Psychologists helped frame US torture techniques

Details of the declassified Inspector General’s Report on how the torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo was taught through a program that was framed in league with the psychology profession, in this article by psychologist and activist, Stephen Soldz:

“As part of the SERE program, trainees are subjected to abuse, including sleep deprivation, sexual and cultural humiliation, and, in some instances, waterboarding, described by one SERE graduate thus:
“[Y]ou are strapped to a board, a washcloth or other article covers your face, and water is continuously poured, depriving you of air, and suffocating you until it is removed, and/or inducing you to ingest water. We were carefully monitored (although how they determined these limits is beyond me), but it was a most unpleasant experience, and its threat alone was sufficient to induce compliance, unless one was so deprived of water that it would be an unintentional means to nourishment.”

More at his blog, “Psyche, Science and Society,” which has plenty of information on how the mind sciences are deployed in the services of the state. Put that next to the information we have about programs like TeenScreen and TMAP, and it should be clear that the sciences are not immune to the temptations of power and money.

We know we liive in a propaganda state. Now we know the extent to which the state is willing to employ science against any population, even its own. Several of the tortured detainees were American whistle-blowers who had alerted authorities to corruption in the military.

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