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(for 2005 – 2007,  see also Language of Empire page and Reviews)

Print Reviews:

The Restoration of Israel, Gerhard Falk, American University Studies monograph, 2006

Attacks “Language of Empire” (MR Press, 2005) as anti-Semitic on pp. 53 & 55.

Reclaim The Media, 2006

(Praises “Language of Empire,” Monthly Review Press, 2005, as a model of citizen journalism).

The New York Times, April 22, 2007

(Review of “One of the Guys” ed., McElvey, Seal Press, 2007, citing my chapter, “The Military Made Me Do It: Psychic Injuries and Double Standards at Abu Ghraib”).

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 Race and Class, 2007

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(Commentary on Washington Post article, Bonner & Rajiva

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Review of “Mobs,” Bonner & Rajiva, Wiley, 2007.

Lund University Swedish South Asian Studies Network – Recommended Reading, Sept. 2011

Cites  “Operation Romeo: Lessons on Terror Laws in Injun Counterpunch,  December 2005

Observer, July 25, 2012

(Links to Mindbodypolitic blog post on Rajat Gupta trial).

Lankaweb,  March 10, 2013

(Review of “Language of Empire,” MR Press, 2007, by Rajiva Wijesinha, Sri Lankan Secy. to the Ministry of Human Rights and noted literary critic).


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(The Dresser archives has eliminated most of 2007, so the file is no longer available). The show was entitled “Married to the Mob.”

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