Second Journalistic Dude Who Can Read Correctly

I got my Christmas present early this year, from Graham Rankin, who is now enshrined in my writerly heart:

“For the role of a modern-day Luther and his 95 Theses, we could suggest to the historians Matt Taibbi and his article on Wall Street bankers Goldman Sachs for Rolling Stone magazine, ‘Inside The Great American Bubble Machine,’ which caused such a huge fuss in July, as long as we remember a lot of similar points had already been made in 2006 by Lila Rajiva in a piece that should have won an award for prescience, and hopefully one day still might. No doubt the historians will debate that role for some time to come.”

Thanks Graham, and if you´ll check on my blog for my articles and books, you will find the rest of Taibbi´s thesis there too. Plus some of my language and one-liners, I do believe.  You get dinner on me some day, buddy.

The other dude who can both read and tell the truth is Robert Wenzel, who´s also cited me on that.

There is hope.

7 thoughts on “Second Journalistic Dude Who Can Read Correctly

  1. Excellent! Altough I know that your commitment is to truthtelling and not kudos; nevertheless, it is still gratifying that you get the recognition you deserve. Keep up the excellent work! You have been on a great roll of late–your postings are amazing, interesting, deep and a great source of insight and pleasure.

  2. Gracias! Tu tambien feliz ano!

    Spain is great! More to tell but can´t do online lest I be pegged for being a radical libertarian..

    Do write! Much to share…….mucho!

    Take care and look forward to chatting and exchanging ideas soon!


  3. i cannot find the link in the rankin article

    and although i can faithfully google each site you mention in the comments, for my own techie anality it would be great if you could just paste some links with a heading like rajiva-goldman-preTaibbi – really my bookmarks are my file cabinet and are scrupulously organized and tagged.
    if u dont no sweat but it would be above and beyond the call if u did. dont forget i am a 4 day old rajiva novice. thx, kudos and cheers

  4. likewise in the about page. anything you cite should be clickable. otherwise its somewhat like modern dance companies who perform fantastically but won’t release a dvd…..if you understand the analogy… i mean this as constructive suggestion…

  5. HI ADN –

    The links in the about page work.
    I will check the Rankin link.
    I am not sure what you mean about the Taibbi-goldman thing.
    I do plan to go through and show where he took his stuff from in detail, including when and why..
    and I’d also like to do that with my first book, but I am abroad and have a lot of other stuff going on..

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