“King” Donald & “Cracker” Jesus


Donald = Great chief, world ruler.

From the Gaelic or Old Celtic Domhnall.

“Dumno= World +Val = Rule

The name Donald has been borne by a number of early Scottish kings”

Donald Trump says that he is a believing Presbyterian.

But if you look at his public statements about his faith and compare them with his outspoken devotion to Israel, his beliefs seem very non-descript:

In comments about his “Christian” [Presbyterian] faith, this is how Trump postured about his belief in God in front of [Zionist] Christian evangelicals:

Trump, who told CNN earlier that he is both anti-abortion and anti-same-sex marriage, said people are surprised to learn about his Christian faith.

Trump’s new-found dislike for Planned Parenthood is actually rather ambiguous.

Notice that he also quickly retracted his decision to defund the outfit.

In the past, moreover, he’s been a big supporter of  Planned Parenthood.

This record suggests that Trump is just dissembling to gain the following of ordinary Americans.

Now read what Trumps says after that:

“People are so shocked when they find … out I am Protestant. I am Presbyterian. And I go to church and I love God and I love my church,” he said.

Moderator Frank Luntz asked Trump whether he has ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions.

“I am not sure I have. I just go on and try to do a better job from there. I don’t think so,” he said. “I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture. I don’t.”

How are such beliefs Presbyterian?

They’re actually closer to a kind of popular deism.

Christianity has a foundational belief that the “natural man” is innately prone to sin and that sin requires confession, repentance and atonement/forgiveness.

While the Old Testament doesn’t have the same belief in original sin, it does require atonement for sins.

Trump said that while he hasn’t asked God for forgiveness, he does participate in Holy Communion.”

To take part in communion while being in unrepented sin is not Christian, whether one is Catholic, Presbyterian, or anything else. It is a gesture of utmost disrespect to Jesus.

Communion is either symbolically or literally the body of Jesus and is taken only when the believer has set his heart right with Jesus.

So that statement tell you that Trump is not Christian in any remotely orthodox sense.

But then again, he is also not an orthodox Jew.

A Torah-following Jew cannot approach God without atonement for sin.

That is why the Jewish high priest had to sacrifice two goats – the sacrificial goat on the altar, as atonement for sin, and the scape-goat in the wilderness, as an emblem of the destruction of the sin itself.

So Trump is making a clear signal of disrespect to Christian belief, and also to Orthodox Jewish belief.

Next, Trump says something quite bizarre:

“When I drink my little wine — which is about the only wine I drink — and have my little cracker, I guess that is a form of asking for forgiveness, and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed,” he said. “I think in terms of ‘let’s go on and let’s make it right.'”

It’s wrong to belittle anyone’s honest faith, no matter what their political positions.

But is Trump making a sincere profession here?

If you look at the other signals being sent out in this short passage, it seems not.

Social drinking is very much a part of non-Jewish Christian culture in the West.

Jesus drank wine in his day-to-day life.

But Jews today (and Muslims) do not drink wine at all.

In telling the public that he doesn’t drink at all, Trump is signalling his cultural distance from ordinary Americans and Europeans.

This seems quite peculiar to me, since his whole media performance centers around  identification with the common man in America.

And no, it’s not just a slip. A man who’s been in the lime-light all his life doesn’t make such slips.

The reference to Megyn Kelly’s blood was demonstrably crass innuendo about her period, to which the existence of a globalist “menstruation agenda” is only added proof.

This reference too is intentional.

Of course,  Megyn Kelly, who openly discusses her husband’s private parts with the likes of Howard Stern, is not in in need of our chivalry.

Very likely the entire bogus “incident” was cooked up at some level to drive ratings up.

The worst part of what Trump said was the reference to the communion wafer (or bread) as a “cracker.”

The wafer is the body of Jesus, in literal or symbolic terms.

“Cracker,” as any producer of reality TV like Trump knows, is a vulgar term for a poor white.

It is another way of saying “white trash.”

It is the equivalent of the word “nigger.”

In effect, Trump, the Sanhedrin’s shill, got on national TV and equated the crucified body of Jesus and his audience with a “cracker” (white trash).

And, irony, the “crackers” can’t have enough of him.

The equation of Jesus with trash has been made down the ages by certain Rabbis in dark passages in the Talmud.

It is the Sanhedrin’s fatal obsession.

Blinded by pride, they kick at the pricks to this day.

So when American Christians applaud Trump’s tomfoolery, they do it unaware that they are the punch-line.

But it gets better.

Donald Trump is not only a Judeophile, he has ethnic Jewish ancestry.

Please note that any ethnicity, in and of itself, is not a problem.

I draw attention to it only to show that it is no conspiracy at all to claim that the mouthpieces of the NWO cartel are nearly always either Jewish themselves or culturally emasculated tools.

Why that is so is a subject of some complexity and I cannot get into it here. I’m interested only in showing you what is really going on.

The Trump white Christian nationalist circus is not a dog-and-pony show. It’s a drag-show.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka is married to the Jewish publisher of The New York Observer and wealthy real-estate developer, Jared Kushner.

Ivanka (whose Czech mother is ex-wife Ivana) has converted to Judaism.

Trump’s son Eric is married to the Jewish producer of Inside Edition.

Trump’s sister is married to documentary producer, Jimmy Grau a former employee of the Trump organization.

Grau is identified as a Sephardic Jewish name.

Trump is not just the epitome of the crasser elements of the NY-Miami vice circuit.

He is half-Jewish, as are so many other Western leaders, from Angela Merket to Barack Obama.

Ancestry of Donald Trump


By Kimberly Powell, About.com Guide”

A more succinct account below:

Donald’s father, Frederick Christ Trump, was born in New York, to German immigrants. Donald’s mother, Mary Anne (MacLeod), was Scottish, born in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis. Donald’s family’s surname was originally “Drumpf”.

Donald’s paternal grandfather was Friederich/Frederick Drumpf/Trump (the son of Christian Johannes Drumpf/Trump and Katherina Kober). Friederich was German, born in Kallstadt, Pfalz. Christian was the son of Johannes Trump/Drumpf and Susanna Maria Bechtloff. Katherina was the daughter of Johann Jakob Kober and Elisabeth Peter.

Donald’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth Christ (the daughter of Christian Christ and Anna Maria Rathon). Elizabeth was German, born in Kallstadt, Pfalz.

Donald’s maternal grandfather was Malcolm/Calum Macleod (the son of Alexander Macleod and Anne Macleod). Malcolm was Scottish, born on the Isle of Lewis. Alexander was the son of William MacLeod and Catherine MacLeod. Anne was the daughter of Alexander Macleod and Ann Mackenzie.

Donald’s maternal grandmother was Mary Smith (the daughter of Donald Smith and Mary Macaulay/Macauley). Donald’s grandmother Mary was Scottish, born in Stornoway, on the Isle of Lewis. Donald Smith was the son of Duncan Smith and Henrietta MacQueen/McSwane. Donald’s great-grandmother Mary was the daughter of John Macaulay and Isabella Murray.

Sources: Genealogies of Donald Trump – http://www.geni.com

A little research will reveal that on his father’s side,  Donald Trump has Ashkenazy Jewish ancestry.

His paternal grand-father Christian Drumpf (the German name was anglicized to Trump) was married to Katherine Kober.

Kober is a German Jewish  (Ashkenazy) occupational name derived from the Biblical name Jacob, aka Israel, the patriarch from whom Judahites descend.

Kober means basket-maker.

So Donald’s paternal great-grand-mother Katherine Kober was Jewish and so was her father.

Katherina Kober’s mother was Elizabeth Peter.

The name Peter – despite its use in the New Testament  –  is often used by Jews, including Rabbis.

And what of the mother of Christian Drumpf (Donald’s paternal great-grand-father)?

Christian Drumpf’s mother was Susanna Maria Bechtloff.

I couldn’t find anything about the name, but the name Becht appears as a Jewish name in the Central Zionist Archives for Romania at Ancestry.com.

Bechtel, moreover, is a very common Jewish name.

And Bechtloff could well be a contraction/corruption of Bechtel-ov (off) or  “son of Bechtel.”

Trump’s paternal grand-mother’s parents had the sur-names Christ and Rathon, also from the same area.

Both Christ, amazingly, and Rathon are Sephardic Jewish names.

As for Drumpf, this was the name of a family of wine-growers in the area as far back as 1600s.

Kallstadt is on the German wine-route in the Palatine-Rhineland area.

These Drumpfs (and the related Trumps) appear to be Trump’s ancestors and they descend from an itinerant lawyer Hans Drumpf who came to Kallstadt from elsewhere.

I cannot find anything on the Internet about the origins of the name “Drumpf” which is pronounced to rhyme with “oomph.”

On the other hand, the German name Trump is said to originate with the Middle High German Trumpe, meaning drum.

It could also come from the region Trampe in medieval Pomerania (now Brandenburg).

Trampe was an important name in the early rise of German nationalism.

A Willeke Von Trampe was a Pomeranian knight in the 13th century AD and the name appears prominently in important social and political developments. It originates from East Elbia in Prussia, that is from Prussian nobility.

Trump, Trumpf, and Trumph, and several other similar-looking names appear in avotaynu.com’s consolidated data-base of Jewish names.

These data-bases do include names used by non-Jews who intermarried with Jews, but the data from Jewish cemeteries is confined to Jews.

The name Trump, using the Jewish cemetery data, is not only German, it is Jewish.

But Drumpf doesn’t show up at all.

However, “itinerant lawyer” (Hans Drumpf) doesn’t sound like a  native agriculturalist to me.

Whatever the case, the area of Germany in which the Drumpfs, the Trumps/Trumpfs, the Peters, the Christs, the Rathons, the Bechtloffs,  and the Kobers lived – the Kallstadt, Pfalz – Rhineland-Palatinate area include the specifically Jewish communities of Mainz, Speyer and Worms.

These were centers of  Medieval Jewish life.

They were also centers of the Protestant Reformation.

The Sanhedrin – the Jewish elite – was deeply involved in the Reformation.

Even after the immigrant Drumpf/Trumpf/Trump family of wine-makers had prospered so greatly as to feel they were the cream of the countryside, they were seen by the local aristocracy as loud, coarse arrivistes.

Again, there is the suggestion in all this of an ethnic divide between the locals and the immigrants at Kallstadt.

Fast-forward a couple of centuries to the 1880s.

Now the Drumpfs, well-settled in Kallstadt, move on to the New World.

Donald Trump’s grandfather Friederich Drumpf comes to New York and works as a barber in the city.

Later, he moves out West and runs what is euphemistically called a restaurant. It is in the Yukon at the time of the gold rush.

All reports confirm that the place was in a sleazy part of town and involved the services of unsavory women.

The cold truth is that Fritz Drumpf ran brothels in Alaska (and elsewhere).  Very likely he was mixed up with the opium trade as well.

Whatever the exact nature of his business, Fritz Drumpf did get into some legal trouble over his businesses.

That’s why Trump makes a good elite mouth-piece for rants about illegal immigrants and crime.

His own background is enough to scuttle his credibility immediately.

It is also enough to permanently short-circuit any sensible discussion of immigration and crime.

If Drumpf  is a non-Jewish name, the change to the English version, Trump, can only be understood as a way to cover up his German origins.

But why the cover up, if  Trump was a German Presbyterian?

German Presbyterians are echt Americans. There was not much discrimination against them.

However,  there was discrimination against Jews, from Germany and from anywhere else.

And there were waves of immigration from Germany and Eastern Europe in the late 19th century.

Mostly this was due to economic hardship at home and reports of a booming American economy, especially in the 1880s, with the Gold Rush.

The Palatine-Pfalz area supplied a very high number of such immigrants so that in America there were complaints about the Germanification of whole neighborhoods by the immigrants.

Important German immigrants of the period included Heinz (of Ketchup fame) and Hellman (of Hellman’s Mayonnaise).

Many of the German immigrants were Jewish, but Jews were by no means always welcome in Christian lands.

They were kept out of work, for one thing.

The kind of business in which Drumpf finally landed up suggests that he had found it difficult to get into any other line of work.

That could suggest Jewish ethnicity.

Presidential hopeful, John Kerry, has a similar story.

Despite the Irish-sounding name, there is nothing Irish about “Kerry.”

The name was picked by random by his Austrian-Jewish father (Fritz Kohn) and his Hungarian-Jewish mother (Ida Lowe).

But in Trump’s case, Trump is already a name used by Jews.

So why would the non-Jewish ‘Drumpf’ be changed to the German and Jewish ‘Trump’?

Perhaps, because Trump sounded English and more suitable for English-speaking America.

Frederick Trump, the English-sounding “entrepreneur,” is better than the foreign-sounding Fritz Drumpf, the brothel-keeper and (alleged) opium-dealer.

Now what about Trump’s maternal line?

Jewishness is after all decided by maternal descent.

Trump’s mother, the wife of Fred Trump, was Mary Ann McLeod of the Outer Hebrides island of Lewis, near Scotland.

[The MacLeods of Lewis are said to have no relation to the Clan MacLeod of Scotland.]

Trump’s family line includes the Lewis MacLeods, the Mackenzies, the Macaulays and the Murrays.

Tracing back the crucial maternal line,we get:

Mary MacLeod  (Trump’s mother)

Mary Smith (Mary MacLeod’s mother)

Mary Macauley (Mary Smith’s mother)

Isabella Murray (Mary Macauley’s mother)

Beyond that, it gets difficult to find anything on the web.

However, according to an article in the Daily Mail, both Trump and Hillary Clinton are related through a royal Scottish ancestor of the McLeod line (for him) and the Rodham line, (for her):

“John of Gaunt, a royal in the 14th century, was the son of King Edward III and featured in the Shakespearean play Richard II, named after his nephew.

[Katherine] Swynford was at first Gaunt’s mistress, but they later married and their offspring were legitimized.

Gaunt’s children by [Katherine] Swynford include Trump’s 17th great-grandfather John Beaufort and Clinton’s 17th great-grandmother Joan Beaufort, according to MyHeritage.

The Duke of Lancaster’s son by his first wife Blanche, would later go on to become Henry IV. “

The Beauforts were a very wealthy and powerful family that gave its support to the House of Lancaster during the English War of the Roses.

It was out of that conflict that a relatively obscure scion of the Beauforts emerged to claim the throne of England – Henry Tudor.

The alliance of Donald Trump’s parents now makes perfect sense.

An Ashkenazy plutocrat of Prussian/Teutonic lineage, embedded in the highest levels of government and speculative finance, cemented his social position by marrying the impoverished descendant of England’s most storied royal house – the Tudors.

This lineage convincingly establishes Trump as a major spokesman of the New World Order, which is short-hand for describing the combined interests of the families of the banking/financial elites and the royal houses of Europe.

Trump is the essence of the Anglo-Zionist elite.

This is proved by Trump’s newly legitimized (and much publicized) Scottish coat-of-arms,which bears a double-eagle on the shield, representing the Scottish/Tudor (royal) and Prussian/Ashkenazi (Jewish/priestly) lines that combine in him.

It was from this twin elevation (of blood and money) that Trump made his  contemptuous reference to the “cracker” Jesus.

In doing so he called the body of Christ a lifeless idol (in contrast to his own priest-hood as an Ashkenazy) and low-class trash (in contrast to his own royal descent).

There’s your white nationalist Christian hero, America.





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  3. Sorry but your story about “Drumpf” and “Bechtloff” having jewish origin is completely wrong. My family Name is Bechtloff and my family is comming from kallstadt in Germany, a village with only a few hundred inhabitants at the time the grandfather of DJTs father married a Bechtloff. By the way at this time not even one jew was living in Kallstadt….
    And in you Google bechtloff + sturmbandfuehrer you see prove for non-jewish origin……

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