Muslims Shout Allahu Akbar & Other Scary Stuff


“Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary, said the migrants “come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.” He added that Pope Francis “doesn’t know the situation” and that many so-called refugees are actually economic migrants.”

My thoughts on this:

The situation in Austria and Hungary appears to be different from the one in the UK.

I  think (without proof so far) that the migrants are very likely being infiltrated by social-media revolutionaries.

I base this on my feeling that Jade Helm 15 was a feint or possibly a dry run for insertion/extraction of provocateurs, gun-running and such like, intended to be used not at the US-Mexican border  but in Europe.

That was why I made note earlier in the summer of the number of military exercises going on around the continental mass in Asia, India, and in Europe.(Google it).

Then I got into a bit of trouble with Caesar Augustus here…for a couple of months…and just got back to blogging.

Something is being prepared for sure.

But again, I expect a lot of exaggeration, obfuscation, and red herrings to make any theory come a cropper and the critic look foolish.

I also consider “Camp of the Saints” to be very shrewd propaganda and a “seeding of memes” planted in order to foment and frame the very scenario we have going on here.

The use of Indians in the book, rather than blacks or Muslims seems to be a dead give-away that it was propaganda and programming, rather like the Turner Diaries.

It is a book in the mold of “Brave New World,” – not so much a prophecy as a revelation of a project in the works.

Besides, Trump is clearly a a weapon of mass distraction. What is he distracting from?

Then again, the Sept. 11 date and the various self-serving prophecies of rabbis like Jonathan Cahn and other Messianic preachers scaring American Christians suggest that something is coming up this fall.

Cahn’s “Messiah” might be “humanity,” or “Israel,” or  “revolution,” – all of which can be read into the Jade Helm logo.

However, a chant of Allahu-Akbar by itself means nothing. Might as well get upset about a bunch of rambunctious Americans shouting  Go USA.

Muslims use the phrase for all sorts of secular reasons, and it doesn’t mean heads are going to roll.

Whites get frightened by even normal crowds and noise when dark-skinned people are involved. A friend of mine visited Delhi on Independence Day and thought there was a revolution going on. All it was was the parade and a bunch of people in the streets following it around, quite calmly, actually. But he was sure something was up.
Even a bandh, which is pretty common in India, can be terrifying if you haven’t seen one before. Students lying on railway tracks, throwing stones, the occasional bus set afire. Hooliganism from young people with no employment prospects, organized by political activists. Not very safe and some property damage.
But not necessarily Gog and Magog either.

As for economic refugees, of course, they are that. And what is wrong? Must they be at death’s door to be allowed to escape? It seems to me any middle-class person would want to get out of an open prison like Eritrea, even though it might not literally persecute them and even though foreigners are there investing. It’s one thing to be a foreigner with a Western passport and hard currency and English, in countries like that. It’s another to actually have to live there.

Only fairly well-to-do people can pay the various fees, bribes, and permits needed to move out of countries that are war-torn, ruled by dictatorships, or otherwise in a mess. Only the middle-class can afford clothes and food and travel expenses. Is that their fault?

The very poor never leave.

As for Pope Francis, his sentiments are right, but his application of the Bible and his motivation are a bit suspect with me.

Personally, I consider him a masonic pope, but then, I’m not a Catholic and wouldn’t take any pope’s word for dogma.

On the other hand, the Zionisation of the world means I would need to research any bishop quite well before I accepted their estimations of what is going on at face-value.

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