Assange Shares Soros’Theory Of Open Societies

Robert Mackey, writing in the Lede:

(Note, Mackey is defending Soros)

“The Open Society Institute spokeswoman, Ms. Silber, told The Lede that Mr. Soros did provide financial support to both the Czech pro-democracy group Charter 77 and Poland’s Solidarity movement, which eventually brought democracy to that country too, in the early 1980s. During the same period, Mr. Soros also, “set up foundations in Communist Hungary and the Soviet Union that worked to undermine the repressive regimes there,” Ms. Silber added.

Last year Mr. Soros himself explained, in an article on his work published on CNN’s Web site, what his aim was:

I set up my first foundation in Hungary in 1984. The idea behind it was simple. The state dogma, promoted by the ruling communists, was false and by providing an alternative we could expose its falsehood. Accordingly we supported every cultural initiative that was not an expression of the established dogma.

I was guided by the concept of the “open society,” which I adopted from the philosopher Karl Popper. I saw the open society as a more sophisticated form of social organization than the totalitarian closed societies of the Soviet bloc.”


Julian Assange’s theory of  busting open systems that are based on conspiracies through revealing the conspiracies that motivate them fits right into Soros’ own thinking.

Of course, since it’s pretty much the thinking behind my own weblog, I don’t think I can point a finger just on that score.  Changing people’s thinking does involve revealing aspects of the current ideology that have been hidden from them “in plain view” .

But there’s a difference between subverting ideology and fraudulently or forcibly subverting institutions or harming people, and that difference can only be observed by taking care to respect other people’s rights to form their own groups and think their own thoughts free of propaganda and mind control. For that, you need to adhere more strictly to property rights, not subvert them, and you need to have a stricter standard of objective truth, not debates in which partisanship and ideology take precedence.

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