo-Jewish racial supremacism.













Meanwhile,  when it came to ridiculing the  religion or beliefs of the ruling class, the COWARDS at Charlie Hebdo failed miserably. 

They published no pornographic pictures of Maimonides or Moses, no edgy jokes about the Holocaust, no genitalia of Anne Frank, no raunchy pedophile gags about Rabbis.

[And I, for one,  would not wish them to. I would wish, however, that they had extended the same respect to other people and other faiths.]

Instead, the magazine caved in and fired an employee over the whisper of anti-Semitism. 

Thus, the moniker of “equal opportunity satire” so universally applied to Charlie Hebdo is demonstrable propaganda,  intend to hoodwink the credulous.

Selective satire was the facade behind which the lewd ravings of Zionist hate-mongers flourished without public outrage,  ceaselessly stoking the searing flames of perpetual civilizational war.




Scare-Mongering By Francis Boyle and Washington’s Blog

Another blogger, more knowledgeable  about the Ebola virus, is confirming my suspicions:

Francis Boyle (a propagandist for the Tamil Tigers, new-found friends of Western intelligence) and Washington’s Blog are engaged in scare-mongering on this subject:

Jim White at the Empty Wheel.net:

“Boyle and Washington’s Blog are just wrong here, and it takes only seconds to prove them wrong.

Shortly after getting the email and reading the blog post, I sent out tweets to this summary and this original scientific report which describe work on DNA analysis of Ebola isolated from multiple patients during the current outbreak. That work conclusively shows that the virus in the current outbreak is intimately related to isolates from previous outbreaks with changes only on the order of the naturally occurring mutation rate known for the virus. Further, these random mutations are spread evenly throughout the short run of the virus’s genes and there are clearly no new bits spliced in by a laboratory. Since I wasn’t seeing a lot of traction from the Washington’sBlog post, I was going to let it just sit there.

I should have alerted last night when I heard my wife chuckling over the line “It is difficult to describe working with a horse infected with Ebola”, but I merely laughed along with her and didn’t ask where she read it.

This morning, while perusing the Washington Post, I saw that Joby Warrick has returned to his beat as the new Judy Miller. Along with the line about the Ebola-infected horse, Warrick’s return to beating the drums over bioweapons fear boasts a headline that could have been penned by WashingtonsBlog: “Ebola crisis rekindles concerns about secret research in Russian military labs“.

Warrick opens with a re-telling of a tragic accident in 1996 in a Soviet lab where a technician accidentally infected herself with Ebola. He uses that to fan flames around Soviet work in that era:

The fatal lab accident and a similar one in 2004 offer a rare glimpse into a 35-year history of Soviet and Russian interest in the Ebola virus. The research began amid intense secrecy with an ambitious effort to assess Ebola’s potential as a biological weapon, and it later included attempts to manipulate the virus’s genetic coding, U.S. officials and researchers say. Those efforts ultimately failed as Soviet scientists stumbled against natural barriers that make Ebola poorly suited for bio­warfare.

The bioweapons program officially ended in 1991, but Ebola research continued in Defense Ministry laboratories, where it remains largely invisible despite years of appeals by U.S. officials to allow greater transparency. Now, at a time when the world is grappling with an unprecedented Ebola crisis, the wall of secrecy surrounding the labs looms still larger, arms-control experts say, feeding conspiracy theories and raising suspicions.


Enhancing the threat is the facilities’ collection of deadly germs, which presumably includes the strains Soviet scientists tried to manipulate to make them hardier, deadlier and more difficult to detect, said Smithson, now a senior fellow with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, a research institute based in Monterey, Calif.

“We have ample accounts from defectors that these are not just strains from nature, but strains that have been deliberately enhanced,” she said.

Only when we get three paragraphs from the end of the article do we get the most important bit of information to be gleaned from the Soviet work on Ebola:

Ultimately, the effort to concoct a more dangerous form of Ebola appears to have failed. Mutated strains died quickly, and Soviet researchers eventually reached a conclusion shared by many U.S. bio­defense experts today: Ebola is a poor candidate for either biological warfare or terrorism, compared with viruses such as smallpox, which is highly infectious, or the hardy, easily dispersible bacteria that causes anthrax.

Note also that, in order to make Ebola more scary, Warrick completely fails to mention the escape of weaponized anthrax from a Soviet facility in 1979, infecting 94 and killing 64, dwarfing the toll from the two Ebola accidents.

And lest we calm down about Ebola and the other bioweapons the Soviets worked on, Warrick leaves us this charming tidbit to end the article:

“One must assume that whatever genetically engineered bacterial and viral forms were created .?.?. remain stored in the culture collections of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.”

Okay, so after we finish peeing our pants over the warnings from WashingtonsBlogPost, here are the clear scientific data showing that the virus actually circulating in West Africa fits perfectly within the genetics one would expect from a natural outbreak.”


Humanitarianism: A Front For Imperialism

World Socialist Web , writing from a Marxist perspective that I don’t share,  reports that Medecins Sans Frontieres  (MSF) and other humanitarian INGOs (International Non-Governmental Organizations)  are increasingly dominated by the imperial concerns of the Western powers, a conclusion that I support:

The military mobilization around Typhoon Haiyan and the role of the MSF in Syria are just the most recent examples of the growing nexus between imperialism and INGOs.

The 2011 book, Humanitarianism Contested, Where Angels Fear to Tread authored by two leading American political scientists, Michael Barnett and Thomas G. Weiss—while written long before these specific events, is a timely read for its exposure of the trend.

The book gives an insider’s view of the business of humanitarian aid—now a veritable industry, estimated at a whopping $18 billion a year, with a staff numbering over 300,000. As one might expect, the book is in no way a critique of capitalism. The authors hold out the hope for a reform of humanitarianism, believing that it is the most significant existing effort to address poverty and the effects of war. Despite this outlook, the book brings to light the basic trajectory of the humanitarian industry: the massive growth of state-funded INGOs and their operational integration with imperialist governments.

The use of the emotional appeals to humanitarianism by the imperialist powers is not new. The Marxist movement has long sought to expose the class interests behind the crocodile tears of the ruling elite as it embarks on new rounds of conquest and plunder in the name of humanitarianism.

While treating diseases, supplying food or making micro loans, a broad range of state-funded organizations—there are 37,000 separate INGOs—are working in every area of concern to world imperialism. Many, like MSF, have become involved in CIA and military operations and serve as informants for the imperialist powers. [4]”

MSF is Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), the French medical aid organization founded by French neo-conservative Bernard Kouchner.

As  I blogged a few days ago, MSF was the outfit hyping the Ebola virus from the start and calling for a world-wide coordinated campaign against it.

Interestingly, several MSF workers have been killed and other attacked by Africa villagers, who, for whatever reason,  believe that the presence of the team is leading to deaths among the native people.

This might not simply be the result of superstition and ignorance.

Delaware State University professor Cyril Broderick wrote an article in a large Liberian newspaper, The Liberian Observer, claiming that Ebola was manufactures by US weapons research.  Doubtless, such stories have influenced ordinary people in Africa.

But what is interesting to me is that the piece has been prominently cited by the Washington Post, which isn’t usually how “conspiracy theories” are treated.

They are usually given silent treatment.

Another point.

I mentioned earlier that Francis Boyle, the prominent human-rights activist, has been repeating the same accusation as Broderick in one of the leading alternative outlets, Russia Today.

What really lies behind such pronouncements is anyone’s guess, but it would be safe to conclude that there are many, many political and financial interests at work in this story.

When the Western major media is involved, caveat lector is always the best counsel.



Not knockout “games,” but organized gangs

I found one site, which seems to have the same sense I have, that this black-on-white crime is not the work of random “flash-mobs,” or random thugs, or  “knock-out games.”

This looks like organized, pre-planned violence.

The incidents below occurred in 2011, in the run-up to the 2012 election, which I blogged previously, deliberately employed race-incitement as a strategy.

Chicago Illinois

In Chicago attacks by black mobs are becoming routine. So much so that the police is now mobilizing detectives and additional officers  to form gang  units in a  desperate effort to try to get a handle of this.

So far they are failing.

June 9th 2011,”police here are girding for another weekend of ‘flash mob’ attacks after arresting 29 people in connection with a recent rash of assaults and robberies in and around the city’s tony shopping and dining district. Twelve crimes involving large groups of young men were reported last weekend in addition to others earlier this spring. The incidents are some of the first major problems confronting newly appointed Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy”.

The attacks are typical of what this man, Krzysztof Wilkowski,  experience after shopping on Michigan Avenue.  He was sitting on his scooter a couple of blocks away checking his phone for a restaurant when he got whacked in the face with a baseball.   After he was dazed by the blow , “a few of the attackers dragged him off his scooter and pulled him onto Chicago Avenue where they punched him, hit him with his helmet and tried to grab his phone”.

Another victim was  “Jesse Andersen, the 35-year-old brother of Smashing Pumpkins front-man Billy Corgan” who was accosted and attacked by a black mob while waiting for the train.

Don’t think that these attacks occur in some devastated ghetto.  On the contrary.  The black mobs are praying  on victims in Chicago’s affluent North Side, including the very popular tourist attraction,  The Magnificent Mile.

A few days ago another balck mob invaded and took over a Walgreens store right on the “Magnificent Mile”.

Read full article here

Peoria Illinois ” kill all the white people”

A mob of African-American male youths terrorized White residents of Peoria, Illinois as they shouted “kill all the White people” while rioting in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Eyewitness Paul Wilkinson, president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association, wrote the following account in the Peoria Chroncile:
Tonight, around 11 p.m., a group of at least 60-70 African American youth marched down one of the side streets (W. Thrush) to the 4 lane main drag (Sheridan). They were yelling threats to white residents. Things such as “we need to kill all the white people around here”.  They were physically intimidating anyone calling for help from the police.
This is the fifth large mob action in about a month while smaller groups of 10-12 are out threatening children and adults a few evenings a week or later into the night.

No. Virginia.

Three people were beaten by mobs in Northern Virginia in two separate incidents that occurred within five minutes of each other on Saturday night, authorities said.

To think that this is random stretches the furthest bounds of credulity and requires a suspension of disbelief bordering on comatose.  The spark of these attacks is planned and  some of them were actually organized on social media sites. Do you remember which president got elected using social media sites?

Black girl beats up white girl on viral video

A 13-year-old black girl beat up a 10-year-old white girl riding a scooter on a Cleveland side-walk on June 14.

It was an apparently unprovoked assault during which the attacker called the victim, Danielle Fair,  a racial slur,”cracker,” according to an on-looker.

The whole incident was caught on cell-phone camera and posted on Youtube, where it’s gone viral.

The police are treating the attack as a possible hate crime.

I want to be a bit cautious, though, because I notice a few things that are odd:

1. On camera, the black girl waits for the younger girl to come riding along. It is a planned, unprovoked assault on a stranger.

2. The cell-phone camera was rolling before the assault. Either someone knew in advance what was going to happen, or there is more going on here than meets the eye.

3.  The victim told the media (WOIO) that she felt “bullied.”

That language sounds rather stilted to me, from a ten-year-old.

The “anti-bullying” campaign is in full swing globally, promoted to the hilt by the power-elite, as a way to get young people fully involved in snitching on their peers, elders, and family members.

Check out the Bully Police page.

The anti-bullying campaign is driven by the militant gay lobby.

Recall that even in the Trayvon Martin case, the black teen who was killed was demonized as a thug and anti-gay.

How better to get white Christians to embrace the militantly anti-Christian anti-bullying campaign than to tie it to white racial fears of blacks?

In 2011, there were rumors about a an intel/government program of  inciting racial strife.

The assumption and fear was that the intelligence agencies might create spurious  “white- on-black” hate-crimes. (See here).

But there’s no reason why they might not incite people the  other way around too.

[I am not suggesting that these crimes are spurious. I am saying they might well be organized and incited.]

The intelligence agencies have a long history of provoking race riots.

There have been a spate of attacks that fall under the rubric of the  “knock-out” game, in which black youths are said to deliberately target white victims for no reason.

This might actually be the case, but from what I have seen of some of the cases so far, including the beating up of Matthew Owens, there is very much more going on.

In the Owens case, there was a three -year feud between the neighborhood black teens and Owens, in which Owens had previously brandished knives at them. He also had an extensive criminal record.

This does not excuse the attack, but it does mean that we need to look carefully to see if an attack really fits a “black-on-white race-war” narrative or whether, for whatever reason, the media is fanning the flames of racial hatred (as in this depiction of slavery) on both sides, black and white.

If the forces behind  “managed revolution” can pay impoverished Ukrainian girls to use their naked bodies as weapons in a culture war abroad, why wouldn’t they pay impoverished ghetto youth to use their fists in a race war at home?


FEMEN: The empire’s booby-trap

Update 2 (June 9, 2014):

OK. I just found the first documented direct link to Soros and the Open Society:

The Australian academic who directed the film about FEMEN in 2013, Sophie Pinkham, works for George Soros’ Open Society Institute.

Update 1:

I began this post simply to comment on Femen’s attacks on churches in recent months.

Then I found that, although CIA-backing of Femen is assumed by many bloggers, the links I came across didn’t show exactly how Soros or the CIA was tied into the outfit.

I will be updating the post with that information, as I find it.


The Times of Israel’s blog has a convincing criticism of one of the most visible Weapons of Mass Distraction – the annoyingly uncivilized radical “feminist” group, FEMEN, which allies itself with neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, openly spews (real) bigotry toward Muslims and Christians  and engages in breast-baring pranks, ostensibly in the service of suffering womanhood but actually in the service of the Anglo-Zionist empire.

“In support of  [Amina] Tyler, the Kiev-based feminist group FEMEN declared April 4th the International Topless Jihad Day, which consisted in white young women protesting topless against Islamist regimes at the entrance of mosques and Tunisian embassies around the globe. Because Muslim women do not have a voice of their own. They are all mute. Because Muslim women are inherently oppressed. Aha. And because the only way to liberate them all is by enforcing Western ideals upon their communities. Of course.…….

Another brilliant idea of FEMEN activists was to burn a Salafist flag in front of the Grande Mosquée de Paris. Three topless FEMEN activists started frolicking around the burning flag offending nearby worshippers. As if Parisian Muslims were responsible for the state of women rights in Islamic regimes. As if ALL Muslims were Salafists. FEMEN, congratulations for your amazing work towards perpetuating the stereotype of the Muslim community as monolithic rather than diverse. Hurrah………

In contrast to Tylor and her fellow FEMEN colleagues, who employ nudity as a tool of protest, talented Egyptian cartoonist Doaa Eladl employed her intellect to highlight issues such as underage marriage and sexual attacks against female demonstrators during the revolution. In late December, she was accused of blasphemy following the publication of one of her pieces in the Al-Masry Al-Youm. Unfortunately, her case did not receive as much attention as Tyler’s physical assets. Clearly, the media is not into pencils and brains as it is into nipples.


The world gives any woman plenty of choices.

But the dialectic promoted in the Western media – a propaganda tool of  centralizing money-power – herds these innumerable real choices of real women into two or three pre-determined avenues that  let those powers reap economic and political rewards in the swiftest possible way.

As for taking away attention from real activists, that is the point of such plastic activism, whether it is from the ubiquitous Julian Assange or from Edward Snowden or anyone else.

The point is to keep even politically discerning people fixated on mouth-pieces set up by the Central Controllers, so that real resistance is rendered impotent.

Notice that FEMEN’s lewd attacks and sacrilege are directed against mosques and mullahs and also against Catholic bishops and cathedrals:

Life-site News.com reports that in April 2014, Femen activists attacked the Archbishop of Madrid, chanting that “abortion is sacred.”

Notice that this attack roughly corresponds to Easter season, the time of resurrection, rebirth, and fertility.

According to another report, “Top-less activists attack Brussels archbishop again,” it was again at Easter, in April 2013, that the Catholic Archbishop of the Brussels Cathedral, a staunch traditionalist on abortion and homosexuality, was attacked by half-naked “activists,” cursing him and dousing him with water from bottles shaped like the Virgin Mary.

The Femen “sextremists” mocked Christianity, altering “agnus dei” (Lamb of God or Jesus Christ) into “anus dei” (anus god), both denigrating Jesus Christ and deifying homosexuality.

Another FEMEN “activist” posed in front of the Cathedral, a black cross over her bare breasts, simulating Jesus on the cross.

Ironically, it turns out that the master-mind behind all this oestrogen run amok is a rather unreconstructed male, Viktor Svyatskiy, who gets a kick out of pretty girls  stripping for him.

And, worse,  spends his time deriding and humiliating his charges, who, some argue suffer from Stockholm syndrome:

 “It’s his movement and he handpicked the girls,” she told The Independent. “He handpicked the prettiest girls because the prettiest girls sell more papers.”

He’s “quite horrible with the girls,” Green adds. “He would scream at them and call them bitches.” One scene in the film has Svyatski displaying utter contempt for his activists. “These girls are weak,” he says. “They don’t have the strength of character… They show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists. These are qualities which it was essential to teach them.”

There you have  the left’s conflicted logic:

Denounce traditional families as hotbeds of patriarchal oppression, because a male is considered the head of the house-hold…..but fawn on a thug who uses, abuses and humiliates vulnerable young women publicly for purposes they’re too naive to suspect, let alone figure out.

The bottom line is that a pimp is paying a few  prostitutes (one activist really is a professional prostitute)  good money (2-3 times the average monthly wage in Ukraine) to spew out propaganda about female liberation.

This is the old Chicks Up- front strategy of the 1960s left.

Put attractive young women, preferably half-naked, out in front of any protest movement. That attracts attention to your message and distracts from the other fellow’s.

FEMEN members themselves have seen through this game.

Amina Sboui (Tyler), the Tunisian activist mentioned in the beginning of the this post, later denounced the group for being anti-Muslim.

She said its funding sources were mysterious and suspected they might be from Israel.

A mother of one of the Ukrainian activists, Alexandra Shevchenko, regrets letting her daughter go to Kiev to study economics:

“I work in the city center and when walking to work each morning I have to listen to many people reprimanding me what they think of my daughter’s behavior,” said Lyudmyla Shevchenko, Aleksandra’s mother. “I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t live worrying about her all the time. I and her dad tried to persuade her not to do [take off her clothes] anymore. But when she’s in Kyiv she does not listen to us. Femen leaders brainwashed girls like her.

Actually, except for murder, FEMEN’s modus operandi sounds startlingly like the Charles Manson gang in the 1960s:

A charismatic sociopath picks  followers from among young, impressionable women and brow-beats them into promoting his political agenda….which involves promoting social strife…with the CIA not far behind.

But how exactly does FEMEN connect to the CIA, Israel, and/or the Anglo-Zionist enterprise? It’s still not clear to me.


First, the Victor Sviyatskiy connection.

Sviyatskiy quickly took over FEMEN from Anna Shevchenko Hutsol.

Hutsol is the activist who originally set FEMEN up, it is reported, to protest sex-trafficking in the Ukraine in 2008.

Later, Inna (Anna?) Shevchenko  spread her wings and became a resident of France.

(Lila: I might be confusing Alexandra Shevchenko with Inna. I’ll check and get back to this later today.)

An image of her is now the new Marianne image, the official symbol of France, on postage stamps.

Anna/Inna claims she left for France to avoid the patriarchal set-up in Ukraine, but it’s more accurate to say that she fled there, after she sawed down a Catholic cross and drew the attention of the local police.

Apropos.org.uk points out how characteristic of FEMEN such bigoted attacks are:
In a banner headline, from which we have removed foul language, Femen proclaims “Don’t Rape [us] with Your Crucifixes” , stating that, ‘For two thousand years, the supposed sacrifice of the body of Christ has been used as a tool to control women, our sexuality, our bodies, our freedom.’ This referred to their protest against The March for Life in which white crosses are carried to represent aborted children. According to Femen, ‘ Your white crosses are symbols of hate, control and fear – we will not be your sacrifice.’ As if to emphasise the Satanic nature of their protest the Femen activists who attacked Cardinal Rouco Varela in Madrid had inverted crosses painted on their backs.”
And Pravda (in Ukraine) documents that Inna’s flight had nothing to do with patriarchal oppression and everything to do with the cops:
(Google translation, with my edits)
Femen activists fled Ukraine
Saturday, August 31, 2013, 12:00

Femen activists left Ukraine on Friday after having been brought in for questioning.
According to the press service, 30 August, Femen activist Yana Zhdanov, Anna and Alexander Shevchenko Hutsol were summoned for questioning by the investigator. This means that the activists will be transferred from the status of “suspect ” to the status of ” charged “.“Fearing for their lives and freedom activists escaped from Ukraine to Europe to continue Femen activities,” so ran the statement from the activists.


The financing of the group has been as mysterious as its origin, with conflicting reports.

Three names recur in the reports:


One of FEMEN’s early donors is said to be a German, Helmut Joseph Geier, alias, DJ Hell.

DJ Hell is a disc jockey and exponent of the musical trend known as electroclash.

He popularized it in the 1980s and 1990s in his home town, Munich.


Another figure behind FEMEN is Jed Sunden, a native of Brooklyn, New York.

In 1995  Sunden  founded the Kiev Post, the first English language paper in the area.

Sunden is the owner of KP Media, which publishes the Post.

This article in the Kiev Post in April 2010 says that Sunden was one of the first to support FEMEN, which it describes as having a five-member board of directors (the names are here):

“I confirm that I do give money to Femen,” Sunden said. “I will not state the amount. After meeting with Anna Hutsol, I was impressed with her ideas and have been a supporter. I believe Anna is a young, independent voice in Ukraine. While I do not agree with all of her positions, I believe it is important to give her, and groups like hers, support.”


A third figure mentioned as a backer is a Bavarian business-woman, Beate Schober.

An interview with Schober ran in the Kiev Post in Feb 2006.

It describes her as a senior managers at Austrian Airlines and a successful relocation entrepreneur, catering to major companies.

A Berliner Zeitung article in January 2009 states that Schober had been living in Kiev for twelve years, operating her relocation business.

She was very sympathetic to the sex tourism issue raised by the activists and hosted them on her web portal.

The article  also says that fellow Bavarian and German musical entrepreneur, DJ Hell, heard of FEMEN and became interested in publicizing them.

The Swiss Sonntag Zeitung (October 2013) also reported on the funding of the group.

It mentioned that Beate Schober first supported FEMEN, but later concluded that the group was not really interested in women’s emancipation at all.

The SZ piece mentions that 40 percent of the group’s income comes from the sale of T-shirts with their images.

Friends are also mentioned as a source of funds, but no details are given.

DJ Hell is once again mentioned as a backer, but, again, there are no specific figures.

The top four FEMEN activists are reported to get some 700 euros a month  ($1000 in other accounts), which is a large sum in Ukraine.

The outfit in Paris reportedly takes $2500/mth to run.

In Kiev, FEMEN ran out of a popular cafe named after Cupid, the child of Venus (the goddess of sexuality and beauty) and Mars (the god of war).

It provided free Internet access to FEMEN’s members.

The Sonntag Zeitung piece also adds interesting details about the origin of the group.

FEMEN began at a meeting between Sviyatskiy and Anna Hutsol on a park bench in Khmeinitsky in Western Ukraine in the mid-2000’s.

The two were watching married couples at the registry when they came up with the idea.

In the only recorded interview with him, Swiatskiy says Hutsol and he had already decided on FEMEN’s media strategy by that time.

In 2009, Sophie Pinkham, an American academic who was conducting research into Ukrainian feminism,  interviewed the FEMEN chief Anna Hutsol.

She found that the “volunteer” Victor Sviyatskiy was doing most of the answering.

He was extraordinarily passionate about his mission to promote feminism and spoke eloquently about the “eroticism of the social” and his ambition to create an activist group as “cheerful” as Greenpeace.

Despite this, he remains  a shadowy figure, with no foot-print on the Internet.

The non-existent Net footprint certainly suggests an intelligence operation of some kind, but that is only speculation, so far.

In the fall of 2013, a documentary debuted at the Venice film festival- Ukraine Is Not a Brothel.

It was directed  by Australian film-maker Kitty Green, who outed Sviyatskiy as the master-mind behind FEMEN.

To sum up:

  • An American female academic calls attention to the group in 2009, only a year after its official founding.
  • Around the same time an American newspaper publisher and libertarian promotes and funds the group. He stops funding FEMEN only in 2011, because it is offending too many people.
  • Two Germans from the same town in Germany back the group. One is  a multi-millionaire corporate senior manager now in the tourism business, who has  a clientele that includes the World Health Organization. The other is a famous disc jockey. The business-woman later says she thinks they are not really feminists.
  • France quickly makes one of the lead activists its national heroine and gives her residence on the spot, to save her from the investigations of the Ukrainian police.
  • The founder and master-mind of the group is a mysterious abusive male, who admires the ultra-left environmental group, Greenpeace, and is an expert on media strategy.
  • Everyone denies this man’s involvement and he  has no trail on the net.
  • An Australian film-maker publicizes the group in 2013 and “outs” its mysterious founder, although print accounts of his involvement in FEMEN long precede her outing.

Political Ponerology: The Study of Political Evil

From Ponerology.com



Inherited and acquired psychological disorders and ignorance of their existence and nature are the primal causes of evil.

The magic number of 6% seems to represent the number of humans who either carry the genes responsible for biological evil or who acquire such disorders in the course of their lifetime. This small percent is responsible for the vast majority of human misery and crime, and for infecting others with their flawed view of the world.

The scope of evil does not respect any boundaries of race, doctrine, or ideology. All races carry the genes, and all schools of thought are susceptible to their influence. These pathological factors that influence behaviour form a complex web. It is only in such a web that the “environmental evil” wherein circumstances can influence a normal person to commit harmful acts can be understood.

Of 5000 psychotic, neurotic and healthy patients, Lobaczewski identified 384 (7.7%) who caused serious harm (physical and/or emotional) to others. Some of these had been penalized for their actions and some had been protected by Communist government of the time.

Contrary to the common moralistic interpretation of evil actions (“evil consists of making evil choices”), and also contrary to legal systems which views psychopaths as sane and thus responsible for their actions, the vast majority (85%) of these 384 individuals showed psychopathological factors influencing their behaviour. It is likely that, without these factors present, the harmful actions would not have taken place. These psychological factors limit the subject’s ability to control their actions. In this sense, a moralistic interpretation to psychopathic behavior is fundamentally flawed. While a moral sense (lacking in psychopaths) can be seen as necessary to be held morally responsible, that is not to say that psychopaths should have free rein to destroy lives.

Psychopathic individuals can have a number of effects on normal people: they can fascinate, traumatize, cause pathological personality development, or inspire vindictive emotions (a result of viewing evil as simply a “choice”). An example of this variety can be seen in the host of groupies, pen pals, supporters, and love-struck fans that flocks towards dangerous serial killers like Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy. One fan of Ramirez said, “When I look at him, I see a real handsome guy who just messed up his life because he never had anyone to guide him.”

These effects and the confusion they engender can then lead to, and reinforce our collective ignorance of such individuals. We rarely hold responsible the individual who influences another to commit evil, but instead moralistically punish only the agent of an act. The true cause of ‘evil’ actions goes unpunished, much like an Army Private punished for the crimes of his superiors.

In fact, the true source of ‘evil’ may be separated from a specific action by both vast stretches in time (i.e., in literature and tradition) and by large distances (i.e., by mass media).

“The practical value of our natural world view generally ends where psychopathology begins.” (Lobaczewski, 145) PONEROLOGY: A NEW SCIENCE No matter how eloquently and accurately authors (novelists, dramatists, poets, historians) describe the occurrence of evil, a disease cannot be cured through description alone. Our natural language cannot adequately explain the concepts surrounding such phenomena. Only a scientific understanding drawing from psychological, social, and moral concepts can approach the understanding necessary to prevent the emergence of mass madness seen so many times in the history of our planet.

Ponerology describes the genesis, existence, and spread of the macrosocial disease called evil. Its causes are traceable and can be repeatedly observed and analyzed. When humanity manages to incorporate this knowledge into its natural worldview, it will have defensive potential as yet unrealized.”

The insanity of public debate in America

Consider the following,:

1. A woman has the absolute right to kill her baby until the moment it exits her uterus. She can also dismember it and torture it by burning it with saline fluid, plucking off its limbs, crushing its bones, or sucking its brains out.

These actions are guarded ferociously as her “right to privacy” by the entire intellectual establishment that silently blacks out or distorts descriptions of these killings. Some 50 million babies have been killed in the past few decades but this holocaust is left to private conscience only. Women or their doctors are not punished for it at all. In fact, they’re applauded and public funding is used to pay for it, even while that part of the public that doesn’t go along with abortion is demonized.

2. An eighty-year-old man makes a few untoward remarks to a girlfriend in the privacy of their bedroom. The tapes are recorded. and published. He is denounced as a disgusting racist with no right to his opinions and he is deprived of his property rights.

Leading “libertarian” activists  say nothing or defend the media’s position. They tell people they ought not to say anything in private they can’t say in public.  This is a thought-control much greater than that under Sharia law, which all these activists would denounce, correctly. None of them sees the contradiction.

No one thinks of simply ignoring and not linking the Sterling material. Instead, they all follow the media’s cue automatically, as though pulled by invisible strings. Then they call themselves “fiercely independent” and talk about “freedom,:” “free speech,” “free choice,” “self-ownership” and other flattering mythologies with a straight face.

Meanwhile, so-called “evil statists” are the only ones arguing that the the recordings are on their face illegal and should not be distributed in the public realm.

The parameters of debate in the much-vaunted “free press” are set by media barons who profit from cheap gossip and extortion (which lowers the cost of running a paper, since the public does the reporting for free or for small sums), pornographers, and paid operatives of the government posing as private actors.

No one considers this a gross conflict of interest. The media barons are presumed not to have political agendas and presumed not to manipulate in collusion.

Nor is this manipulation termed what it is – an extension of the state into the private sphere. It is all deemed “free market” unproblematically.

3. The same people attack anyone who criticizes a paid porn performer for her consciously public acts. They argue that she has a right to privacy even though she sold her porn pictures to a public company voluntarily.

I actually agree with that argument, but those who deny a Donald Sterling his privacy can surely have no justification for giving a Belle Knox hers.

With equal confusion, recording the private sexual behavior of Tyler Clementi (the gay Rutgers freshman who committed suicide)  is a vicious assault on his privacy and dignity (it is), but recording the speech of a Donald Sterling is a righteous act of public policing (it is not).

4. The same people who attack Donald Sterling’s private speech and hold it to an arbitrarily decided public standard also denounce theocracy (with its logically entailed blasphemy laws) as an insupportable and “medieval” intrusion into free speech and thought. And they declare themselves the embodiment of “reason” against the “irrationality” of the religious.

5. The same critics of Sterling who believe it is legitimate for him to lose his livelihood over private speech within his bedroom have a fit over the most minor constraint placed on their right to use speech in public to degrade, inflame, incite, defraud, mislead, or titillate. They even object to any constraint placed on their right to disseminate for commercial profit the vilest images, even where they would be accessible by minors.

They defend their right to view violent child pornography, even though that right supplies the demand that drives a global market of child abuse and murder and though the act of viewing itself has been deemed criminal.

But while the act of viewing child-porn is criminal, the act of dismembering a child is deemed “private” and protected.

The left also defends without any nuance or moderation the right to publish “art”  that inflames the public, even where major violence could result  as in the Danish cartoons of Mohammed, which, as it turns out, were a deliberate provocation from a neo-con flack.