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Another reason to support Ron Paul – the one candidate thoroughly committed to freedom on the net.

Think the net is always free? Think again. Even apart from politics, what goes on the web is slanted.

I am thinking this as I note that after TWO AND A HALF MONTHS of requests to Amazon to place the great blurbs from financial and libertarian luminaries like Marc Faber, Nassim Taleb, Steve Sjuggerud, Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul, not ONE of them is up on the editorial reviews page.

Actually, we called in mid August and sometime in early September, I thought I saw the reviews up. Then they mysteriously disappeared and have never reappeared despite repeated calls. Just a mistake? Most likely. Or anything to do with a book which is getting a lot of attention from Ron Paul types? I wonder. It’s bound to make you think. This evening I called twice and was told someone would call back or I would get an email. No response.

Update: Since then I have received a response. There may still be a problem, but I spoke to someone courteous and alive. So I am hopeful. (Since I wrote this, the mystery has been solved. The reviews apparently “fell” off the web, along with those of other authors. Why they couldn’t inform their clients of it asap is another question.

Update 2

My further dealings with Amazon, convince me it is not to do with Amazon, but a little further upstream, let’s say, nearer the source. “Nuff said. Sincere apologies to Amazon.

In the same vein, I note that I am being cited properly as co-author after my persistent complaints on the web to various promoters and publicists. Tip to all authors –  if you are in the right, don’t take things lying down. When they are corrected, take a screen shot of the before and after so that  when someone  corrects something post complaint, they can’t tell you that it was always right, pre-complaint and pin the blame on you.

Still – here is what it all proves: if you take things lying down, nothing gets done. Exchange your nice guy demeanor for the Leona Helmsley act, and, voila, things start getting done.

Sad but true. Very few people these days work at their jobs with any integrity and devotion to it. When you come across them, treat them like gems. They are.

Anyway, Amazon numbers are massaged (authors buy back their own books in bulk to push up sales); editors reviews are heavily slanted, even customer reviews on the web are orchestrated…..

Meanwhile, in happier news, I recently presented the book to Ron Paul himself and several representatives at an informal session. It was great and they liked the ideas and approach. I was honored to be invited to get more involved with some of their activities. Paul himself is just as I thought – unassuming, highly intelligent, good humored. Like everyone’s favorite brilliant uncle .

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