I Was Wrong About Trump

I was wrong about Trump.

Not that he isn’t a shill for the financial cartel and another face of the elites. Yes, he is all that.

But I was wrong that the election was just six of one, half a dozen of the other.

So far, at least, that’s not been the case.

All the goody-two-shoes bombing-for-their-own-good of Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, apparently qualified Obama as a “decent” man and great president to our liberal brethren.

Comes Trump who hasn’t bombed a soul but merely – and quite sensibly- wants to keep out refugees from countries that are considered enemies of the US, and the caterwauling can be heard around the solar system.

What? You think a sovereign nation has the right to determine who enters its borders and wants to keep out people who might – quite justifiably in my opinion – want to sock it to Americans for what’s been done to them?

You madman, you!

And that wall. Sure, it’s a boondoggle. But then what isn’t?

Not that I personally am in favor of stopping Mexicans crossing the border to work illegally.

But along with workers, come gangs, revanchist groups, gun-running, drugs, and sex-trafficking. And subsidies to illegals that have bust the budgets of border states.

A virtual wall would be more efficient and cheaper, but I personally prefer concrete, if for nothing more than the symbolism of a Great Wall Of Mehiko.

True, I will no longer be able to dreamily plot routes that avoid passport checks – a favorite hobby of a frequent traveler. Sailing across an unmanned southern border  will soon be an impossibility. I dread to think of the logistics, the dust thrown up, the flora and fauna diving for cover.

But all leaders have their follies and the ancient Egyptians probably hated the building of the pyramids as well.

Let Trump have his.

Meanwhile,  there’s the whole LBGTQ project struck right off the official website; the climate-change agenda erased; funding withdrawn for US tax-payer subsidized abortions; Obama care reversed (at least somewhat); the massacre of Christians in the Middle East an actual thing in the news….

I am not naive enough to believe all this doesn’t still conceal another chapter in the globalist agenda.  It does.

But common sense and the people who pay the bills have just made a come-back, short-lived, as it may be.

I, for one, am grateful.

Now, about FATCA…





Dangers Of Vaccines Increase In Developing Countries

From Stop Mandatory Vaccinations:

Everyone usually gets very concerned about polio and use it as a main reason why vaccinations are so important. People always say to me, “Well, what about polio?”

The polio truth was one of the hardest ones for me to wrap my head around. The truth about polio (or what we have all been told is polio) is that during the 1950s many similar diseases were misdiagnosed as polio, such as Guillain-Barré syndrome, hand foot, and mouth disease, transverse myelitis, undiagnosed congenital syphilis, ECHO, and Arsenic and DDT poisoning. The polio virus is a gut virus that has been around for centuries and had only began to show paralyzing effects on people in the 19 the century. Why? Because polio was really a reaction to the pesticides DDT and arsenic that were sprayed on literally everything at that time, including food. There was also a huge disruption to the immune system by the introduction of toxic and processed foods. These two factors together disrupted the gut and immune system balance which turned a once benign gut virus into a terrible disease. When DDT use was stopped, polio mysteriously dropped as well, proving that once again this vaccine did not save us. You can see the graph here. The CDC also reclassified the definition of polio multiple times, essentially reclassifying it out of existence.

The polio we see now in 3rd world countries is vaccine induced polio virus. Yes, you heard me right, vaccine induced polio. In the US the oral polio vaccine was dropped because it was causing polio, however it is still used in developing countries. How criminal is that?

This vaccination issue is a huge problem in India and Africa where the vaccine trials are causing enormous numbers of children to become paralyzed from the vaccine. In India over 53,000 cases of vaccine induced paralysis have occurred! The CDC even says that cases of polio are extremely rare in the US. However, between 1980-1994 there were 124 cases of vaccine-induced polio. Of course the government and CDC has been brilliant about covering all this up, but if you read the history of polio the picture becomes clear: vaccines did not save us from polio and in fact, caused massive harm.

What is rotavirus anyway? Most people I speak with have no idea what this disease even is.

Rotavirus is the most common cause of severe diarrhea among children worldwide. There are many different strains of rotavirus that can infect humans or animals, including monkeys, cows and sheep. There are five main strains that cause more than 90 percent of human rotavirus infections in developed countries, such as the US, but rotavirus strains are more diverse in developing countries. By the time a child is 5 years old they have been suspected to have been infected with rotavirus at least once. Each time a child gets infected his or her immunity is boosted and subsequent infections are less severe.

Problems with rotavirus occur when there is severe dehydration. Again this is more serious in developing nations where people may not have access to clean, safe water, or proper care. According to the CDC, Rotavirus infections rarely cause other complications and for a well managed child the prognosis is excellent. So if a child’s infection is well managed and the prognosis is excellent then why the heck do we need a vaccine when this vaccine is literally killing children throughout the world? Two babies died and 29 were hospitalized after receiving the Rotavirus vaccine in Mexico. Isn’t the death of one baby, one death too many? Why is this vaccine still on the childhood immunization schedule in the US? Where is the justice for these children?

This vaccine just happens to be co-created by Dr. Paul Offit who is the head of the Vaccine Information Center and has direct financial ties to the sale of this product. He is quoted as saying that a child would be safe receiving 10,000 vaccines at once! Sorry Mr. Offit, but I don’t believe you, and I will take my chances with the diarrhea. Maybe you should offer your own child as a guinea pig for this experiment you propose.”

Infanrix Vaccines Linked To Infant Deaths

A Delhi pediatrics chief has credibly linked the combined Infanrix vaccines to so-called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) deaths:

“Infanrix vaccination generally follows a schedule of injections at three, five, and eleven-months of age, according to a paper published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, which stated that the vaccine was first licensed in 2000 and that the vaccine has demonstrated a decade of safety.

Dr. Jacob Puliyel, head of pediatrics at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi, linked to the previously confidential documents on Infanrix and commented on the Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics’s article where it appears in the U.S. National Institute of Health’s library. The pediatrics head called attention to what he believes is a strong correlation between sudden death and Infanrix when he wrote that “if one analyzes the data looking at deaths in first 10 days after administration of vaccine and compares it to the deaths in the next 10 days, it is clear that 97% of deaths (65 deaths) in the infants below 1 year, occur in the first 10 days and 3% (2 deaths) occur in the next 10 days.”

“Had the deaths been coincidental SIDS deaths unrelated to vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the two 10 day periods should have been the same.”

Puliyel went on to write that Infanrix hexa may have been to blame for at least 69 babies’ deaths during the reporting period alone. He states that 69 of the deaths during the reporting window were investigated thoroughly and occurred within three weeks of vaccination with Infanrix and the ages of the babies varied.
Did the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine cause sudden death?
Rather than compounding the total deaths each day, as in the documents found online, the pediatrics doctor suggests we examine how many more deaths happened right after the vaccine was given compared to as the days went by. He said this demonstrates a link between the vaccination event and the sudden deaths.

The data is conclusive. It is very clear and there is no room for argument,” a child safety advocate from Child Health Safety wrote just hours after Puliyel made his analysis public.

“And the analysis is simple. Anyone can understand it. The very plain data the document contains proves the matter without any doubt whatsoever.”

Claims on social media based on the doctor’s published comment are snowballing.

Italian court rules what US won’t: 97% of SIDS deaths attributed to vaccine, review of deaths after Infanrix shot http://t.co/9SqUJhFaqL

— Judy Converse MPH RD (@NutrCareAutism) January 13, 2015

GSK Forced to disclose in a confidential report that ~72 babies died within 20 days of getting Infanrix hexa http://t.co/6iuDkX9p2J #CDCVax

— Richard Healy (@RichardJHealy) January 14, 2015

Infanrix Vaccine Results in 69 Deaths, according to confidential GSK documents revealed at trial. http://t.co/xruNiOXUYk #CDCwhistleblower

— David Taylor (@peakdavid) January 15, 2015

Adverse events caused by Infanrix hexa vaccine results in 69 deaths – http://t.co/Tg4YPzLPN2 #Flu #viruses #virus #disease

— FluViruses.com (@FluViruses) January 15, 2015

The doctor who analyzed the data did not state that there was no room for argument, though. He did not brazenly state that the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine causes sudden death in babies.

Puliyel stated that he published his commentary “to put it up for open review by the scientific community, on account of its urgency, as this is a matter that involves the lives of children and there is a continuing risk to children.” Puliyel notes that the “decelerating incremental-deaths” support the theory of a clear relationship between deaths labelled as sudden death and “the vaccination episode.” The vaccination episode includes many variables besides just Infanrix vaccination itself.

Puliyel noted a correlation between deaths and the combination vaccine Infanrix. Puliyel has been clear before, such as in his letter to the Guardian, that he believes combination vaccines are possibly dangerous and far too expensive.”

Durga Devi Molested By Shiva’s Warriors?

The Jallikattu protests get stranger and stranger.

First, there is the whole notion of an uprising around the bull, the animal associated with Shiva.

That takes place just around the time of  the inauguration of Donald Trump, who positions himself as a stud-bull in the china-shop of  emasculated Western politicians.

[We notice that Eric Margolis wrote a short piece at LRC that appeared after this post, calling Trump a “bull in the Middle East china shop.”

And Ron Unz has now come out identifying the female protests against Trump as a color revolution.

Well, you heard it here first..

The protests for the “masculine”  warrior sport (veera villayatu) contrast with the massive feminist dominated protests around the world against Donald Trump.

Then came news that the protests had become hijacked (allegedly) by other more violent protestors, holding up anti-Modi and anti-PETA posters.

These have been lumped together with protestors holding up more provocative posters, of Osama Bin Laden and deceased LTTE leader, Prabhakaran.

The provocations were apparently from extreme-left, Naxal, and secessionist Tamil groups, from several newspaper accounts and the accounts of the organizers of the protests themselves.

Now comes a report that the chief cop on the scene, a head constable by the name of Durga Devi, was molested and attacked at the Ice House Police Station, which was then torched.

Durga is the female consort of Shiva and is also a popular embodiment of the Indian nation. 

[See my posts on Draupadi Vastraharan, to which the custodial rape of Devyani Khobragade was compared, as well as the picture of Durga deployed by pro-nanny demonstrators.]

Just a coincidence? Or one too many to be a coincidence?

The Indian nation (Durga), law and order, and feminism under attack from “Tamil secessionism” (Shiva) and unreconstructed patriarchal masculinity/religion.

There is video available of the outrage. But then so do the protestors have video to support their claims.

Each side claims the other’s video is morphed.









The Indian False-Rape Culture Feminists Never Talk About

More prominent cases of false rape charges, showing the seamy underside of modern female supremacism:


Digambar Gaikwad woke up one fine day nearly a decade ago, faced with a complaint of molestation against him filed by one of his colleagues, who was vying for the same plum job as him — that is the post of a coordinator of a World Bank project. It took over five years of legal battle to see the case to its logical end, scaling right up to the country’s apex court.

Not stopping at that, Gaikwad, who was a deputy director with the state agriculture department, Shivajinagar, at the time, sought compensation from the lady and has now been awarded Rs 10 lakh as damages.”

[Lila: In my opinion, for false rape charges, the perpetrator should be jailed for a length of time equal to the time the victim would have faced if he had been convicted of rape.]


Rajnandini and Neha used to lure young men into a honey trap and threaten them with implication in false rape cases to extort money from them.

One such case came to light on January 4, when veterinary doctor Krishan Kumar of Kutel village told the police that he was trapped by Neha. The gang threatened him to pay Rs 25 lakh, failing which he would be framed in a rape case.”


 A Thane court has acquitted a man facing charges of sexual harassment levelled by his minor daughter and ordered legal proceedings against her under provisions of perjury.

The special judge took a serious view of the girl giving false evidence in court and ordered the proceedings to give out a strong message against misuse of the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

In August 2013, the girl, who was then 16-years-old, had in a complaint to the police alleged that while she was sleeping with her parents her father touched her inappropriately and even raped her on several occasions, said the prosecutor.

Her father, a daily wage worker, was booked under POCSO and arrested by the Navi Mumbai police in April 2014.

During her deposition in court, the girl confessed that she had filed a false complaint against her father after a tiff with him.