JIM BOVARD (Libertarian commentator and author of best-selling books on government abuse and Wall Street corruption):

I enjoy your blog very much. You bring a fresh style and viewpoint to issues that have sometimes been worn out by predictable ideologues. You have been doing first class hell-raising for years – and you were on to the torture scandal long before most American writers dared to wet their toes on the subject…”

ANNE WILLIAMSON (Investigative journalist for SPY, Mother Jones, New York Times, Russia expert who testified to Congress on Soviet collapse; author of unpublished book on George Soros):

“I recommend your blog to everyone I know.”

CHRISTOPH AMBERGER (Former head of the Taipan division of internet publishing giant Agora Inc., publisher of Green Laser Reviews and founder of Secret Archives LLC):

“I have followed your blog for a very long time.”

PATRICK BYRNE (CEO of leading Internet retailer, Overstock.com, Writer/Founder, innovative investigative website, Deep Capture; authority on regulatory capture of the market place):

Wow. A fellow revolutionary….. You were right…..You are way ahead of the pack to understand that (that efficient market theory is the problem)…..I respect your status an an immigrant, non-celebrity, and just a good pro-freedom mind…… Thank you for everything you do.”

ROBERT WENZEL (Publisher of outspoken, cutting-edge libertarian blog, EconomicPolicyJournal.com)

“She gets it.”

JEFF BLANKFORT (Leading anti-Zionist activist and commentator ):

“I have a lot of respect for Lila Rajiva.”

SUHAYL SAADI (Acclaimed author of “Josephs’ Box,” “Psychoraag” (short-listed for the James Black Tait award), described as one of the hundred most important Scottish novelists of all time):

“A genuine libertarian.”

L. NEIL SMITH (Libertarian novelist and theorist)

“You should understand that you’re an heroic figure in our household.”