97% Banned Indian Notes Were White, Not Black

More proof that eradication of corruption could not possibly have been the motivation for the cash ban in this piece at Livemint.com:

All but 0.7 trillion  of the notes banned have been deposited, against the 5 trillion short-fall anticipated by the Modi govt, proving that almost all (97%) the banned notes were part of the legitimate cash-based economy now crippled by the ban:

Indians have deposited nearly all the currency bills outlawed at the end of the deadline last year, according to people with knowledge of the matter, dealing a blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s drive to unearth unaccounted wealth and fight corruption.

Banks have received Rs14.97 trillion ($220 billion) as of 30 December, the deadline for handing in the old bank notes, the people said, asking not to be identified citing rules for speaking with the media. The government had initially estimated about Rs5 trillion of the Rs15.4 trillion rendered worthless by the sudden move on 9 November to remain undeclared as it may have escaped the tax net illegally, known locally as black money.”

The livemint.com piece, naturally, suggests that this was all a huge Modi blunder.

That doesn’t wash at all.

“Monumental blunder” is a kind of fall-back, limited hang-out position, and it’s being pushed by all the usual suspects (major media, globalist outfits, former globalist stooges, like Manmohan Singh).

Any kind of clear-sighted look at the facts shows that there was no blunder involved. Urjit Patel, the RBI governor, has himself said as much.

The repeated use of globalist memes, the date of 9/11 (which is how Indians write 11/9), the election of Trump on the same day the notes went into effect, the Gates connection, the McKinsey report, the involvement of De La Rue, the Sahara-Birla link, the Mallya Rothschild account, all these and multiple other factors show DeMo to have been a fully intended, carefully crafted “shock-awe” attack…

62 and counting RBI directives over 50 days cannot be error. They are intended to produce maximum chaos and trauma in the population.

2000 rupees notes printed with major defects (missing the head of Gandhi on some, running pink in water in some others), fake counterfeit-detection machinery,  all these facilitate counterfeiting, not security.

IT raids destroy political opponents in Tamil Nadu and Bengal; they are not directed against corruption at the very top.

This is economic war. Make no mistake.

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