The Camp For Cultural Terrorists: The Rockwood Leadership Institute digs into the alma mater of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, running neck and neck in the polls with the Republican candidate for Governor, Ron DeSantis:

“Gillum is listed as a 2012 Rockwood alum. The Florida politician’s involvement with the radical school was not cursory or symbolic. Only five months ago, Gillum boasted in a speech to the Center for Environmental Health that he attended the institute “for about a year and a half.”

In that speech, Gillum talked about getting to know the Center for Environmental Health’s director Michael Green while they both attended Rockwood together. Green is also listed as a 2012 alum along with Gillum.

In 2013, Gillum, then a member of the Tallahassee City Commission, wrote that graduating the program in June of that year was a “major milestone.”

“I will continue to use the tools and methodology in life and as I advance in my career and my role as a member of the City Commission,” he stated.

Gillum’s Rockwood graduating class included such top activists as:

•Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color of Change, which was founded by Van Jones, President Obama’s infamous former “green” jobs czar. Jones stepped down from his position after it was exposed that he was a founding organizer for the communist revolutionary group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM). Soros has financed Color of Change.
•Denise Collazo of the Soros-financed radical PICO Network, which in its own terminology says it is “pushing for citizenship, and more, for an estimated 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.”
•Mary Anne Hitt from the radical Sierra Club environmental activist organization.
•Nan Aron, president and founder of the Soros-funded Alliance for Justice.

Other notable Rockwood alums are Van Jones; Jodie Evans, co-founder and executive director of Code Pink; several senior employees of Soros’s own Open Society Foundations; and Drummond Pike, founder of the Soros-funded Tides Foundation.

Radical Linda Sarsour is listed as a Rockwood “alum in the news,” as is Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

Eric Rodriguez, vice president of the Soros-financed radical open borders group the National Council Of La Raza is also a graduate. As are Ilya Sheyman, executive director of the Soros-funded, and Matthew Butler, who served as CEO and president of the Soros-funded Media Matters for America.

Also on the alum list is Idelisse Malave, former executive director of the Soros-funded Tides Foundation; David Rosenn of the Soros-funded New Israel Fund, which finances pro-Palestinian organizations; Justin Ruben of the Soros-backed; Bill Lipton, founder of the Working Families Party, whose own leadership institute says it is “made possible by the Open Society Foundation”; and Pamela Chiang of the Soros-funded Center For Community Change.

Also listed is Adrienne Maree Brown, former executive director of the Tides-funded Ruckus Society. Ruckus provided “direct-action” training and official manuals to Occupy protesters. The group is infamous for helping to spark the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle.

Besides senior personalities, Rockwood also provides a “short list of foundations who have sent their staff through” its training program, including Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Soros-financed Tides Foundation and the Soros-funded New Israel Fund.

Rockwood is in formal partnership with the Soros-funded Social Transformation Project (STP). STP was founded by Robert Gass who also founded the Rockwood Leadership Program “along with a dedicated group of environmental activists.”

Soros, meanwhile, has directly donated to organizations seeking to get Gillum elected. Days before Gillum’s Aug. 28 primary, Soros joined with billionaire Tom Steyer to lead a group of donors making a $650,000 infusion into Gillum’s coffers.

Soros also contributed to The Collective, a little-known but increasingly influential political organization that says it is seeking to build a “black political power” movement. The Collective reportedly injected nearly $2 million into Gillum’s campaign, funding television and radio ads, get-out-the-vote drives, and playing a key role in helping Gillum defeat his Democratic opponents, some of whom were better-funded and had more statewide name recognition. The group announced plans to continue backing Gillum during the current general election campaign.”


Gillum is a stealth candidate. Few had heard of him until the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. Michael’s destruction turned out to be the tried-and-true opening hand of a round of “disaster capitalism” …or, more accurately, “disaster socialism”…. played out on the beaches of the Panhandle, the tidal waves of the Category 4/5 storm giving in to the tidal waves of Federal aid, building contracts, political grand-standing, and vote-bank politics.

Now, with an instant national profile and money pouring in from two left-wing money-bags, George Soros and Tom Steyer, Gillum hopes to turn a conservative and libertarian economic engine into a West Coast train-wreck. Gillum’s 40% corporate tax-rate is likely just the start and doesn’t even have the pretext of financial short-falls or recession. Florida is booming.

Fortunately, Florida’s men in blue are having none of it. State troopers and police have signaled their firm opposition to Gillum. In Tallahassee, crime rates climbed by over 50% on Gillum’s watch, although the papers are quick to assure us that that had nothing to do with the mayor.

Trump has signaled too. DeSantis is his man. With that endorsement, DeSantis has come out swinging with ads punching away at his opponent’s involvement in an FBI corruption sting targeting Gillum’s alleged ex-boyfriend, Adam Corey.

Gillum denies wrong-doing, but the Feds are leaning on Corey, and Corey has begun publicly contradicting his old friend’s statements. Soon, the mud will fly.

But there are only 3 weekends to go before November 6 and the jihadists of cultural war are popping up faster than they can be swatted down.

Even Trump and the G-men might not be enough to save Florida.

225-year-old Baltimore Columbus monument vandalized

A 225-year-old marble Colombus obelisk in Baltimore, the oldest of its kind in the nation, had its base smashed in by vandals early on Monday. The results were posted on Youtube, along with a statement that, since Columbus was responsible for the colonial exploitation of the indigenous, brown, and black people of the Americas, he was not a suitable subject for a monument.

This is the most egregious in a long list of defacements in recent weeks that have affected monuments to Lincoln, Columbus, Washington, Robert E. Lee, and Martin Luther King.

These are acts of war, no less than the destruction of churches and mosques by ISIS.

I suggest public lashing, which has had such a salutary effect in Singapore.

Twenty lashings for each miscreant, followed by a year’s unpaid labor repairing monuments.

A nation that does not have the will to propose and execute swift reprisal against cultural terrorism deserves neither its monuments nor the history which they commemorate.

Saving General Lee

From the Imaginative Conservative, a defense of Robert E. Lee by Stephen M. Klugewicz:

“Despising revolutionary social change and the rhetoric of the abolitionists, he hoped for gradual emancipation and shared with Abraham Lincoln a sympathy for the idea of colonizing freed African Americans in Central America or Africa.

Lee never purchased a slave in his life. The slaves over whom he had control, some 200, came to him through his marriage to Mary Custis, a descendant of George Washington. Lee became the executor of his father-in-law’s will. Though permitted by the will to free the slaves upon the elder Custis’ death in 1857, Lee deemed the slaves necessary to the financial recovery of the Arlington estate. He thus kept them enslaved as long as he could—the will stipulated a maximum of five years—freeing them in December 1862 on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation’s going into effect. Again, Lee believed that his highest duty was to his family, in this case to their economic well-being, and this trumped his concern for the freedom of the particular slaves under his control.

In this, as in his paternalistic attitude toward blacks, Lee fell short of heroism. Of the bondsmen Lee once opined that “the painful discipline they are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race,” and he told a congressional committee after the war that it was his view blacks “at this time, cannot vote intelligently,” though he added, “what the future may prove, how intelligent they may become…I cannot say more than you can.” As Lee’s great biographer Douglas Southall Freeman writes, his “was the prevailing view among most religious people of Lee’s class in the border states. Lee shared these convictions of his neighbors without ever having come in contact with the worst evils of African bondage.”

is conservative views precluded him from, say, taking the extreme step taken by his relation, Robert Carter III, who because of his radical religious convictions freed all 500 of his slaves in 1800. It should be recalled that George Washington only provided for his slaves’ freedom in his will, and only after his wife Martha’s death (though she freed her slaves during her lifetime, as she feared they might kill her.) Lee thought enough of the prowess of African Americans that he was a proponent of enlisting slaves to fight for the Confederacy and thereby earn their freedom. This is also additional evidence that Lee did not consider the war a crusade to preserve slavery, as he was willing to give up the institution in order to secure the greater goal of Southern independence. In the post-war years, numerous incidents were reported in which Lee flouted the conventions of his class and daringly treated a black man as his equal in social situations.

Despite his flaws when it came to his views on race, Lee should be honored as a hero by all Americans and especially by conservatives. His classical devotion to the idea of duty has been mentioned. His resistance to the temptations of power also demands our acclaim. Much is rightly made of George Washington’s laying down of his sword at the end of the American Revolution to resume his status as a private citizen. Lee similarly passed this Tolkienian test when Abraham Lincoln, on the advice of General Winfield Scott, offered him command of all United States forces in April 1861 after South Carolina forces fired on Fort Sumter. Lee declined the offer, which would have gained for him the ultimate career goal sought by every West Point-trained military man.

We must remember that the alternative for Lee was NOT the command of the Confederate armies. He was not foregoing one offer of power in order to pursue another. Indeed, his home state of Virginia had not yet seceded, and at the moment he rejected Lincoln’s offer the most he could have reasonably hoped for was command of Virginia’s troops (an honor that he did eventually receive.) It ought to be kept in mind also that Lee was aware of the superior manpower number of the North and the superior resources of Northern industrialism; the prospects of Southern independence were far from certain. As with the American Revolutionaries, the noose seemed the most likely end for the leaders of Southern independence.

Even when Virginia seceded and war began, Lee did not immediately receive a high command within Confederate ranks. He was relegated to a desk job, serving as an advisor to President Jefferson Davis. He did not receive a field command until May of 1862, when General Joseph E. Johnston was severely wounded during the Seven Days’ Battles on the Virginia Peninsula. Lee then took command of the Army of Northern Virginia, but he would not be appointed commander of all Confederate forces until January 1865. This was a series of events that he could hardly have expected when he refused Lincoln’s immediate offer of power in 1861.

In addition to duty, Lee valued humility. He did not angle for promotion as he chafed at his desk job in Richmond. Rather, he humbly served President Davis, and even after being assigned command of the Army of Northern Virginia, his letters reveal that he always deferred to the prickly Davis. Just as Lee eschewed ambition, so he avoided avarice, turning down several offers in the post-war years to lend his name to companies in return for lucrative compensation. The idea of profiting from the selling of his name was anathema to Lee.

Lee embodied the Aristotelian ideal of moderation. As the deep South seceded in the winter of 1860-1861, Lee, stationed in Texas, was shocked when Texas voted for secession in February 1861; one witness recalled that Lee’s “lips trembled and his eyes [became] full of tears” when he heard the news. Lee voiced his resolve not to take up arms against the Union, “but it may be necessary for me to carry a musket in defense of my native state.” When Virginia reversed its initial vote against secession in May 1861—in the light of Lincoln’s decision to make war upon the South—Lee made the anguished decision to resign his commission in the United States Army, concluding that despite his love for the Union, he “could not take part in an invasion of the southern states.”

Lee indeed despised war. Surveying the slaughter of Union troops charging his lines at Fredericksburg in December 1862, Lee commented to an aide: “It is good that war is so terrible. Otherwise, we would enjoy it too much.” As Richard Weaver has argued, this profound statement, “richer than a Delphic saying,” shows Lee to be a true philosopher. In the days after the smashing Confederate victory, Lee wrote to his wife: “What a cruel thing is war; to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbours, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world!” This is far from the tone of a bloodthirsty martinet drunk on the intoxication of his repeated victories.

Twenty-eight months later, as mentioned above, at Appomattox Lee turned aside the suggestions of aides to continue the fight as a guerilla war. The social anarchy and protracted bloodshed that would result were anathema to the conservative Lee, and he prudently judged that Southern independence was not worth the price. Guerilla war horrified Lee because it would bring down the wrath of Mars more harshly on civilians. Indeed, Lee rejected the idea of total war that was developed by Union Generals Grant, William T. Sherman, and Phillip Sheridan, and embraced by President Lincoln. Lee was always careful to avoid civilian casualties. On the first campaign into Maryland in 1862, Lee issued General Order No. 72, which prohibited the plundering of civilian property and reminded his soldiers “that we make war only upon armed men.”

Robert E. LeeLee’s action in issuing this order can be contrasted with that of Union General John Pope, whom Lee had just soundly defeated prior to his foray into Maryland. Only weeks prior to Lee’s Order No. 72, Pope had issued his own order authorizing in Virginia the burning of private homes and the levying of fines upon civilians as retribution for guerilla actions taken against Union troops. More egregiously, in May of 1862, Union General Benjamin Butler, presiding over conquered New Orleans, had issued his infamous General Order No. 28, stipulating that “when any female shall by word, gesture, or movement insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.” In practice, this meant that a female civilian who dared merely to display a Confederate symbol on her dress was liable to be raped by Union troops. Such atrocities did occur.

Lee’s dogged adherence to the traditional, Christian principles of limited war is even more impressive in light of the many atrocities that were authorized and indeed perpetrated against his own people by his enemy. Lee considered the protection of civilian life so important that, as the head of the detachment sent to capture abolitionist John Brown on the eve of the Civil War, Lee ordered his Marines to unload their rifles during their assault on the building where Brown had holed up, lest the hostages that Brown held be injured or killed.

Lee’s amazing self-restraint reflected the advice he had given to a young mother about raising her infant son: “Teach him he must deny himself.” The Christian Lee valued self-control as essential to proper behavior and indeed to personal and public liberty. “I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself,” he said in evaluating his military subordinates. Lee practiced what he preached. He had the rare distinction of being a cadet who did not earn a single demerit at West Point. He expected the same gentlemanly behavior from the young men in his care at Lexington, Virginia’s Washington College, of which he became president after Appomattox. There he reduced the college’s many rules to one simple rule: “Every student must be a gentleman.”

As his name and image, and those of his fellow Confederate officers, are removed from shops, schools, and museums across the country, it is ever more important, especially for conservatives, to speak up for Robert E. Lee. A man of military genius and personal honor, a defender of civilians and civilization, a champion of duty and truth, a model of humility and prudence, Lee was perhaps the last defender of the ideals of the Old Republic, whose greying glory was ground under the wheels of the New Order of the centralized, industrialized state that triumphed in 1865. Though he wore the racial blinders of his class and time, Robert E. Lee was a man of exemplary character and remains an excellent role model for all Americans and is indeed a worthy contender for the title of “Greatest American.”’

Tear Down The Lincoln Monuments Too

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.” —

Abraham Lincoln.

So, tell me, when are the monuments to the sainted Abe coming down?

Southern History Erased Overnight In Baltimore

Like the sneak thieves they are, Baltimore city officials summarily removed the magnificent statues of General Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson from the Wyman Park Dell,  in the dead of night.

Also erased overnight from the cityscape were the Confederate Women’s monument at West University Parkway, the statue of Justice Roger B. Taney at Mount Vernon, and the monument to the Confederate soldiers and sailors at Mount Royal.

The pretext is that southern monuments provide a rallying point for “white nationalists” and led to the death of a progressive activist in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12.


The erasure and rewriting of Southern history has been an ongoing project of the globalists for a while now and what happened in Charlottesville was simply a step on the way, a pretext.

Charlottesville smacks of a cointelpro operation.

You had police forces at Charlottesville apparently told to stand down. They did nothing while both sides brawled openly.

You had black-masked antifascist or antifa provocateurs engaged in fist-fights with self-styled KKK and neo-Nazis.

What do the KKK and Nazis have to do with Robert E. Lee, except smear his supporters by association?

The antifa people have been proven to have received funds from George Soros, the leftist billionaire who works with the CIA.

Now the DOJ has a warrant to get the million-plus IP addresses of visitors to an antifa-linked site, an order that Dreamhost, the site’s hosting company, is fighting in court.

The leftist chumps were set up.

So were the right.

Jason Kessler who organized the march is of Jewish extraction and was until a year or two ago an Obama supporter. Some Nazi.

Christopher Cantwell, whom I have linked here, until he started advocating violence, proved he was a provocateur once more.

At Charlottesville, he stated that Trump should not have let his beautiful daughter marry a Jew, thus smearing by association any Trump fan as a biological racist.

Most Trump voters voted their pocket-book, not their race.

The right was set up in other ways.

Consider the behavior of Richard Spencer, a well-known provocateur mentored by the Judaist god-father of the alt-right, Paul Gottfried,

Of course, Gottfried, who has quickly side-stepped his responsibility, is not the only Judaist god-father of  gentile white nationalism. There was also Mencius Moldbug (aka Curtis Yarvin), who spun a more  attractive version of Gottfried’s spiel, but gave the game away by christening the unholy alliance of academia, media, and political ideology, the Cathedral. 

This slur is somehow not anti-Gentilism. But only mention the names of the real Sanhedrin that governs us and the cyber-ambushes and cybersabotage begin, as we found out to our grief recently.

On this blog, I have shown that Donald Trump/Drumpf is of Prussian and Jewish extraction. So also are such key figures of his administration as Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus, among many, many others.

In the media, the situation is no better.

Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Peinovich, Andrew Anglin, and other assorted professional alt-righters adopt the most superficial, crude, provocative, and damning neo-Nazi language, while retaining many of the key presuppositions of their enemies. They are agents of deception, not cultural conservatives.

Since the infiltration of the John Birch society in the 1950’s and 60’s, there has been no major white nationalist group that has not been infiltrated, coopted, and turned.

Dr. William Pierce, the author of the “Turner Diaries” was known by insiders to have a cozy relationship with the powers-that-be, including the SPLC. Each group terrorized their followers with the other group and raked in the profits.

“White nationalism” as a clear-and-present danger to the republic is a red (as in, leftist) herring and a pretext created by the globalists, who are happy to fan the flames of both white and black racism, as it suits them.

The cowardly and disgraceful obliteration of Southern history was the goal all along.

What is equally disgraceful is that the provocateurs who are instigating the erasure of southern history are erasing their own history.

Jews were prominent in the Confederate army and government, and Robert Lee, now vilifed as a racist, was renowned for his respectful treatment of his Jewish soldiers, in marked contrast to their treatment in the North.

BJP Behind Tamil Power Struggle

Hindustan Times has summarized 10 steps in the power struggle being waged between Sasikala Natarajan, former CM Jayalalithaa’s former confidante and current party secretary of the AIADMK (All India Anna DMK):

The power struggle can be summarised in the following 10 points:

1. Meditation and then revolt

Feb 7: Panneerselvam goes to Marina Beach in Chennai, and meditates for around 40 minutes at Jayalalithaa’s memorial. Says he was compelled to resign as CM and propose Sasikala’s name for the post of leader of the AIADMK legislature party.

I was forced to step down… Amma’s spirit told me that I should come out and tell the truth to the people.

[Lila: My previous post reported on the widespread use in current Tamil Nadu TV  (Sun TV serials) of occult symbols drawn from mother- goddess (Amma) worship, accompanied by imagery of lamias and snakes and references to divination, seances,  and black magic. Was this intended to reinforce the idea of the former TN chief minister as a goddess, whose departed spirit could then be appropriated by others for their own purposes? If so, who would profit from such a manipulation? Who has the power to insert such symbols into television? Would they be the owners of the channels in league with outside forces?

47% of Tamil viewers watch Sun TV and its sister channels, a result of the monopoly of distribution channels by the owner, Kalanidhi Maran, from the politically prominent family of Marans. Dayanidhi, Kala’s brother, is the Union Minister for Communications.  The Maran family controls of the DMK, one of the leading Tamil identity parties and rival to the splinter party AIADM.  Kala’s grand-uncle is former chief minister of TN Karunanidhi.

I posted evidence that the Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and DARPA were some of the external forces behind the Tamil faces orchestrating the pro-Jallikattu protests that also played on Shaivite and Tamil symbols. I showed that the current BJP “Hindu nationalist” government of Modi is nothing more than a front for the Rothschild cabal, so presumably, this imagery can also be linked to them.]

Jayalalithaa told me to take over as CM when she was in hospital,” he says.

2. Sasikala sacks Panneerselvam as AIADMK treasurer, he asks banks to block party funds

Feb 7: After a meeting with party leaders, party announces that Sasikala has sacked Panneerselvam as AIADMK treasurer and replaced with Dindigul C Srinivasan, forest minister and No. 2 in the council of ministers.

After his sacking, Panneerselvam says, “I have carried forward the post of treasurer which was entrusted upon me by Amma and I think no one can take it away from me.” He writes to banks saying he was still the treasurer and no transactions should be done in party accounts without his assent.

3. Panneerselvam announces plan to probe Amma’s death, Sasikala parades MLAs

Feb 8: Panneerselvan says he personally does not have any suspicion on the death of Jayalalithaa, but that a commission of inquiry headed by a sitting Supreme Court judge will be set up to probe into the death.

“Doubts about Amma’s health still prevail. A probe commission will be set up… health queries regarding Amma have been raised in the recent past. It’s the duty of the state government to enquire. Recommended an enquiry commission,” he says.

Makes another major revelation, saying, “I had visited the hospital daily to enquire about Jayalalithaa’s health condition, but couldn’t meet her even once.”

[Lila: A comment under this article points out that this statement contradicts OPS’ previous assertion in Point 1 that Jaya had told him to take over while she was in Apollo Hospital. OPS is lying here.]

Feb 8: Sasikala parades 130-plus lawmakers in a show of strength to counter the rebellion.
4. Panneerselvan says Sasikala wants only to grab power to grab money

Feb 8: Panneerselvan says Sasikala “does not understand the situation” in Tamil Nadu. Gets support from another AIADMK leader, OP Pandian, who says Sasikala “only cares about money, money, money. She wants to grab power to get money.”

[Lila: OPS was a close friend of Shekhar Reddy, the sand-mining baron who was arrested during an income tax raid that recovered crores of allegedly unaccounted money in the form of the new Rs. 2000 notes, barely 25 days from the date that the banks began issuing them. Note that Reddy was on the board of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Trust, overseeing the 26 billion dollar annual income of the outfit in charge of the second-richest religious center in the world.  Reddy is said to be linked to the TN Chief Secretary Rama Mohana Rao, who was the target of a shocking, militarized raid by the IT department last year. At issue was crores of rupees from illegal sand-mining allegedly laundered through new notes into the construction industry and/or used to pay political supporters. ]

5. Panneerselvan promises to give due credit to Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar

Feb 8: Panneerselvan promises to meet people in every part of the state. “I will prove my majority and lead the people,” he says. Adds that he will give Deepa (Jayalalithaa’s niece) “the respect she deserves”, and that he will ask her to join his camp.

[Lila: Deepa, Jaya’s niece, is backed by the BJP who pushed her forward to create divisions in Tamil politics, it is reported.]

6. Panneerselvan calls for party polls to elect general secretary

Feb 8: Calls for elections as per AIADMK rules for the post of general secretary, saying the party council has the power only to appoint a temporary general secretary.

7. Panneerselvan says may take back resignation if party wishes

Feb 8: Panneerselvam says he has never betrayed the party and may take back resignation as chief minister if the party so desires. “I have always followed Amma’s path. There has been no instance where I betrayed the party, while remaining in power or opposition,” he says.

8. Panneerselvam parades support of senior legislators, meets Governor

Feb 9: Panneerselvam says Sasikala “betrayed” a 2011 vow to her “mentor” Jayalalithaa by staking claim to form the government.

At a press conference, parades the support of senior legislator E Madhusudanan, who worked with Amma and her mentor MG Ramachandran for more than 50 years.

Reads out a letter Sasikala allegedly wrote to Jayalalithaa, seeking apology for her actions and promising not to seek any political position and use her influence.

Panneerselvam meets Governor C Vidyasagar Rao at Raj Bhavan, alleges most of the party MLAs were being held hostage in a resort outside Chennai and that police were not responding to complaints.

[Lila: Rao is a former  RSS functionary and one-time governor of Maharashtra, now acting governor of TN. He is seen as another proxy of the BJP, as he was also once Andhra state president of the BJP. He comes from the Velamma community from the leading Karimnagar family of northern Telengana. Former CPI (Communist Party of India) general secretary Rajeshwar Rao is his brother, as is Planning Commission member, Hanumantha Rao. Telengana was part of Andhra Pradesh until its secession, which Rao supported. Andhra is a prominent locus of Western and church influence. It is the state in which the fabulously wealthy Tirumala temple is located. Rao was educated at Osmania University, a hot-bed of leftist politics.]

9. Panneerselvam says will prove majority, Sasikala stakes claim to govt, visits Jaya memorial

Feb 9: Panneerselvam declines to reveal the number of legislators who were supporting him and says he will prove his strength on the floor of the house. Says party legislators will have the chance to vote as per their conscience and he would be able to prove his majority.

Feb 9: Sasikala visits Jayalalithaa’s memorial at Marina Beach, pays floral tributes to the late chief minister, before heading to Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor with a list of MLAs loyal to her

Sasikala stakes claim to form the government, while Panneerselvam says “dharma” will triumph.

10. Sasikala holds meeting with MLAs, sacks Madhusudanan, Panneerselvam lodges complaint

Feb 9: Sasikala holds meeting with AIADMK?MLAs loyal to her at Poes Garden residence. Reports also say she held a meeting via video link with MLAs kept at the Golden Bay Resorts

Feb 10: Sasikala dismisses E Madhusudanan from the party for backing Panneerselvam, and appoints KA Sengottaiyan as the party presidium chairman.

Feb 10: Panneerselvam lodges formal complaint with Governor on MLAs being held hostage in resort.

Feb 10: Governor Vidyasagar Rao sends report to Union home ministry, says “cannot call Sasikala to form the government now”, asks DGP to probe allegations that MLAs are being kept against their will at the resort.


Libertarian Republic On Steve Bannon’s Art Of The “New Deal”

Libertarian Republic gets it right:

Taking Bannon at his own word, and in the context of 1930s, it sounds a lot like the rhetoric coming from Germany pre-World War II. His rhetoric matches the anger, scapegoating, and emotional ploys spoken in the early days of Adolf Hitler‘s rise.

While this may seem pejorative, or hyperbolic, let us look at how the Mises Institute, an Austrian Economic think tank, explains 1930 Germany’s economic situation.

In the 1930s, Hitler was widely viewed as just another protectionist central planner who recognized the supposed failure of the free market and the need for nationally guided economic development. Proto-Keynesian socialist economist Joan Robinson wrote that “Hitler found a cure against unemployment before Keynes was finished explaining it.”

What were those economic policies? He suspended the gold standard, embarked on huge public-works programs like autobahns, protected industry from foreign competition, expanded credit, instituted jobs programs, bullied the private sector on prices and production decisions, vastly expanded the military, enforced capital controls, instituted family planning, penalized smoking, brought about national healthcare and unemployment insurance, imposed education standards, and eventually ran huge deficits. The Nazi interventionist program was essential to the regime’s rejection of the market economy and its embrace of socialism in one country.

Now compare that to how Bannon and Trump have described their plans and vision for having won the White House.

  1. 1 Trillion Dollar Infrastructure matches the huge public works programs
  2. “The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia,”  along with Trumps promises to coerce business back into the US, matches protection of industry from foreign competition,
  3. “With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything,” added to Trumps call to continue borrowing, matches expanding credit and the continuance of large deficits
  4. “Rebuild everything. Shipyards, iron works, get them all jacked up,” matches the instituted jobs programs
  5. Trumps possible control of capital through protectionist trade.
  6. The comment by Bannon about being in power for the next “50 years” sounds awfully similar to the how Nazi’s described the Third Reich. “It is our will that this state shall endure for a thousand years. We are happy to know that the future is ours entirely!” – Triumph of Will (1935)

This not to say that Bannon or Trump should be compared to Nazis or that they have come close to committing the acts against humanity that occurred in that period of history. Rather it is a simple question which compares the rhetoric being used by the two administrations in their rise to power. After all, this perspective is a simple look back at history, so as to learn from it and utilize it to spot potential issues in the future. If we willfully ignore details, even if just as a safety measure, then we leave ourselves at risk of missing what could’ve been right under our nose. Famed philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

Reince Priebus’ Sephardic Roots?


Sally Sherrow, Priebus’ spouse is listed as Jewish on a number of anti-Jewish/Zionist sites. But I couldn’t get anything authoritative for it.  On one site, the name is said to be Irish and derived from the French word for wagon. On another,  it is given as a Scottish occupational name and listed as a variant of Shearer, derived from Scerare.

But, note, there is also a German version – Schearer,  a variant of Scharer, that is also spelt Scherer.

Scherer is both a gentile name and a common German-Jewish (Ashkenazy) name.  Given Priebus’ roots, I think it’s a good guess that Sally L. Sherrow is an Ashekenazy crypto herself.

Preibus went to law school at Miami, head quarters of the Russian Jewish mafia in the US.


From Ethnic, a brief analysis of Trump’s chief of staff’s ethnic descent:

Birth Name: Reinhold Richard Priebus

Place of Birth: Dover, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 18, 1972

*German, 1/8th English (father)
*Greek (mother)

Reince Priebus is an American attorney and political figure. He has been White House Chief of Staff, since January 20, 2017. He was previously Chair of the Republican Party of Wisconsin, from 2007 to 2011, and Chair of the Republican National Committee, from January 14, 2011 to January 19, 2017.

His father is of seven eighths German and one eighth English descent. His mother was born in Sudan, of Greek origin. Reince was raised Greek Orthodox.

Reince’s paternal grandfather was Reinhold W. Priebus (the son of Friedrich/Frederick “Fred” Priebus and Amilia/Amalia Kroll). Reince’s grandfather Reinhold was born in Michigan, to ethnic German parents from Russia. Friedrich was the son of John Priebus and Lesa. Amilia was the daughter of William Kroll and Frazina.

Reince’s paternal grandmother was Evelyn Mimmie Birch (the daughter of Christophe/Chris F. Birch and Ottilia/Ottilie Kugler). Evelyn was born in Wisconsin. Christophe was born in Wisconsin, to a Canadian father, William Birch, whose own parents were English, and to an American mother, Minnie Wirtschieffer, who was born in Wisconsin, to German parents. Reince’s great-grandmother Ottilia was an ethnic German from Russia.”

“Ethnic German from Russia” could well be Ashkenazy Jewish, but for now, let it remain a suspicion, for this is Priebus’ father’s side. It is the mother’s descent that decides Jewish/Khazar ethnicity.

Priebus’s mother is Dimitra Priebus whose original family is on the island of Lesbos. She is Greek, but met Priebus’ father in Sudan, while he was in the US army and stationed in Ethiopia.  Dimitra (nick-named Roula) Priebus had until then spent most of her life in Khartoum, where she worked in the American embassy.  Today, she is a real estate agent in Wisconsin.

Priebus’ father, Richard Priebus,  is described as a (former?) union electrician and in some places also as a real estate agent.

As a young man, Reince Priebus himself interned with the NAACP.

Employee unions and the NAACP sound more liberal than conservative.

Dimitra Priebus’ maiden name is Pitsiladis.

Her family is from Mytilene, the capital of the island of Lesvos and the seat of a metropolitan bishop of the Greek Orthodox church.

According to Wikipedia, in 1170, Benjamin of Tudela established ten small Jewish communities in Lesbos, but by 1930 there were only a hundred or so Jewish people left.

So, while Roula Priebus was born in the Sudan,  which is home a to a number of European expats, her ancestral home was on the island of Lesvos, from which we get the word lesbian. Lesvos is also well-known for the production of the wine, ouzo.

In fact, Roula Priebus’ family name of Pitsiladi is connected with one of several companies involved in the production of the best ouzo, Ouzo plomari.

Is  Roula Priebus from the ouzo-making Pitsiladis family? If so, the chances are she is a crypto-Jew, a donmeh of some kind.

Here’s why.

The word ouzo is itself derived from a Turkish word, uzum, meaning grapes in Turkey.

A more likely explanation however gives Sir G. Clauson in his book “An Etymological Dictionary of Pre-Thirteenth Century Turkish”, Oxford 1972. At page 288 he says that the word “ouzo” derives from the word “uzum”, which means grapes in Turkish.”

The Pitsiladis distillery was founded by one Paniyotis Pitsiladis from Pergamos in Asia Minor, who came to Plomari in the 19th century:

In the middle of the 19th century, Panayiotis Pitsiladis arrived to [sic] Plomari from Pergamos in Asia Minor and founded his first distillery by the river.
In 1892 he received the official operating license from the Turkish state and started to produce Ouzo Plomariou Pitsiladis with his sons.

 Pergamos  is the current Turkish town of  Bergamos.

In pre-Christian and Roman times, it was the site of flourishing and at times debauched cults of the pagan gods, Jupiter, Dionysos, and Venus, as well as of Asklepion, the healing snake-god.

Pergamom was also the seat of imperial power in Asia and later the site of one of several important New Testament churches.

In the Revelation of St. John,  Christ addresses the fledgling church at Pergamos (Pergamum) thus:

Revelation 2:12-17 …..’And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”

In 92 AD, Antipas, the saintly bishop of Pergamum, was roasted alive  in a bronze bull at the top of a 40-ft altar to Jupiter, as I previously blogged.

In that same blog post I explained why I thought that Jesus’ phrase “seat of Satan” referred to the imperial cult that saw the Roman emperor as god and demanded the submission of Christians to him.

I argued that a study of the types of Satan in the Bible (Nimrod, the King of Tyre, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod)  showed that it was power aspiring to Godhead, rather than simply worship of other gods, that was dubbed Satanic.

According to wikipedia:

The name Mytilene itself seems to be of Hittite origin. According to Homer‘s Iliad, however, Lesbos was part of the kingdom of Priam in what is now Turkey. Much work remains to be done to determine just what was happening and when. In Middle Ages, it was under Byzantine and then Genoese rule. Lesbos was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in 1462. The Ottomans then ruled the island until the First Balkan War in 1912, when it became part of the Kingdom of Greece.”

With such a history, there would be widespread Turkish and most likely donmeh Jewish descent among  Greeks in Mytilene. The Hittites were one of several people who intermarried with the Edomites, as the descendants of the Biblical Esau, were known.  From this Edomite strain descends the “mixed multitude” that is now inaccurately termed Jewish.

If Roula Priebus does belong to the ouzo-making family of Pitsiladis, the US would have a “white nationalist” president who is really of Ashkenazy extraction, descended from the Drumpfs from the wine-making heart of Germany… and we would have a chief-of-staff also apparently of Sephardic (maternal) heritage, descended from a crypto-Jewish/Turkish (donmeh) family, from the  wine-making heart of the Aegean.



Is Steve Bannon A Crypto-Jew?

Is the czar of all things anti-Semitic and white nationalist in the Trump administration Ashkenazy  himself?

On the face of it, Steve Bannon sounds like an Anglo-Saxon name.

But this is the matrix and nothing is as it seems.

So I dug.

And I came up with this:

Stephen is of course both a gentile and a Jewish name.

But Bannon also appears as a name used by Jews at Jewish Genealogy..

Bannon is both Irish…and Semitic:

English surname used as a (mostly) male name. Anglicised form of the Old Gaelic Irish surname O Banain, which means “son of the fair-haired one”. This is pronounced BANN-uhn.

Jewish surname used as a male name. It comes from a Semitic root meaning “white” – coincidentally, the same meaning as the English/Irish surname.

[Lila: Nice touch that]

This is pronounced bah-NON.

Banon is one of the characters in the role playing game “Final Fantasy VI”.

Bannon’s Irish-Catholic working class background already makes him a natural ally of the Jews.

But the derivations of his last name added to his mother’s maiden name, Herr, makes me suspect he is more than just  a shabbos goy.

He is Judaic himself.


Stephen Kevin Bannon was born on November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Doris (neé Herr) and Martin Bannon, a telephone lineman.[26][27] His working class, Irish Catholic family were pro-Kennedy, pro-union Democrats.

Bannon’s mother’s name Herr is both High German and Ashkenazy and means lord or master or one who serves the lord of the manor or gives himself the airs of a lord. lists it as a German-Jewish name.

The “white nationalist anti-semite” Bannon is yet another Khazar fraud redirecting popular anger away from the Khazar/Israeli elites and toward soft targets  – third-world immigrants and Muslims.


Steve Bannon’s Anti-Indian Immigration Policy

From The Economic Times:

US President Donald Trump’s executive orders restricting entry into the country and reports of curbs being planned on foreign students and workers are worrying Indians at colleges there. Others are reconsidering plans for higher education in the US considering the hostile reception that awaits them. The president could scrap a measure that allows some students to stay on in the US for three years after getting their degree, it’s been reported by and others.

“I was looking to use that as a runway to set up a technology startup,” said the MIT student cited above. “Doing it in one year will be incredibly hard. It complicates things for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship.”

That worry is despite the fact that those from MIT, especially PhDs, are highly coveted by employers and tend to get annual pay upwards of $90,000 after graduation.

Optional practical training (OPT) currently allows graduates with

science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees to stay in the US for up to three years after graduating from college. Curtailing that period will hurt the plans of some 165,918 Indian students in the US with about three-fourths of them being in STEM programmes.

Possible changes to H-1B visa rules and key Trump aide Stephen Bannon’s apparent antipathy toward South Asians are also preying on the minds of students. “


Of course, faux “anti-Semite” Steve Bannon  is actually an Israel-first voice of the  kosher-led alt-right .


Others of his ilk are Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance and Paul Gottfried at Lew Rockwell.

Bannon, a former military/intel operative and graduate of spy-laden Virginia Tech – is the new instrument of the Khazar elite’s war on India.

This is very much in keeping with the elite cabal’s fear of being out-competed by Indians.

On Wall Street, in the aftermath of the 2008-09 collapse, this fear led to the take-down of minor Indian wrong-doers on weak charges of “insider-trading,” instead of the investigation of the Khazar financial mafia that perpetrated global financial mayhem.

At elite campuses, it has led to a sustained policy of discrimination against Asians, especially Indians (for instance, see this brave article by one Jewish writer), who, where the playing field is level (for eg. at Caltech and other elite STEM institutions), have regularly outperformed Ashkenazi Jews.

Now,  via government policy, the “uppity injuns” are being set straight.

Steve Bannon, who poses as a white gentile nationalist, is a Khazar  hit-man whose job is to make “white Christians” look like the primary “anti-Semitic” axe-wielders rather than a golem of the Jews, and make dumb Indians believe that the Khazar mafia is their best friend and only protection against racist white gentiles.

This follows the false-flag playbook, wherein terror attacks are always carried out by Muslims who shout “Allahu Akbar” repeatedly and carefully leave behind passports and ID cards in visible positions.

Most of the Islamo-lone-nuts turn out to have intelligence backgrounds with  Western agencies.

Likewise, Mr. Bannon, whose immigration policies are ostensibly about “protecting American jobs,” is in reality attacking Indian tech companies, start-ups,  scientists, and students….continuing the attack begun by the left-liberal wing of the globalist cabal some years ago.

Note, however, that the soon-to-be-unloaded students were (and still are being) eagerly solicited for their hard-earned money in promotions run all over the Indian papers.

Consider also that the Indian rupee has weakened by five times in the last decade, ever since India became a “friend” of the US and Israel.

Some friend.

Moreover,  Indian salaries are far lower than US salaries, so the sums solicited are a far greater proportion of the savings of Indians than they are of Americans (who never pay full price in any case).

But that has not stopped drooling British, Australian, and American universities running their pimping ads.

I would strongly advise students suckered in by the ads to use some of their tuition money to hire as vicious a legal attack-dog they can find and go after the universities for fraud, misrepresentation, price-gouging, price-fixing,  discrimination and anything else in the law-books.

Make them pay.

Then, let Mr. Modi take a page out of his so-called friend (read, master) Trump’s book and BAN American, British, and Australian universities, companies, and workers in India.

If Modi wont’ do it then it’s time to ban Mr. Modi and boycott everything Anglo-American or Israeli-made or bred.

If we are going to have economic war, let’s have it.

No open borders for STEM students? Then no “open borders” for Foreign Direct Investment, Walmart, Amazon, American and Israeli tourists, NGO’s,  American agribusiness, Google, American porn and Israel-run drugs, which spew across borders too.

And sayonora to all those retired Americans, Aussies, Brits, and Europeans – NEVER called migrants – parking their well-cushioned and often bare bottoms on beaches and 5-star hotels in third-world countries, living like the royalty they never were in their own countries, running drug and sex rings, preying on native children, bilking the tax man at home and in their “adopted” countries (who didn’t invite them),  providing cover for Western intelligence, if not aiding and abetting, spying and stealing from native businesses and native culture, while inveighing against them.

Those are never MIGRANTS, are they?

That’s never a MIGRANT invasion, is it?

What is colonial history but the story of Europe’s migrant INVASION of the rest of the world?

Deport the lot back to their countries, I say, and take back the US, Australia, New Zealand, South America, while you’re at it.

Let’s send back ALL the immigrants, not just some.

Then let’s see just how “over-populated,” “crowded” and “third-world” the West will look.

That is, if it can function at all, minus its immigrants.




I Was Wrong About Trump

I was wrong about Trump.

Not that he isn’t a shill for the financial cartel and another face of the elites. Yes, he is all that.

But I was wrong that the election was just six of one, half a dozen of the other.

So far, at least, that’s not been the case.

All the goody-two-shoes bombing-for-their-own-good of Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, apparently qualified Obama as a “decent” man and great president to our liberal brethren.

Comes Trump who hasn’t bombed a soul but merely – and quite sensibly- wants to keep out refugees from countries that are considered enemies of the US, and the caterwauling can be heard around the solar system.

What? You think a sovereign nation has the right to determine who enters its borders and wants to keep out people who might – quite justifiably in my opinion – want to sock it to Americans for what’s been done to them?

You madman, you!

And that wall. Sure, it’s a boondoggle. But then what isn’t?

Not that I personally am in favor of stopping Mexicans crossing the border to work illegally.

But along with workers, come gangs, revanchist groups, gun-running, drugs, and sex-trafficking. And subsidies to illegals that have bust the budgets of border states.

A virtual wall would be more efficient and cheaper, but I personally prefer concrete, if for nothing more than the symbolism of a Great Wall Of Mehiko.

True, I will no longer be able to dreamily plot routes that avoid passport checks – a favorite hobby of a frequent traveler. Sailing across an unmanned southern border  will soon be an impossibility. I dread to think of the logistics, the dust thrown up, the flora and fauna diving for cover.

But all leaders have their follies and the ancient Egyptians probably hated the building of the pyramids as well.

Let Trump have his.

Meanwhile,  there’s the whole LBGTQ project struck right off the official website; the climate-change agenda erased; funding withdrawn for US tax-payer subsidized abortions; Obama care reversed (at least somewhat); the massacre of Christians in the Middle East an actual thing in the news….

I am not naive enough to believe all this doesn’t still conceal another chapter in the globalist agenda.  It does.

But common sense and the people who pay the bills have just made a come-back, short-lived, as it may be.

I, for one, am grateful.

Now, about FATCA…





Anti-Trumpers Lose Their Minds..And It’s A Good Thing

I didn’t vote for Trump. I thought he was some kind Trojan Horse.  I didn’t vote for Hillary. I know she’s Chairman Mao in a pantsuit.

I didn’t vote. I had it with everything about voting a long time ago.

But I must say I now see the point of voting for Trump. Anyone who gets the opposition this lathered up cannot be all bad. I still think his foreign policy is going to be all bad, but on the domestic front, there’s at least one good thing to cheer about. He’s driven the opposition crazy.

Gary North at LRC:

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson. Johnson vetoed 739 bills when he was governor of New Mexico. No governor of New Mexico had ever vetoed that many bills and most of them were sustained. His opponents in the legislature could not get enough votes to override his vetoes. He really made them squirm. That had impressed me for many years, and I figured I might as well say thank you in the only way that matters for a politician: my vote. Also, when asked his opinions on Aleppo, he answered: “What is Aleppo?” Somebody who had never heard of Aleppo probably would not get the United States involved more deeply than it already is in Syria. America would be a lot better off if Barack Obama had never heard of Aleppo.

Anyway, back to Trump. He is the victim of the most systematic campaign of media vitriol that I have ever seen. They didn’t like Barry Goldwater, but they did nothing like this. They didn’t like Ronald Reagan, but they did nothing like this. They will not give Trump any slack at all.

He is being tried by a court that has the guilty verdict in its pocket. Even more delightfully, this court has proven itself to be politically impotent. And in the outlook of this court, there is nothing worse than political impotence. Political impotence means being cast into the outer darkness. As Trump’s parade begins, they sit on the sidelines shouting, “This just isn’t fair.” Yes, it is. It is also delightful.

I call your attention to the most vicious piece of slander against Trump that I have seen so far. It was written by somebody in Australia. Now, the fact that anybody in Australia gives a rat’s patootie about Donald Trump is amazing. But to write something like this is really astounding. I’m not going to quote from it. I want you to read it. As you read it, think this: this bonehead Aussie has no political skin in the game. This is in his country. It is in his political system. He is down under. But he is utterly apoplectic about Donald Trump. You can read his screed here. It appeared in the most internationally influential of Australia’s newspapers, the Sydney Morning News.

What impressed me most about his article is its tone. It is not moral outrage. It is whining. This is crybaby journalism. We do not see it often because they win so often. Snide comments, yes. Contempt, yes. But not whining. When you see a journalist whine, you know he is beaten. He is not rallying the troops for one last stand at the barricades. He is like a three-year-old lying on his back, kicking his legs wildly, and screaming: “I want it! I want it! I want it!” Someone ought to dump a glass of ice water on the guy.

This is happening all over the West. The columnists really have lost their minds. They have lost all sense of perspective.

Republicans were upset twice when Obama defeated Republican candidates for President. But before he came to power in 2009, they pretty much held their peace. I’m not talking about screwballs on the fringe. I’m talking about conservatives in newspapers, magazines, and on websites that had Alexa ratings higher than 500,000. I am talking about the equivalent of the Sydney Morning News.

Trump has really gotten under their skins. I am grudgingly becoming a fan of Trump’s. Anyone who can cause this much pain among the liberal establishment, including the liberal Republican establishment, can’t be all bad.

We are told that he has low public opinion ratings. First, this is not true. Over half the public is favorable. Second, he ran against a woman who had the lowest public opinion ratings of any Democratic candidate for President over the last century. Never has a Democratic candidate for President been so widely regarded as untrustworthy. Now, let me say that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with electing somebody to office who you think is untrustworthy. If you elect anyone to office, and you don’t assume that this person is untrustworthy, you are living in a fantasy world. But Hillary Clinton set the record for public skepticism. Yet the liberal media had a lovefest with her. They seemed astounded when this nagging, shrill, legendary thrower of plates lost the election. Hillary Clinton was the Bobby Knight of American politics. Her loss is not the end of the liberals’ world. But liberals think it may be. Liberals who think this are dumb.


The media have not been able to come to grips with his victory. They think the voters in Midwestern states have betrayed American democracy. They think that what’s good for California and New York is good for the nation. A lot of us don’t think so. I moved out of both of those states a long time ago. I have never longingly looked back at either of them. I paid my unfair share of confiscatory state taxes in both of them. That was 40 years ago before they both went even more politically insane than they were then. New York is a state represented in this century in the Senate by Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. California elected Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Need I say more?

The media will be in continual apoplexy for at least the next four years. And in each of these years, the media will lose market share. In each of these years, newspaper reporters will be fired unceremoniously. These people are typing furiously on the Titanic. The public is paying less and less attention to them, as Trump proved on November 8. One of my favorite websites is The latest report on falling ad revenue for the print version of The New York Times is here. I also enjoyed learning of the rout at Reuters.

Also, in each of these years, employees in network television, as well as MSNBC and CNN, will get their well-deserved pink slips.

The more the media grouse about every aspect of Trump’s administration, the more that Trump’s voters will conclude that they did the right thing on November 8.

By the way, where’s Hillary? Talk about a disappearing act! She went from the queen of the media to Greta Garbo in 48 hours. “I want to be alone!”

It is going to be business as usual in Washington. It was business as usual for eight years under Obama. Actually, it was a much-reduced business in Washington. Obama got less legislation through Congress than any modern President of the United States. He was heavy on agenda but light on implementation. Fortunately.

I think Trump’s great contribution has already been made. He utterly humiliated the liberal media. He humiliated the entire bipartisan establishment. He trounced his Republican opponents, and then he beat Hillary Clinton when it counted. He is the only person in American political history with zero backgrounds in any area of government who has been elected President. That is going to get him into the history textbooks.”

House Panel Castrates Itself For Modi

From India Today, comes news that the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Panel has contradicted the statement of its chairman that Modi can be called before it to explain demonetization.

The contradiction comes following a strong protest lodged by a BJP member of the PAC with the Lok Sabha (Lower House) speaker:
“The PAC statement says that under the rules, “officials may be called to give evidence in connection with the examination of the estimates and accounts in a particular Ministry, Ministers shall not be called before the Committee either to give evidence or consultation:


  1. The PAC statement, however, further reads that the chairperson of the committee “may have an informal interaction with the Minister”.
  2. The PAC statement in interesting in the view of chairman K V Thomas’s stand that PM Modi Modi could be summoned if the panel is not satisfied with the responses of RBI governor Urjit Patel and finance ministry officials on demonetisation.
  3. Earlier, a BJP member of the PAC registered protest with the Lok Sabha speaker against the statement made by Thomas.
  4. On his part, Thomas cited precedents of PAC summoning union ministers during the chairmanship of senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi, who wanted the then PM Manmohan Singh to appear before the parliamentary panel in connection with 2G and coal scams.
  5. Thomas also cited a 1996-example when the then agriculture minister C Subramaniam appeared before the committee over a CAG report.
  6. In 1992, the then finance minister Manmohan Singh faced PAC over Harshad Mehta stock exchange scandal.
  7. RBI Governor Urjit Patel is slated to appear before the PAC over demonetisation on January 20.


Alleged Trump Sex Video: From 9-11, Grosvenor Gardens

An interesting factoid:

The infamous alleged fetish video involving Donald Trump and a Russian hotel bed in which the Obamas slept (details delicately withheld on our chaste blog) turns out to have been given to US intelligence officials by none other than Senator John McCain, whose own record is so dodgy it muddies the story even more.

We think the much bigger question than Obama’s bed is Trump’s. Who’s in it? How much in hock is he to Russia?

McCain, an alleged war-hero but documented fink,  was once a POW in Vietnam and, since I just watched “The Manchurian Candidate,” that raises all sorts of questions for me about his own motivations and agenda.

Second, the file on Trump was compiled by a 20 year veteran of MI6 (the British foreign intelligence service), Christopher Steele, who from 1990 until 2009 was also a spy in Russia.

2009 was the year a lot of intel operations, including that of Wikileaks, began operating.

So what did Mr. Steele do in 2009? He opened Orbis Business Intelligence, which compiled the video. Apparently, he was funded by Republican anti-Trump operatives.

Where is Orbis located?

At the commercial site of 9-11 Grosvenor Gardens in London.

Is this another Rothschild/NWO wink or merely coincidence?

If the former,  into which realm of reality, falsity, or some mixture of both, do we consign the video?

And who is  behind it?

Insane McCain, Trump himself, his handlers, the Russians, the financial cabal, the CIA, Mossad, the FSB? Or some combination of these?

And if this is an X-rated rerun of the Manchurian Candidate, with McCain as the brain-washed trigger-man, is it Mike Pence or Hillary Clinton, who is the intended beneficiary?

My bet is the latter.


Modi’s New Year Speech: More Black Money Lies

There were some big whoppers in Modi’s propaganda blast on New Year’s Eve, which I sat through so that you, dear reader,  would not have to subject yourself to the tedium:


$500 and $1000 rupees notes (the old notes that were banned) were mainstays of the black economy.


That would make the vegetable vendor, fish-monger, housewife, pensioner, and local shop-keeper all “black,” according to monetary moron Modi.

Of course, they are not. What with inflation, those notes are practically staples of normal day-to-day cash transactions: payment of daily wage workers, repairmen, and vendors.

The TV repairman takes Rs. 750 for an hour of repair on the antenna.  It would be normal to use a 500 and a couple of 100s for him. TV’s are not signs of great wealth, but widely owned by lower-middle-class  and even working-class people. A visit to the hospital, shopping at the vegetable or fish market, repairing a leaky ceiling – all of these would routinely be done with the banned notes.


Demonetization has helped the Income Tax Department uncover more tax-evasion and money-laundering rings.


The Income Tax Department does not need demonetization to conduct raids on suspected tax-evaders. They do that in the course of their normal routine. In fact, demonetization has added NEW  rings of money-laundering and enabled corrupt bank officials to make a buck changing black to white. That explains the huge stashes (hundreds of thousands to millions)  of the new Rs. 2000 notes being busted all over the country.


The hard part is over. Corruption, drugs, trafficking, porn, and all other evils are based on black money held in cash and they have all suffered a permanent blow. Ramrajya is here.


The largest part of black-money is digitally circulated in and out of India through market avenues such as round-tripping and participatory notes, neither of which was even mentioned in the Modi speech.  Black money is parked mostly in foreign bank accounts, in real estate, and in gold and diamonds. Far from helping eradicate corruption, cash bans and digitilization make it much easier for large players (like the government, large corporate entities and criminals) to manipulate and steal money from the ordinary man.

The aam admi’s troubles have only begun. He is being ruthlessly herded, through bribes and threats, into digital platforms for which he and the Indian infrastructure are ill-prepared.


More cash deposited at the banks will bring down inflation.


One of the biggest problems with targeting black-money, is the inflationary consequences of sucking money out of hard assets and foreign accounts. Once in the country, they are bound to increase the supply of money in the country and pump up inflation.

Demonetization just changes the part of the economy where cash circulates.

It moves cash from the informal sector and small businesses to the formal economy and big businesses and government (banks lending to developers and companies).

It penalizes the winners in the free markets (the small businesses) and rewards the  losers (developers-government-banks-large corporations) .

It reverses the decision of the market and replaces it with a mandate from the center.

More deposits in banks means more money available against which banks can make loans.

Indeed, recapitalization of  banks with huge non-performing assets (bad loans to big industrialists and developers) is one of the real reasons for demonetization, not eradicating corruption – a story put out to hoodwink the public.

One example. Is Modi going after Vijay Mallya of Kingfisher for non-payment of loans? Why, on the other hand, is he unable to waive loans that hard-working farmers have been unable to repay for reasons they cannot control – like the failure of rains?

And why is only Vijay Mallya mentioned in Indian media reports? Mallya is only a front for Rothschild interests….

in the same way that Khodorkovsky was a front for Rothschild interests.

What about the vast public sector loans made to the scion of the Tata drug-running fortune, Ratan Tata, a Rothschild cohort, to purchase   over-priced Corus steel (at $12.1 billion) on the advice of N. M. Rothschild, the merchant banker?

The purchase was made at the height of the commodity boom, only 6 years after Corus was a penny-stock.

Tata is another friend of the Rothschilds, getting low-priced loans from Indian public sector banks to help out Corus, and selling his cars in India at twice the price they fetch in the international market.

Corus, originally British steel, foundered on the demands of highly paid unionized British workers, with their plush pensions.


The main problem in India is corruption and dishonesty, a problem of culture, to be addressed forcibly by the government.


Corruption or graft in India, as elsewhere, is a symptom, not a cause of India’s woes.

Behind the symptom is the real cause, which is is not cultural, but political: the replacement of a healthily functioning economy by a system of political patronage run from the center.

In a patronage system, WHO  you are and WHOM you know are more important that WHAT you do.

Instead of competing honestly for money, through providing better services, businesses are forced to compete for favor from the political class.

This necessity has dribbled down into the lowest-class from the highest.

Call it trickle-down graft.

Why is the center so influential?

Ultimately, it’s because of the life-blood of the economy – money – is controlled from the bank at the center – the RBI.

Furthermore, behind the RBI is a more remote but far more powerful center – the BIS.

Behind the BIS stands the great central controller, the globalist Rothschild cabal.

The prevalence of corruption in a society thus has little to do with the innate honesty or lack of honesty among people.

In a famous 2013 survey of major cities all over the world, the Reader’s Digest ((not known to be unfriendly to the West) actually found that when money-laden wallets were dropped on the road, the two cities where they were most often returned with the money intact and the reward refused, were Helsinki and Mumbai.

Notably, Helsinki is in Finland, which is ranked at the top of corruption-indices. Mumbai is in India, which is ranked toward the lower end of most corruption indices.

That says a great deal about such indices. It says even more about the divergence between the POLITICAL category of “corruption” and the MORAL category of honesty.

By deliberately confusing the two, practiced RSS propagandist Modi has dressed up  a thoroughly political project, a black operation hatched by the Anglo-Zionists,  in the swadeshi  (home-made) and swachha (white) robes of national health and morality.


Modi Revives Iconography Of Delhi/Hindi Empire

A fascinating and insightful look at the imagery and numerals on the new currency notes:

Reserve Bank of India has put up the designs of the new 500 and 2000 notes on its website. They confirm what many feared – that this design overhaul will be used to push certain iconographies that suit the incumbent BJP government. The difference between the old design and the new seem to be centered on three things: Hindi, Delhi and Narendra Modi.

The new currency notes introduce numerals in Devanagri script, the present script of Hindi. This was not the case in earlier version of the currency notes. Is it the case that the government thinks that only Hindi people should be able to read the numerals in a script they are familiar with while the rest of us, the non-Hindi majority, would not need to read numerals in our languages? Was there any complaint from any quarter than the stand-alone Arabic (or Hindu-Arabic as it is sometimes called) numerals in English script were not being able to do the job? Why was there no Hindi-Devanagri numeral before this? May be because it is actually unconstitutional and in contravention of a Presidential order. Article 343 of the Constitution of the Indian union states in no uncertain terms that, ““[t]he form of numerals to be used for the official purposes of the union shall be the international form of Indian numerals”. The only modification to this comes in the form of the 1960 Presidential order, which allows for “the use of Devanagari numerals, in addition to the international numerals, in the Hindi publications of the Central Ministries depending upon the public intended to be addressed and the subject-matter of the publication. For scientific, technical and statistical publications… the international numerals should be adopted uniformly in all publications”.



The present Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India should explain how all-India currency bank-notes fall within the category of “Hindi publications of the Central Ministries” and how does the choice of Devanagari satisfy the clause of “depending upon the public intended to be addressed”. Does the Government of India, and RBI exist to serve only Hindi speakers? They might believe so. But non-Hindi linguistic groups are bound to Hindi people and to each other, only by the compact of the constitution and not by the Hindi imperialist whims or ideologies of the union government and its agencies. …..

A proportion of the currency notes could have had numerals in Devanagari, a proportion could have had Bangla, a proportion could have had Tamil and so on, based on population proportion of citizens using those languages. This is the model of the Euro, where it is a single currency, but there are specific variants to accommodate the diverse stake-holders. But doing that or even the present usage of Devanagari would need a constitutional amendment. The BJP, in its efforts to impose Hindi, is reopening the wounds of 1965 anti-Hindi imposition struggles that have not been forgotten by non-Hindi peoples. In this regard, the British had done a much better job, where numerals all many South Asian languages were given equal footing in font size, vis-à-vis English. Thus English, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, etc all had same font size numerals on bank notes as evidenced in the 10-rupee currency note of 1910.

The new notes also have the new Indian currency sign. That sign, derived from the “R” letter in Devanagari, was not chosen with the consent of the people. In my language Bangla and also in Assamese, the word for the currency unit is Taka or Toka. That starts with “T”. How can then the “R” sound be a general stand-in for all of us? And how did this get into the new currency note? How would have “R” people felt if a symbol for “T” sound were used instead? How is the sound of the currency name for Hindi people more important than the sound for Bengali or Assamese people? One might argue that it is called Rupees in English and that has R. That too is without consent of non-Hindi people and is a term handed down by the British. In Bengal, almost everyone grows up calling their currency as Taka, same as what they call it in Bangladesh.


Such words are not categories of nationalism but words of everyday use. By downplaying them, a whole people are classified as second class. While English is a foreign language for all, Hindi is also a foreign language for all non-Hindi people……. In a diverse, federal Union of States, like the Indian Union, the legendary Tamil Nadu leader and Chief Minister had laid down a principle that every citizen must share advantages and disadvantages equally. The usage of Hindi/Devanagari violates this fundamental principle of peaceful coexistence and cooperation as it is not equidistant from all stake-holders and give undue advantage to those for whom this is the mother-tongue and standard script. English provides that equal distance. The Indian union itself is the product of coordination and cross-linking of disparate ethno-linguistic nationalities mediated by English knowing elites of their respective groups. Most trans-linguistic discussions on political issues in the Indian union happen in English.

Thirdly, the actual proportion of area or real-estate on the currency note that is given to Devanagari vis-à-vis other language scripts has gone up. This is a very serious affair. The relative space and size of Devanagari-Hindi things vis-a-vis our non-Hindi mother tongues reflects exactly what New Delhi thinks of the rest of us vis-a-vis Hindi. And there is a temporal pattern to it that has gone from equality to inequality…… This marginalisation of non-Hindi languages has continued unabashed. The equal proportion to all South Asian languages in the 1917 bank note as well as the 1940 bank note was replaced by a currency series that continued for the longest time after the 1947 transfer of power that privileged Hindi over everything else. 1947 sadly marks the watershed year for the loss of status for non-Hindi languages. … The pace of that has visibly quickened with a militant edge under the present BJP regime in New Delhi.


Thus, in RBI issued currency notes, Hindi-Devanagari words are big and are supposed to carry information. Non-Hindi language scripts are progressively smaller and are basically decoration with no practical use except for non-Hindi citizens to console themselves that “diversity” is alive, though certainly not kicking. …..Hindi mother tongue people form about 25 percent of the Indian population – that number too is arrived at after counting various linguistically non-Hindi languages as Hindi, because New Delhi orders so according to its political agenda.

Fourthly, the new currency notes do not have all the scripts of all the languages recognised in the VIII Schedule of the Constitution. Santhali is an example of an VIII Schedule language with its own Olchiki script that remains unrepresented in the currency note. Sanskrit with less than 20000 self-reported speakers is represented while Santhali with nearly 70 lakh speakers is not. The same goes for Meiteilon (Manipuri), which is an VIII Schedule language with its own script. The new currency note was an opportunity to include Santhali and Meiteilon but clearly Hindi and its expansion is the only driving force in the linguistic changes. People should know that the Indian union government considers languages to be a security issue! Which is why language groups and their scripts have to have their official stamp of recognition and approval from the Union Home Ministry.

…..As we speak, the union government is forcing small linguistic groups to adopt Devanagari as their official script and withholding recognition if they don’t agree. Thus, we find the absurd situation where speakers of Bodo, whose territorial homelands are not connected to any Hindi region, have been forced to adopt Devanagari. Thus, Hindi majority bureaucrats in the union government are killing the autonomous choice of a linguistic group in deciding their own future. And the government is shameless enough to celebrate International Mother Language Day.

The old currency notes tried to avoid location-based political symbolism except for the Parliament House in the denomination of 50 that arguably is for all. However, the Red Fort of Delhi in the new 500 denomination touches a raw nerve for many. The Red Fort was the political headquarters of the Mughal Empire for a long time.

[Lila: To me, this is more proof that Modi is actually posturing when he engages in sabre-rattling about Islam. One notices that he is quite obsequious to the Saudi ruling class…..the NWO uses Islam as a proxy for its own goals, witness the use of Islamic migrants to spearhead a movement to deconstruct European culture.]

Indian union came into existence in 1947. It is not a successor state to the Mughal Empire. The Red Fort is a sign of pre-British Delhi-based imperialism, signifying the power of imperial invaders who attacked the countries of Bengalis, Marathis, Axomiya, Odiyas and many others. Our ancestors resisted such invasions but Delhi won by brute power. Imperial Delhi ruled by posting mostly Hindi/Urdu speaking military people in our homelands…….

The use of the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” (Clean India expedition) logo accompanied byits Hindi slogan in Devanagari script crosses all limits of propriety. Never before has a government put one of its own schemes on something as non-partisan and common as a currency note. This mischief would basically result in an advertisement of the present government for all times to come, till these currency notes are withdrawn. This is certainly not illegal but not all shameless things aren’t illegal. This starts a very unhealthy precedent. Now, nothing stops any later day union government to use currency notes as their pet scheme advertising billboards. The abuse started earlier during the Congress regime with the use of the face of MK Gandhi, who was associated with a particular party that is still in business and were opposed by other parties who are also still in business.

Narendra Modi announced the new currency notes after the 500-1000 demonetisation announcement. His address was in Hindi, without any subtitles and then in English, with Hindi subtitles. So, the union government does care whether Hindi speakers comprehend the English speech but doesn’t care whether the majority of the citizens, that is, non-Hindi-English speakers understand anything at all. This imperial attitude, that treats a majority of the citizens as second class, was furthered by all PSU (that is New Delhi controlled) banks that mostly did not care to print any information for the public in their mother tongues. Last heard, the new currency notes do not match the structural specifications of the ATM machines all over. Since the top-down imposition of currency notes by New Delhi is sacred, all the ATM machines have to be structurally changed to match and fit what New Delhi has produced. “

Petition For Inquiry Into Death of Former TN Chief

Many of us in Tamil Nadu have been wondering about the death of former Chief Minister, the hugely popular but autocratic ex-film star and dancer, Jayalalitha.

Known as Amma, the charismatic leader had been arrested on “disproportionate assets” charges at the time she was admitted to hospital for dehydration.

She seemed to have got better but was suddenly sent back to ICU for a cardiac arrest, to which she eventually succumbed.

The unexpected relapse and the secrecy around her end have fueled speculation about foul play only aggravated by the BJP government’s shockingly militarized tax raid on the TN chief secretary whom she had directly appointed. Now, cases have been filed to open an inquiry into her death:

The former Tamil Nadu chief minister died on December 5 and not satisfied with the authorities view about the cause of death, a petition was filed in Chennai High Court by AIADMK cadre seeking 3 member bench to investigate Jayalalithaa’s death. The petition is to be heard tomorrow. Jayalalithaa, popularly known as “Amma” among her supporters, breathed her last at Chennai’s Apollo Hospitals on December 5 where she was admitted on September 22 with fever and dehydration. Last week too, Chennai-based NGO, filed a Public interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court that raised doubt over the circumstances in which Jayalalithaa died.”

Forbes: DeMo Is Sickening, Bizarre, Immoral references Steve Forbes’ scathing denunciation of the immorality of demonetization, one of the few pieces in the media that gets to the nub of the matter: this is not about poor implementation or lack of foresight; this is about a fundamental violation of basic rights:

Steve Forbes, in a no-holds-barred column, has said: “What India has done to its money is sickening and immoral.” Well that’s just the title of the column.

Forbes has written, and it must be quoted: “India’s government perpetrated an unprecedented act that is not only damaging its economy and threatening destitution to countless millions of its already poor citizens but also breathtaking in its immorality.”

Further: “Not since India’s short-lived forced-sterilization program in the 1970s – this bout of Nazi-like eugenics was instituted to deal with the country’s ‘overpopulation’ – has the government engaged in something so immoral. It claims the move will fight corruption and tax evasion by allegedly flushing out illegal cash, crippling criminal enterprises and terrorists and force-marching India into a digitized credit system.”

“India is the most extreme and destructive example of the anti-cash fad currently sweeping governments and the economics profession. Countries are moving to ban high-denomination bills, citing the rationales trotted out by New Delhi. But there’s no misunderstanding what this is truly about: attacking your privacy and inflicting more government control over your life.”

“What India has done is commit a massive theft of people’s property without even the pretense of due process – a shocking move for a democratically elected government.”

Steve Forbes has not held back. He has said that by “further impoverishing the least fortunate among its population and undermining social trust, thereby poisoning politics and hurting future investment, India has immorally and unnecessarily harmed its people, while setting a dreadful example for the rest of the world”.

In other words, Forbes is saying that India has just demonstrated how it feels to commit a financial genocide with élan, turning the entire country into a laboratory of extremely unethical fiscal eugenics experiments, turning citizens to guinea pigs of monetary mayhem.

However, the cheerleaders of the prime minister are busy positing this as a global conspiracy against India, a concerted attempt to write off a move that is morally superior because ostensibly it would purge the country of wrongdoers such as black money hoarders and terrorists using counterfeit notes. Those claims have been razed to dust already.

But what is terrifying is the meekness expected of citizens en masse at present. Any Indian echoing Forbes, and there are many, would be branded as an anti-national.”


Dieudonne Mocks Holocaust Inc., Not Holocaust

In this interview on Iranian TV, Dieudonne describes how he and his wife and children have been physically assaulted by Zionists for his satire.

None of that harassment has been reported widely. While the world has been forced to listen to endless nonsense about the faux-martyrdoms of operatives like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, someone who really gets beaten up for his political views gets no sympathy.

The comedian also explains why breaking the  taboo against criticizing Zionism is indispensable to releasing the West from the psychic prison in which it lives.

He explains the difference between mocking the political and commercial manipulation of the Holocaust (which he admits to doing)

and mocking the Holocaust itself (which he denies doing).

He points out that in France, in recent  years, the Crucifixion has been forcibly and intentionally displaced by the Holocaust as a symbol deserving public veneration.

[See my post on Pope Francis and the Marc Chagall painting of Christ.]

Indeed, the increasing proliferation of laws supporting the inviolability of Holocaust history in France and elsewhere coincides with the increasing denigration and displacement of Christian symbols.

That displacement is nothing less than cultural imperialism.

Is one human race to replace divinity itself in the public consciousness of another?

If so, by whose will? At whose expense?

In another post I will explain why I still wonder if Dieudonne is yet another face of controlled opposition, but, in regard to the question of whether he is guilty of incitement, the answer is no.

One last point. He was convicted not of “inciting violence,” which is at least a crime, even if  he didn’t commit it.

No, he was charged with something quite different, nebulous, and trumped up “inciting hate.”

Quite apart from the astounding hypocrisy of  such a statement from the West – always boiling over with barbaric ‘two-minute-hates’ (here and here  for instance) directed at this or that unfortunate people who get in the way of its imperial ambitions –  what does inciting hate even mean?

Really, what does it mean?





Christ-Hating Zios & Shabbos Goyim

From Mask of Zion:

So when the ostensibly “Christian” British state, known and hated the world over for its “Christian” missionary activities that cloaked so many if not all of its genocidal invasions, chucks its “Christian” identity to the wayside and castigates a man like Dieudonné, who identifies himself as an “Islamic-Christian (23)”, while welcoming filth-peddlers and desecrationists like Sarah Silverman and Larry David, it is betraying an upsetting truth that many Brits may not be able to accept: Their country is not the great power that they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is since birth. Their country is a subcontractor for a far more powerful, far more sinister force. Their country is not Christian. Their country has no love or respect for Jesus Christ The Messiah. Their country is not sovereign. Their country is on its knees, its forehead at the feet of the Rothschilds and other “chosenite” overlords. Their country is subservient to Jewish supremacy.

As is America. The US and UK regimes are empires and imperialists only in name, for they do not serve their own interests but the interests of Organized Jewry, which sends its Christ-hating spokespersons into the public eye to bash and humiliate what they allegedly hold most dear while they remain deafeningly silent. But when opponents of Zionist-subverted Western policy criticize the parasitic, plutocratic elite running the West into the ground, they are not greeted with the same silence. They are not even greeted with accusations of “anti-Westernism”. No, they are bombarded with the gobbledegook of “anti-Semitism”. Pounded with the sheer irrationalness of “Jew-hatred”. Browbeaten for spitting on the “memory” of the “Holocaust”. This is not just an exercise in hypocrisy alone. Hypocrisy represents the mere obviousness of the matter. This is proof, the kind comprised of unbreakable stone embedded in unshakeable ground, that imperialism, while a terribly real threat that must be combated and stopped, is only vice president in the hegemonic power structure; its agents are “shabbos goyim” and its boss is Zionism. “

A Reader’s Tip

One reader suggests that the attacks against Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza are part of the on-going psychological war on America’s ostensible ally in Asia, India.

I’ll follow up on that when I’ve had time to get into the whole story. D’Souza, from my perspective, isn’t an Indian public figure in the US I feel compelled to support, given that he’s spent his whole career telling American conservatives what they want to hear…or think they want to hear…misrepresenting many things about his country of origin in his eagerness to please his country of adoption.

But, in the end, what did it get him?

A hard-core of conservatives are also nativists and racialists and they would never accept a dark-skinned Indian man as one of them, no matter how thoughtfully he argued or how faithfully he defended their interests.

And D’Souza didn’t always argue thoughtfully, although almost always with insight.

He often took cheap shots at liberals and the left, for one thing, which discredited his other positions.

Hitting the left accurately where it hurts is fine, but tarring the many decent left-libertarians, anti-imperialists, and humanitarians, who for one reason or other call themselves leftists or liberals, is foolish and wrong.

Remember, the rule in American politics is that if you’re a conservative, you get handled worse if you also happen to be a minority.

It’s as though the media establishment sees people who go against their natural interests as some kind of traitor rather than just intellectually non-conformist.


“Conservative” Catholic Papers Fire Pope Critics

First Things,” a conservative Catholic paper, has fired Maureen Mullarkey for criticizing Pope Francis, going to the extent of publicly ridiculing her conservative views.

Other supposedly conservative Catholic papers have also fired Pope Francis detractors:

Adam Shaw, a Fox news website editor, was fired from a Catholic News Service gig.

The National Catholic Register has fired Patrick Archbold, using liberal talking-points to make its case.

Why are all these “conservative” Catholics suddenly so eager to echo the Liberal party-line?

Were they ever real conservatives?

Are they under pressure from bigger bosses?

Are we only now finding out the extent of the subversion and infiltration of conservative Catholic circles at the behest of the ruling cabal?

As a non-Catholic, I can only feel intensely sorry for traditionalists of that faith.

And more than ever I am thankful that I have never  put all my faith “in princes nor in the son of man,” no, not even (or, maybe, especially) when they claim to speak infallibly.


I really do not have a major problem with the content of most of what Pope Francis has said publicly (from urging people to care about the poor, to supporting refugees, to asking us to care about the environment).

What I don’t like is the overwhelming priority he has given to these social issues over reaffirming the Church’s teachings on the family and on sexuality….a reaffirmation that is much more needed than the repetition of concerns voiced often enough by political groups.

Even Francis’ social teaching is marred by his ignorance of economic science and his partisanship on man-made global warming.

And all of his exhortations ring hollow when you realize how closely they follow the globalist agenda that is pushed by the intelligence agencies.


Howard Zinn: Card-Carrying Communist

The Other McCain:

One of the things you can learn from M. Stanton Evans’ recent book on Joe McCarthy’s investigations, Blacklisted by History, is how deeply the FBI had penetrated CPUSA. One reason that McCarthy’s was sometimes unable to publicly substantiate his accusations was that he relied on secret information passed along by the FBI. McCarthy couldn’t identity the source of his information without compromising the FBI’s investigations, so when his critics tried to make it appear that McCarthy’s suspicions were without merit, McCarthy couldn’t simply say, “Here is the FBI file.”

As we see from this file, the FBI had access to the CPUSA mailing list, which is not the same as a membership list, but is certainly strong evidence when combined — as in Zinn’s case — with admitted high-level involvement in a slew of front-group activities.

UPDATE III: Even if all the other FBI files proved nothing, this 1957 memorandum based on information from a former CPUSA member would seem rather conclusive:

So, according to the informant, Zinn appeared to have been a member of the Brooklyn section of CPUSA before the informant joined that section in 1949 — tending to corroborate information previously developed by the FBI.

Here is something very interesting: George Kirschner is named as co-author of Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States: The Wall Charts. Whether this is the same person as the George Kirshner who reportedly hosted CPUSA meetings in Brooklyn in 1952 might be a subject worth researching.

At any rate, the fact that “Informant T-1” was “brought up on charges of ‘white chauvinism’ by the CP” is also very interesting. This was the kind of “thought-crime” inquisition to which CPUSA members were sometimes subjected. Certainly an avid Communist like the informant, who had been a Party member since 1948, could not have been an outright racist, so we don’t know why he would have faced such an accusation. But it should be kept in mind that Stalin purged and executed many of the original Bolsheviks on fabricated pretexts of “deviationism,” and a similar Stalinist impulse might have made “T-1” a scapegoat.

This would seem to be the clincher: “T-1” is reported to have taken a photo of Zinn teaching a class on Communist doctrine in 1951, and to have provided the photo to the FBI in 1956. Zinn reportedly “took the position [in the 1951 class] that the basic teachings of Marx and Lenin were sound and should be adhered to.”

In May 1955, the FBI had de-activated its “Security Index” card on Zinn, who at that time was working on his Ph.D. at Columbia University and teaching at Upsala College in East Orange, N.J. Zinn’s file was re-opened by the FBI’s Atlanta office in 1957, after Zinn joined the faculty of Spellman College in Atlanta. A few years later, during the Kennedy administration, Zinn wrote an article in the Sunday edition of the Daily Worker disparaging Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the FBI for their supposed failure to protect civil rights  — without ever acknowledging that Zinn himself had been interviewed a decade earlier by the FBI for his own Communist activities.

UPDATE IV: A little more Googling turns up George Kirschner’s December 2008 obituary in the New York Times, with commenters memorializing his association with Zinn:

KIRSCHNER–George. Beloved grandfather and greatgrandfather, father, husband, teacher and friend will be remembered for his contagious smile and energy, unwavering principles, profound sense of justice, unequivocal commitment to activism, and open and welcoming heart. Born in New York City, George served in the US Coast Guard during WWII. He began as a brewer, later went to college, and found his professional love as a teacher of history at the Walden School in New York City.

His age and biography as a longtime New Yorker would lend credence to the suspicion Kirschner was the same as the “Kirshner” listed in the FBI files as hosting Brooklyn CPUSA section meetings. So we may therefore presume that Kirschner is, like Zinn, now the only kind of good Communist.

UPDATE V: FBI files from the 1960s connect Zinn to a Who’s Who of the New Left anti-war radicalism:

In 1966, the main publication of the Socialist Workers Party, the Militant, reported Zinn joining with then-SDS president Carl Oglesby on a committee to defend a South African activist. After the SDS split in 1969 that led to the formation of the Weather Underground, Oglesby subsequently became a JFK assassination conspiracy theorist.

Zinn participated in a 1967 anti-war “teach-in” at Harvard, sponsored by SDS in cooperation with the American Institute for Marxist Studies, an organization founded by historian Herb Aptheker, chief theoretician of CPUSA.

At an MIT teach-in, Zinn was joined by Noam Chomsky.

In one of Zinn’s most infamous exploits, he traveled to Hanoi in 1968 with the radical priest Daniel Berrigan, an event hailed at press conference involving Tom Hayden (SDS co-founder and principal author of the “Port Huron Statement”) and socialist/pacifist Dave Dellinger, subsequently of “Chicago 7” notoriety.

What we see in all this, then, is how Zinn’s career forms a major thread in a rope that connects ’60s radicalism back to the Stalinism of the 1940s and ’50s. Zinn was a consistent advocate of Marxist-Leninist doctrine throughout his career, and it is amazing that his teachings — his anti-American history — are so popular nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

America won the Cold War, but the Communists won the campuses.”

Did America win the Cold War? Or was that victory simply a propaganda coup?


And This Is How You Get To Contribute To The Weekly Standard

….you grovel to the right people.

P. J. O’Rourke, usually a funny guy, is distinctly unfunny, foul, and flatulent in this grotesque demonstration of ethnic self-flagellation masquerading as an explanation of why Ann Coulter committed pure evil by asking how many “effing” J’s there were anyway in the US .

Coulter was being no more incendiary than she usually is, only this time, the target was the ruling class, which sent out one of its lap-dogs to do its bidding.




Dorothy Day: Catholic Saint?

Pope Francis recently paid his respects to four “great Americans.”

They were Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King,  Dorothy Day, and Thomas Merton.

I was disappointed but not surprised, as this pope seems to be very much in step with the spirit of the times, something one neither wants…nor expects…from the leader of a two thousand-year-old religious tradition that claims eternal validity.

The pope’s picks are all very political ones.

ARE there no “great Americans” among the millions who lead lives in the private sector, uninterested in politics?

Lincoln was a president; King was a political activist; Day was very political, indeed, a former communist; Merton was the conscience, so it is said, of the non-violent civil rights movement of the 1960s.

I find it disquieting that the Pope could not find at least one great contemplative or visionary or healer or scientist or businessman or scholar or artist outside the realm of politics, among the tens of thousands of Americans born since the inception of the republic.

People like

George Washington Carver,

Herman Melville,

Clara Barton

and Walt Disney.

I fell under the influence of Hegel and (for about 6 weeks) Marx when I was around 12. Then I went to a cartoon festival. The Russian cartoons, if they can be called that, were a revelation.

What kind of a system killed man’s sense of humor so thoroughly?

I was converted to “free markets” by  Tom & Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Beep-Beep, Sylvester & Tweetie bird.

At the very least, Pope Francis shows questionable judgment.

It is poor judgment for someone in such a profoundly influential position to pick political sides and make the Catholic church, which he represents, a partisan actor.

I read that Dorothy Day is being considered for canonization.

Perhaps she deserves it. I don’t know.

But there are some things that need to be considered first:

Day might have converted to Catholicism, but she openly admired the most blood-thirsty communists.

She praised Marx not merely as a theoretician, but as a human being. She considered the murderous Lenin admirable.

I don’t know how representative these statements are.

It’s something to think about though.

Given Pope Francis’ economic and political activism, it is a good guess that there is more to Dorothy Day than meets the eye.




Media Using Trump To Bash Evangelicals

While the media claims that evangelicals are a large part of Trump’s massive popularity, the statistics show otherwise.

The numbers show that Trump is actually much more popular with over-sixty unchurched voters, many of whom fall into the category of working-class.

That would explain why Trump’s distinctly secular and hedonistic attitudes have not put a dent in his support. Most of his supporters are not conservative/evangelical Christians at all.

They are disenfranchised older male working-class stiffs.


Evangelical populists, the bloc once labeled the Religious Right, are frustrated by a GOP establishment that has frittered away this summer’s anti-Planned Parenthood moment. They are frustrated that party bigwigs spent much of the past few years calling for the party to “rebrand” and downplay social issues. They are frustrated by a Supreme Court that redefines marriage, lets Obamacare survive, and reigned by Justice Kennedy’s Humpty Dumpty jurisprudence. Evangelical populists are not just animated by social issues, but by generalized frustration with the ever-expanding, unconstitutional reach of big government. In Pew’s Political Typology, evangelical populists are “Steadfast Conservatives.”


Trumpian populists, in contrast, are frustrated by China “killing us in trade,” by hedge-fund managers who “pay no tax,” and, of course, by the bipartisan collusion of the Washington elite on immigration. In many ways, these sorts of complaints traditionally resonated with the white, working-class voters of the Democrat Party. Many of the same themes animate Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy. Per Pew, Trumpian populists are “Hard-Pressed Skeptics.”

But while evangelical and Trumpian populism are distinct, there is obviously the potential for some overlap. For instance, despite Russell Moore’s efforts, I think a majority of evangelical populists are immigration hawks. Still, the overall thrust and tenor of these two groups differs widely.


So if evangelicals do not form the backbone of Trump’s support and are instead the religious subgroup least excited about him, how can we explain the media’s behavior over the past two weeks?

Many of these pundits are merely looking for any way to bash the evangelical piñata.

Some of it is the fault of our reliance on polls that don’t differentiate between evangelicals who go to church and “evangelicals” who never go to church. It’s a garbage in, garbage out process when pundits premise their analysis on fundamentally defective statistics. Public Policy Polling’s latest national poll found that 53 percent of GOP primary voters were evangelical Christians. That’s a pretty dramatic overstatement.

But I think there’s something more systematic going on. Many of these pundits are merely looking for any way to bash the evangelical piñata, and associating this disfavored demographic with the Donald’s degeneracy is simply too tempting to pass up.

For one journalist, supporting the twice-divorced Trump might prove the rank hypocrisy of evangelical voters. Frank Bruni’s column laid this charge on particularly thick:

If I want the admiration and blessings of the most flamboyant, judgmental Christians in America, I should marry three times, do a queasy-making amount of sexual boasting, verbally degrade women, talk trash about pretty much everyone else while I’m at it, encourage gamblers to hemorrhage their savings in casinos bearing my name and crow incessantly about how much money I’ve amassed?

Seems to work for Donald Trump… proving, yet again, how selective and incoherent the religiosity of many in the party’s God squad is.”

It’s all about bashing a(ny) religion that demands standards of behavior with which the thought-leaders of today no longer want to comply.

Rabbi Admits Shemitah Prophecy Was False

Yet another scam artist, Jonathan Cahn, bites the dust.

For all Christians, Jesus being Messiah, is the central key issue for the faith. This is also true for the Hebrew Roots Movement who use The Hebrew Calendar as the central foundation  for setting prophetic Jubilee and Sabbatical years (Shemitah). This became a major problem when Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn was confronted on one TV program, when one of his major promoters discovered that his date-setting predictions (of supposed coming calamities on America) ended up denying Jesus as the Messiah had him admit he based his book using calculations based on his own privately concocted new Hebrew Calendar, which never even existed.

Read the whole story of how Cahn’s Prophecy of a “Shemitah” judgment (7 year Biblical cycle of judgment on Israel) fell apart under a little serious questioning from another Hebrew Roots evangelist.

And yes, I know Shoebat never points out the Zionist hand in world affairs. Instead, as a converted Islamicist, he pushes the “Islamic Antichrist” line.

Oh dear.

Anti-Christs popping up everywhere…


The Return Of The Star Of Bethlehem ?

I missed this while I was away this summer:

CNN, July 1, 2015:

Tuesday night, Jupiter and Venus will culminate a month-long dance with what astronomers say will be a dazzling display, appearing just a fraction of a degree apart from one another in the night sky — a show that some astronomers say could account for the “Star of Bethlehem” mentioned in the Bible.

“To the eye they’ll look like a double star,” Sky & Telescope editor Kelly Beatty said on the magazine’s website.

To see the lineup, look to the west-northwest shortly after sunset.

This isn’t a particularly rare event; such conjunctions are fairly frequent, thanks to how Earth and the two planets line up in the solar system, according to Sky & Telescope.

iReporter Lonna Ours took these photos of Venus and Jupiter on June 21. The two planets are moving closer together throughout the month of June and will eventually appear to converge.

But the combination of how close the planets will appear — one-third of a degree — the viewing angle at many latitudes and the time of day make this a particularly special event that ranks “very highly” among conjunctions, Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan wrote on his website.

Although the planets will appear to draw near one another in August and again in October, the next such event to rival Tuesday night’s won’t happen until 2023, he said.”

This report was plastered all over the Internet in July, along with the “Shemitah” judgment on America.

But pay attention to the “wiggle-room” words in the article: “some astronomers says could.….”

Pay attention also to the admission – tucked away deep in the article- that this phenomenon is not uncommon and not extraordinary at all.

That’s also true of the much-hyped “blood- moons,” that, along with the “Shemitah” cycle, is being used to scare American Christians into going along with the various New World Order charades being enacted on the national and international stage.

Even more tellingly, the real Star of Bethlehem that heralded the birth of Jesus, was not simply a Jupiter-Venus conjunction.

The Jupiter-Venus conjunction was only one of many powerful and unusual astrological events that took place in the time before and after  September 11, in 3 BC, when, by the preponderance of historical, astronomical, and prophetic evidence, Jesus was born.

[9/11 – ring a bell?]

Besides a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus, there were also multiple conjunctions of Jupiter (the planet of kings) with Regulus (the star associated with rulership) in the constellation of Leo (the sign associated with the House of Judah).  Every one of the planets were involved in some unusual event in the time around Christ’s birth.

The most revealing astrological evidence is actually already in the Biblical text, in the Book of Revelation.

Contrary to the belief of many Christians, Revelation is not solely a prophetic or forward-looking scripture.

It is a prophetic revelation.

Revelation indeed is the meaning of the word, apocalypse (which is the sub-title of the book).

And what is revealed is not only the future, but the past and the present as well.

In Revelation, the birth of Jesus is described in terms of the configuration of the stars (including the planets).

Here is the relevant passage, Rev. 12: 1:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.”

At the time of the birth of Jesus in the month of September, the constellation of stars on the horizon would have been Virgo, a sign depicted as a young woman.

The sign of Virgo would have been the twelfth part of the zodiac in which the sun would have risen, hence the text says,  “a woman clothed with the sun.”

The woman also has the “moon under her feet” and a crown of twelve stars to give us a more accurate picture of the exact configuration in the sky at the time of Jesus’ birth.

The arguments back and forth about the exact time and date are too many to include here, but there are multiple “signs in the skies,” of overwhelming aesthetic and spiritual significance.

In contrast, the relatively common “Jupiter-Venus”  conjunction that took place at the end of June 2015 is very far from a return of the “Star of Bethlehem.”



Moral Melodrama Of Migrant Crisis

From the always insightful Brendan O’Neill at

This media-orchestrated moral drama, complete with invasive photos of dead children, highly inappropriate comparisons with the Holocaust, and the performative piety of politicians and the Twitterati holding up pro-refugee placards or promising to open their homes to migrants, confirms that what ought to be a democratic discussion — the question of what caused this crisis and where refugees should go — has been reduced to an opportunity for virtue-advertising in which rational thought and public engagement are positively frowned upon.

The most striking thing about the outburst of ostentatious concern for the refugees is its bad faith. What is presented to us as a sad humanitarian disaster that somehow materialised over the past seven days is in fact traceable to the disintegration of the Middle East over the past five years and the hollowing-out of 50 years worth of state structures in Libya and the knock-on destabilising effect that had across north Africa — globe-shaking events which our governments in the West played no small part in bringing about. ……

Indeed, the value of the refugees seems to lie in the extent to which, through playing dutiful humanitarian victims, they might help Western politicians assume the role of smiling saviour and in the process repair their flagging moral authority. It’s well known that sections of the hard right have a tendency to dehumanise asylum seekers, treating the complex human beings who cross borders as an amorphous threat. Over the past week we have seen that the other side in this discussion, those who pose as friends of migrants, also play the dehumanisation game. Where the right criminalises migrants, liberals infantilise them, reducing them from moral agents who have made a decision to migrate to childlike victims in need of rescue by virtuous Westerners. The much-shared, wept-over photo of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi spoke to the new Western view of the migrant: as hapless, helpless; pathetic; children requiring our care. The hard right juxtaposes itself to the threatening migrant; the pseudo-humanitarian left presents itself as lifesaver to the childish migrant. Both sides dehumanise them, for self-serving reasons.”

European Migration Crisis: Some Facts

I will be blogging about the migration crisis in Europe, how it’s being spun, and to what end.

Bear with me.

There was enough to do with Merkel and Trump just this past week, and I barely touched the points I wanted to make.

But for a start, here are some numbers about migration that  you will never hear from the “Third-World Apocalypse” crowd, whether libertarians (Charles Burris) or paleo- conservative (Pat Buchanan).

They are all apparently acolytes of Malthus, Marx, and Paul Ehrlich (the notorious communist/green environmental scare-monger)  on this subject, for they conveniently omit from their NWO-funded propaganda the following facts:


Of the countries that receive the most refugees, no European or North American country even makes the top 10.

Western countries, even today, are seeing a small and manageable number of refugees. Countries experiencing refugee numbers large enough to strain their resources include Turkey, Lebanon and Pakistan;

Turkey has effectively built an entire large city of hundreds of thousands of people, complete with a school system and public utilities, populated entirely with Syrians.”

Source for numbers below is UN High Commission for Refugees:

Major refugee-hosting countries, end of 2014:
#1-5 (approx. numbers read from graph)

Turkey (1.6 million), Pakistan (1.5 m), Lebanon (1.18 m), Iran (1 m), Ethiopia (600k)

Major refugee-hosting countries, end of 2014:

Jordan (650 k), Kenya (475 k), Chad (425 k), Uganda (400k) , China (300k).

Trump’s Jewish Ties

The secret of Donald Trump’s media success: Jewish support.

JTA – Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debate Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.

Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel.

[Lila: Trump’s father Fred who built the family fortune,  was helped by government subsidies to the housing industry. He must have worked in close concert with Jewish business interests because the government and Goldman Sachs were closely tied to the housing industry from the start. 

Goldman Sachs was involved in massive fraud prior to the spectacular bankruptcy of Penn Central, a transportation conglomerate in the 1970s.

Guess who picked up the pieces?

None other than Donald Trump, picked for his family connections to the local government and the real estate industry.

It is a November day in Philadelphia, 1974. On sale in a federal bankruptcy court are the largest undeveloped tracts of land left in Manhattan — the West Side rail yards, stretching along the waterfront from 30th to 39th streets and 59th to 72nd streets. One of these properties — the 30th Street parcel — has since become the designated site for the city’s convention center. The other is being promoted as a 5,000-unit housing project surrounded by parks and a shopping area.

The seller is the bankrupt Penn Central Transportation Company (PCTC), which is attempting to reorganize itself by turning it’s real-estate portfolio into capital. The buyer is Donald Trump, then 28 years old, the son of Brooklyn’s largest apartment builder.

Trump proposes to build up to 30,000 units of partially subsidized housing on the sites. He seeks an exclusive option on the property and offers Penn Central the promise that he will obtain the required zoning changes and taxpayer subsidies to guarantee a minimum land-purchase price of $62 million — the least he expects to obtain in government mortgage funds. Trump’s firm advances no cash.

But, of course, without City Hall’s cooperation, this remarkable proposal would have remained just that. Trump’s father, Fred, had known Abe Beame, then the mayor, for some 30 years — and had been a campaign contributor for 20; the firm is tied to the same Brooklyn Democratic machine which spawned Beame’s political career. Trump’s attorney Bunny Lindenbaum, seated beside him in the courtroom that morning, is Beame’s oldest and closest friend. Penn Central representatives began negotiating with Trump two weeks after Beame became mayor. Trump’s option is scheduled to end when Beame’s term is up. There can be no misunderstanding: Trump, in that Philadelphia courtroom, was executing a political option.”

Murray Kushner, a New Jersey real estate mogul (uncle to Jared and brother to Charles Kushner, who went to jail over financial improprieties and essentially bought his son’s academic career), gave Fred and Donald Trump a leg up.

Roy Cohn defended Donald Trump at the outset.

It is an easy thing to make money, if your investments are backed by the government.]

His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.

[Both Trump children are married to Jews.  Ivanka Trump is married to New York Observer publisher and real estate developer, Jared Kushner, son of Charles Kushner.

Eric Trump is married to Inside Edition’s producer, Lara Yunaska.

Trump’s executive vice-president and the man behind is campaign is a Jewish lawyer – Michael Cohen. He’s a registered Democrat who voted for Obama.  Trump’s CFO is also Jewish – Alan Weisselberg. ]

But if you expect to find Jewish donors of influence in Trump’s network of associates, you’ll be disappointed: The billionaire’s campaign is self-financed, not donor-funded. Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at about $4 billion; Trump says he’s worth $10 billion.

[A recent Forbes analysis of Trump’s assets shows that Trump’s investments were less successful than those of the man on the street.]

As the main attraction of the Republican debate, Trump’s trademark chutzpah was on sharp display. When asked about past references to women he dislikes as “fat pigs,” “slobs” and “disgusting animals,” Trump said he has no time for political correctness. He bragged about how Hillary Clinton dared not miss his most recent wedding because he donated to her campaign. And he refused to rule out running as a third-party candidate should someone else win the Republican nomination.

Given his myriad Jewish associations, Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade. After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. And in February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a right-wing Jewish news organization.

“I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

[Lila: The pronoun is a bit rich. Trump dodged the draft and any fight for Israel will be undertaken by the children of the mindless minions cheering on this wretched clown .]

Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin – terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”
read more:

Another point. Trump wants Carl Icahn to be his Treasurer.



Trump – Mobbed-Up, Crony Capitalist Fraud

This comes from an investigative journalist who is a leftist Bernie Sanders fan, but the facts speak for themselves:

For example, how many of our readers knew that Trump was successfully sued by the Attorney General of New York for running an “illegal educational institution”? Students at “Trump University” paid a whopping $35,000 for “Elite” mentorships – but never even saw their mentor. And here’s a juicy little fact that fans of The Godfather and The Sopranos should appreciate: the contracting firm that constructed Trump Tower was owned by a pair of gentlemen who went by the monikers of “Fat Tony” Salerno and “Big Paul” Castellano.

When it comes to charity, Trump doesn’t even donate to his own foundation. Instead, he donates other people’s money – specifically, those who do business with him.

Can you say, “kickbacks”?

It only gets better: Trump was found guilty in federal court of cheating immigrant workers hired to demolish a multi-story building. He paid them less than $5 per hour under the table. He didn’t even furnish them with hard hats.  Oh, and all that talk from Trump about how he’s a “self-made billionaire”? It turns out that he had a bit of help from the taxpayers of New York. The mayor of NYC at the time, Abe Beame, happened to be good buddies with Donny-boy’s Daddy, Fred Trump. That little connection got Donald a tax abatement on a mid-town Manhattan property (right next door to Grand Central Station) in 1976. That was the old Commodore Hotel, which today is the Grand Hyatt New York. As of 2016, that little deal that his daddy made for him will have cost taxpayers $400 million.

So much for being a “self-made” billionaire.

Incidentally, Donald – how do you explain the fact that you paid zero income tax in 1978 and 1979, when you were busy remodeling that fancy Manhattan hotel? In fact, how do you explain not being able to pay your bills back in 1990, despite being a billionaire? And maybe you’d like to clarify to voters how you managed to run not one, but four companies into the ground? You want to run the country like you run business?

Heavens help us if that scenario ever came to pass.

At age 66, David Cay Johnston has not lost his edge when it comes to asking the hard questions. You can read all 21 of them, along with more details, right here. However, don’t expect the mainstream corporate media to be putting them to the Trumpster anytime soon.

Chances are, he’d just side-step them or refuse to answer anyway.

Watch Thom Hartmann address the issue of Trump and the mob, and The Young Turks address how Trump’s money was actually made by his father and Trump has actually invested it poorly.


Addition to Original Piece:

Andrew Reinbach, a journalist who published an article in the Huffington Post on this topic in April 2011, sent Ring of Fire an email adding the following information to this piece:

Trump Tower was not built by a company owned by Tony Salerno and Paul Castellano. Trump Tower’s general contractor was, I believe, The Trump Organization, itself. HRH Construction–the firm owned by Salerno and Castellano–supplied the concrete for the poured-concrete building. At the time, that company was the only supplier of concrete in Manhattan.

Salerno also controlled the Demolition Workers Local 95, and Trump had hired a demolition contractor from Herkimer, NY to handle demolition of Bonwit Teller, the old, distinguished department store that occupied part of the Trump Tower site. That’s who supplied illegal Polish immigrants to the project.

There’s no room to store supplies on the reconstruction site of a Manhattan tower, so daily supplies are trucked in from New Jersey on a very tight, orchestrated schedule geared to that day’s operations. Those truckers are of course Teamsters. But in one of America’s strongest union towns, Trump Tower experienced no labor problems, even though non-union labor was used.

So the lingering question has been: How did that happen? The answer is probably Tony Salerno and the lawyer he shared with Donald Trump–Roy Cohn. There is no way a violation of labor peace like this could have gone forward unless someone in a powerful position gave the go-ahead.

LRC Outs Itself


I see that Lew Rockwell is now linking to a piece calling Trump a fraud.

Good. I wish there was  a little less sound and fury about the tools being used by the Sanhedrin and a lot more about the Sanhedrin.


Lew Rockwell claims Clinton was “less bad” than Bush senior.


Under Clinton, Iraq was destroyed with crippling sanctions that killed more people than Gulf War I.

Under Clinton, liberals took over the machinery of power, and espionage and financial theft were rampant.

Bush Senior, however, bad, made some feeble attempts to stand up to the Jewish lobby.

Rockwell is sorely mistaken.

First, there was the 2012 campaign that many of us think enabled the re-election of Obama. Then after Paul’s pandering to Romney throughout, Rockwell back-pedalled and claimed Paul had refused Romney’s offers.

The Clinton era enabled the financialization of the economy, which was a way for the Jewish power entity (as a group, not individuals or ordinary people) to undermine and hollow out the manufacturing section and control it, through debt, credit, the ratings game, market rigging, LIBOR fixing, and all the other tricks of the NWO cartel.

I couldn’t care less for the GOP. I care even less for the DEMs.

But it amounts to NWO sycophancy to claim Clinton is “better” in anything.

What with the republishing of sites with large amounts of disinformation like Altucher and Zero-Hedge and the celebration of monarchy and (via proxy Bionic Mosquito) the Merovingians (Rothschild blood-line), you have to wonder what is going on there.

Nothing we haven’t known since 2008, though.


Matt Walsh: Trump Fans Are Embarrassing Conservatism

Matt Walsh rises to the top of the class in this outstanding commentary on Trump – the best I’ve read yet.

If only the rest of the conservative-libertarian chumps woke up and smelled the phony:

Illegal Mexicans are bringing crime. Got it. Agreed. But what about, like, everything else that’s going on? Anything on that, Trump? Anything?

Well, to be fair, The Donald has on rare occasion given the public a more in depth look at his views. For instance, he wrote a book back in 2000 where he discourses about the need for assault weapons bans, legal abortion, socialized medicine, and higher taxes.

This is your right wing hero, friends. But you shouldn’t be surprised. This is the man who spent the better part of the previous two decades using his money to keep Democrats in power.

He’s given a considerable amount to Republicans as well, but that doesn’t negate or mitigate the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars this “conservative businessman” gifted to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanual, Chuck Schumer, Charles Rangel, and other liberal darlings. He didn’t just vocally support liberal policies prior to his recent foray into Republican politics; he actively worked to empower the progressive tyrants who would enact those policies.

In fact, a look at Trump’s financial activity reveals that he was an especially active Democrat booster during the 2006 midterms; the election that put Reid and Pelosi in power. Meanwhile, Trump has solidified his conservative credentials by coming out, at various points, in favor of eminent domain, bailouts, and executing government whistle blowers.

So, alright, he’s a draft dodging, twice divorced reality star who supports gun control and abortion and corporate welfare, and who donates to Democrats, gives money hand over fist to the Clinton Foundation, and has worked tirelessly for many years to keep the worst sorts of liberals in office. At least, he was all of these things until about four years ago, when he decided to start scamming conservatives.”

And later in the same piece:

To quote Chesterton:

You will hear everlastingly that the rich man cannot be bribed. The fact is, of course, that the rich man is bribed; he has been bribed already. That is why he is a rich man.

Chesterton wrote that a hundred years ago, and I’m now convinced he composed it after being plagued with a prophetic nightmare about a future scam artist named Donald Trump.

And if Trump can question a man’s wartime heroism, isn’t it fair to point out that he was born rich? Trump came from wealth and managed to stay wealthy with the help of bankruptcy and reality TV. Nice. Congratulations. But if Trump can prefer soldiers who don’t get captured, I think I’m within my rights to prefer arrogant, haughty, dishonest billionaires who didn’t start off as spoiled, private schooled elites.

That’s just me, though. We all have our preferences. And really, I have a distaste for all arrogant, haughty, dishonest billionaires who want to be president, whether they’re self-made or, like Trump, got a head start from daddy.

Yes, Donald Trump says dumb things, but my issue with him goes much deeper than mere words. My issue is that he’s a spurious liberal swindler with little character, no integrity, no credibility, counterfeit ideas, and a feeble grasp on the issues. He does not deserve your support. He has done nothing for it, except spew a million hollow platitudes into a loudspeaker hoping a certain percentage of them resonate with the disaffected right wing masses. If you think that qualifies a man for the presidency, I don’t know what to tell you.

Yes, I know you are sick of typical politicians who lie and cheat and avoid taking a stand when it matters. I get it. I am too. And that’s exactly why you should be sick of Donald Trump.”

Angela Merkel: Stasi Informant

Dialog reproduces the thesis of a recent biography alleging that Angela Merkel’s father used his church as the terrain on which he spied for the East German government:

I have always been curious about Angela Merkel’s background in the former GDR.  Did she always have pro-American, Christian democratic beliefs?  If so, did she suffer any consequences for these beliefs in the repressive GDR system?  Was she spied on by the Stasi?  Was she close to democratic dissidents like Wolf Biermann or Robert Havemann?  Some of these questions are answered in Gerd Langguth’s biography: Angela Merkel.

The key to unlocking the mystery of Angela Merkel is her father, the Protestant Minister Horst Kasner, who emigrated from West Germany to the East Zone in 1954, where he began an effort to “rehabilitate” the church – making it acceptable to the Stalinist SED ruling party.  The church under Kasner thus became another instrument of state domination, and Kasner benefitted greatly from his elite status within the political apparatus.  Kasner’s family also reaped the benefits: luxury home, two cars (most GDR citizens had to wait years for just one Trabant), trips to Italy and other countries outside the socialist bloc.  Angela was able to attend the elite school (Erweiterte Oberschule) along with the sons and daughters of important party functionaries.  Langguth describes how Horst Kassner worked closely together with Stasi informant Clemens de Maiziere on forming the SED church policy. De Maiziere’s son Lothar would later play a decisive role in Angela’s life during his brief stint as DDR-Premier (before he too was exposed as a Stasi informant).

What is interesting about Angela’s formative years is the utter banality and conformity of her life.  While the Perestroika movement was shaking the foundation of the GDR and led to a creative renaissance with novels (Jurek Becker), films and theater(Plenzdorf) , Angela was blithely studying physics at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig, where she was active in the SED youth organization.  Fellow students recall that Angela was Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda and procured theater tickets for her comrades, but her files from that period have mysteriously vanished. 

Her one act of rebellion against her father occured after Die Wende when she joined the new party Demokratischer Aufbruch (DA), started by another Stasi informant Wofgang Schnur.  As Langguth points out, this was a shrewd move on her part, since she could hedge her bets by not joining one of the West parties should the DDR have remained a separate country.  After Lothar de Maiziere made her his deputy spokesperson and the DA became subsumed in the Christian Democrats, Angela caught the attention of Helmut Kohl and the rest is history.  Angela Merkel – a daughter of Stalinist privilege, now the leader of the conservative CDU and quite possibly Germany’s next chancellor. ”

[Lila: This was written before Merkel became German Chancellor]

More in this piece at the World Socialist Web on the nexus between the evangelical church and the East German government that allowed members to spy on the congregation, exert pressure in political circles, and groom Merkel for her own career. has more incriminating details, this time from her academic career:

What most Germans don’t know, however, is that Hans-Jörg Osten was her Professor and close confidante at the Academy of Sciences where she was a student. And what they only found out yesterday is that Osten was a paid agent of the Stasi – with documentary evidence from the files to prove it.


In the files (extracted left) her physics professor and fellow FDJ bigwig is unmasked as a spy using the cover name ‘Einstein’.

Today, Hans-Jörg Osten is 56 years old, and a professor at the Leibniz University of Hanover.

The documents go on to say that he was recruited ‘on the basis of the political-ideological cooperation…in his operating activities, he is mainly useful on defence issues, and for the development of people working files. He was always a very reliable worker.’ The ‘defence issues’ thing is a reference to time spent by Osten working in the US. During this period, he was a Stasi spy.

Contemporaries suggest that Merkel had “an unusually close” relationship with her married Professor. Indeed, this tendency of unsere geliebte Geli to stick like a limpet to the big mines before disarming them has been recorded several times before at The Slog.”

Merkel was to go on to spy for the KGB, even on other agents, one of whom was her first husband, and then to parlay her espionage contacts and technical knowledge (a PHD in quantum chemistry) into a political career.

The further suspicion is that her  Stasi/KGB past is behind her suspected blackmail by Mossad into supporting strongly pro-Israeli positions.

Angela Merkel: Crypto-Communist Converso

Unmasking the shills of the new world order is not a terribly difficult task.

One of the first and most obvious signs is duplicity in the image they present to the world.

To the world, Angela Merkel is the Christian socialist East German hausfrau of good bourgeois sense.

None of this is true.

Merkel was raised a communist, not a Christian.

She is not fully German, but of mixed Polish and Jewish descent, I believe, on both sides of her family.

[Almost always the shills have some Jewish ethnic ancestry or enjoy close ties to the Anglo-Zionist cartel.

Again, this is not a slam at Judaism. I am talking about ethnic descent. Merkel is a Lutheran.]

Merkel is no bourgeois.

She was raised in a very left-wing feminist atmosphere, patronizing nude beaches when she was young and openly cohabiting with both her spouses before marriage.

This is not moralism about her personal life. It is to point out the contrast with her public persona.

Examine the facts:

Angela Merkel was born Angela Kasner of Polish descent:

Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, the daughter of Horst Kasner (1926–2011),[16][17] a native of Berlin, and his wife Herlind, born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland) as Herlind Jentzsch, a teacher of English and Latin……Merkel has Polish ancestry through her paternal grandfather, Ludwig Kasner, a German national[19] of Polish origin from Posen (now Poznan).[20] The family’s original name Kazmierczak was Germanized to Kasner in 1930.[21][22]


However, Kazmierczak is not just Polish.

It is specifically an ethnic Jewish name:

Kazmierczak derives from Kazimierz, a major Jewish city in Poland, made especially for Jews outside of Cracow. Kazimierz (Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish Kuzmir) is a historical district of Kraków (Poland), best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 14th cent.”

The Jewish name Kazmierczak apparently derives from the Hebrew word Chazan.

It was the name given to the profession of  cantor in a synagogue.

This master list of Central European Jewish names includes Kazimierczak as both Polish and Jewish.

By contrast, the Polish Genealogical Society derives Kazimierczak from Slavic roots:

Actually the standard Polish spelling is Kazimierz, and it’s an ancient Slavic name dating back to when the Poles were pagans and gave their children names formed by joining two root-words to express a kind of hope or prophecy for their children. So Kazimierz comes from the root kazi-, “to destroy” + mir, “peace” — thus naming a child Kazimierz was expressing the wish that he would grow up to be a destroyer of peace, i. e., a great warrior (“peace” as ancient Slavs thought of it was not necessarily the wonderful thing we consider it, they gloried in war). Kazimierz is an extremely popular first name in Poland, and has been for a long time — it’s one of the few Polish names that is even used in English, in the Latinized form Casimir. It is not all that common as a surname — as of 1990 there were only about 202 Polish citizens with Kazimierz as a surname. But other names formed from it are extremely popular — for instance, Kazimierczak (5,095), Kazmierczak (28,198) [both of which mean “son of Kazimierz”), and Kazmierski (5,240).”

Still, the preponderance of evidence favors an ethnic Jewish ancestry for Angela Merkel, on her father’s side:

Supporting that, this website about Krakow  says that Kazimierz was an ethnic Jewish city.

Merkel’s grandfather came from Posen (Poznan), about four hours from Warsaw, which had one of the earliest communities of Jews in the country.

Poznan’s Jewish community was one of the earliest to be established on Polish soil; the first reference to Jews living in the town comes from 1379. While tradition dates the town’s synagogue to 1367, there is no documented evidence of its existence until 1449 (the cemetery, however, was first mentioned in 1438).

Despite Jewish descent, Horst Kazimierczak/Kasner joined the Hitler Youth in Berlin where he was brought up, which was probably a fairly common thing at the time.

On her mother’s side, Angela Merkel is descended from Willi Jentzsch, a leading politician in Danzig.

For Merkel to be considered Jewish, as some conspiracy sites have alleged, she would have to descend maternally from Jewish ancestry.

Merkel’s mother, Herlind Jentzsch, has a name that is derived from Johanan (John), probably the most common name in the West. Nothing can be inferred from this.

Herlind is the daughter of Willi Jentzsch and Gertrud Alma Drange, who is said to be of mixed Kashubian-Polish descent.

Thus, on one side, Merkel is Polish-Jewish. And, on the other, Polish-Kashubian.

Kashubians are said to have been pre-Slavic inhabitants of Poland and there are many Jews among Kashubians.

Gertrud’s father, Emil Drange, was a top municipal official of Elbing and his wife’s name was Emily Wachs of Glogau.

Wachs is an Ashkenazy Jewish name meaning beeswax, making Gertrud Drange of Kashubian-Jewish descent.

That makes Merkel ethnic Jewish, in the technical sense (i.e., through the maternal line).

Going back even further, Emil Drange’s own mother was a native of Posen (Poznan), which, as I mentioned earlier, has a large number of Jews.

Is Merkel a Christian?

In theory, she is a Lutheran and a Christian Democrat, but she is much closer to the communists than is usually recognized, according to a recent book.

The book explores Merkel’s life growing up in German Democratic Republic (GDR), where her father Horst Kasner was a Protestant pastor and a committed socialist. He moved to East Germany from West Germany in 1954.

Merkel has said in the past that her FDJ role at the academy was more that of a cultural secretary and that her duties included buying theater tickets and organizing book readings.

‘Closeness to the System’

But former German Transport Minister Günther Krause — an eastern German politician who worked with her in the final months of the GDR and as a fellow minister in the government ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl in the early 1990s — contradicts her in the book and says she propagated Marxism-Leninism.

“With Agitation and Propaganda you’re responsible for brainwashing in the sense of Marxism,” he said. “That was her task and that wasn’t cultural work. Agitation and Propaganda, that was the group that was meant to fill people’s brains with everything you were supposed to believe in the GDR, with all the ideological tricks. And what annoys me about this woman is simply the fact that she doesn’t admit to a closeness to the system in the GDR. From a scientific standpoint she wasn’t indispensable at the Academy of Sciences. But she was useful as a pastor’s daughter in terms of Marxism-Leninism.”

As for the iron frau herself:

‘She is like Tony Blair, but without the principles,’ remarks one party critic with biting irony.”

Mentored and promoted by Helmut Kohl, who called her “his girl,” she turned on him with canny opportunism when he was caught in a political scandal.

So much for her principles.

Now for Merkel’s “haus-frau” image:

In 2013, a photo was leaked that showed what looked like a young Angela Merkel at a nude beach.

This in itself is not that unusual in Germany, where millions of people appear naked in public at least once a year.

But Merkel’s nudity seems to have been associated with Freikoerperkultur (naturalism/nudism), which was especially popular in East Germany and was ideological:

At his blog, Roger Boyes gives one view of German naturalism as an expression of primitive socialism and a rebellion against the conventions of industrial society:

Germans see nudism – sorry naturalism – differently. It has, at least since the end of the 19th century, been part of a movement to get back to nature. To free oneself – hence the name, Freikörperkultur – from religious strictures that teach you to be ashamed of your body. To free oneself from industrial society – without clothes no-one is a factory slave, everyone is equal. Significantly the first FKK Verein was established (in 1898) in smoky Essen. It was a primitive kind of Socialism which was why the bureaucratic communists of East Germany, Ulbricht and co, hated it so much. They understood that when their citizens stripped off, they were shedding the system. In the 1950s the communists tried to ban the nudists.”

But if the primitive communists were rebelling against the bureaucratic communists, it’s hard to see how the nude Angela (circa 1970) who seems to represent the first could also be the commissar Angela (circa 1972), whose photo in uniform also caused a stir on the internet in 2013.

One explanation is that Merkel was always an opportunist, jumping on whatever trend would help her advance.

But there are other explanations.

The Freikoeperkultur was associated not just with the left. It had its apolitical and its right-wing variants.

The Lebensreform movement, one of its affiliates, was closely tied to Nazism:

As early as 1907, Richard Ungewitter published a pamphlet called Nudity and Culture (which sold 100,000 copies), arguing that the practices he recommended would be “the means by which the German race would regenerate itself and ultimately prevail over its neighbours and the diabolical Jews, who were intent on injecting putrefying agents into the nation’s blood and soil”.[4]

The extremists promoting rightwing ideology eventually became popular among Nazi Party officials and their supporters, including Heinrich Himmler and Rudolph Höss, who belonged to the right-wing farming organization the Artaman League. When other groups were being banned or disbanded due to political conflict during the 1930s, the extreme nationalist ideology became connected with Naziism. The German Life Reform League broke apart into political factions during this time. The Nationalist physician Artur Fedor Fuchs began the League for Free Body Culture (FKK), giving public lectures on the healing powers of the sun in the “Nordic sky”, which “alone strengthened and healed the warrior nation.”

In addition, Freikoeperkultur was closely linked with the Wandervogel movement, a movement inextricably tied to advocacy for homosexuality, bisexuality and pederasty:

[Adolf] Brand became involved in Magnus Hirschfeld‘s Scientific-Humanitarian Committee (the first public homosexual rights organization), until there was a split in 1903; that same year Brand led the formation of the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen organisation with the scientist Benedict Friedlaender as principal theorist, and Wilhelm Jansen. To this new group, male-male love, in particular that of an older man for a youth, was viewed as a simple aspect of virile manliness available to all men; they rejected the medical theories of doctors such as Magnus Hirschfeld who found that a gay man was a certain type of person, the intermediate sex.[3] The GdE was a sort of scouting movement that echoed the warrior creed of Sparta and the ideals of pederasty in Ancient Greece, and the ideas on pedagogic eros of Gustav Wyneken.[3] The GdE was heavily involved with camping and trekking and occasionally practiced nudism – the latter then common as part of the Nacktkultur (‘culture of nudity’) sweeping Germany. In the 1920s this would develop into the Freikörperkultur under Adolf Koch.

The GdE was similar to other such groups in Germany at the time, such as the Wandervogel. Wilhelm Jansen, co-founder of the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen, was one of the chief financial supporters of the Wandervogel and also a leader in it.[4]”

Furthermore, Merkel, like Hillary Clinton, is rumored to be a closeted lesbian.  This was the sub-text of an ad run by a lesbian magazine attacking Merkel for not supporting gay marriage.

In brief, Merkel was perhaps  more thoroughly indoctrinated in communist ideology than her current persona as staid haus-frau reveals.

Certainly, that is the accusation made against Merkel by former Polish PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski whose brother was killed, along with numbers of  senior officials, in a sinister plane crash some years ago (see this MBP blog post).

Kaczynski believes Merkel was brought to power by the German Stasi (or rather, the remnants of the Stasi) and has expansionist designs for Germany:

“(German Chancellor Angela) Merkel belongs to a generation of German politicians that would like to reinstate Germany’s imperial power,” writes Kaczynski. “A strategic axis with Moscow is part of that.” Poland can only be an obstacle in that respect, he continues, adding that Germany would need to “subdue our country, one way or another.”

The plane-crash brought in a Judeophile leadership to Poland, which, in collusion with the crypto-Jewish leadership of Germany, has been seeking to redraw the German-Polish border and return Germans expelled from Poland after World War II, some of whom entered Poland only after the invasion by the Nazis.

Bret Stephens On Donald Trump

Bret Stephens in a hard-hitting piece in the WSJ on Donald Trump:

For now let’s speak plainly about what the Trump ascendancy says about the potential future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

It says that we may soon have a conservative movement in which the American creed of “give us your tired, your poor” could yield to the Trumpian creed that America must not become a “dumping ground” to poor immigrants from Latin America, as if these millions of hardworking and God-fearing people are a specimen of garbage.t says that a movement that is supposed to believe in defending old-fashioned values and traditions against the assorted degradations of the postmodern left might allow itself to be led by a reality-TV star whose meretricious tastes in trophies, architectural and otherwise, mainly remind me of the aesthetics of Bob Guccioni


“The leader isn’t the problem. The people are. It takes the demos to make the demagogue.”

Well, here Mr. Stephens is only saying things I said a while back:

“Rule of the Demos”

Regarding Donald Trump, I made a similar observation about his houses and his wives:

“Obama Birth Certificate A Forgery Says Sheriff Arpaio”

I once exchanged a couple of emails with Stephens, I guess before he took a look at my blog and passed out.

I take some faint consolation in thinking that a bit of my thinking got through to him in some way, perhaps not in the way I hoped for.

In any case, I know he’s a neocon, but not everything neocons say and do is wrong.

On Trump the demagogue, Stephens is correct and it’s a shame to see this impresario, who shilled for the oligarchy at the most crucial time, being passed off as a folk-hero by libertarians and conservatives, no less. I’ve no doubt the whole Trump candidacy is intended to make any rational criticism of immigration look bad and thus drive more people to the liberal-left consensus on that and other things.

Trump, the bankster-shill, is a Trojan-horse, and any knowledgeable person pushing him is not a dupe but a knave.

Zionists Salivating For American Collapse

Zionists on every front are salivating over the prospect of divine “judgment” on America apparently through the mechanism of  stock market collapse – for an assortment of evils, varying from aborting babies to not grovelling with sufficient meekness to Israel:

Well-known [Zionist] Christian evangelist Pat Robertson was criticized for suggesting the “Black Monday” stock-market collapse was a “taste” of the “judgment of God” for national sins such as abortion.

But another [Zionist] Christian leader is adding his voice to the controversy – and he says Robertson is right.

“Of course it is judgment!” says Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries and the discoverer of the “blood moons” tetrad.

He argues the United States of America has courted God’s judgment with mistaken policies, especially with regard to Israel.

The final blood moon arrives next month, and Biltz noted he predicted “economic judgment” coming upon American in his book, “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs.”

After observing two major stock-market declines earlier this century, on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2001 and on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2008, Biltz wrote: “Could the coming blood moons signal our third strike, and we will be out economically? We already see the signs of economic collapse coming, with America being so much in debt and our government in a comatose condition.”

Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 1,000 points. It did the same in the first five minutes of trading Monday but then rebounded slightly. On Tuesday, there was a bounce in the market, then it plunged again. The Dow is down about 13 percent now from its recent highs. That means trillions of dollars in stock and bond equity have vanished.

Religious teachers, analysts and international media outlets are warning of the possibility of American economic collapse, with some going to so far as to predict “economic apocalypse.” And while other Christian leaders shy away from specific predictions, they caution America may well be facing heavenly judgment.

[Rabbi] Jonathan Cahn’s clarion call to repent and return to God is well known, but what about the man himself? Where did he come from and how did he rise from obscurity to a Christian voice heard by millions? WND has produced a new documentary film, “The Harbinger Man,” that answers these questions and more. Pre-order your copy now.

[Zionist] Evangelist, filmmaker and author Joel Richardson told WND he would “never say that every negative or corrective cycle in the stock market is God’s judgment.”

However, the author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God” argues Americans should not dismiss the larger reality of God intervening in the fate of nations.

He stated: “The fact is, God does indeed humble nations because He desires for them to repent of their sins and return to Him. There can be no question that many within the United States are increasingly rejecting God and His ways. No doubt, as a nation, we need to turn back to Him. Desperately so.”



Behind “Tampon Gandhi”: Menstrual Hotlines @ $8/Call


A Google search of Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi brings up pages and pages of uncritical praise from slick fashion, alternative, political, and media sites, even though, from the comments, most readers have reacted unfavorably.

Nearly every one of these sites applauds Tampon Gandhi as a “badass,” in such uniform terms that the articles must have been scripted.


One such site is, which can be translated as, “freedom” being one of those multi-valent buzz-words typical of New World Order mob-speak. signals it’s on board the global menstrual revolution, by sticking out the begging-bowl for its cutting-edge “Menstrual Hot-line,” manned by menstrual activists at the cost of $8 a phone-call.

8 dollars in India is a decent amount of money, close to 500 rupees.

The Azadi Toll-Free Menstrual (1-800-3000-2805) aims to fill critical knowledge and support gaps, providing adolescent girls with a trained counselor to learn and discuss menstruation, menstrual health and menstrual management. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones in rural India, the Azadi Menstrual Helpline has the capacity to bring information to thousands of girls.

Each call costs approximately $8 to service. This includes the cost of training our counselors, manning the lines, and doing outreach activities. If you would like to support this program, click here! here!”


“Menstrual counseling” and “menses outreach”translate to radical feminist brainwashing and recruitment.

Now, the Indian government already has innumerable rural health schemes of all kinds, quite apart from the work of religious and secular charities.

So, the new, tax-subsidized, one-world government-backed, initiatives exist only to take tax-dollars and donations from Indian citizens on one hand and guilt-ridden Westerners on the other to fuel their parasitic existence.

It’s the most extraordinary chutzpah and immorality for the Crony-Corporate One-worlders (aka “international community”) to demand donations from ordinary people, crushed by the burden of taxes, the depreciation of their savings,  and the evisceration of their economies, all of which have been orchestrated by the very same people now trundling out Indian villages girls to pan-handle on their behalf.


As I wrote earlier, these “non-profits” have “for-profit” investors lined up for miles behind them.

A few clicks on the web-site of take us into the Byzantine world of Health NGOs’ and non-profits:

AZADI.COM has for its partners,


Deconstructing just two of these is enough to establish that the Menstrual Hot-line links back to the Globalists.


1.VILLGRO.COM has a web-site replete with globalist buzz-words (eco-system, thrive, sustainability – all of which are worthy enough in their own right, except that they are perpetually exploited to sell one-worldism.)

One of VILGRO’S initiatives is called “UNCONVENTION.”

“Unconvention” partners with

(among many other)

TIE (Indus Entrepreneurs), IIM- Ahmedabad, ASHA IMPACT (“Tampon” Gandhi’s family’s foundation), and the BRITISH COUNCIL..

These names represent the quintessence of academic respectability and knowledge-capital in the UK and India.


Azadi’s next partner is PATH.

PATH describes itself as “driving transformative innovations to save lives.”

Their slick website suggests why a single phone-call in India – capital of cheap cell-phones and free VOIP services – should need $8 bucks to back it up.

After all, a typical cell call in India might be a few cents and VOIP calls are often free.

A click on PATH’s “Executive Leadership” explains the high-cost:

PATH’S executives are all involved with the Centers of Disease Control or other initiatives of the US Govt, or with international health bodies like UNICEF, or with the Gates Foundation and its vaccine programs, or with Microsoft.


These ties suggest that the US Government and its corporate cronies, rather than some humble charity, is the ultimate beneficiary of the Menstrual Hot-line promoted by Asha Impact and its partners and advertised so slickly by Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi.

There is certain to be a surveillance angle to all this, considering that the current allegedly nationalistic Modi Government (with its suspicious courting of the Saudi government) is also pushing a gargantuan, privacy-shredding DNA profiling program onto the entire Indian sub-continent.


Steve Davis, President and CEO

“…CEO of internet pioneer and global digital media firm Corbis, director of social innovation for McKinsey & Company, and interim CEO of the Infectious Disease Research Institute. Earlier in his career, he practiced law at the international law firm of K&L Gates, with a focus on intellectual property.

Mr. Davis is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and holds a faculty appointment as a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He currently serves on the boards of InterAction and Global Partnerships and sits on several advisory groups, including the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation, the Clinton Global Initiative’s Global Health Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relation’s Task Force on Non-Infectious Diseases, and Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Health Dialogue. He previously has served on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards.”

(from his biography)

Amie Batson Chief Strategy Officer

“Ms. Batson’s 20-year career in global health includes positions with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF, and most recently, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), where she served as senior deputy assistant administrator for global health.

During her three-year appointment with USAID, Ms. Batson led the agency’s engagement in the President’s Global Health Initiative, represented the US government on the board of the GAVI Alliance, and led the US government team in coconvening the Child Survival Call to Action, which launched the global vision to end preventable child deaths.

Throughout her career in global health, Ms. Batson has been a leader in innovation. Her contributions to immunization and vaccine financing at the World Bank resulted in billions of dollars in new funding for global health and the vaccination of millions of children against polio, pneumonia, diarrhea, and other vaccine-preventable causes of death.”


Kathy Cahill
Vice President, International Development, and Interim Program Leader, India

“She is the senior partner and founder of AHISMA Group, a global health company focused on health systems strengthening, policy development, program assessment, and monitoring and evaluation of infectious and noncommunicable disease programs in low-resource settings.

Previously, Ms. Cahill served as our interim vice president for Public Health Impact. Before joining PATH in 2014, she served as deputy director of Integrated Health Solutions for Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as director for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation and division director for Immunization Service Delivery.”

David Fleming, Vice President, Public Health

“Dr. Fleming was director of Global Health Strategies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, overseeing a grant portfolio of more than $1 billion in vaccine-preventable disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, leadership, emergency relief, community health programs, and human resources and health information. Dr. Fleming also served as deputy director at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Science and Public Health, and as deputy administrator of the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Dr. Fleming currently serves on the boards of Global to Local Partnership and the Washington Global Health Alliance, both in Seattle, and the Trust for America’s Health in Washington, DC. He sits on the Advisory Committee to the director of the CDC and chairs the external advisory groups for the CDC’s Center for Global Health and its Office of State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support. His former global health board service includes Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN); the Health Metrics Network; and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.”

David Kaslow, Vice President, Product Development

“Dr. Kaslow has more than 25 years of experience in vaccine research and development. Before joining PATH in 2012 as director of MVI’s work to drive the development of safe and effective vaccines against malaria, he held key advisory positions with MVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation related to malaria vaccines. Prior to that, he oversaw project leadership and management of Merck Research Laboratories’ vaccine pipeline and founded the Malaria Vaccine Development Unit at the National Institutes of Health.

As a basic research scientist, Dr. Kaslow completed the molecular cloning and characterization of several proteins involved in malaria parasite sexual development. He also has directed product development, including field studies, of several malaria vaccine candidates. Outside the malaria field, Dr. Kaslow has contributed to the vaccine application of tools originally developed for gene therapy.”

Michael Kollins, Chief Operating Officer

“During his 15-year career at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, he served in a variety of sales, product development, and management roles in Asia, Europe, and the United States, finishing his career in Hong Kong as the chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Asia.”

Daniel Laster, General Counsel

“….Microsoft Corporation and working in private practice at the law firms of Stokes Lawrence and Perkins Coie.

Mr. Laster has served on the boards of the YMCA Metrocenter of Seattle, ACLU of Washington, and the Digital Learning Commons.”

Mark Murray, Vice President, Global Engagement and Communications

“Mr. Murray served as press secretary, legislative director, and chief of staff to US Representative Don Bonker, who chaired the Foreign Affairs subcommittees on Human Rights and International Organizations and Trade and Economic Development. He also served as communications director, speechwriter, and deputy chief of staff to Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Most recently, before joining PATH in 2015, he served in a number of senior communications roles at Microsoft, including citizenship communications, global public affairs communications, corporate digital channels, and international communications across more than 100 countries.”

Kathy O’Driscoll, Chief Human Resources Officer

“Before joining PATH, Ms. O’Driscoll was general manager for human resources in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business Group. As a key member of the group’s executive leadership team, she was responsible for HR strategy and service delivery for 10,000 employees in the United States, China, India, and Israel. Over her 20-year career at Microsoft, she held HR management positions in varied units, including Microsoft Global Operating Groups, where she supervised domestic HR teams and staff in Dublin, India, and Singapore.”

Olivia Polius, Chief Financial Officer

“Most recently, Ms. Polius served as deputy director of global program services at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she managed a team responsible for implementing an innovative operating model that focused on creating greater strategic integration among the organization’s global programs.”




Bertrand Russell: The Ghost Of Madness

John Hare, in, analyses the personality and personal history of the celebrated mathematician and anti-Christian philosopher, Bertrand Russell.

Russell’s Why I Am Not A Christian, is a favorite of  many atheists and anti-Christian Hindus.

Note: Most Hindus adhere to the mainstream Hindu tradition of  respect for Jesus as an avatar of God, even while they object to the aggressive conversion tactics and chauvinistic language of some missionaries.

But, as Hare writes, Ray Monk’s outstanding biography of the man, “Bertrand Russell: The Ghost Of Madness,” tears off the mask of genius to show  a deeply immoral, cruel, and mentally unstable man:

What keeps the reader fascinated is the unfolding of this double truth; that one of the century’s brightest, most influential thinkers seems to have been at the same time capable of appalling cruelty and moral blindness……..

Russell’s sense of the hereditary danger was confirmed by his own experience. An informal account of what we would now call a psychopathic personality is the disorder of someone who is amoral, who harbors great rage that he usually hides, who considers almost all others inferior, and who is a pathological liar. Monk gives us evidence of all of these traits in these first 49 years of Russell’s life. I am not trying to say here that Russell was a psychopath, but that he had evidence in his own life to make it reasonable for him to fear that he was predisposed to some such disorder.”

Salient excerpts from Hare’s review of the Monk biography reveal Russell’s moral monstrosity:

[Note: Beatrice Webb (referred to in the first line below) was the wife of Sidney Webb, and, along with him, was one of the founding members of the Fabian Society, which promoted Fabian socialism.

Fabian socialism was a gradualist approach to communism that was inflicted on former colonies, like India.

It had as its own goal the goal of the New World Order – population control through family planning and feminism and through the advocacy of income redistribution]

On Russell’s callous treatment of women (this from someone who championed women’s “liberation”):

Beatrice Webb, after a visit, put it this way, “[Russell] looks at the world from a pinnacle of detachment. What he lacks is sympathy and tolerance for other people’s emotions.” One of the most chilling examples of this trait is the story of Russell’s relationship with Helen Dudley, whom he met in America and persuaded to come to England to live with him. When she arrived, he discovered he was no longer in love with her and got rid of her, as a result of which she suffered a complete and permanent mental breakdown. In his Autobiography, Russell puts it this way: “I had relations with her from time to time . . . and I broke her heart.”

It is not just what Russell did that is chilling, but the fact that he talks about this and other such episodes as though they had happened to somebody else.”

On Russell’s murderous rages and seething hatred (this from a “humanitarian” and “pacifist”):

Russell’s desire to kill people was sometimes quite literal. Indeed, this was one of his fears about his heredity, because of the fate of his Uncle Willy, who had lost his memory and ended up in a workhouse infirmary. As in Plato’s example in the Republic, the police gave Uncle Willy back a knife he owned and with it he went on a murderous rampage. When institutionalized, he continued to be prone to apparently random attacks of rage and violence. Russell had moods in which he hated the whole human race. But he also had to fight against the desire to kill quite specific people, such as his friend Fitzgerald: “On one occasion, in an access of fury, I got my hands on his throat and started to strangle him. I intended to kill him, but when he began to grow livid, I relented. I do not think he knew that I intended murder.”

On Russell’s alienation from, and feelings of superiority to, ordinary people (this from a man who professed that his hatred of religion, especially of Christianity, was based on his love for human freedom):

When I am talking to an ordinary person,” Russell says, “I feel I am talking baby language, and it makes me lonely.” In prison because of his anti-war activities, he reports that “Life here is just like life on an Ocean Liner. One is cooped up with a number of average human beings, unable to escape except into one’s own stateroom.”

On Russell’s pathological lying (this from a philosopher who attacked religion for being based on something other than truth):

He seems to have been a pathological liar. This started very early, with his grandmother. He maintained the outward show of piety, while departing further and further from the Christian faith. It became, however, a recognizable pattern in all his relationships, even those he cared most about. “You simply don’t speak the truth,” said D. H. Lawrence to him. “You simply are not sincere.”

On Russell’s self-loathing, expressed in hatred for  Christianity (the religion of his upbringing), alienation from his own emotions, and constant alternation between rage and guilt (this from someone who claimed to be completely rational):

Later, the sense of sin keeps recurring, as a kind of self-hatred………

..On another occasion Russell found himself on his knees in a church in Verona, praying for strength to subdue his instincts. He does not associate either experience explicitly with God, but what strikes this reader is the echoes of Russell’s grandmother’s piety, which was also a religion of love, duty, and suffering.

A Christian can see these experiences as God trying to break through, as the untiring chase by the hound of heaven. But Russell himself could not interpret them that way, or at least he could not do so for long. My hypothesis about why he could not do so is the one I gave earlier. The experience of God’s presence and his own failure was just too painful for him, and the pain was too close to his fear of madness. One response was the retreat to the surface and to disengagement.”


Why Bertrand Russell Was Not A Christian



This post should be understood in the context of my other writings in and around this subject.

Clearly, Bertrand Russell was a Christian in upbringing, as were his ancestors for generations.

Clearly, there is nothing in Torah-based Judaism per se which supports the kinds of positions he took in his life. Russell’s liberal/libertine and atheistic views have nothing in common with either Christian or Jewish orthodoxy. However, central tenets of modernist ideology (by modern, I mean the schools of thought arising out of Darwinian Evolution theory, Freudian psychology and the psycho-social theories associated with the Frankfurt school) were formulated by people whose descent was ethnic Jewish (in the sense in which that term is employed today).

In doing so in no way am I suggesting a biological/genetic component to this ideology of modernism.

I am suggesting instead that biology explains the phenomenon of the converso, who retains ancestral traditions and beliefs, regardless of the conversion.

I am suggesting that a tradition of hostility to the establishment and explicit espousal of revolutionary socio-economic schemes and libertine theories, colors the converso’s new-found faith and renders it only a variant of his old faith, which he, perhaps unconsciously, continues to propagate.

Put more bluntly, Russell could well have been a Sabbatean Frankist (a kabbalist) in everything but name.

Please read the original post by scrolling down below the two updates.

The substance of this post is that the celebrated mathematician Bertrand Russell, who wrote perhaps the most popular denunciation of Christianity, was a cold, cruel and deeply immoral individual in his personal life.

A recent book has also shown that he came from a family-line with a high degree of insanity and psychopathy.

That same line funded the Tavistock Institute and was notable for the propagation of sexual libertinism and population control, twin pillars of the New World Order.

Update 2:

In “Black Terror, White Soldiers,” David Livingstone has the following:

MK-Ultra, the CIA’s infamous “mind control” program, was an extension of the behavior control research conducted by the Tavistock Institute. Formed at Oxford University, London, in 1920 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), a sister organization to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) created by the Round Table, the Tavistock Clinic became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II.[1] The clinic took its name from its benefactor Herbrand Russell, Marquees of Tavistock, 11th Duke of Bedford.

The Dukes of Bedford was the title inherited by the influential Russell family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Britain who came to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

Herbrand Russell and arch-conspirator Bertrand Russell shared the same great grandfather, John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford. Bertrand Russell was descended from John Russell’s third son, Bertrand’s grandfather, John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, who served twice as Prime Minister of the England in the 1840s and 1860s.

Herbrand Russell’s son, Hastings Russell, Lord Tavistock, the 12th Duke of Bedford, went on to become patron of the British Peoples Party, a far-right political party founded in 1939 and led by ex-members of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. It was he whom Rudolf Hess flew to England to contact about ending World War II.

The basis of the project of the Tavistock Institute was explained by Round Tabler, Lord Bertrand Russell, who is considered one of the founders of analytic philosophy along with his predecessor Gottlob Frege and his protégé Ludwig Wittgenstein, and is widely held to be one of the twentieth century’s premier logicians.

Russell offered a revealing glimpse into Frankfurt School’s mass social engineering efforts, in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society:

 I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology… Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part…. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

…Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.[2]


The author of numberless anti-Christian statements, toward the end of his life, Bertrand Russell attempted to blunt the force of his singular attack on Christianity by including Hinduism, Confucianism, and other religions, in his criticism.

Notably, he did not include Judaism.

There are two explanations for this: either Russell was aware of the ruling class whose interests he served and feared reprisal, or he actually supported the goals of the ruling class.

The second seems more likely, when one researches Russell’s history.

He came from an aristocratic family line – the Dukes of Bedford – with a long history of subversive activity and “progressive” ideals (women’s liberation, birth-control, free love etc.).

The name Russell/Russel is said to derive from the word “rous.”

Rous was originally a nick-name for a person with red hair and derived from an Old French word for red.

The nick-name might have arisen from the supposed red hair of the Norman conquerors of England.

[Coincidentally, note the following:

1. The “Red Jews” were part of a legendary Jewish nation that can be found in vernacular literature in Germany upto the 1600’s. They were said to be an existential threat to Christendom and were associated with  Gog and Magog who are released in the end-times in the Bible.

2. The name Rothschild is derived from the German for Red Shield.]

A description of the origin of the Russell/Russel clan in Scotland can be found at Wikipedia, which identifies Bertrand Russell as the descendant of one Rufus (which is an alternative name for Russell).

Rufus is a popular Jewish name.

Bertrand Russell was thus apparently of Jewish/crypto-Jewish descent (using the word Jew here in the modern sense to refer to the people known as Ashkenazim).

That might explain how his advocacy of the goals of the NWO became so popular.

It might also explain his anti-Christian animus.


Bertrand Russell, the mathematician, philosopher and activist, has had a great deal of popularity among atheists and among anti-Christian Hindus in India, because of a book he wrote attacking Christianity, “Why I Am Not a Christian.”

Russell’s stature as a “peace activist” is such that he is accorded a pass on what it is he actually advocated.

I urge Hindus and atheists who take Russell’s critiques at face-value to delve into the motivations of the man who wrote it.

A closer look shows a deceptive and unsavory supporter of  the key goals of the New World Order.

  1. Russell was a Fabian Socialist from his college days at Cambridge onward. He is thus associated with the pernicious system of thought responsible for the “stealth communism” that has destroyed most of  India’s social and economic fiber.
  2. Even though he was aligned with pacifists in theory, in practice he was in favor of violence, if it was in the cause of overthrowing what he considered unjust governments. Thus, he supported the communist revolution in Russia, but, after its conclusion, distanced himself from it.
  3. He claimed to have held refined views on human relations, but the facts of his own life are at odds with his claims: he betrayed his first wife for a succession of wives and paramours, although his wife continued to be devoted to him to her death; he seduced the bride of the great Christian poet, T.S. Eliot, before her wedding, contributing to the destruction of the marriage. A bi-sexual and an outspoken advocate of “free love” his “consensual cuckolding,” enabled by wife, Dora, created an unstable home for his children that exacerbated the latent insanity in the family leading to more than one case of insanity and suicide.

Russell’s political positions were far from purely humanitarian and seem to have been articulated ultimately for the benefit of the New Order coming into being.

In “Bertrand Russell, Prophet Of The New World Order,” David Peterson writes:

Bertrand lost both father and mother at a very early age. In his sixth year he was placed in the home of his elderly grandmother. In his autobiography Russell complains bitterly about the stifling tyranny and repression he endured while living in her home. Unlike his older brother who rebelled and left home, little Bertie remained her pet, never openly defying his granny. He said he developed an overwhelming rage which, to keep the peace at home, he completely suppressed during his childhood. Whether his grandmother did him any harm is hard to say; however, there is no doubt he developed some serious psychological problems. In his autobiography he speaks about his plan to commit suicide as an adolescent, a plan, which was abandoned when he realized it would mean never learning any more mathematics. Despite his great intellect he displayed the personality of an iconoclast and a misanthrope all his life. The primary motivation of Russell’s intellectual effort was the removal of cultural repression, which he attributed to traditional religion. He set his mind to the task of eliminating the influence of Christianity on Western culture.

Here is a passage from a letter Russell sent to his friend Gilbert Murray, which gives some insight into his tumultuous state of mind as a young man: “I have been merely oppressed by the weariness, tedium and vanity of things lately, nothing seems worth doing or having done. The only thing that I strongly feel worthwhile would be to murder as many people as possible so as to diminish the amount of consciousness in the world.”

Sexual obsession and lust were a dominant force throughout Russell’s life and underpinned his public advocacy of population reduction and birth control. Lady Ottoline Morrell, Bertrand’s longtime lover and confidante, was the wife of Phillip Morrell. Russell was a notorious libertine whose multiple marriages never prevented him from satisfying his momentary lusts with whomever was at hand and willing. Russell carried out a long series of such affairs after he walked out on his first wife, Alys. With characteristic bluntness, he explained that he left his despondent young wife because he was “bored and disgusted with her.” We could say that, all in all, Bertrand Russell devoted his life to eradicating what is known as the moral order. Nietzsche had pronounced in his writings that “God is dead” and firmly held that the ethical norms taught by Jesus Christ had emasculated the human race. It was Russell who took Nietzsche’s call for the “transvaluation of all values” (reversing the Judeo-Christian moral order) and lent to that project his respectable credentials as a modern scientific thinker.”

At one time or other, Russell became a highly effective public advocate of the pillars of the New World Order – sexual libertinism (the destruction of the family unit, social control through psychology and addiction to drugs, a one-world government, and population control.

Russell’s population-control, like Sanger’s, was an outgrowth of his own eugenecist and racist ideas.

David Peterson:

He was alarmed about the higher fertility of nonwhite women and he demanded that the Asian and black birthrate be drastically curtailed. Otherwise, he felt his own breed (whites) would be overwhelmed, resulting in chaos and disaster. His view on population was made clear in his Prospects for Industrial Civilization: “Population [must be] stationary or nearly so…. The White population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the Negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without the help of war and pestilence…. Until that happens…the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific….”

Advocating what is now know as Zero Population Growth, Russell wrote:

If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors would be free to procreate freely without making the world too full.” Russell went on, “this state of affairs may be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.”

As for Russell’s pacifism, David Peterson has the following:

During World War I, Russell described himself as a pacifist and was jailed in England for his antiwar speeches. Later his reputation as “peace maker of his generation” suffered severe damage when, in the early years of the Cold War, Russell signed on as an avid backer of the so-called Baruch Plan. The proposal was billed as a peace offer to the Russians but it might be better described as a bomb hidden in a CARE package. Under the plan, Stalin would be given an ultimatum: the Soviets could join an international peace agency and forgo developing an H-bomb; but if they refused, Moscow and the other major Russian population centers would be instantly obliterated by a nuclear bombardment.

In his defense, Russell told a BBC interviewer, “I thought the Russians would give way but you can’t threaten unless you’re prepared to have your bluff called.” Certainly this English aristocrat and intellectual was not the only voice that could be heard recommending a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the Soviets, but he was by far the most prominent “pacifist” to do so. Some years later when he was faced with the publication in a New York newspaper of the charge that he had “decided that it would be good morals and good politics to start dropping bombs on Moscow,” Russell contracted a convenient case of amnesia and vehemently denied that he had ever countenanced any such thing.

By the opening of the inaugural meeting of the Pugwash Conference in 1957, Cold War Realpolitik had changed considerably and the Baruch Plan was buried. Russian scientists had developed a Soviet version of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and just as suddenly Russell experienced a change of heart. Miraculously, his former mortal enemies, the Soviets, were now his partners in world peace! Anti-Communism had dissolved in favor of Russell’s new crusade for world peace and nuclear disarmament. Pugwash proposals were imbued with the ideology of the British Fabian Society, calling for a world government (made up of the world’s elites) to enforce a global peace. The plan called for NATO and the Warsaw Pact to be partners in halting the spread of nuclear weapons. The Pugwash Plan, however, went far beyond megatonnage and delivery systems. All nuclear energy and technology were to be centralized in the hands of the existing nuclear states–America, Britain, and Russia.

The antinuclear weapons campaign allowed Russell and his circle to accomplish two of their most important cultural objectives. The first was establishing a command and control center for one-world government. The second was creating a radical ecological movement that was hostile to technology and industrial progress. Pugwash propaganda skillfully equated “nuclear warfare” with “industrialism and technology.” The three terms were linked together and branded as the characteristic “evils of modern capitalism,” three evils which would soon annihilate us, either by nuclear war, by uncontrolled pollution, or by the depletion of our “fixed” resources. Only the Pugwash planners — with the “peace-loving” Soviets as their partners — had the solution. World leaders had to come to their senses and submit to a world government or all humanity was doomed!

Many of the Pugwash initiatives became the bedrock beliefs of Zero Population Growth and the radical ecology movements. The same ideology was disseminated in Western media channels and financed by the donations of hundreds of wealthy corporations, think tanks, and foundations. Much of this philanthropy is subsidized by having tax-free status — which means in effect it is paid in part by U.S. taxpayers.”

AIDS-Fort Detrick Theory Is KGB, Stasi Disinfo

Hunting around to find out more about the Alan Cantwell piece about AIDS I posted earlier, which one reader suggested was disinformation, I came across this announcement from the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies.

It doesn’t mention the Cantwell theory, but takes aim at another widely-circulated conspiracy theory about AIDS, that it came out of bio-weapons research at Fort Detrick:

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014,

Event description: In the second half of the 1980s, the KGB conducted an international disinformation campaign accusing the US of having artificially constructed the virus that causes AIDS at the Pentagon’s laboratory for biological warfare in Fort Detrick, Maryland. On the basis of his research with scholar Christopher Nehring in the archives of the former communist secret police in Bulgaria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, Douglas Selvage will present new details about the disinformation campaign and the key supporting role played by the KGB’s “fraternal organ,” the East German Ministry of State Security, or Stasi.  Among the findings: The free media in West Germany played a central, if unwitting role, as multipliers of the KGB’s disinformation thesis; a cycle of misinformation and disinformation arose between conspiracy theorists in the US and the Soviet bloc’s secret police; and the Fort Detrick-thesis continues to circulate around the globe yet today with dire political and medical consequences.  “

Here is a bit about Douglas Selvage himself. I am not sure how far one can trust state-employed historians.

Douglas Selvage is currently Project Director in the Education and Research Division of the BStU (Federal Commission for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic) in Berlin for the project “International Cooperation of the East European Security Services.” Before he joined the BStU in 2008, he served as a historian in the U.S. Department of State and as an assistant professor of history at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach. He has published widely on German-Polish relations during the Cold War, on the Helsinki Process, U.S. foreign policy, and the history of the Soviet bloc. “

Benazir Bhutto On Osama’s Killing

Michael Rozeff claims that the Taliban, via Fox News, is the only source for the information that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001.

This just isn’t true. Even a glance at Wikipedia would have told Mr. Rozeff (and Mr. Hersh and the rest) just how many people think that Osama died before 2011, if not in 2001. They include Israeli intelligence, Turkish, Pakistani, and Iranian officials, US officials including Madeleine Albright, activists including Tarpley, Lendman, and Napolitano.

Which still doesn’t mean it’s the truth, but it does mean that Rozeff, who apparently spent some time on this story,  either failed to do his research or is engaging in hyperbole.

[I accused Mr. Rozeff of disinformation, but withdraw that, since I haven’t known him to push any other suspect story.

The single most important source for the  story  that Osama was already dead by 2011 is  former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto, whose very public statement was followed by dead silence in the major media, including deletion from a BBC transcript, and then, two months later, her assassination. 

Of course, we don’t have to assume that the two events (the statement and her assassination) are connected. We don’t have to conclude that Bhutto was telling the truth.

“Osama 2001” could be disinformation too, but it is not simply or solely Talibani disinformation.

[Note: some of the forums I link to might also contain red herrings and disinformation. So again, regard them as aids, not crutches.]

What is telling for me is that Bhutto’s version reveals not whole-sale complicity  between the Pakistani government and the US government, as Hersh’s suggests (which is implausible, as I previously blogged), but the control of the ISI and the instigation of terrorist activity by sectors of Western intelligence (including CIA, MI6, and Mossad) which is not only highly plausible, it is well-nigh irrefutable.

What does that mean?

It means that encirclement, destabilization, and balkanization of the sub-continent, as I’ve blogged repeatedly, is the real target of the West in its on-going implementation of the globalist agenda of “control of populations” and “control of resources”.

These were goals specifically directed at the “third world”  and they were clearly enunciated by the head of the US Policy Planning Staff, George Kennan, decades ago, in 1948:

Furthermore, we have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security.

Now back to the Bhutto statement.

Pravda, May 1, 2008:

[Lila: Pravda is the Russia state organ, so again, caveat lector.]

Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack at the end of 2007 stated in November that the Osama bin Laden, the head of the international terrorist network al-Qaida, had been killed. Bhutto claimed that she even knew the man who had killed the prime suspect of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. According to Bhutto’s words, Bin Laden was killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – one of those convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl.

Bhutto released that statement on November 2, 2007 in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV channel. Bhutto spoke in English in the program titled Frost Over the World. However, no one paid any attention to her words. Speaking about the enemies, who did not wish to see her back in Pakistan, she said: “Omar Sheikh is the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.”

The video of Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera can be found on YouTube (click to watch the video). The assassinated Pakistani prime minister says the words about Bin Laden’s killer during the second minute of the interview. She stays absolutely calm when she pronounces the names. More than 600,000 people have already viewed the video.

Correspondent David Frost, who interviewed Bhutto, did not even care to ask more questions about the sensational statement. Frost, who is believed to be an experienced journalist, did not even ask Bhutto when Bin Laden was killed.

Benazir Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera received very little attention from the media. There was practically no newspaper in the world who published the news on its front page, although tens of thousands of people discussed the news for two months. It just so happens that even Al-Jazeera messed it up.

There was no official who commented on the information. Not a word was said from the CIA and the FBI. They did not even lift a finger to reject it. Absolute silence. But the U.S. administration promised a reward of 25 million dollars for Bin Laden’s body, dead or alive.

Benazir Bhutto is now dead. She cannot say anything about her sources of information.” has this about Omar Sheikh:

If that name, Omar Sheikh, sounds familiar it’s because he was a key figure in some huge stories between 1999 and 2002. His full name is Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, and multiple variations of those names are used to describe him including Omar Sheikh and Saeed Sheikh. Here’s how you may have heard of him:

  • In 1999, Indian Airlines flight 814 was hijacked by Pakistani nationals. In return for the hostages, the hijackers demanded India release the leaders of the ISI (the Pakistani version of the CIA) funded group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. One of these leaders was Omar Sheikh.
  • In the months before 9/11, using the alias “Mustafa Mohammad Ahmed”, Omar Sheikh transferred at least $100,000 to Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers.
  • Omar Sheikh was sentenced to death in 2002 for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

– See more at:

The post led me to this one, at Little Country Lost.,
which argues that US official pronouncements after December 2001 do show some difference in tone that suggests something significant happened in that time-frame:
There are a few reports from around the world that I found that indicated that Osama bin-Laden had died. One report from a French newspaper said that Osama bin-Laden died on August 23, 2006 of typhoid fever. However, if Benazir Bhutto is to be taken at her word, this report cannot be true because Omar Sheikh has been in Pakistani police custody since February 2002 for the murder of Daniel Pearl.However, some other reports, which seem to make some sense, indicated that Osama bin-Laden died in December 2001. An Egyptian newspaper called al-Wafd published the following article (Volume 15 No 4633) on December 26th, 2001:A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa’da organization, stating that binLaden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa’da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban. In the farewell ceremony to his final rest guns were fired in the air. The official stated that it is difficult to pinpoint the burial location of bin Laden because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark is left by the grave. He stressed that it is unlikely that the American forces would ever uncover any traces of bin Laden.If the funeral took place 10 days before this article was published in al-Wafd and The Observer of Pakistan, this would put the death of Osama bin-Laden around the 16th or 17th of December 2001. Israeli intelligence officials also told reporters in October 2002 that they and United States officials believe that Osama bin-Laden had been killed in December 2001.If you look at a timeline of events involving Osama bin-Laden, ignoring the questionable videotapes, there is a noticeable shift in the type of communication Osama bin-Laden has with the world and the rhetoric used by Bush Administration and Pakistani officials in regards to the threat Osama bin-Laden poses starting in the middle of December 2001. Some highlights:

September 15, 2001
President Bush says of bin-Laden, “If he thinks he can hide and run fromtheUnited States and our allies, he will be sorely mistaken.”September 17, 2001 – President Bush says, “I want justice. And there’s an old poster out West, I recall, that says, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive.’”November 7, 2001 – Pakistani reporter Hamid Mir interviews Osama bin-Laden in person.November 16, 2001 – Battle of Tora Bora begins.November 25, 2001 – Osama bin-Laden gives his last known public speech to his followers inMilawa, Afghanistan, a villagelocated on the route from Tora Bora to the Pakistani border.November 28, 2001 – Osama bin-Laden reportedly escapes Tora BoraDecember 15, 2001 – Osamabin-Laden’s voice is reportedly intercepted for the last time communicating with his fighters in Tora Bora via his shortwave radioDecember 17, 2001 – US Intelligence and Pentagon officials admit they have lost Osama bin-LadenDecember 17, 2001 – United States declares victory at Tora BoraDecember 26, 2001 – Article about Osama bin-Laden’s funeral is published in Pakistan and Egypt. The funeral allegedly takes place about 10 days earlier. The article is also discussed by Fox News.December 28, 2001 – President Bush says, “Our objective is more than bin-Laden”January 18, 2002 – Pakistani dictatorPervez Musharraf tells CNN that he believes Osama bin-Ladento be deadJanuary 27, 2002 – Vice President Dick Cheney says that Osama bin-Laden “isn’t that big of a threat. Bin Laden connected to this worldwide organization of terror is a threat.”

January 27, 2002 – White House Chief of Staff Andy Card tells CNN, “”I do not know for a fact that he’s alive. I happen to believe he’s probably alive… Our overall objective is to defeat terrorism, wherever it is around the world. And so, our objective is not to get Osama bin Laden.”

January 29, 2002 – President Bush delivers his first State of the Union address since 9/11. While he labels Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the “axis of evil”, he fails to mention Osama bin-Laden at all.

March 13, 2002 – President Bush says, “Deep in my heart I know the man is on the run, if he’s alive at all… He’s a person who’s now been marginalized.… I just don’t spend that much time on him.… I truly am not that concerned about him.”

April 4, 2002 – Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers says, “The goal has never been to get bin-Laden”

October 14, 2002 – President Bush says, “I don’t know whether bin-Laden is alive or dead”

October 16, 2002Middle East Newsline reports that Israeli Intelligence officials confirmed that Israel and the United States believe Osama bin-Laden was killed in mid-December 2001 during the Tora Bora bombing campaign.

This timeline, with Osama bin-Laden’s death allegedly occurring in the middle of December 2001, makes it possible that Omar Sheikh could have committed the murder. From October 2001 through January 19, 2002, Omar Sheikh was living openly in his home in Lahore, Pakistan. His positions as leader of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (a Taliban and Osama bin-Laden partner) and ISI agent (the source of funds for Harkat-ul-Mujahideen) would also have given him means for access to Osama bin-Laden.

While it is disturbing that Benazir Bhutto may have revealed that our government has been (and continues to be) lying to us about Osama The Big Bad Wolf, the revelation that his supposed killer was Omar Sheikh raises even more questions than the obvious ‘Who the hell is making and releasing all those Osama bin-Laden videos and for what purpose?'”

The blog makes various suggestions about why both Bhutto and Pearl might have been assassinated and what the implications are if the 2001 allegation really is true, ending with this:

……… How interconnected are the ISI and CIA and could the ISI assist Osama bin-Laden, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, and the Taliban without the knowledge of the CIA?

Why does the Bush Administration want us to think Osama bin-Laden is still alive? How do they personally benefit from this deception more than they would benefit by publicly taking credit for catching Osama bin-Laden?

Here is my answer to that question.

The Obama administration went along with the cover-up, because it gave a rationale for bombing on the borders of India, which instigates more terrorism in India (about which the Rothschild mouthpiece The Guardian is now “warning” (threatening?) ….

which will be conveniently blamed on “Hindu nationalists,” with no word about who is behind the rise of Modi.

If the CIA/Mossad/MI6 are working hand-in-glove with ISI (and elements of RAW) to provoke terrorism, then maybe the real conflict is not along the usual lines touted in the media, which are all horizontal: West vs. Russia; West vs. China; West vs. Islam).

Take a look at the list of unusual military drills I blogged recently.

Taken together with the presence of Western troops in Nepal, for ostensible disaster relief, they give us a picture of the sub-continent entirely encircled by military –  Russia doing exercises WITH China; Russia doing exercises WITH Pakistan (ISI controlled by CIA); the US doing exercises with S. Korea, the Philippines, and Japan, all along the Pacific; the CIA and China (Rothschild-affiliated) controlling drug routes that have major headquarters in Cochin and Goa and Mumbai.

So we have a Rabbi warning of a stock market crash in September 2015; a Chinese feng-shui expert based in Malaysia warning of a crash plus assorted disasters;Rothschild mouth-piece The Guardian warning of terror attacks in India some 6-7 years after Mumbai; the Jewish Super Shemitah Jubilee cycle of seven sevens coming up for completion in 2015; an assortment of military exercises encircling Eurasia; and an exercise on the borders of the US that seems to refer to China

Now think about Hersh floating this “old story” in 2015. Why?

Could it be a distraction from these military drills?

They would include Jade Helm 15, which is nothing at all, according to the major media in the US. Nothing but right-wing paranoia.

Establishment Alternatives Defend Hersh

Michael Rozeff, who believes Hersh is accurate on the Bin Laden story, claims support from four journalists.

He says generalized skepticism about government accounts is not good enough to discount the possibility of a 2011 killing, instead of the rumored 2001 killing.

Fair enough.

However, the problem for me at least is not generalized skepticism of government accounts.

My problem is generalized skepticism of alternative media mouth-pieces attacking the government’s account – I don’t place much stock in the high-profile  Mr. Hersh and his ilk.

Unlike Mr. Roberts, I don’t believe in the theory of a 2001 killing of Obama; but I also don’t believe the government’s OR Hersh’s version.

Until I study the matter at first hand, I refuse to take any account at face-value. The only thing I do believe is that there is no end to the depth and complexity of Anglo-Zionist propaganda and that anyone who goes by party-line, confession, or ideology of any kind, will not be able to untangle the web.

High-profile journalists are suspects numero uno when it comes to intelligence/CIA propaganda.

As I said, Douglas Valentine, Ann Williamson, Paul Craig Roberts, James Petras and the less-known but insightful  Scott Creighton – between them encompassing every side of the alternative spectrum – have expressed cynicism/skepticism about Hersh.

The media fanfare over Hersh’s revelations is itself a giveaway.

Now Rozeff comes up with 4 voices in support of Hersh.

Three of them published their  support on Counterpunch, which has, sorry to say, often retailed disinformation about 9/11 by none other than Alexander Cockburn.  One is published at The Nation, another establishment leftist rag that carries disinformation all the time.

Before he died, I got to know Cockburn a  little bit, with some exchanges over the phone and email. I liked the guy. He said nice things about my writing. I am grateful for that.  I also appreciated his support of India and his love of Indian culture. His Catholic background and his sharp, curious brain made him a different kind of lefty.

But lefty he was….a true believer in feminism, the state, and “the people.”

And on at least two occasions known to me a guy who retailed government spin.

One was on 9/11. The other was on the child-sex abuse scandals of the 1990s.

The latter was a personal disappointment to me, because I relied on his word and his opinion, as an elder statesman on the subject of propaganda and the CIA.

I found later he was wrong on both subjects, but not because he was mistaken.  It was because he was misleading.

I suspected a tie to the CIA. That was confirmed to me later by a senior libertarian writer who ought to know.

So, yes, Cockburn was a good guy on a number of things. A funny, insightful, even great writer.

But he also retailed spin when he felt he had to. I can’t make a judgment about why he did it. I’m just saying he did it.

So Cockburn supporting Hersh is like, well, the Washington Post echoing the New York Times.

Journalist two:

Justin Raimondo supports Hersh.

Well, he also uncritically supported Gore Vidal, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, about whose bona fides there are persistent serious questions that have never been answered.  If you believe in the official Snowden-Assange story, I assure you, the tooth-fairy will be visiting soon……followed by some property in the Florida panhandle.

Raimondo, alas, is still an establishment alternative.  I have nothing clear-cut against him, but I find his judgment questionable on some things.

The other writers who support Hersh, Michael Brenner and Greg Grandin, are both professors – of international relations and of history – who write for the establishment alternatives – places like The Nation and TomDispatch, whose contributors often overlap.  Both are the usual East Coast left-liberal academic, part of the mandarin industry.  I have zero trust in them.
But no need to worry about Raimondo, Cockburn and the rest. Mr. Hersh can be judged from his own words, no less (Note: this is not an endorsement of the site on which I found Hersh’ words)

Seymour Hersh has admitted that he’s nothing but a liar. It’s okay tho, he only lies when he gives $15, 000 college campus speeches or gives talks for the ACLU and that sort of thing, he assures us he never lies in print (a liar who says ‘believe me’…funny.)

In a recent interview, Hersh said the following in regards to his fibbing:

“Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people…I can?t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.?

and when Hersh changes names, dates, places, and the like:

?I defend that totally…I find that totally not inconsistent with anything I do professionally. I?m just communicating another reality that I know, that for a lot of reasons having to do with, basically, someone else?s ass, I?m not writing about it.?

Hersh is merely “communicating another reality” that he knows of?! Outrageous. It’s okay tho, he still stands by his practice of lying in speeches and on talk shows and such, he just promises he never lies in print (whew, and thought we were dealing with a FULL time liar here, as long as he’s only a liar 80% of the time, it’s okay I guess.)

Hersh puts it out on the table, and in doing so he let’s us all know that nothing he says can be trusted.”

So here we have a guy who makes up names and events to convey his own reality (kind of like Rumsfeld?). A guy who rides entirely on reputation for his credibility since many of his lengthy pieces contain nothing more than a single anonymous source.  A guy whom one investigative journalist told me actually squashed an important expose (of George Soros) by a colleague and then plagiarized the material.  And people take him at face-value as more credible than “the government.”

When will boobus libertarianus wake up to the fact that the “media” and the “alternative press” ARE  the government? Often they are more the government than the “government.”

But that might require something a little bit more than slogans and herd behaviour.

It might involve – heaven forfend- a little critical thinking.





Doug Valentine: Woodward, Hersh, CIA-connected

In an interview with Suzan Mazur at, Douglas Valentine, an authority on CIA programs, mentions Seymour Hersh as a CIA-connected journalist.

In fact, just looking at the sites and the writers touting Hersh on the Bin Laden story will give you a good general idea about the level of complicity of American activists/alternative media in the propagandizing of the public:

Douglas  Valentine:

To answer your question about the connections between the CIA and the media and new media – I’d say they’re tighter than ever. It has to do with the centralization of wealth and influence. News organizations used to be a lot of independent owners of news outlets. There’s now less and less of that.

It goes hand in hand with the consolidation of capital in the United States. The media’s in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and those people are closer and closer to the imperial interests of the United States abroad. Their interests are now more in tune with the interests of the CIA. And they’re more likely to skew, without even being agents of the CIA.

So you don’t have to rely on the old boy system anymore; accommodating the CIA is built into the system because of the consolidation of capital.

It’s been reported that the CIA writes for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. So establishing and corroborating sources is more important now than ever. Also, since Watergate and Deep Throat, there’s a tendency on the part of CIA-connected journalists like Bob Woodward and Seymour Hersh to use anonymous sources. Just another sign of how incestuous it is between the media and the CIA.”

In addition to Douglas Valentine, writers as far apart as James Petras, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Williamson, have all questioned Hersh’s veracity.

In “Language of Empire,” I noted discrepancies in Hersh’s reporting and my suspicion that he was an outlet for disinformation.

Is the Osama Bin Laden story disinformation?

Frankly, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I care.

What I do care about is the uncritical way the alternative media trumpets “name” journalists, even when they don’t source.

Don’t they realize how easy it is for the intelligence services to feed them stories through established journalists?

Or do they just not care?

Why is it I get the feeling that a lot of the alternative media is in it for money and Google hits, not for actually finding out the truth.

It is just tamasha.  Or a form of preening.

Anyway, here is another site, a conservative, one,  where Hersh is proved to have lied…and then proved to have lied about his lie…

Seymour Hersh made some startling claims to a Pakistani paper called The Nation, basically claiming that Dick Cheney (and Israel of course) runs a secret death squad that was responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

When it became apparent that the statements made their way to people that knew they were a lie Seymour released this statement:

US journalist Seymour Hersh on Monday contradicted news reports being published in South Asia that quote him as saying a special death squad made by former US vice president Dick Cheney had killed Benazir Bhutto. The award-winning journalist described as complete madness the reports that the squad headed by General Stanley McChrystal the new commander of US army in Afghanistan  had also killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafique Al Hariri and a Lebanese army chief.

Vice president Cheney does not have a death squad. I have no idea who killed Mr Hariri or Mrs Bhutto, Hersh said. I have never said that I did have such information. I most certainly did not say anything remotely to that effect during an interview with an Arab media outlet.

He said Gen McChrystal had run a special forces unit that engaged in high value target activity, but while I have been critical of some of that unit activities in the pages of the New Yorker and in interviews, I have never suggested that he was involved in political assassinations or death squads on behalf of Mr Cheney, as the published stories state. He regretted that none of the publications had contacted him before carrying the report. This is another example of blogs going bonkers with misleading and fabricated stories and professional journalists repeating such rumours without doing their job  and that is to verify such rumours. staff report.

The problem is that’s a lie. Legal Insurrection has video of Hersh making these very claims on Marxist shill Amy Goodman’s dreadful Democracy Now! program.

Isn’t libel illegal?”

State U. Prof. Requires Erotic Final Exams

Yet another example of the waste of good money known as higher education (h/t Lew Rockwell):

For most students, there is nothing more stressful than a final exam.

But now imagine that to pass the exam, you have to be naked in a candlelit classroom. Not only in front of your whole class, but also in front of your professor.

At the University of California, San Diego, this naked final exam is in fact a course requirement for a class in the visual arts department.

But nudity isn’t enough for the students of the upper-level course, as they must also perform ‘a gesture that traces, outlines or speaks about your ‘erotic self(s)’, according to the course syllabus.

Seymour Hersh Propagates Disinformation

Paul Craig Roberts on the latest story about the Bin Laden killing from Seymour Hersh:

In my opinion, Washington’s disinformation agencies have finally managed to deceive Seymour Hersh with a concocted “inside story” that saves Washington’s claim of having murdered bin Laden by proving that the US government is an extraordinary liar and violator of law.

Hersh’s story does prove that the US government is a liar, but it does not prove that a
SEAL team murdered Osama bin Laden.”

Seymour Hersh has long been suspected (for eg. by James Petras, but also here,  here and now, here)  of retailing sophisticated disinformation behind the facade of investigative reporting.

Of course, “investigative journalism” itself is a concept that deserves thorough deconstruction.