Rothschild 9-11-On India: Modi Ban Profits DE LA RUE

The income tax fine envisaged for Modi-backer billionaire Gautam Adani, 15,000 crores, is the same figure given for  replacing the banned currency.

Bizarre coincidence or proof of conspiracy?

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Cui Bono? (who benefits)

When analyzing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s infamous currency ban, this is the most pertinent question. 

Note: This post is a work in progress, so bear with me.

Here is the essence:

The Modi currency ban is not only part of the global war on cash.

It is  without exaggeration one of the most monstrous financial acts of any ostensibly constitutional government in recent decades.

For instance, see this excellent analysis.

From the Hindustan Times:

Samajwadi Party (SP) patriarch Yadav and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati — bitter rivals facing tough assembly elections next year — seldom speak the same language on any subject.

But they were on the same page on Thursday against the Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s decision to pull 500- and 1,000 rupee notes out of circulation.

“The Modi government has slapped Emergency without sending people to jail and the BJP cares only about elections, not the problems faced by common people. The government has spread anarchy in the entire country, common man is not even able to buy daily products,” Yadav said.”

Far from being a war ON the black market, it is a war BY black money, an act of financial terror.

How so?

First, because the rise of Narendra Modi was possible only because of the public relations firm APCO, closely tied to global oligarch interests.

And second, because billionaire Gautam Adani (6th richest Indian billionaire, worth around $10 billion) financed Modi’s campaign and Adani is credibly reported to be involved in off-shore tax-shelter schemes. Adani’s own brother, Vinod, is named in the Panama Papers leak of off-shore tax schemes.

To clarify, APCO  was the firm brought in to gloss over the scandal attending giant oil company Yukos, a Russian state asset auctioned off to Russian J***** billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky, using shell companies, for a fraction ($309 million for a 78% share) of its real market capitalization ($6 billion).

APCO helped get Yukos and Khodorkovsky access to the Western political establishment and helped them cover up the fact that the oil giant operated through an elaborate system of shell companies that hid taxes from Russia for years.

Convicted of fraud and tax evasion by Vladimir Putin in 2005, Khodorkovsky passed on his shares in Yukos to co-ethnic Jacob Rothschild, of the legendary banking family, whose name is now short-hand for Western establishment and oligarch interests.

The same APCO that white-washed the legalized theft of Yukos was brought in to white-wash Gujarati strong-man Modi.

APCO’s name is derived from Arnold & Porter, a Washington DC law firm that is arguably the longest-lived foreign agent on US soil.

APCO and its sister company ASERO between them house many of the leading figures of the Israeli defense and security establishment, as well as of Homeland (US) security. Among them are retired officers of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service.

Mossad, like MI6 , parts of the CIA,  and parts of RAW, is no more than the spy-agency of the global oligarchy. At the center of that oligarchy is the J*****/Khazarian banking family of Rothschild.

The same kind of schemes that hid Yukos’s operation from Russian taxation financed Modi, in the form of the Adani group’s campaign for Modi:

Ironically, the biggest black money case that has come up before the SIT so far is that of the Adani group, promoted by Gautam Adani, one of Modi’s closest associates. It is in his chartered aircraft that the soon-to-be prime minister zipped around India, accusing the incumbent government of not fighting corruption. The Adani group allegedly took out over Rs 5,000 crore to tax havens, using inflated bills for the import of power equipment from South Korea and China, the SIT on black money was told by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

According to a senior ED official associated with the SIT, if the Adani case reaches its logical conclusion, the group will have to pay a fine of around Rs 15,000 crore. ‘It is a watertight case,’ he said, about the trail of documents showing how the group diverted Rs 5,468 crore to Mauritius via Dubai. The Adani group vehemently denies any wrongdoing. Modi, after his rhetoric-filled ride to power, has been silent.”

Coincidentally, 15,000 crores is also the estimated cost of replacing the old currency bills banned by Modi.

Coincidentally,  Dubai is also the hub from which fake currencies are brought into India.

Coincidentally, Adnani is now partnered with Israeli high-tech security/defense firm Elbit-ISTAR in the production of unmanned (robot) drones.

Elbit systems is partnered with DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) in the US on the Mexican border, operating the first unmanned drone in the US and taking the lead in the creation of a virtual wall with Mexico.

No doubt Adani-Elbit drones will soon be policing the borders between India and her neighbors, if not between Indian states.  Leaked espionage cables published by Al Jazeera document that Elbit, like Israeli telecom company Amdocs and Israeli airline El Al, routinely assists Mossad.

Given these facts, the Modi currency ban is not economic policy by the Indian government so much as  financial “shock and awe,” enacted by the powers-that-be, fronted by a useful idiot.

It is a monetary 9-11 (or in this case 11/9 – the date the ban went into effect), against the legitimate economy of cash-based small-businesses, traders, farmers, laborers, and pensioners of India. And the globalists have fixed their signature numerals and even their calling card – a Trump – on the day.

Just to make sure the public gets this, the BBC, a well-known outlet for Western oligarch propaganda, even introduced the term “shock and awe” into this piece on the subject,admitting bluntly that Modi’s currency blitzkrieg was aimed at the small trader and small business classes who had voted for him. Because they do business mostly in cash, they pay little or no taxes.

But taxes are revenues for central banks. And central banks are ultimately controlled by the international financial system. And the ultimate beneficiaries of the international financial system (BIS, IMF etc) are the Western oligarchy and its global satraps.

To underscore the connection, it was under the headship of a son of the then BBC chairman, Marmaduke Hussey, that a British currency printer with ties to MI6 manufactured fake India currency notes that ended up in the vaults of the Reserve Bank of India (see further below in this post for details).

Knowing this, it is indisputable that Modi’s currency ban is economic warfare, intended to break the backs of small traders, businesses, and farmers, and steal their market for Western and Western- affiliated multinational e-commerce and retailers.

Unless reversed, it is the first act in the dekulakization of India.

Follow the money.


De La Rue, Master Card, Visa, Paytm, cryptocurrencies like the mysterious Bitcoin,* Chinese fintech investors in Indian e-commerce, like Alibaba (a front for Western oligarchy), large corporations with card-swiping technology that most small businesses in India lack, Western e-commerce and Internet portals that can step up and fill in consumer demand, as indigenous small businesses disappear.

[Elsewhere on this blog, I have warned against using Bitcoin, which, like the heavily promoted Tor, has come out of Western security R&D and likely has back-doors for the globalist intelligence services.]

The Modi ban also sent Indians rushing to buy gold, which promptly rocketed in price.

Only a year ago, the government was vigorously beating the drum for people to deposit their gold in banks and get paid for it, at much lower prices.  One suspects that at the current high prices they have created, the government and its corporate cronies have auctioned their gold deposits and made a killing.

Isn’t that corruption?

De La Rue:

A new note (November 30) added here: De La Rue was the company chosen to supply currency for Libya in 2011 after the destruction of that country. CEO Tim Cobbold publicly stated that the company found regime change to be a lucrative opportunity. He also suggested that the break-up of the Eurozone would provide De La Rue a similar opportunity. This was only shortly after DLR manufactured fake currency was found inserted into the RBI vaulta and fake currency inflows had become a significant cause of massive inflation.

Another interesting fact that I found was that current RBI governor Urjit Patel, a Gujarati with an impressive resume in Western elite institutions and  an unusual (for RBI governors) corporate background that includes Reliance, and Gujurati businesses, is of Kenyan origin.  The Kenyan government apparently co-owns the branch of De La Rue that operates in its country.

How it benefits:

De La Rue is a British currency printer to whom, along with other British and German printers, printing of Reserve Bank of India notes has been outsourced, over Congress’ protests, since 1997.

According to the Panama Papers leaks by Wikileaks, De La Rue secured its Indian contract between 2002 and 2010 by paying a 15% commission (bribe) plus a one-time $712,000 to New Delhi-based Somendra Khosla.

Note: Khosla is a Khatri Sikh name.

[As I’ve documented amply on this blog, Sikhs have been working with the Rothschild oligarchs to destabilize India: the most notable examples being the Sikh murder of former PM Indira Gandhi and recently the fraudulent vendetta against prominent Indian-Americans by former Attorney-General for New York, Preet Bharara (half Sikh, with a J*****/Israeli born wife and J***** children). Bharara has allied himself with major NGO’s, like Safe Horizon, that are led by the Rothschild cabal.]

DLR is the world’s largest printer of commercial currency and the largest manufacturer of passports. It prints 44% of all banknotes world-wide.

It is currently seeking to become a one-stop shop for related services, such as verification, identity, and security systems related to passports and currency and involving the “substrate” on which they are printed.

This means DLR is involved in producing the very machines that test bank notes for fraud, while simultaneously manufacturing counterfeit currency.

That is probably why the fake currency passed the Indian government’s tests before being spotted by Indian intelligence.

The government of India banned DLR in 2011, because fraudulent notes generated by it but originally attributed to Pakistan, were found in regional banks as well in the RBI vault, by the Bureau of Intelligence in 2010.

The main conduit into India was through Kerala via Dubai.

An intelligence study in 2011 found the level of fake to genuine currency to be higher than in other countries, at 4 in 1000. This finding was in stark contrast to the RBI’s white-wash of the situation that put the ratio at 4 in 1,000,000, a thousand times lower.

Shockingly, Dela Rue was reinstated as RBI printer, without any evidence whatsoever to show why the ban was lifted.

The reinstatement was at the behest of the Prime Minister’s office.

The reinstatement seems to have been under the governorship of Raghuram Rajan (footnote 1) who later moved on to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the bank that acts as a reserve for central banks.

BIS itself is controlled ultimately by the Rothschild cartel. 

How much it benefits:

The banned  500 and 1000 rupees notes constitute  86% of India’s currency in circulation.

The Indian economy is comprised substantially of cash transactions and 98% of consumer transactions are in cash. The cost of replacing the currency is estimated at Rs. 15000 crores. Thus, replacing the old currency is a lucrative contract for the company tasked with the printing. The printing of RBI currency constitutes 30% of the profits of DLR.


Ownership is hidden.

Relationship to Rothschild oligarchy:

Current advisor: N. M. Rothschild.

In the late 19th century, the Rothschild family (Alfred Charles de Rothschild)  and the Bank of England were active in promoting the amalgamation of the three Presidency banks in India into one Central  Bank to “administer currency  regulations” and meet the “seasonal requirements of credit.”

That is, central banks were to print bank notes and pass laws on their issue….thus granting them unlimited power over the economy.

Related image


Long-time printer for national governments all over the colonial world, but barred from printing for Britain originally, De La Rue  has had a long association with MI6.

Founded in 1821 in Basingstoke, UK, by Thomas de la Rue, a  publisher (father, Eliazar de a Rue and mother, Rachael, nee Allez, of Guernsey).

De la Rue is a medieval French name  found in Normandy. The names Eleazar and Rachael speak for themselves.


A site that I will not link to, seems to have sprung up in just the past few days, to put a novel spin on the information about De La Rue that is circulating on the net. The author claims that the Modi currency ban was a defensive move against a gigantic fake currency attack (an “economic Pearl Harbor” says the website) by Pakistan, also a target of the De La Rue fake notes. The site ends by claiming that anyone who opposes the Modi ban must be termed a traitor.

The Pakistani Pearl Harbor theory might hold some water for someone completely uneducated about the deep state – the spider-like web of connections between intelligence operations and criminal networks – that underpins the global polity.

Unfortunately, I’ve been around too long to believe that the ISI (Pakistani intelligence) is the primary mover in the region, rather than those that fund and instigate the ISI .

Two pieces of evidence will dispose of the notion that the Modi ban is a defensive move:

1.  The ban was the theme of  a Gujarat-based daily, Akila, whose editor later claimed it was an April Fool’s joke.

But Kirit Ganatra, the editor, is known to be a close friend of Modi’s.

2. There was a sudden surge in deposits (Rs 3,557 billion) at commercial banks between September 16 – September 30, 2016, following a slight dip in the weeks before.

More evidence seems to be in the offing:

1. Yatin Oza, the political mentor of BJP president Amit Shah and a former BJP MLA who is now with the AAP, has alleged with some credibility that he has proof of foreknowledge of the ban among Gujarat industrialists.

2. A TV journalist and investigator Satyendra Murali has collected evidence that Modi’s announcement of the ban was prerecorded. He claims to have received death threats on account of this.

But understanding the larger picture  is even more conclusive:

1. Anil Bokil of the Pune-based think-tank Arthakranthi has met Modi a few months back and suggested several reforms intended to change India into a cashless society. Among them was the banning of currency bills with a face-value of Rs. 1000, 500, and 100. Modi is reported to have been fascinated by his presentation.

Arthkranthi is likely a front for Western interests, like a lot of such NGO’s and think-tanks springing up of a sudden.

2. Moving to a cashless society is a long-term goal of the global elites and a ban on cash has been implemented in other countries recently, although none in the draconian and extreme manner of the Modi ban.

Like numberless trolls and disinformation agents on the net, the site proposing a “Pakistani Pearl Harbor” appears to have sprung to life solely to intimidate critics of the Modi ban.

All the more reason why rational and humane people must persist in educating people about what’s really going on, while they are still able to do it.






  1. Rajan’s father, Govindrajan, is described as a diplomat, but was actually a member of RAW, India’s equivalent to the CIA, that, in the past decades, has often been penetrated/compromised by CIA agents, as well as by Mossad and MI6. Govindrajan was reportedly demoted by Rajiv Gandhi for failing to anticipate the Bofors scandal, according to some sites, and, according to others, for sending his son Raghuram  to study for his PhD at Chicago University with funding from CIA-tainted NGO’s. Rajan’s appointment to the RBI was greeted by the kind of adulation that the global media barons only reserve for their stooges.

15 thoughts on “Rothschild 9-11-On India: Modi Ban Profits DE LA RUE

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  2. Modi does not seem to have anything personal to gain from all this. It still does not make complete sense to me. Why is Modi working for NWO. What is Modi’s motivation to let foreign companies gain control of India ? Why is he helping the modern versions of East India Company?
    The money supply con game is quite simple, however, the fact remains that in reality only one in million humans seem to actually understand it. Is it possible that BJP and Modi are unaware of the damage they are doing to the Indian nation. What would be their justification to themselves, if not to others ?

    • Why do you equate Modi with the BJP?
      Modi has hoodwinked large parts of the BJP and some have woken up.
      Modi might not fully understand the implications of what he is doing but I doubt it.

      How do you know he is not paid off, black mailed, or bought off? The price of power is doing the bidding of his backers. That is clear.

      This is a coup by the Rothschild oligarchy. No question.

      Who is Modi, what caste? What is his background? Does anyone really know? So how can we say he lacks motivation?

      I am reading about the ethnic make up of the Soviet government from 1917 on. There were hardly any ethnic Russians. The most influential and murderous figures were almost all Jewish or Judeophile ethnic outsiders like Georgians. Ossetians, etc. The whole business, terrors, gulags, holodomor, and purges, the whole thing was financed by the Sanhedrin
      We cannot keep being naive.

  3. Modi is turning out to be a useful idiot. Agree that many in BJP have been sidelined. This is the problem with personality based politics. A one man show. There is no national strategic think tank. India is once again a slave nation.
    Modi is from Modh Ghanchi community, which is a Gujarati caste equivalent of Teli. Selling oil is their business. No mention of snake oil.

    • Very interesting. Is it a peasant caste or vaisya? Adani is Jain. Seems like a lot of Sikhs, Gujeratis industrialists, foreign-resident Indians, and multinational liaisons are pulling the strings. Modi comes across as such a phony. Surprised people buy into his rhetoric.

  4. Hello Lila.

    “This is a coup by the Rothschild oligarchy. No question.”

    This needs more facts and more deconstruction-analysis to reach this conclusion, imo. Modi was responsible for the mass slaughter in Gujrat early on, was on persona non grata list of the United States for years, and the is welcomed with red-carpet treatment. That transformation clearly betrays, just on the face of it, that like the iceberg, there is much that is hidden from public view.


  5. Indian media news and NGO’s are in the game of creating atrocity literature for their western masters. This atrocity literature is then used by western governments for political games.
    Modi was not responsible for any mass murder in Gujarat as per the official investigation carried out under Congress rule, his political rivals. Congress has been fiercely pro muslim and rabidly anti BJP.

    • Yes, I get that. Just as during tsarist rule, the media in the West exaggerated the pogroms against Jews and hushed up their revolutionary activity to create a false picture. But the Hindu right wing is also coopted by Western interests. If you look up the ownership of lots of supposedly Hindu nationalist sites, you will be surprised. Hope the new PIL cases will have some effect.

  6. Modi is too clever for the Indians (when it comes to hiding his dealings with big business, APCO branding). But he also has a simple-minded fancy for technology. Nilekani of Aadhaar fame, has a similar fancy. You can’t blame these people, since neither of them have character, intellect or proper judgement. Modi has no experience raising a family. There is no record of him having succeeded in business. His college grades are nothing to boast about. All he has done is attend RSS shakhas. If global business or special interests ask him to do something, he’ll gladly oblige. While making sure that people at the bottom are kept in check.

    Now this guy is finger-waggering the whole country into submission. You can be morally outraged at how a democratic country is run by rules imposed by just 3 or 4 people, who decide everything from what is “black money”, what is patriotic, when to withdraw how much money, what payment mechanisms to use, and a hundred other things, that a government has no business to be involved with. None of the PILs will change anything. Even judges and courts will be assigned unique IDs and evaluated on a desh bhakt scale. No judge would want to be on the “wrong” side.

    The recent order on national anthem in theatres makes it all obvious. Only thing is some people have had the guts to openly challenge the direction things are moving. Mamata Banerjee for example. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister would have challenged this great idiocy, but unfortunately she is battling for life. Usha Ramanathan, you’ve already mentioned. Quite a few brave ladies.
    All one can say, is that these are interesting times.

  7. The symbolism of the “surgical strike” of demonetisation on 9th November (which in Indian date format would translate to 9-11), as you imply, is not good.
    It seems Aadhaar, means “base” or “foundation” in Hindi. Al Qaeda (yet another CIA funded org) means base or foundation in Arabic. Aadhaar is the foundation for enslaving Indians within a surveillance state that is remote controlled from outside the country, with obvious patriotic/desh bhakt fervor. So the cabal always leave their signature in their actions.

    I initially thought Aadhaar is related to “aadhaaram”, which means “proof” in Tamil, but the Hindi meaning is more ominous, a sign of things to come. Retired Supreme Court Judge Krishna Iyer, opposed Aadhaar, when most people were only dimly aware of the hidden dangers. He sadly is no more.

    • Excellent, excellent point.
      Aadhar is foundation.
      I just saw a newspaper report in India, in the Hindu, claiming that the name of a terrorist outfit working here is something like the Base (I cannot quite remember the word, off hand). It immediately struck me then that the globalists are laying the “foundation” for continued covert war here.
      Remember, my analysis of ARSH, in another part of this website?
      A reference to a medieval nun’s theology, the kabbalah, and also an Islamic reference, all rolled in one.
      Deep waters.

  8. What are the strategies one can adopt to hold on to your culture, wisdom and wealth in these diffcult times ?
    Why does evil and falsehood seem to have an easy time?

    • I wish I knew what would help in the short term. In the long term, self-reliance, critical thought, self-education, family, faith in God, productive work, service to humanity, honesty, etc.
      In the short-term? A sense of humor or at least an ability to detach from the misery.
      Watch for opportunities to earn income, save more, reduce costs.
      Share information with the like-minded.
      Evil appeals to self-interest. Resisting it appeals only to those who can look beyond self-interest. The tendency is for everyone to want to sign on to the winning team.

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