A defense of guns from a different perspective

I got this link from Brad Spangler’s anarchist site and thought it was interesting. I am posting it here as a kind of mea culpa directed toward whichever anarchist wrote to me and accused me of “smearing” anarchists.

Well, I am an anarchist, and I don’t think I did anything of the sort. I merely said I thought there was room for a nuanced position on guns. But, I don’t mind genuflecting to fellow anarchists……since we are such a widely misunderstood and embattled lot in this culture.

Mea maxima culpa, fellows.

Meanwhile, I have to say that I think FOX news, which is what I watched on TV for the V Tech story, was very careful not to dwell on Cho’s race in an inflammatory way. So, I am not sure that I think there has been a conflation of anti-immigration and gun-control arguments. After all, Cho had been in the US since the age of 8, even though he had not become a citizen.

As an immigrant myself, I am quite aware of the dangers of fanning the flames of xenophobia on an issue like this, but I also do think that people should be able to discuss crime and immigration in a fair-minded way, without automatically being termed a racist – a term, which by misuse or overuse we ultimately dilute just when we might most need to use it.

Racism is also not a very well defined term in common debate. But that’s something for another post.

Meanwhile, here is the post, which taught me something new – always a good thing.


I will be posting a summary of information about the V Tech shooting later today. I think I feel strongly about it, because the debate about it brings together a number of things I have been concerned with…..and wrote about in the Abu Ghraib book... violence and imagery, “the daddy-state,” and the proliferation of police state laws. Besides which, I have a number of thoughts about the dehumanizing effects of modern education….

So, more later.

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