Until The New Year….

With that Dandachi post, I feel I’ve done my bit for now.

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I want to spend some time organizing my posts. They run into the thousands. No use doing the foot-work for other people and not getting my own research into books.

Besides, the ease with which people can be made to take their eye off the ball (Trump! Anti-Semites! #BlackLivesMatter! #WhiteLivesMatterToo!) has got me thinking how much people want to be deceived.

And why that is.

A link back from Graham Hancock, the well-known writer (thank you, sir), has got me thinking.

Time to hibernate and let it all buzz…

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16 thoughts on “Until The New Year….

  1. merry x-max Lila.

    Best wishes,


    p.s. like you are starting, i have been in hibernation for a while. ran out of new analysis —- for every aspect of current affairs now exactly fits on some template whose DNA has been thrashed out on my website. it is funny you should say it but that is what I have been reflecting about as well — how people themselves want to be deceived, it’s not just self-cathartic, but there are benefits to not knowing for many; as they say, ‘ignorance is bliss’. beyond that however is the challenge, when people are not deceived but also not motivated to act.

    Knowledge evidently is not the primemover for action. It may be necessary, but is not sufficient.

    What creates that first primemover for change? Especially in the age of universal deceit?

    Orwell called speaking out the truth to those who don’t wan to know a revolutionary act:

    ‘in the age of universal deceit to tell the truth is a revolutionary act’.

    That observation however seemed rather incomplete — so I added the precursor and successor to it:

    1) In the age of universal deceit to learn the truth is the first revolutionary act.


    3) In the age of universal deceit to act on the truth one has learnt is the only meaningful revolutionary act.

    Thus note the inefficacy of the entire matter of telling the truth after learning it. — Who acts on it? Behavior modification on learning the truth is as rare as fish on land.

    Just an afterthought.

  2. Zahir, what you’ve said is very profound.

    Unused knowledge curdles inside you.

    I think that maybe that is why there is so much rancor toward outsiders. It is guilt, is it not?

    Guilt becomes anger. Anger is easily diverted at the weaker and the stranger rather than the powerful and the familiar.

    Sorry I haven’t responded to mail directly.

    Am in the middle of sorting out my admin panel…some glitches.

    Keep busy. Don’t get depressed.

    I need to go off and do other things or the outrage becomes too great. Who wants to marinate in so much negative feeling?

    I am waiting to see if anyone will pick up on Dandachi’s ethnicity or if it will be ignored like everything else that subverts the Zionist big lie.

    I think we non-Westerners pay too much attention to the West and its opinions on everything.

  3. Hope you are backing everything up times five.
    I can’t tell you how many books worth of material I have lost (either permanently, or until I can afford to pay for HDD recovery) to tragic crashes.
    A lot of music and spoken word compositions, too. Both computers crashed around the same time. Both, while I was attempting to back them up. Weird? I think so.
    But I also lost the HARD copy of my first book in progrss — partial chapters, outline, notes and irreproducible source material. As well as two electronic backups. One on laptop, another on USB.
    That’s worse than bad luck. It was really depressing.
    Oh well. Another opportunity will open up when the time is right. Perhaps that was a sign that I needed to take care of other priorities, such as getting well. And, maybe I need to worry more about spiritual self-defese. Because, it seems like the Adversary has been up to his tricks.
    Speaking of the devil … Did you happen to catch last night’s Coast to Coast?

      • I didn’t even subscribe to comments. But something told me to check back here in mid-September, and wouldn’t you know, there you are popping back up in the comments section. I could’ve said hi back then, but I have been majorly distracted with preparing to move, and other business.

        But jt’s good to see you are alive. (Unless, they’ve actually done away with you and replaced you with an agent/clone/bot)
        How’ve you been?
        Is your head spinning with all the politricks of late ? What do you think about Wikileaks nowadays?

        • Hi JayLib,

          Good to see you….I had to be offline because of something important that had to be accomplished without my blogging maybe causing a hitch.
          I really need to be off blog for a while more, but will still comment and may post occasionally, because on or off, my blog still gets huge bot attacks from various shady actors. I suspect it’s accidentally on purpose.

          That election sure was a riot. What was Wikileaks doing in all that? And now the sex trial is moving forward.
          Has he outlived his usefulness to the powers-that-be? I don’t think Trump is any kind of conservative. He is a liberal shill for flavor right corporations, private equity funds, Greater Israel….and the white nationalist/evangelical crowd has made their bargain with the devil. Hope it works out for them.

  4. I found out what might happens when you “suffocate”. Woe-Ah, maybe, you get into ALOT of trouble and it costs you A:LOT of money. It’s a Very good thing you, pulled up. Wish I woulda known then, what I know now.

    I hope this helps you to understand something I don’t, and to understand some things I do, which you do not seem to.:

    Grown-up People generally want to be, ‘in’ on the long con,… at any expense? No Matter What Side of the World They Live On.

    It’s like being ‘in’ the cool crowd? Or,…?

    Maybe, to my detriment, I’ve been thinking ALOT about what you said (I always do, but moreso this time) especially about why people seem to want to be deceived. Then, over the Holydays, I encountered a relative who was super-intent upon watching a Bowl Game (college football) when a person, a practical stranger (the inn keeper to a B&B) walked into the room we were in, it was just amazing to watch how they interacted, both were wrapped in that Dreamtime state, they both related in ways that astounded me.

    Get two dedicated ‘alumni’ together in a room and it’s like they are long lost brothers. – The bond they had. – That’s the key of understanding the wanting to be deceived, imho. For instance, one acted like it was a travesty to only get two tickets to a bowl game instead of four. He said, “Who in my family am I going to tell they can’t go?… The wife and the daughter?!” He said that in disgust as if they weren’t going to be allowed to go to,… I don’t know,… a holy sacrifice bestowing blessings upon all who attended? OMG!… It’s as if they wouldn’t get the War blessing and they would be cursed?! Forever!

    As a pre-teen, I never once felt that way about playing unsupervised (the-greatest-fun-ever, dirt-clog in the eye) King of The Hill. I doubt anyone else who was there did. Or, as a teenager when we (all unsupervised teenagers) played full contact, no-pads or helmets, football on a grassy field. There was something missing (and maybe majical?) compared to those who played high school and college football, and even among those who watched. …Do you catch my drift?

    At first, when I read your comment, I thought about individuals who deviated from the norm as being alienated from the culture, from success and riches – people generally want to avoid that – and that is a BIG part of wanting to be deceived, but after watching those two interact I realized it’s Much More than that. To them.

    I wish I could explain it better. …They were in a club. An exclusive club to university graduates. It seemed as if you were dirt if you weren’t in their University club. They even talked about how they expected their babies to be in the club, too. In twenty years from now! [Yeck!] All the while I was thinking they were in the club of Dum Koffs, eventhough they were smart, bright, and wealthy, with a seemingly loving family,…(and, I loved them) they stil seemed like ignorant blissful Dum Koffs. …Or, maybe I’m the Dum Koff for not going along to get along? …The empire, and those who go along,… do they ride to riches and fame forever?

    [Insert bit from TheHousingBubblebBlog, below, here. X]

    Over at ericpetersautos the guys would give a hard time to those who were infatuated with sports. I, ‘get that’. When sports-lovers talked about, “their team” they used words like, “we’ or, “us” when they talked about a team. [They aren’t a part of The Team! WTF!? Why do they talk like they are? I suppose there’s a very small connection from alumni (as if it’s a mafia of sorts) but the mass-man does it too.] At the same time, I knew there was more to it than just being fascinated by sports or even being alumni, after all, one guy (Don Cooper of LRC fame, I love ya anyway, Don.) who was defending the watching of sports and how he appreciated the athletic abilities of the athletes, well, I highly doubt he felt the same way about watching the athletic abilities of college or professional ballet dancers as he did about baseball. …What gives?

    I hope that made good sense, I’ve got the flu/cold thing as a parting gift from the family gathering, and my sleepless mind is awake and running 100 m.p.h. with 1000 tho9ughts. You’re at the top of that and much to my demise I want to understand. I think maybe, you too.

    Do you think All that what looks like delusion to us, is due to 2:Corinthians 4:4? I mean, if so, is the freedom movement kind of pointless? …I mean, of the numerous people I’ve tried to awaken in the real world, I’ve yet to have success. They are all just: Fat, Dumb, and Happy, and they are ok with that no matter what. …Won’t you join them? …Then I go and read TheHousingBubbleBlog and see that they aren’t all that way. Not after they lost their house and Stuff. …Not too mention the hardships of the ultra lower classes. Worldwide.

    …But, no worries, right? Helicopter money will be flowing/falling down on them any moment now to pay off their debts (and that’s key too, they have to have debt, screw all you suckers who did “the right thing” and avoided Big debt) er, at least that’s the hint I’ve read from the uber-whacked nations like Sweeden and such who are actually considering such, a.k.a. the living wage, et al. … etc. Debt jubilee works for those who were reckless,… screw the prudent!

    Ya, as Zahir said, ‘ignorance is bliss’….?

    The World is a Vampire.

    …And, there are fish who walk on land. .. In the West, and the East. … On this round world.

    There really is no, East or West. There is only: wise, and unwise.

    And, the striving.

    Anyway, in spite of it all, I got some really good home-made beef jerky for Christmas. I hope you had a good Christmas, too.
    Love, your way.

    Comment by Ben Jones
    2015-12-25 08:19:18

    ‘To sterilize the vast sums of money that would otherwise circulate throughout the economy and cause price inflation’

    When I first saw this article, I was baffled. Why do such things get written? Is it so they can’t say it’s not known? I thought the central bank wanted inflation. And Janet must be busy baking pies, or otherwise where do these vast sums come from? Then they pay billion$ of interest on these vast sums to sit on the Fed’s hard-drives! Nice work if you can get it.

    Then I remembers, who owns the Fed? Oh, it’s banks that own the Fed. So let me get this straight; the Fed prints $ 4 trillion bucks to save us all, $2.5 trillion ends up at the investment banks and “funds”. And now ‘the legacy of the Fed’s quantitative experiment is largess to banks.’

    And to think we are all scurrying around, working our tail off to get a few of those same bucks. It’s almost like the whole thing is a gigantic con. Folks, this QE stuff may seem like old news, but that’s because what it really means has never been fleshed out in public. In the 80’s I was watching the first financial TV cable channel and they were talking about central banks this and that. Monetizing the US government debt came up, and the commentator said it would never happen cuz confidence in the currency would collapse and besides, it would be criminal.

    Monetizing government debt is a worldwide phenomenon. They monetize mortgage backed securities too. The Japanese central bank even monetizes REIT stocks!

    Comment by Mafia Blocks
    2015-12-25 09:03:26

    “It’s almost like the whole thing is a gigantic con.”

    How can it be anything else? It’s all right there in front of everyone but few bring themselves to admit what it is. Most importantly, you’d have to be a blithering idiot to fall for their debt trap.

    Comment by Karen
    2015-12-25 12:30:43

    It’s the longest of the long cons. And as with most victims of fraud, your average American will keep their eyes closed to it until the con is over and every last penny has been extracted from them.


  5. Please allow me to rephrase Karen’s comment:

    “It’s the longest of the long cons. And as with most victims of fraud, your average American – strike that – your average citizen of the world – East or West – will keep their eyes closed to it until the con is over and every last penny has been extracted from them.”

    In a round world, there is no copyrighted East thought, or patented West thought.

    There is only, wisdom.

    …And, stupidity or ignorance. One and the same.

    Box outside the think.

  6. In 1986 I spent a lot of time in the library studying the Anti-Federalists. I discovered a lot of stuff I wasn’t taught in high school. The following seems true to me,…. is it?:
    Your blog pots have made me question Everything, more-so than before, however; this seems true:

    The Constitutional Convention Big Con

    “For a very long period of time we have had an extra-constitutional government, acting unrestrained by what Thomas Jefferson described as “the chains of the Constitution.”

    After the attacks of September 11, 2001, our government has engaged in systematic policies of torture, targeted killing, indefinite detention, and mass surveillance. It violated the rule of law, eroded many of our most cherished values, rights and liberties, and made us less free and less safe.

    Some of these policies, such as torture and extraordinary rendition, are no longer “officially” condoned. But most other policies—indefinite detention, targeted killing or assassination by drones, trial by military commissions, warrantless arrest and imprisonment without legal counsel, warrantless surveillance, and racial, religious, and other forms of profiling—remain core elements of U.S. national security strategy today.

    We have become an invasive leviathan state running out of control, with preemptive, undeclared no-win wars overseas, and a growing police state at home.

    Recently Texas Governor Greg Abbot has called for a new constitutional convention to ratify new amendments to give back more powers to the states and limit the power of the federal government.

    Governor Abbott is probably perfectly sincere in his naïve desire for constitutional reform but the totalitarian statists have been eagerly preparing for such a window of opportunity for decades.

    See [ Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America ]

    Review your American history. America’s original constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, was ratified during our American Revolution from the tyranny of King George III and secession from the British Empire.

    Later the Articles were considered unwieldy and too restrictive of power by certain nationalists who believed in a strong consolidated central government. The plotters organized a special convention to meet in Philadelphia in 1787 under the pretext of amending it. Instead they executed a coup d’état. These nationalists met in secret session behind closed doors, completely threw out the Articles and created a totally different constitution and a new mechanism to legitimize their coup.

    A passionate and heated debate over the ratification of the plotter’s Constitution soon resulted between the Federalists (the nationalist supporters of the coup document) and the Anti-Federalists (the opponents of the plotters who supported a decentralized federal republic of explicitly limited power to the general government with most authority residing between sovereign independent states.) They believed that was what our Revolution from Britain had been all about.

    In any new constitutional convention as proposed by the governor and others, history could very easily repeat itself. Delegates could easily get control of the convention through spurious/rigged delegate selection process or parliamentary procedure tactics and substitute a new document such as the proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America referred to above. In one bold gesture it would not only be the end of the republic but of any remnant of liberty itself.

    We are under the most serious constitutional crisis we have faced since 1861.

    We ceased being a decentralized constitutional republic of independent sovereign states in 1865.

    We became a National Security State with the enactment of the National Security Act of 1947, which among other draconian measures, created the Central Intelligence Agency.

    See [ Supplanting the US Constitution: War, National Emergency and ‘Continuity of Government’ ]

    See [ The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here to Stay ]

    See [ National Emergencies and the Subjective Prerogative of the Sovereign ]

    See [ White House Continuity of Government Plan ] Is this parody or leaked expose?

    I believe that two related but seemingly independent efforts of subversion are underway by the statists to impose a fascist government, one openly discussed in the mainstream media – naïve but well-meaning efforts (such as that by the Texas governor) calling for a new constitutional convention (but not how these “reform movements” could be manipulated for totalitarian ends); and the other covert and undiscussed – national emergency planning under executive orders and continuity of government directives.

    We had our “Reichstag Fire” on 9/11 and the implementation of COG, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the various Military Commissions Acts and National Defense Authorization Acts, TSA dehumanizing gate-rape at airports, and the widespread use of SWAT teams and the increasing militarization of local police forces, propelling us into planned chaos and engineered insecurity.

    Calling a new constitutional convention does not address the most serious constitutional crisis we face – that of the usurpation of power and authority of the public state by the deep state.

    Professor of International Law Michael J. Glennon of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University has composed one of the most fascinating and comprehensive studies of what many policy analysts such as Peter Dale Scott are now calling “the public state” and “the deep state.”

    The Harvard National Security Journal online article is entitled “National Security and Double Government.” Glennon contrasts the “Madisonian” public state described in the first three Articles of the United States Constitution (and taught in junior high Civics) with that of the covert “Trumanite” National Security State established in 1947 (and rarely known of by anyone outside its inner clandestine corridors).

    In many ways he is reaffirming what the great Old Right libertarian Garet Garrett prophetically observed at the creation of this monstrosity. Glennon strips bare any illusions as to where the true source of power lies. His descriptions of the inner workings, motivations, bureaucratic inertia, institutional loyalties, of this “double government” are brilliantly outlined. He conclusively demonstrates that although the transparent public face of power in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches may change with each new presidential administration or rotation in office of elected congressional officials or appointments to the courts, the faceless elite forces shaping national security policy are deeply entrenched, unapproachable, and unaccountable.

    This parasitic deep state feeds off its public state host, (and in turn off those hapless tax slaves who sustain both of these ravenous leviathans in our midst). An expanded book-length analysis is also available.

    For the past fifteen years the momentum has been building for a deadlier transformation.”

    – Charles Burris

    I wonder if 50 individual nations is the better route?

    Supporting links and the original comment here:: https://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/constitutional-convention-big-con/

  7. “As a former American career diplomat who has studied the cultures of a number of countries, including Germany and Switzerland, I am dumbfounded by what is taking place in the former. I took my Ph.D. there and thought I understood their issues fairly well. Now they have revealed once again what to me is a frightening aspect to their collective character, and that is their tendency to go to extremes submissively and en masse.

    C.G. Jung, whose writings have helped me understand the psychology of mass movements, once noted that one has to be “anchored in God” to be strong enough to resist the overwhelming power of mass movements.” …


  8. Hola Lila,

    Two of my favorite articles of all time are Time to Run and Fight and Flight. For many years they have been my go to articles to send to “potential expats”. However they have been removed from the LRC website. Would you please re-publish them in todo on your website.


    • They are not removed. Just click on Archives. I am no longer listed under columnists, which is right, because I no longer write for them.

  9. Thought of you when I read this comment:

    “… I sincerely believe that if more people understood plasma physics, at least a basic bit – and that geoengineering (ionospheric heaters, etc.) is a plasma technology, more would believe what they see in the sky above and what is happening to our planet. My interest began a few years back in NZ, because I found advanced technology while translating the ancient text, the Rig Veda. I intuited that the Vedic Sanskrit word SOMA meant ‘plasma’ and from there found the Electric Universe people, which I no longer read because they became so new age speculative that it was maddening. And Anthony Peratt, the astrophysicist genius, who is working at Los Alamos creating utilizing these equations that are destroying the planet, distanced himself from them and thinks they are a worthless ‘cult’. Peratt wrote the definitive text book, ‘The Plasma Universe’, and is the main plasma man. Here is a good website for more on plasma physics: :o)


    The comment is from here:


    • Hi Mike,

      How are you? Enjoying the United States of Greater Israel?
      I have been off blogging for excellent reasons. I didn’t want it to interfere with a serious step in the quest for my own self-preservation.
      That is now nearly accomplished. The election interests me not much, although I am glad not to see any more of the Clintons. Trump may give the US a bit of wiggle room for a while. I think he will hike interest rates and lower taxes, which I am all for and applaud. But in the longer term, it is a step toward Israeli world rule. That of course should be no concern to American citizens….or should it?

      Trump offered some gains to the right, for a long-term sacrifice of goals, and they took it.

      I would have preferred the electorate to refuse to vote AT ALL. But that is utopia, so I understand why people took what they could. Just take advantage of whatever good things he allows and know that it comes at a price. I personally could never vote for anyone who openly mocked JC, is besties with known Mossad agents, sex-traffickers and pedophiles, funded every Democrat outfit for multiple years, from Planned Parenthood to the Clinton Foundation. But let’s see. Maybe he is a loose cannon not a paid-for clown and it will turn out better than I suspect.

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