Saving General Lee

From the Imaginative Conservative, a defense of Robert E. Lee by Stephen M. Klugewicz:

“Despising revolutionary social change and the rhetoric of the abolitionists, he hoped for gradual emancipation and shared with Abraham Lincoln a sympathy for the idea of colonizing freed African Americans in Central America or Africa.

Lee never purchased a slave in his life. The slaves over whom he had control, some 200, came to him through his marriage to Mary Custis, a descendant of George Washington. Lee became the executor of his father-in-law’s will. Though permitted by the will to free the slaves upon the elder Custis’ death in 1857, Lee deemed the slaves necessary to the financial recovery of the Arlington estate. He thus kept them enslaved as long as he could—the will stipulated a maximum of five years—freeing them in December 1862 on the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation’s going into effect. Again, Lee believed that his highest duty was to his family, in this case to their economic well-being, and this trumped his concern for the freedom of the particular slaves under his control.

In this, as in his paternalistic attitude toward blacks, Lee fell short of heroism. Of the bondsmen Lee once opined that “the painful discipline they are undergoing, is necessary for their instruction as a race,” and he told a congressional committee after the war that it was his view blacks “at this time, cannot vote intelligently,” though he added, “what the future may prove, how intelligent they may become…I cannot say more than you can.” As Lee’s great biographer Douglas Southall Freeman writes, his “was the prevailing view among most religious people of Lee’s class in the border states. Lee shared these convictions of his neighbors without ever having come in contact with the worst evils of African bondage.”

is conservative views precluded him from, say, taking the extreme step taken by his relation, Robert Carter III, who because of his radical religious convictions freed all 500 of his slaves in 1800. It should be recalled that George Washington only provided for his slaves’ freedom in his will, and only after his wife Martha’s death (though she freed her slaves during her lifetime, as she feared they might kill her.) Lee thought enough of the prowess of African Americans that he was a proponent of enlisting slaves to fight for the Confederacy and thereby earn their freedom. This is also additional evidence that Lee did not consider the war a crusade to preserve slavery, as he was willing to give up the institution in order to secure the greater goal of Southern independence. In the post-war years, numerous incidents were reported in which Lee flouted the conventions of his class and daringly treated a black man as his equal in social situations.

Despite his flaws when it came to his views on race, Lee should be honored as a hero by all Americans and especially by conservatives. His classical devotion to the idea of duty has been mentioned. His resistance to the temptations of power also demands our acclaim. Much is rightly made of George Washington’s laying down of his sword at the end of the American Revolution to resume his status as a private citizen. Lee similarly passed this Tolkienian test when Abraham Lincoln, on the advice of General Winfield Scott, offered him command of all United States forces in April 1861 after South Carolina forces fired on Fort Sumter. Lee declined the offer, which would have gained for him the ultimate career goal sought by every West Point-trained military man.

We must remember that the alternative for Lee was NOT the command of the Confederate armies. He was not foregoing one offer of power in order to pursue another. Indeed, his home state of Virginia had not yet seceded, and at the moment he rejected Lincoln’s offer the most he could have reasonably hoped for was command of Virginia’s troops (an honor that he did eventually receive.) It ought to be kept in mind also that Lee was aware of the superior manpower number of the North and the superior resources of Northern industrialism; the prospects of Southern independence were far from certain. As with the American Revolutionaries, the noose seemed the most likely end for the leaders of Southern independence.

Even when Virginia seceded and war began, Lee did not immediately receive a high command within Confederate ranks. He was relegated to a desk job, serving as an advisor to President Jefferson Davis. He did not receive a field command until May of 1862, when General Joseph E. Johnston was severely wounded during the Seven Days’ Battles on the Virginia Peninsula. Lee then took command of the Army of Northern Virginia, but he would not be appointed commander of all Confederate forces until January 1865. This was a series of events that he could hardly have expected when he refused Lincoln’s immediate offer of power in 1861.

In addition to duty, Lee valued humility. He did not angle for promotion as he chafed at his desk job in Richmond. Rather, he humbly served President Davis, and even after being assigned command of the Army of Northern Virginia, his letters reveal that he always deferred to the prickly Davis. Just as Lee eschewed ambition, so he avoided avarice, turning down several offers in the post-war years to lend his name to companies in return for lucrative compensation. The idea of profiting from the selling of his name was anathema to Lee.

Lee embodied the Aristotelian ideal of moderation. As the deep South seceded in the winter of 1860-1861, Lee, stationed in Texas, was shocked when Texas voted for secession in February 1861; one witness recalled that Lee’s “lips trembled and his eyes [became] full of tears” when he heard the news. Lee voiced his resolve not to take up arms against the Union, “but it may be necessary for me to carry a musket in defense of my native state.” When Virginia reversed its initial vote against secession in May 1861—in the light of Lincoln’s decision to make war upon the South—Lee made the anguished decision to resign his commission in the United States Army, concluding that despite his love for the Union, he “could not take part in an invasion of the southern states.”

Lee indeed despised war. Surveying the slaughter of Union troops charging his lines at Fredericksburg in December 1862, Lee commented to an aide: “It is good that war is so terrible. Otherwise, we would enjoy it too much.” As Richard Weaver has argued, this profound statement, “richer than a Delphic saying,” shows Lee to be a true philosopher. In the days after the smashing Confederate victory, Lee wrote to his wife: “What a cruel thing is war; to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbours, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world!” This is far from the tone of a bloodthirsty martinet drunk on the intoxication of his repeated victories.

Twenty-eight months later, as mentioned above, at Appomattox Lee turned aside the suggestions of aides to continue the fight as a guerilla war. The social anarchy and protracted bloodshed that would result were anathema to the conservative Lee, and he prudently judged that Southern independence was not worth the price. Guerilla war horrified Lee because it would bring down the wrath of Mars more harshly on civilians. Indeed, Lee rejected the idea of total war that was developed by Union Generals Grant, William T. Sherman, and Phillip Sheridan, and embraced by President Lincoln. Lee was always careful to avoid civilian casualties. On the first campaign into Maryland in 1862, Lee issued General Order No. 72, which prohibited the plundering of civilian property and reminded his soldiers “that we make war only upon armed men.”

Robert E. LeeLee’s action in issuing this order can be contrasted with that of Union General John Pope, whom Lee had just soundly defeated prior to his foray into Maryland. Only weeks prior to Lee’s Order No. 72, Pope had issued his own order authorizing in Virginia the burning of private homes and the levying of fines upon civilians as retribution for guerilla actions taken against Union troops. More egregiously, in May of 1862, Union General Benjamin Butler, presiding over conquered New Orleans, had issued his infamous General Order No. 28, stipulating that “when any female shall by word, gesture, or movement insult or show contempt for any officer or soldier of the United States she shall be regarded and held liable to be treated as a woman of the town plying her avocation.” In practice, this meant that a female civilian who dared merely to display a Confederate symbol on her dress was liable to be raped by Union troops. Such atrocities did occur.

Lee’s dogged adherence to the traditional, Christian principles of limited war is even more impressive in light of the many atrocities that were authorized and indeed perpetrated against his own people by his enemy. Lee considered the protection of civilian life so important that, as the head of the detachment sent to capture abolitionist John Brown on the eve of the Civil War, Lee ordered his Marines to unload their rifles during their assault on the building where Brown had holed up, lest the hostages that Brown held be injured or killed.

Lee’s amazing self-restraint reflected the advice he had given to a young mother about raising her infant son: “Teach him he must deny himself.” The Christian Lee valued self-control as essential to proper behavior and indeed to personal and public liberty. “I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself,” he said in evaluating his military subordinates. Lee practiced what he preached. He had the rare distinction of being a cadet who did not earn a single demerit at West Point. He expected the same gentlemanly behavior from the young men in his care at Lexington, Virginia’s Washington College, of which he became president after Appomattox. There he reduced the college’s many rules to one simple rule: “Every student must be a gentleman.”

As his name and image, and those of his fellow Confederate officers, are removed from shops, schools, and museums across the country, it is ever more important, especially for conservatives, to speak up for Robert E. Lee. A man of military genius and personal honor, a defender of civilians and civilization, a champion of duty and truth, a model of humility and prudence, Lee was perhaps the last defender of the ideals of the Old Republic, whose greying glory was ground under the wheels of the New Order of the centralized, industrialized state that triumphed in 1865. Though he wore the racial blinders of his class and time, Robert E. Lee was a man of exemplary character and remains an excellent role model for all Americans and is indeed a worthy contender for the title of “Greatest American.”’

Tear Down The Lincoln Monuments Too

“I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in anyway the social and political equality of the white and black races — that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race. I say upon this occasion I do not perceive that because the white man is to have the superior position the negro should be denied everything.” —

Abraham Lincoln.

So, tell me, when are the monuments to the sainted Abe coming down?

The Migrant Invasion of Asia: Pedo Rapist Huckle

A headline you will never see at any alt-right blog:

UK’s worst paedo faces 22 life sentences after raping 200 kids including baby in nappy.”

From age 19- 29, Richard Huckle, the grammar school-educated, church -going son of a British actress, posed as a volunteer at Christian orphanages all across Asia, while secretly molesting and raping some 200 or more children, ranging from babies to pre-teens. Huckle crowd-funded his crimes by selling a how-to manual on the dark web, where he bragged about his rapes on notorious paedo site, The Love Zone.

Huckle’s crimes are part of a tidal wave of  tourist/expat sex-crimes, perpetrated largely by males from Australia, the UK, Canada, the US and Europe.

This is the demographic that forms the growing market for the livestreaming of child-rape and abuse committed mostly against poor Asian children, many orphaned.

Now that’s a migrant crime wave you won’t hear about on Breitbart or FrontPageMagazine.

Obviously, I am not suggesting that white males are uniquely child molesters.

Anymore than any rational person would suggest that all inner-city blacks are violent or all Mexican or Muslim immigrants are rapists and jihadists.

But that is precisely what nativist sites on the right and sometimes the left consistently do.

If a pattern shows up, we are correct to point it out, regardless of ethnic sensibilities.

We are not correct to misinterpret the data to ascribe or insinuate unique biological propensities for crime to the perpetrators.

Keeping the big picture of elite manipulation in mind, we see a pattern of breakdown in all groups that follows the fault lines peculiar to their ethnic and socio-political history.

Western males have greater access to technology and more freedom to travel. They are also the product of  a culture that glorifies pornography and denigrates religious or social strictures against unlicensed sexual expression. They are the targets of aggressive feminism.

The combination might make the sexual exploitation of the weakest members of society more attractive to the worst instincts of some men.

The same holds true for the so-called migrant crime wave in the US and Europe.  Incentivize immigration with welfare; make it hard for legal, highly-skilled workers to immigrate and easy for illegal, low-skilled ones to; promote a culture of drugs, violence, and misogyny in popular culture; then throw in opportunistic interactions between criminal gangs and governments and you have a recipe for migrant crime- waves.

Race is not the cause, it should be obvious. It is culture, orchestrated from above.

If only white nationalists and black nationalists would see that.


Burqa Bans and Muslim Identification

Lew Rockwell makes a most peculiar comment:

Thousands of Muslims Protest Burqa Ban in Austria

I agree. Not only is it an offense against self-ownership, it’s a leftist attempt to hide the deliberate de-Austrianization of Austria. “

What? A leading libertarian activist claims that once the burqa is banned, you won’t be able to tell an Austrian….from a Muslim.

But here’s what.

Austrian is a type of nationality. Muslim refers to religious belief. The two are apples and oranges…or, more accurately, apples and cut flowers.

Two. Can anyone really tell nationality from an item of clothing?

Are there no French citizens in burkas?

Three. If, by Austrian, Rockwell meant “white” Austrian, well, a lot of Muslims from the Middle East are whiter than Europeans and a lot of native-born Austrians are dark-skinned, since they are second or third-generation immigrants.

Four. Even native-born non-immigrant Caucasian Austrians can be Muslims.

Five. Do all Muslims wear burqas? If the burqa were banned, Muslims who would have worn them, would still probably be identifiable as Muslims, from head-scarves, for instance.

Unless Rockwell really thinks that a ban on burqas means conservative Muslim women in Austria  will now be running around in shorts and tank-tops.

Does he really think that?

Rockwell is a smart guy.

So when I read such loopy arguments, I have to suspect some deeper agenda.

Banning the burka is a bad idea because it is a radical intrusion of the state into the realm of personal choice in an area where there is no valid community interest at stake that might conceivable justify some  voluntary compromise between individual choice and community interest.
A burqa could be a security threat, for example. In that case, the ban should be not on the burqa but more generally on any item of clothing that covers the face and body in such a way to make an interlocuter clearly vulnerable to assault in a limited number of  clearly defined public spaces.
But, in general, I think a ban on something that doesn’t obviously pose a threat to anyone else’s freedom or life is a bad way to go.


Is Steve Bannon A Crypto-Jew?

Is the czar of all things anti-Semitic and white nationalist in the Trump administration Ashkenazy  himself?

On the face of it, Steve Bannon sounds like an Anglo-Saxon name.

But this is the matrix and nothing is as it seems.

So I dug.

And I came up with this:

Stephen is of course both a gentile and a Jewish name.

But Bannon also appears as a name used by Jews at Jewish Genealogy..

Bannon is both Irish…and Semitic:

English surname used as a (mostly) male name. Anglicised form of the Old Gaelic Irish surname O Banain, which means “son of the fair-haired one”. This is pronounced BANN-uhn.

Jewish surname used as a male name. It comes from a Semitic root meaning “white” – coincidentally, the same meaning as the English/Irish surname.

[Lila: Nice touch that]

This is pronounced bah-NON.

Banon is one of the characters in the role playing game “Final Fantasy VI”.

Bannon’s Irish-Catholic working class background already makes him a natural ally of the Jews.

But the derivations of his last name added to his mother’s maiden name, Herr, makes me suspect he is more than just  a shabbos goy.

He is Judaic himself.


Stephen Kevin Bannon was born on November 27, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Doris (neé Herr) and Martin Bannon, a telephone lineman.[26][27] His working class, Irish Catholic family were pro-Kennedy, pro-union Democrats.

Bannon’s mother’s name Herr is both High German and Ashkenazy and means lord or master or one who serves the lord of the manor or gives himself the airs of a lord. lists it as a German-Jewish name.

The “white nationalist anti-semite” Bannon is yet another Khazar fraud redirecting popular anger away from the Khazar/Israeli elites and toward soft targets  – third-world immigrants and Muslims.


Steve Bannon’s Anti-Indian Immigration Policy

From The Economic Times:

US President Donald Trump’s executive orders restricting entry into the country and reports of curbs being planned on foreign students and workers are worrying Indians at colleges there. Others are reconsidering plans for higher education in the US considering the hostile reception that awaits them. The president could scrap a measure that allows some students to stay on in the US for three years after getting their degree, it’s been reported by and others.

“I was looking to use that as a runway to set up a technology startup,” said the MIT student cited above. “Doing it in one year will be incredibly hard. It complicates things for those who want to pursue entrepreneurship.”

That worry is despite the fact that those from MIT, especially PhDs, are highly coveted by employers and tend to get annual pay upwards of $90,000 after graduation.

Optional practical training (OPT) currently allows graduates with

science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees to stay in the US for up to three years after graduating from college. Curtailing that period will hurt the plans of some 165,918 Indian students in the US with about three-fourths of them being in STEM programmes.

Possible changes to H-1B visa rules and key Trump aide Stephen Bannon’s apparent antipathy toward South Asians are also preying on the minds of students. “


Of course, faux “anti-Semite” Steve Bannon  is actually an Israel-first voice of the  kosher-led alt-right .


Others of his ilk are Jared Taylor and the American Renaissance and Paul Gottfried at Lew Rockwell.

Bannon, a former military/intel operative and graduate of spy-laden Virginia Tech – is the new instrument of the Khazar elite’s war on India.

This is very much in keeping with the elite cabal’s fear of being out-competed by Indians.

On Wall Street, in the aftermath of the 2008-09 collapse, this fear led to the take-down of minor Indian wrong-doers on weak charges of “insider-trading,” instead of the investigation of the Khazar financial mafia that perpetrated global financial mayhem.

At elite campuses, it has led to a sustained policy of discrimination against Asians, especially Indians (for instance, see this brave article by one Jewish writer), who, where the playing field is level (for eg. at Caltech and other elite STEM institutions), have regularly outperformed Ashkenazi Jews.

Now,  via government policy, the “uppity injuns” are being set straight.

Steve Bannon, who poses as a white gentile nationalist, is a Khazar  hit-man whose job is to make “white Christians” look like the primary “anti-Semitic” axe-wielders rather than a golem of the Jews, and make dumb Indians believe that the Khazar mafia is their best friend and only protection against racist white gentiles.

This follows the false-flag playbook, wherein terror attacks are always carried out by Muslims who shout “Allahu Akbar” repeatedly and carefully leave behind passports and ID cards in visible positions.

Most of the Islamo-lone-nuts turn out to have intelligence backgrounds with  Western agencies.

Likewise, Mr. Bannon, whose immigration policies are ostensibly about “protecting American jobs,” is in reality attacking Indian tech companies, start-ups,  scientists, and students….continuing the attack begun by the left-liberal wing of the globalist cabal some years ago.

Note, however, that the soon-to-be-unloaded students were (and still are being) eagerly solicited for their hard-earned money in promotions run all over the Indian papers.

Consider also that the Indian rupee has weakened by five times in the last decade, ever since India became a “friend” of the US and Israel.

Some friend.

Moreover,  Indian salaries are far lower than US salaries, so the sums solicited are a far greater proportion of the savings of Indians than they are of Americans (who never pay full price in any case).

But that has not stopped drooling British, Australian, and American universities running their pimping ads.

I would strongly advise students suckered in by the ads to use some of their tuition money to hire as vicious a legal attack-dog they can find and go after the universities for fraud, misrepresentation, price-gouging, price-fixing,  discrimination and anything else in the law-books.

Make them pay.

Then, let Mr. Modi take a page out of his so-called friend (read, master) Trump’s book and BAN American, British, and Australian universities, companies, and workers in India.

If Modi wont’ do it then it’s time to ban Mr. Modi and boycott everything Anglo-American or Israeli-made or bred.

If we are going to have economic war, let’s have it.

No open borders for STEM students? Then no “open borders” for Foreign Direct Investment, Walmart, Amazon, American and Israeli tourists, NGO’s,  American agribusiness, Google, American porn and Israel-run drugs, which spew across borders too.

And sayonora to all those retired Americans, Aussies, Brits, and Europeans – NEVER called migrants – parking their well-cushioned and often bare bottoms on beaches and 5-star hotels in third-world countries, living like the royalty they never were in their own countries, running drug and sex rings, preying on native children, bilking the tax man at home and in their “adopted” countries (who didn’t invite them),  providing cover for Western intelligence, if not aiding and abetting, spying and stealing from native businesses and native culture, while inveighing against them.

Those are never MIGRANTS, are they?

That’s never a MIGRANT invasion, is it?

What is colonial history but the story of Europe’s migrant INVASION of the rest of the world?

Deport the lot back to their countries, I say, and take back the US, Australia, New Zealand, South America, while you’re at it.

Let’s send back ALL the immigrants, not just some.

Then let’s see just how “over-populated,” “crowded” and “third-world” the West will look.

That is, if it can function at all, minus its immigrants.




I Was Wrong About Trump

I was wrong about Trump.

Not that he isn’t a shill for the financial cartel and another face of the elites. Yes, he is all that.

But I was wrong that the election was just six of one, half a dozen of the other.

So far, at least, that’s not been the case.

All the goody-two-shoes bombing-for-their-own-good of Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, apparently qualified Obama as a “decent” man and great president to our liberal brethren.

Comes Trump who hasn’t bombed a soul but merely – and quite sensibly- wants to keep out refugees from countries that are considered enemies of the US, and the caterwauling can be heard around the solar system.

What? You think a sovereign nation has the right to determine who enters its borders and wants to keep out people who might – quite justifiably in my opinion – want to sock it to Americans for what’s been done to them?

You madman, you!

And that wall. Sure, it’s a boondoggle. But then what isn’t?

Not that I personally am in favor of stopping Mexicans crossing the border to work illegally.

But along with workers, come gangs, revanchist groups, gun-running, drugs, and sex-trafficking. And subsidies to illegals that have bust the budgets of border states.

A virtual wall would be more efficient and cheaper, but I personally prefer concrete, if for nothing more than the symbolism of a Great Wall Of Mehiko.

True, I will no longer be able to dreamily plot routes that avoid passport checks – a favorite hobby of a frequent traveler. Sailing across an unmanned southern border  will soon be an impossibility. I dread to think of the logistics, the dust thrown up, the flora and fauna diving for cover.

But all leaders have their follies and the ancient Egyptians probably hated the building of the pyramids as well.

Let Trump have his.

Meanwhile,  there’s the whole LBGTQ project struck right off the official website; the climate-change agenda erased; funding withdrawn for US tax-payer subsidized abortions; Obama care reversed (at least somewhat); the massacre of Christians in the Middle East an actual thing in the news….

I am not naive enough to believe all this doesn’t still conceal another chapter in the globalist agenda.  It does.

But common sense and the people who pay the bills have just made a come-back, short-lived, as it may be.

I, for one, am grateful.

Now, about FATCA…





Infanrix Vaccines Linked To Infant Deaths

A Delhi pediatrics chief has credibly linked the combined Infanrix vaccines to so-called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) deaths:

“Infanrix vaccination generally follows a schedule of injections at three, five, and eleven-months of age, according to a paper published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics, which stated that the vaccine was first licensed in 2000 and that the vaccine has demonstrated a decade of safety.

Dr. Jacob Puliyel, head of pediatrics at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi, linked to the previously confidential documents on Infanrix and commented on the Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics’s article where it appears in the U.S. National Institute of Health’s library. The pediatrics head called attention to what he believes is a strong correlation between sudden death and Infanrix when he wrote that “if one analyzes the data looking at deaths in first 10 days after administration of vaccine and compares it to the deaths in the next 10 days, it is clear that 97% of deaths (65 deaths) in the infants below 1 year, occur in the first 10 days and 3% (2 deaths) occur in the next 10 days.”

“Had the deaths been coincidental SIDS deaths unrelated to vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the two 10 day periods should have been the same.”

Puliyel went on to write that Infanrix hexa may have been to blame for at least 69 babies’ deaths during the reporting period alone. He states that 69 of the deaths during the reporting window were investigated thoroughly and occurred within three weeks of vaccination with Infanrix and the ages of the babies varied.
Did the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine cause sudden death?
Rather than compounding the total deaths each day, as in the documents found online, the pediatrics doctor suggests we examine how many more deaths happened right after the vaccine was given compared to as the days went by. He said this demonstrates a link between the vaccination event and the sudden deaths.

The data is conclusive. It is very clear and there is no room for argument,” a child safety advocate from Child Health Safety wrote just hours after Puliyel made his analysis public.

“And the analysis is simple. Anyone can understand it. The very plain data the document contains proves the matter without any doubt whatsoever.”

Claims on social media based on the doctor’s published comment are snowballing.

Italian court rules what US won’t: 97% of SIDS deaths attributed to vaccine, review of deaths after Infanrix shot

— Judy Converse MPH RD (@NutrCareAutism) January 13, 2015

GSK Forced to disclose in a confidential report that ~72 babies died within 20 days of getting Infanrix hexa #CDCVax

— Richard Healy (@RichardJHealy) January 14, 2015

Infanrix Vaccine Results in 69 Deaths, according to confidential GSK documents revealed at trial. #CDCwhistleblower

— David Taylor (@peakdavid) January 15, 2015

Adverse events caused by Infanrix hexa vaccine results in 69 deaths – #Flu #viruses #virus #disease

— (@FluViruses) January 15, 2015

The doctor who analyzed the data did not state that there was no room for argument, though. He did not brazenly state that the hexavalent Infanrix vaccine causes sudden death in babies.

Puliyel stated that he published his commentary “to put it up for open review by the scientific community, on account of its urgency, as this is a matter that involves the lives of children and there is a continuing risk to children.” Puliyel notes that the “decelerating incremental-deaths” support the theory of a clear relationship between deaths labelled as sudden death and “the vaccination episode.” The vaccination episode includes many variables besides just Infanrix vaccination itself.

Puliyel noted a correlation between deaths and the combination vaccine Infanrix. Puliyel has been clear before, such as in his letter to the Guardian, that he believes combination vaccines are possibly dangerous and far too expensive.”

The Indian False-Rape Culture Feminists Never Talk About

More prominent cases of false rape charges, showing the seamy underside of modern female supremacism:


Digambar Gaikwad woke up one fine day nearly a decade ago, faced with a complaint of molestation against him filed by one of his colleagues, who was vying for the same plum job as him — that is the post of a coordinator of a World Bank project. It took over five years of legal battle to see the case to its logical end, scaling right up to the country’s apex court.

Not stopping at that, Gaikwad, who was a deputy director with the state agriculture department, Shivajinagar, at the time, sought compensation from the lady and has now been awarded Rs 10 lakh as damages.”

[Lila: In my opinion, for false rape charges, the perpetrator should be jailed for a length of time equal to the time the victim would have faced if he had been convicted of rape.]


Rajnandini and Neha used to lure young men into a honey trap and threaten them with implication in false rape cases to extort money from them.

One such case came to light on January 4, when veterinary doctor Krishan Kumar of Kutel village told the police that he was trapped by Neha. The gang threatened him to pay Rs 25 lakh, failing which he would be framed in a rape case.”


 A Thane court has acquitted a man facing charges of sexual harassment levelled by his minor daughter and ordered legal proceedings against her under provisions of perjury.

The special judge took a serious view of the girl giving false evidence in court and ordered the proceedings to give out a strong message against misuse of the stringent Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

In August 2013, the girl, who was then 16-years-old, had in a complaint to the police alleged that while she was sleeping with her parents her father touched her inappropriately and even raped her on several occasions, said the prosecutor.

Her father, a daily wage worker, was booked under POCSO and arrested by the Navi Mumbai police in April 2014.

During her deposition in court, the girl confessed that she had filed a false complaint against her father after a tiff with him.


Sinister Agenda Behind DeMo

Bill Engdahl rehashes the agenda behind DeMo, in a good piece, that like all Western  analysis, avoids mentioning the scores of people in India who have in real time deconstructed this operation as it occurred, instead, attributing it to investigation by a German economist.

Whether that is proof of disinformation or controlled opposition I do not know. But I always suspect people who publish misleading sources.

Nonetheless, the article is a good summing up of the agenda behind DeMo, while omitting the British angle and pinning the blame on “Washington” in the usual way of left-wing sites.

[Global Research based in Canada publishes useful pieces, slanted heavily toward Marxist or leftist analysis, thus avoiding the conspiracy tag.]

The Modi cash-less India operation is a project of the US National Security Council, US State Department and Office of the President administered through its US Agency for International Development (USAID). Little surprise, then, that the US State Department spokesman, Mark Toner in a December 1, 2016 press briefing praised the Modi demonetization move stating, “…this was, we believe, an important and necessary step to crack down on illegal actions…a necessary one to address the corruption.”

Keep in mind that USAID today has little to do with aiding poorer countries. By law it must follow the foreign policy agenda of the President’s National Security Council and State Department. It’s widely known as a conduit for CIA money to execute their dirty agendas abroad in places such as Georgia. Notably, the present head of the USAID, Gayle Smith, came to head USAID from her post as Senior Director at the US National Security Council.

German economist and blogger, Norbert Haering, in an extensive, well-documented investigation into the background of the bizarre Modi move to a cash-less India, found not only USAID as the key financial source of the project. He also uncovered a snake-pit of organizational vipers being funded by USAID to design and implement the India shock therapy.

USAID negotiated a co-operation with the Modi Indian Ministry of Finance. In October, 2016 in a press release USAID announced it had created and funded something it named Project Catalyst. The title of their report was, “Catalyst: Inclusive Cashless Payment Partnership.” Its stated goal it said was to bring about a “quantum leap” in cashless payment in India.

They certainly did that. Maybe two quantum leaps and some.

If we dig a bit deeper we find that in January, 2016, USAID presented the Indian Finance Ministry a report titled, Beyond Cash: Why India loves cash and why that matters for financial inclusion. Financial “inclusion” for them means getting all Indians into the digital banking system where their every payment can be electronically tracked and given to the tax authorities or to whomever the government sees fit.

Astonishingly, the report, prepared for USAID by something called the Global Innovation Exchange, admitted that “97% of retail transactions in India are conducted in cash or check; Few consumers use digital payments. Only 11% used debit cards for payments last year. Only 6% of Indian merchants accept digital payments…Only 29 percent of bank accounts in India have been used in the last three months.” The US and Indian governments knew very well what shock they were detonating in India.

The Global Innovation Exchange includes such dubious member organizations as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a major donor to the Modi war on cash initiative of USAID. It also includes USAID itself, several UN agencies including UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR. And it includes the US Department of Commerce and a spooky Maclean, Virginia military contractor called MITRE Corporation whose chairman is former CIA Director, James Rodney Schlesinger, a close associate of Henry Kissinger.

The USAID Project Catalyst in partnership with the Indian Finance Ministry was done, according to the USAID press statement, with a sinister-sounding organization called Among the 35 members of are USAID, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, VISA, MasterCard, Omidyar Network of eBay billionaire founder Pierre Omidyar, the World Economic Forum-center of the globalization annual Alpine meetings.

War on Cash

However, a most interesting member of the USAID Project Catalyst together with the Indian Ministry of Finance is something called Better Than Cash Alliance. In point of fact the US-government-finance Project Catalyst grew out of a longer cooperation between USAID, the Washington-based Better Than Cash Alliance and the Indian Ministry of Finance. It appers to be the core public driver pushing the agenda of the global “war on cash.”

India and the reckless (or corrupt) Modi government implementing the USAID-Better Than Cash Alliance agenda is clearly serving as a guinea pig in a mass social experiment about how to push the cash war in other countries. The Better Than Cash Alliance is described by the UNCDF, which is its Secretariat, as “a US $38 million global alliance of governments, private sector and development organizations committed to accelerating the shift from cash to electronic payments.”

The Better Than Cash Alliance website announces that the alliance, created in 2012, is a “partnership of governments, companies, and international organizations that accelerates the transition from cash to digital payments in order to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth.” It’s housed at the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) in New York whose major donors, in turn, surprise, surprise, are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and MasterCard Foundation. Among the Better Than Cash Alliance’s 50 members are, in addition to the Gates Foundation, Citi Foundation (Citigroup), Ford Foundation, MasterCard, Omidyar Network, United States Agency for International Development, and Visa Inc.

Recently the European Central Bank, which has held negative interest rates for more than a year, allegedly to stimulate growth in the Eurozone amid the long-duration banking and economic crisis of almost nine years, announced that it will stop printing the €500 note. They claim it’s connected with money laundering and terror financing, though it ominously echoes the Modi India war on cash. Former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, whose shady role in the 1990’s rape of Russia through his Harvard cronies has been documented elsewhere, is calling for eliminating the US $100 bill. These are first steps to future bolder moves to the desired Cash-less society of Gates, Citigroup, Visa et al.

US Dual Standard: Follow the money…

The move to a purely digital money system would be Big Brother on steroids. It would allow the relevant governments to monitor our every money move with a digital trail, to confiscate deposits in what now are legal bank “bail-ins” as was done in Cyprus in 2013. If central banks move interest rates into negative, something the Bank of Japan and ECB in Frankfurt are already doing, citizens have no choice than to spend the bank money or lose. It is hailed as a way to end tax avoidance but it is far, far more sinister.

As Norbert Haering notes, “the status of the dollar as the world’s currency of reference and the dominance of US companies in international finance provide the US government with tremendous power over all participants in the formal non-cash financial system. It can make everybody conform to American law rather than to their local or international rules.” He adds, referring to the recent US Government demand that Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank pay an astonishing and unprecedented $14 billion fine, “Every internationally active bank can be blackmailed by the US government into following their orders, since revoking their license to do business in the US or in dollar basically amounts to shutting them down.”

We should add to this “benevolent concern” of the US Government to stimulate a War on Cash in India and elsewhere the fact that while Washington has been the most aggressive demanding that banks in other countries enact measures for full disclosure of details of Swiss or Panama or other “offshore” secret account holders or US nationals holding money in foreign banks, the USA itself has scrupulously avoided demanding the same of its domestic banks. The result, as Bloomberg noted following the suspiciously-timed Panama Papers offshore “leaks” of May, 2016, is that the United States is rapidly becoming the world’s leading tax and secrecy haven for rich foreigners.

Perversely enough, in 2010 the US passed a law, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FACTA, that requires financial firms to disclose foreign accounts held by US citizens and report them to the US IRS tax office or the foreign banks face steep penalties. The EU signed on to the intrusive FACTA despite strong resistance. Then, using FACTA as the model, the Paris-based OECD drafted an even tougher version of FACTA in 2014 to allegedly go after tax avoiders. To date 97 countries have agreed to the tough OECD bank disclosure rules. Very few have refused. The refusers include Bahrain, Nauru, Vanuatu—and…the United States.

World’s Biggest Tax Haven

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, a financial wizard or a Meyer Lansky to see a pattern. Washington forces disclosure of secret bank accounts of its citizens or companies abroad, while at the same time lifting control or disclosure inside the United States of private banking accounts. No surprise that such experienced private bankers as London’s Rothschild & Co. have opened offices in Reno Nevada a stone’s throw from Harrah’s and other casinos, and according to Bloomberg, is doing a booming business moving the fortunes of wealthy foreign clients out of offshore havens such as Bermuda, or Switzerland which are subject to the new OECD international disclosure requirements, into Rothschild-run trusts in Nevada, which are exempt from those disclosure rules.

Rothschild & Co. Director, Andrew Penney noted that as a result, the United States today, “is effectively the biggest tax haven in the world.” Today Nevada, Meyer Lansky’s money laundering project of the 1930’s with established legalized gambling, is becoming the “new Switzerland.” Wyoming and South Dakota are close on the heels.

One area where America’s institutions are still world class is in devising complex instruments of financial control, asset theft and cyber warfare. The US War on Cash, combined with the US Treasury and IRS war on offshore banking is their latest model. As Washington’s War on Terror had a sinister, hidden agenda, so too does Washington’s War on Cash. It’s something to be avoided at all costs if we human beings are to retain any vestige of sovereignty or autonomy. It will be interesting to see how vigorously Casino mogul Trump moves to close the US tax haven status. What do you bet he doesn’t?

Anti-Trumpers Lose Their Minds..And It’s A Good Thing

I didn’t vote for Trump. I thought he was some kind Trojan Horse.  I didn’t vote for Hillary. I know she’s Chairman Mao in a pantsuit.

I didn’t vote. I had it with everything about voting a long time ago.

But I must say I now see the point of voting for Trump. Anyone who gets the opposition this lathered up cannot be all bad. I still think his foreign policy is going to be all bad, but on the domestic front, there’s at least one good thing to cheer about. He’s driven the opposition crazy.

Gary North at LRC:

I did not vote for Donald Trump. I voted for Gary Johnson. Johnson vetoed 739 bills when he was governor of New Mexico. No governor of New Mexico had ever vetoed that many bills and most of them were sustained. His opponents in the legislature could not get enough votes to override his vetoes. He really made them squirm. That had impressed me for many years, and I figured I might as well say thank you in the only way that matters for a politician: my vote. Also, when asked his opinions on Aleppo, he answered: “What is Aleppo?” Somebody who had never heard of Aleppo probably would not get the United States involved more deeply than it already is in Syria. America would be a lot better off if Barack Obama had never heard of Aleppo.

Anyway, back to Trump. He is the victim of the most systematic campaign of media vitriol that I have ever seen. They didn’t like Barry Goldwater, but they did nothing like this. They didn’t like Ronald Reagan, but they did nothing like this. They will not give Trump any slack at all.

He is being tried by a court that has the guilty verdict in its pocket. Even more delightfully, this court has proven itself to be politically impotent. And in the outlook of this court, there is nothing worse than political impotence. Political impotence means being cast into the outer darkness. As Trump’s parade begins, they sit on the sidelines shouting, “This just isn’t fair.” Yes, it is. It is also delightful.

I call your attention to the most vicious piece of slander against Trump that I have seen so far. It was written by somebody in Australia. Now, the fact that anybody in Australia gives a rat’s patootie about Donald Trump is amazing. But to write something like this is really astounding. I’m not going to quote from it. I want you to read it. As you read it, think this: this bonehead Aussie has no political skin in the game. This is in his country. It is in his political system. He is down under. But he is utterly apoplectic about Donald Trump. You can read his screed here. It appeared in the most internationally influential of Australia’s newspapers, the Sydney Morning News.

What impressed me most about his article is its tone. It is not moral outrage. It is whining. This is crybaby journalism. We do not see it often because they win so often. Snide comments, yes. Contempt, yes. But not whining. When you see a journalist whine, you know he is beaten. He is not rallying the troops for one last stand at the barricades. He is like a three-year-old lying on his back, kicking his legs wildly, and screaming: “I want it! I want it! I want it!” Someone ought to dump a glass of ice water on the guy.

This is happening all over the West. The columnists really have lost their minds. They have lost all sense of perspective.

Republicans were upset twice when Obama defeated Republican candidates for President. But before he came to power in 2009, they pretty much held their peace. I’m not talking about screwballs on the fringe. I’m talking about conservatives in newspapers, magazines, and on websites that had Alexa ratings higher than 500,000. I am talking about the equivalent of the Sydney Morning News.

Trump has really gotten under their skins. I am grudgingly becoming a fan of Trump’s. Anyone who can cause this much pain among the liberal establishment, including the liberal Republican establishment, can’t be all bad.

We are told that he has low public opinion ratings. First, this is not true. Over half the public is favorable. Second, he ran against a woman who had the lowest public opinion ratings of any Democratic candidate for President over the last century. Never has a Democratic candidate for President been so widely regarded as untrustworthy. Now, let me say that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with electing somebody to office who you think is untrustworthy. If you elect anyone to office, and you don’t assume that this person is untrustworthy, you are living in a fantasy world. But Hillary Clinton set the record for public skepticism. Yet the liberal media had a lovefest with her. They seemed astounded when this nagging, shrill, legendary thrower of plates lost the election. Hillary Clinton was the Bobby Knight of American politics. Her loss is not the end of the liberals’ world. But liberals think it may be. Liberals who think this are dumb.


The media have not been able to come to grips with his victory. They think the voters in Midwestern states have betrayed American democracy. They think that what’s good for California and New York is good for the nation. A lot of us don’t think so. I moved out of both of those states a long time ago. I have never longingly looked back at either of them. I paid my unfair share of confiscatory state taxes in both of them. That was 40 years ago before they both went even more politically insane than they were then. New York is a state represented in this century in the Senate by Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton. California elected Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. Need I say more?

The media will be in continual apoplexy for at least the next four years. And in each of these years, the media will lose market share. In each of these years, newspaper reporters will be fired unceremoniously. These people are typing furiously on the Titanic. The public is paying less and less attention to them, as Trump proved on November 8. One of my favorite websites is The latest report on falling ad revenue for the print version of The New York Times is here. I also enjoyed learning of the rout at Reuters.

Also, in each of these years, employees in network television, as well as MSNBC and CNN, will get their well-deserved pink slips.

The more the media grouse about every aspect of Trump’s administration, the more that Trump’s voters will conclude that they did the right thing on November 8.

By the way, where’s Hillary? Talk about a disappearing act! She went from the queen of the media to Greta Garbo in 48 hours. “I want to be alone!”

It is going to be business as usual in Washington. It was business as usual for eight years under Obama. Actually, it was a much-reduced business in Washington. Obama got less legislation through Congress than any modern President of the United States. He was heavy on agenda but light on implementation. Fortunately.

I think Trump’s great contribution has already been made. He utterly humiliated the liberal media. He humiliated the entire bipartisan establishment. He trounced his Republican opponents, and then he beat Hillary Clinton when it counted. He is the only person in American political history with zero backgrounds in any area of government who has been elected President. That is going to get him into the history textbooks.”

PETA’s “Animal Ethics” Is Mass Slaughter Of Pets

Excerpted from “PETA’s Death Cult Part III” 

“Ingrid Newkirk has unapologetically described herself as a tyrant: “‘This is not a democratic organization,’ she said. ‘I never pretended that it was. I don’t know where exactly it would go if it were a democracy. And I am not willing to give it a try.’”

One place it might go: towards ending PETA’s mass slaughter of dogs and cats. It’s hard to imagine that every one of her employees feels all warm and fuzzy about working for an outfit that has — in one blood-soaked location — killed 27,561 pets.

Newkirk just hates it when you describe her pet organization as a cult: “I can’t stand to hear that word,” she told Michael Specter of the New Yorker. “If you put that cult stuff in, nobody will take what we do seriously.”

So I’ll let you come up with a word of your own, keeping the following information in mind.

If you intern at PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, you are expected to condone the killing of shelter animals. On the official application (which you can download here), the only question that requires a response longer than a couple of factual words is:

Have a look at our Web site, review our stance on euthanasia, and let me know if you agree or disagree with it and why.

Now perhaps that means they hope to take in clever interns who disagree with them, so that they might have fruitful and interesting conversations while they tend to the cheerful business of killing animals.

The chances of this are small. They are even smaller than the chances of a healthy kitten surviving PETA’s headquarters. Three percent smaller, to be precise. (Do the math: 97 percent of animals delivered into PETA’s care are summarily slaughtered; hence a kitten does in fact have a 3 percent chance of dodging Ingrid’s hypodermic.)”

Tamil Spring Color Revolution? Massive Protests Against Bull-Taming Ban

Related image

According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus the association of this day [Mattu Pongal] with cattle.” [Pongal]

Update, January 22, 2017:

An ordinance has been passed that allows Jallikattu to proceed without interference in Tamil Nadu.

Note: My post, unlike my anti-demonetization posts, does not appear individually in a google search. I tried immediately after posting and after it a couple of times. No luck.  You can draw your own conclusions from that.

Meanwhile, please note that the massive demonstrations across TN were singularly well-coordinated and peaceful, and very well-prepared, with beautifully done masks of bulls, vinyl posters in Tamil and English (for foreign media), and well-spoken student leaders. Bull masks and black flags and outfits abounded. IT students and Face-book featured prominently, while several major media outlets captioned the whole thing repeatedly as “undirected,” “people power” (MakkalMovement)- a signalling of the kind common in intelligence operations.

All this in a country where bus-burning and hooliganism is the norm during protests. Here, by contrast, police and protestors cooperated like long-lost family members.  The (BJP) Center and the (AIADMK) State leaned over backwards to accommodate each other.

I suggest this is an exercise in consciousness-raising, using a cardinal symbol of Shiva, the bull; opposing the old globalist feminism and virulent rights talk (PETA) with the new, controlled opposition globalism of managed nationalism and the virile male (Putin, Trump).

Supporting that interpretation, around the time of this bull-celebrating New Year festival, comes the inauguration of US president Donald Trump, the bull in the globalists’ feminist china shop…a master of bull in his own right…a stud bull…





While any protest against demonetization  has been swiftly quelled by the Central Government and blacked out from media coverage, one wave of protests in Tamil Nadu has quickly become headline news:

That’s the protest against a three-year ban on Jallikattu, a 3000+ year-old traditional Tamil sport characteristic of the Tamil Spring/Harvest Festival (Pongal) in which young men chase and wrestle down a fleeing bull to snatch money or gold tied to its horns:

In Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu is Veera Vilayattu or warrior sport, where a man matches wit and sinew with a raging bull and grabs a small bag of coins or Jalli, tied to its horns. The most daring among them twitches through the flaying horns and threshing hooves and hangs on to its hump as the animal completes a short lap of 50 metres. In the days gone, he would also win the daughter of the owner of the bull in marriage. It is about courage, masculinity, and above all, cultural ethos.”

Images of Jallikattu appear on Indus Valley seals, proving the ancient and indigenous nature of the tradition:

Indus Valley civilisation is known for being one of the most advanced and sophisticated amongs its contemporaries. The sport of Eru Thazhuvathal is celebrated so much that they decide to make a seal depicting the same.”

The Indian branch of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and the Animal Welfare Board began their campaign to add Jallikattu to the list of activities banned under laws prohibiting cruelty to animals.

In 2014, a 2-member bench of the Supreme Court banned Jallikattu completely. 

A Bench of Justices K.S. Radhakrishnan and Pinaki Chandra Misra said, “Forcing a bull and keeping it in the waiting area for hours and subjecting it to the scorching sun is not for the animal’s well-being. Forcing and pulling the bull by a nose rope into the narrow, closed enclosure or ‘vadi vassal’ (entry point), subjecting it to all forms of torture, fear, pain and suffering by forcing it to go the arena and also over-powering it in the arena by bull tamers, are not for the well-being of the animal.”

But Tamil animal activists have joined bull-tamers and their aficionados to insist that the sport is not inherently cruel, despite occasional abuses.

They argue that the ban constitutes an intentional assault on Tamil culture by the Central Government.

What is clearly true is that the objective of Jallikattu is not harming or killing the bull, as it is in Spanish bull-fighting. People, not bulls, seem to be the main victims:

This is Jallikattu, an ancient and bizarre bull-wrestling sport that takes place in villages throughout Tamil Nadu every January to celebrate Pongal, a New Year’s festival that coincides with the ancient rice harvest. Though similar to and older than the Spanish running of the bulls, it’s bloodier. Instead of bulls getting killed, it’s the people. In previous years, as many as 20 young men have been fatally gored, and several hundred, including spectators, have been mauled, trampled or otherwise injure.”

Since the original impetus for the ban was the death in 2004 of a 14-year-old spectator, framing the issue as one of animal-rights versus human (read, masculine/patriarchal) cruelty is obviously misleading.

But that is how it has been framed, with the international animal-liberation movement taking a prominent role.

In January 2016, the head of PETA was detained by Indian police for blind-folding a statue of Gandhi in protest against Jallikattu.

Regarding the anti-Jallikattu activism, BJP gadfly and alleged Mossad mouth-piece Subramanian Swamy has charged that it is funded from abroad and is part of an Afro-Dravidian separatist movement intended to fragment India. He has insisted on a CBI investigation:

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Subramanian Swamy has alleged that protests organised against Jallikattu have been inspired from abroad and he intends to take the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation in terms of funding of the animal rights organisations.”

Far more germane to the issue than animal-rights is the question of indigenous farming technology.

Jallikattu is a tradition that ensures that certain skills (bull-taming without the use of a rope) are conserved among agriculturalists and certain traits (virility, strength, and speed) are conserved among indigenous breeds:

Male calves in other regions are sold and taken for slaughter in a few days. Only in regions where there are events like jallikattu are they kept. The owner of an imported cow will like it to deliver a female calf. If she does, it’s a windfall. If it’s a male calf then he will have no use for it and he has to feed it. It will go to the slaughter house for Rs. 500. A lot of mutton we eat is the meat of these under-one-week calves mixed with mutton. The same will happen to these native breeds if not for activities like jallikattu. With reduced availability of males, farmers will have to go in for artificial insemination, which is cost prohibitive and is directly in contravention of in-situ conservation. Unless there are bulls being bred and reared in the in-situ region, the genetic pool of the breed will not be healthy as no adaptation to changes in climate, local environment has been ingrained. We are messing with evolution when we abandon in-situ conservation with bulls and natural servicing/mating.

Native cows do not yield as much milk as the imported breeds. So they don’t have a supportive or sponsored breeding programme. Artificial means are not adopted for native breeds. So as a fall out of the banning of jallikattu, they will soon fade away and become extinct.”

Viewed against the back-drop of an incipient digital dictatorship inaugurated by the Modi demonetization fiasco, it becomes obvious that the ban on Jallikattu is not a distraction from, but a replication of, the ban on currency notes.

The cash ban, as I showed in an earlier blog-post,  was effectively a war on small and medium businesses and the indigenous financial sector.

That sector uses indigenous methods of financing (chit-funds, hawala, angadia payments, etc.), all of which depend on a combination of cash and promissory notes/back-dated checks.

Ban cash and you break the back of the native financial sector and the economy that depends on it.

Ban Jallikattu, likewise, and you break the back of native farming and cattle-breeding and the economy that depends on it.

This year, the Jallikattu issue has boiled up into open, state-wide protests around the Pongal season (the 4-day harvest festival in mid-January).

Pongal, by the way, means “boiling.”

State-wide Jallikattu protests, triggered by anti-Jallikattu activism and the arrest of thousands of pro-Jallikattu protestors – have become a stand-in for a spectrum of discontents –

*The unilateral imposition of demonetization on the country, causing untold hardship in drought-hit Tamil Nadu

*Income-tax raids that appear to target Tamil Nadu

*The suspicious but uninvestigated death of the charismatic and popular Tamil Chief Minister, Jayalalitha

*Apparent attempts by the BJP government to insert itself into  post-Jaya politics to gain a foot-hold in the important state

*The refusal of northern neighbor Karnataka to abide by a SC (Supreme Court) directive to share Cauvery River water with  drought-hit Tamil Nadu….

*The inadequate central government response to drought in Tamil Nadu

Despite these popular grievances, however,  there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes of what is being dubbed an undirected “people’s movement”.


Tamil Nadu is the most industrialized of all Indian states along with Karnataka. Bangalore is the center of the software and outsourcing industry while there is a vast amount of foreign investment in TN’s Coimbatore and in Chennai, a manufacturing center.

Western intelligence agencies are active here, protecting the investments of the business class.


Tamil politics has been the locus of foreign intervention ever since the British fostered the rise of Dravidian (south Indian) consciousness, by subsidizing the promotion of anti-Brahmin groups, out of which the DMK and the Anna DMK (to which Jaya belonged) developed.

A water-shed moment was reached during the Chief Ministership of famed film-star M.G.Ramachandran (MGR), who mentored Jayalalitha, reportedly his long-time mistress.

Under MGR, Tamil consciousness got a new, violent face, with the rise of the Tamil Tigers.  The Tigers, renowned as the world’s deadliest terrorists/freedom-fighters, began as a band of murderous roving bandits. Patronized by both the Mossad and Indira Gandhi, they eventually became a thorn in the side of the national government and one of their group murdered Mrs Gandhi’s own son, Rajiv, then the Indian PM.

The British also endorsed  a highly questionable racial narrative that pitted dark-skinned Tamils as the eternal victims of light-skinned Aryan and Vedic Hindus of the north, a narrative that is part of the Afro-Dravidian movement, which Rajiv Malhotra has identified as a Western strategy to create a Tamil secessionist state out of TN and NE Sri Lanka, home to a militant Tamil diaspora.

The Afro-Dravidian narrative in turn reinforced another fiction sponsored by imperialist ideologues – the Aryan invasion of India, a theory of the origins of classical Indian culture that has been discredited by genetic data and archeological records.

All this forces us to accept the following basic scientific fact: outside of Africa, South Asia contains the world’s oldest populations, and modern Europeans are themselves among the peoples descended from migrants from India, going back more than 40,000 years. This should be the starting point for studying history in the Holocene or the post Ice Age period.”

But, while PETA and other anti-Jallikattu animal rights groups are certainly funded from abroad,  there is evidence that the pro-Jallikattu groups are also well-funded, come mainly from Westernized student groups and IT professionals  savvy with social media in the well-known tradition of “undirected,” and “leaderless” people’s movements (Makkal Movement) that has become the new face of intelligence interventions.

Here’s more evidence of an intel connection:

1.  Both the PETA spokesman in India and anti-Jallikatu representatives have introduced the meme of “Arab Spring” into the public language around the protests. The Times of India, an elite media organ, was one of the earliest to insert the meme into Jallikattu discourse.

The Economic Times and a host of other major media outlets did so too.

2. The pro-J protests have been drawn from among relatively affluent, Westernized student groups in Chennai and appear well-funded.

3. The bull itself is the animal of Shiva and Shiva is identified by the world order as its presiding deity, using the popular but erroneous Christian identification of Shiva with Lucifer (which I have refuted on this blog).

On January 16, simultaneously with the Jallikattu uproar and the Pongal festival, in which the bull plays a prominent part, India became an associate member of CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research).

Outside CERN is a statue of Shiva in Nataraja pose (as a dancer, creating and destroying the worlds). The statue was recently depicted in a some kind of hoax video of human sacrifice to Shiva that was actually filmed within its precincts.

4. The protests have targeted the successors to Jayalalitha, CM Paneerselvam and Sasikala Natarajan, Jaya’s chosen Chief Secretary, for inadequate action on Jallikattu.

These are the same figures that the BJP itself has been interested in targeting, in an attempt to fracture the AIADMK and the DMK to secure control over the state.

5. The attacks against PETA were initiated by Subramanian Swamy, of the BJP, a known Mossad disinformation outlet.

6. The bull is identified with pre-Vedic Indian culture, supposedly presided over by a mother goddess,  associated with a snake and bull.  The mother goddess in the form of Shakti is the female counterpart of Shiva. The snake is identified with Saivite worship. For instance, the Naga (snake) sect in Tamil Nadu are Saivites.

Amma means mother in Tamil and was the name assigned to deceased former Tamil CM Jayalalitha. There is at least one important South Indian guru named Amma who is given great prominence in globalist initiatives like the fight against modern slavery and is featured by the UN.

Recently,  South Indian television networks have had a plethora of shows featuring snake-gods and humans who morph into snakes, including the popular serials, Mahamayi and Nagini.



Shiv Sena MP: Modi In Love With Self

A right-wing party attacks the PM for replacing the image of Gandhi with his own on calendars associated with Gandhi’s pet “Khadi” (home-spun) cottage industry:

“Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Shiv Sena MP from south Mumbai and party spokesperson Arvind Sawant called the move as an insult to Gandhiji. “I saw the news in some newspapers that Mahatma Gandhi’s photo from Khadi Gramodyog calender has been removed and replaced with that of the PM Narendra Modiji. Gandhi is the father of the nation, he is one who sowed the seeds of promoting Khadi. Removing Gandhiji and replacing it with PMs is an not only an insult to the Father of the Nation and but also of the nation and this should be taken very seriously” said Sawant.

In a personal attack Sawant said, “This is a perfect example of what happens when a person falls in love with his own image.”

Breast Cancer Report Suggests Khazarian Link To Ashkenazim?

Michael Hoffman:

Proceeding from early findings in books such as Arthur Koesltler’s The Thirteenth Tribe and Paul Wexler’s The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity, scientists like Dr. Elhaik have traced the origins of most “Jews” in the West to a Turkic people who converted to Judaism in the eighth century, lived in the Eurasian state of Khazaria, and then migrated to Eastern Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries where gullible churchmen accepted them as the Jews, God’s wayward but chosen people.

In Khazaria the word “Kagan” (also spelled Khagan) denoted ruler or emperor. Observe some of the fake “Jews” who rule over us and who have that moniker or prefix: Robert Kagan, neocon architect of the Iraq war (co-founder of the Project for the New American Century with William Kristol); Elena Kagan, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; Lazar Kaganovich, Bolshevik Commissar of the propaganda department of the Red Army, destroyer of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Secretary of the Moscow Branch of the Communist Party under Stalin; Rabbi Meir Kagan, Polish-born author of the Talmud-derived law book Mishnah Berurah that rules the lives of hundreds of thousands of Khazar adherents of Orthodox Judaism.

The Zionist-dominated American media typically surround pioneering scientific data like that of Dr. Elhaik with a plethora of extreme skepticism, conflicting reports and disputation from contrary sources, so as to sow doubts among those who might otherwise be willing to accept the data as credible. Such acceptance would completely undermine the Israeli justification for appropriating Palestinian land and extruding the indigenous population. It would also expose the diabolic bankruptcy of the doctrine of recent popes and Protestant Fundamentalists, which insinuate that having rejected Christ, Israelis will nevertheless be granted eternal life as a result of an “irrevocable covenant” based on their alleged carnal descent from the Biblical patriarchs.

In the case of the following New York Times article of Nov. 27, 2013, the propaganda mechanisms usually in place are absent. This is an unguarded study of hereditary breast cancer genes occurring among Khazar women who are identified as “Ashkenazi” (of course we sympathize with the Khazar ladies —and all women afflicted with breast cancer  — and we advise that all married women have many children and breast feed them, because statistically, mothers of large, breast-fed families often have significantly lower rates of breast cancer).

No attempt has been made in this Times report on Ashkenazi breast cancer to explain how millions of so-called Jews occupying Palestinian land are shown in scientific and medical literature to have an east European rather than a Middle Eastern origin.

Substitute the word “Khazar” for “Ashkenazi” in the Times report: “In Israel, a Push to Screen for Cancer Gene Leaves Many Conflicted,” and you’ll have the true racial identity of half the population of “Jews” in counterfeit “Israel,” and most of the population of “Jews” in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

It is for this reason that we never call these people Jews. Instead we have coined the term “Judaics” to describe them, based on their religious/nationalist affiliation with or nostalgia for Talmudic Judaism and/or the folk culture of Yiddishkeit, the medieval ghetto, and the accompanying legends of tribal solidarity during persecution. An equally or even more appropriate term would simply be Khazar, but this word remains at present too opaque to be widely recognized as a synonym for those who say they are Jews and are not, although hopefully that will change in the near future.”

Chinese Flags In Kashmir: Turko-Mongolic Face Of NWO

The appearance of Chinese flags among Muslim separatists in Kashmir show the rank hypocrisy of Islamicist groups there, given that the Uighur Muslims of China suffer an oppression far greater than that imposed on any Indian Muslim:

The presence of Chinese flags in Kashmir is clear indication that a dark movement, to destabilise the region, backed by Pakistan, who in turn is backed by China, is going on in the Valley. India doesn’t have much choice under the circumstances but to crush any such movement before it gets too big to handle.”

I’ve said before that the globalist order is fronted by an ethnically coherent group of Turko-Mongolic lineage, misleadingly called Jewish in common parlance.

In reality, the term Jew is itself a recent coinage. The people of the Old Testament are properly called Hebrews and those with whom the divine Mosaic covenant was made are properly called Israelite.

The term Jew can only be applied to those who lived in the Biblical region of Judea or to the blood descendants of the patriarch Judah.

Modern “Jews,”  being almost entirely neither of these, are better described as a mixture of European and Middle-Eastern and other blood, who, in origin, are a Turko-Mongolic people.

So, it makes sense that the global Sanhedrin would operate through its networks in Turkey and in China.

In the latter, the Sanhedrin operates through the disaffected Uighur Muslims, who call their homeland not by its Mandarin name Xianjiang, but as East Turkestan, betraying that same ancient connection.

In that light, Modi’s elevation of Hindi and Delhi (but not Hinduism as such) becomes notable, because Delhi was the center of the Turkish empires in North India – from the Mameluke and the Khilji in the 13th century AD to the Tughlaq in the 15th century.


Islamic Thinkers Or NWO Operatives?

From the blog of a Muslim sociologist, an analysis of a leading Islamic thinker from Afghan, who turns out to have been a freemason and possibly a British operative:

Jamal ud Din Al Afghani, and Muhammad Abduh are documented to be freemasons in the service of British Government, through their membership in the Oxford freemasons movement established for the purpose of creating Salafi movement in outside Britain under the freemason control which was established by Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Doubts over the relationships between Salafi leaders at the start ( Jama ul Din al Afghani and Muhammad Abdu) and the British government are spelled as documented reports that both leaders were members of the Oxford freemasons which was established in the 1820’s. The group of missionaries was appointed by a combined movement of Oxford University, the Anglican Church, and Kings College of London University, under Scottish Rite Freemasonry, as part of a plot to foster the creation of an occult brotherhood in the Muslim world, dedicated to the use of terrorism on behalf of the Illuminati in the City of London (1)

The leading promoters of the Oxford Movement were Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Lord Palmerston of the Palladian Rite, and Edward Bullwer-Lytton, the leader of a branch of Rosicrucianism that developed from the Asiatic Brethren. The Oxford movement was also supported by the Jesuits. Also involved were the British royal family itself, and many of its leading prime ministers and aides.

Benjamin Disraeli was Grand Master of Freemasonry, as well as knight of the Order of the Garter. It was in Coningsby, that he confessed, through a character named Sidonia, modeled on his friend Lionel de Rothschild, that, “the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” Of the influence of the secret societies, Disraeli also remarked, in Parliamentary debate:

“It is useless to deny. . . a great part of Europe ­ the whole of Italy and France, and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries ­ are covered with a network of these secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads. And what are their objects? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government. They do not want ameliorated institutions; they do not want provincial councils nor the recording of votes; they want. . . an end to ecclesiastical establishments.”(2)

Throughout his forty-year career as a British intelligence agent, Jamal ud al Afghani was guided by two British Islamic and cult specialists, Wilfred Scawen Blunt and Edward G. Browne. E. G. Browne was Britain’s’ leading Orientalist of the nineteenth century, and numbered among his protégés at Cambridge University’s Orientalist department Harry “Abdullah” St. John B. Philby, a British intelligence specialist behind the Wahhabi movement. Wilfred S. Blunt, another member of the British Orientalist school, was given the responsibility by the Scottish Rite Masons to organize the Persian and the Middle East lodges. Al Afghani was their primary agent.

Very little is known of Jamal ud Din al Afghani’s origins. Despite the appellation “Afghani”, which he adopted and by which he is known, there are some reports that he was a Jew. On the other hand, some scholars believe that he was not an Afghan but a Iranian Shiah. And, despite posing as a reformer of orthodox Islam, al Afghani also acted as proselytizer of the Bahai faith, the first recorded project of the Oxford Movement, a creed that would become the heart of the Illuminati’s one-world-religion agenda.”

Dieudonne Mocks Holocaust Inc., Not Holocaust

In this interview on Iranian TV, Dieudonne describes how he and his wife and children have been physically assaulted by Zionists for his satire.

None of that harassment has been reported widely. While the world has been forced to listen to endless nonsense about the faux-martyrdoms of operatives like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, someone who really gets beaten up for his political views gets no sympathy.

The comedian also explains why breaking the  taboo against criticizing Zionism is indispensable to releasing the West from the psychic prison in which it lives.

He explains the difference between mocking the political and commercial manipulation of the Holocaust (which he admits to doing)

and mocking the Holocaust itself (which he denies doing).

He points out that in France, in recent  years, the Crucifixion has been forcibly and intentionally displaced by the Holocaust as a symbol deserving public veneration.

[See my post on Pope Francis and the Marc Chagall painting of Christ.]

Indeed, the increasing proliferation of laws supporting the inviolability of Holocaust history in France and elsewhere coincides with the increasing denigration and displacement of Christian symbols.

That displacement is nothing less than cultural imperialism.

Is one human race to replace divinity itself in the public consciousness of another?

If so, by whose will? At whose expense?

In another post I will explain why I still wonder if Dieudonne is yet another face of controlled opposition, but, in regard to the question of whether he is guilty of incitement, the answer is no.

One last point. He was convicted not of “inciting violence,” which is at least a crime, even if  he didn’t commit it.

No, he was charged with something quite different, nebulous, and trumped up “inciting hate.”

Quite apart from the astounding hypocrisy of  such a statement from the West – always boiling over with barbaric ‘two-minute-hates’ (here and here  for instance) directed at this or that unfortunate people who get in the way of its imperial ambitions –  what does inciting hate even mean?

Really, what does it mean?





The Pineapple Republic Called France

NOTE: As always, posting or citing someone doesn’t amount to an endorsement of all their views.

UPDATE 2 (Dec.1, 2015)

For  the view of Dieudonne among liberal Jews, see this New Yorker post.

[Notice the very poor photograph of Dieudonne used, calculated to make him look unhinged. Notice that there is nothing about Bernard-Henry Levy’s political positions; there is nothing about the Iraq war and its influence in the radicalization of Dieudonne…and very many other people I might add. In short, the commentary like too much “liberal” commentary, is shorn of every political context that would explain the conundrums it raises with so much feigned puzzlement and intellectual bad faith.]

Update 1

I support Dieudonne’s right to political speech free of government censorship.  But private disapproval is not government censorship and people should be free to boycott or avoid his speech.

Furthermore, after looking more closely at Dieudonne’s political ties, I’m inclined to believe he is “controlled opposition.

That is  usually the case for many of these high-profile dissidents.

I may be wrong, but there are too many tell-tale signs that he is an unwitting front for other forces or being used by more malign people.

More on that later.


You’ve heard of banana republics –  miserable tropical countries whose chief products are bananas and corrupt dictators.

Now there is a  pineapple republic, until now known as France.

Why pineapple?

Because in France one no longer has the political freedom to place a simple tropical fruit – the pineapple – next to a historical event (the holocaust) and set them to music.

Not unless you want to cough up 30,000 euros and go to jail for two months, as French-Cameroonian comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala has found out.

So much for political freedom in Europe.

You are, of course, free to refer to Muslims, brown people, and blacks as sub-human vermin, call their religion Satanic and their gods devils, call them pedophiles and rapists (when most of the rape, porn, and pedophilia in the world actually emanates from Western institutions), starve and murder millions of them, ravage and destroy their countries, steal their oil, bomb them back to the stone-ages to which you routinely claim they belong, destroy their monuments and their memories, enslave them on a global plantation in which you are the overseers by virtue of systemic financial fraud, poison their waters and their skies, burn them alive in cities, stage false-flag attacks to provoke hatred of them, ruin their industries, ruin their agriculture, extort, blackmail and bribe their leaders, spy on them, torture them, create false histories of them and whole sciences devoted to proving their sub-humanity.

But never, never, never place a tropical fruit next to a dead Jew and set the thing to music.

Christ-Hating Zios & Shabbos Goyim

From Mask of Zion:

So when the ostensibly “Christian” British state, known and hated the world over for its “Christian” missionary activities that cloaked so many if not all of its genocidal invasions, chucks its “Christian” identity to the wayside and castigates a man like Dieudonné, who identifies himself as an “Islamic-Christian (23)”, while welcoming filth-peddlers and desecrationists like Sarah Silverman and Larry David, it is betraying an upsetting truth that many Brits may not be able to accept: Their country is not the great power that they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is since birth. Their country is a subcontractor for a far more powerful, far more sinister force. Their country is not Christian. Their country has no love or respect for Jesus Christ The Messiah. Their country is not sovereign. Their country is on its knees, its forehead at the feet of the Rothschilds and other “chosenite” overlords. Their country is subservient to Jewish supremacy.

As is America. The US and UK regimes are empires and imperialists only in name, for they do not serve their own interests but the interests of Organized Jewry, which sends its Christ-hating spokespersons into the public eye to bash and humiliate what they allegedly hold most dear while they remain deafeningly silent. But when opponents of Zionist-subverted Western policy criticize the parasitic, plutocratic elite running the West into the ground, they are not greeted with the same silence. They are not even greeted with accusations of “anti-Westernism”. No, they are bombarded with the gobbledegook of “anti-Semitism”. Pounded with the sheer irrationalness of “Jew-hatred”. Browbeaten for spitting on the “memory” of the “Holocaust”. This is not just an exercise in hypocrisy alone. Hypocrisy represents the mere obviousness of the matter. This is proof, the kind comprised of unbreakable stone embedded in unshakeable ground, that imperialism, while a terribly real threat that must be combated and stopped, is only vice president in the hegemonic power structure; its agents are “shabbos goyim” and its boss is Zionism. “

“Muslim Rape Crisis” In Sweden Debunked



I found this interesting post that debunks the “Muslim rape crisis in Sweden” narrative and points out how high rape and crime rates are in almost entirely white European countries like Estonia and Latvia that no one includes in discussion about Islam and rape in Europe [minor edits added for readability and grammar]:

New UPDATE (06/06/2013):Sweden’s latest murder statistics have come out for the year of 2012, and this is really bad news for atheists/racists.Remember the murder statistic is a very objective crime statistic, since it doesn’t rely much upon the rate of reporting or a a country’s laws, and is difficult to falsely report. So, the homicide rate and count is very objective when compared to many other crime statistics.Since atheists as a whole are universally stupid people, they would never ever read the official crime statistics published or encourage anyone to do so, but instead just use speculation, rumors, or other such nonsense as sources.

Here are the official crime statistics:–statistik/mord-och-drap.htmlThe murder count in Sweden in 2012 was 68, which comes to a murder rate of 0.71 per 100,000 for 2012, which is lower than all 50 US states, almost every country on the entire planet, and one of the very lowest murder rates in Swedish history!

So Sweden has now achieved an unthinkable astronomically low murder rate of 0.71!

What a disappointment for the Nazis/atheists that Sweden’s murder rate in 2012 (with more Muslim immigration) is even lower than it was in 2011, and is one of the very very lowest murder rates in all of Swedish history.

It’s really almost unthinkable that any country could have a murder rate this low.

To put things into perspective, let’s look at the number of murders in the US states with population sizes closest to Sweden’s 9.6 million population (Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina),  since the murder rate is in proportion to the population size:
– Georgia had more than 550 murders in 2011
– Michigan had more than 600 murders in 2011
– North Carolina had more than 500 murders in 2011


So, this means that the US state with the lowest murder count and population size closest to Sweden (North Carolina) had nearly 100 more murders in 1 year than Sweden did in 5 years.

Sweden’s murder count in 5 years (2008-2012) would be 414, whereas North Carolina’s murder count is above 500 in just 1 year.

The murder count in Sweden in 2012 was 68. You’d have to go all the way back to maybe the 1960s or 1970s to find Sweden murder rates this low.

If crime is up and there’s much more violence, wouldn’t the murder count and murder rate go up dramatically and be higher than at least a few US states?

So where’s all the ‘crime’ that the fools (atheists) are referring to?

Not only is the murder rate lower, the murder count is lower than ever as well.

Apparently there’s more ‘crime’ and violence in Sweden, but Sweden is safer than all 50 US states.  The US state with the lowest murder rate in 2011 had a murder rate of 1.2 per 100,000.

Well I guess I can’t blame atheists for being misled, they are gullible people who never read official crime statistics published, just garbage on blog sites.

I’m still waiting for the fools (atheists) to justify their lies about there being so much more crime in Sweden now, with more Muslim immigration, I guess they can’t. All they have are lies from their low-life atheist mouths.

What will the fools (atheists) come up with next since the official crime statistics published debunks their lies?

BTW: I’m not a Muslim and never have been at any time in my life (and never will be), I’m not from the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, or Europe. Initially I was on the same anti-Islam bandwagon that many are on right now (and said lots of anti-Islamic things) up until around 2011 when I realized it was just a waste of time and energy.

What’s the point in focusing lots of time and energy on ending just Muslim-related crime (non-violent rapes with no injuries), helping rebuild Muslim countries, trying to make life better for Muslims alone, and helping out Muslim countries alone?

I don’t get it.

Since 9/11 there were more than 120,000 non-Muslim killings in the US (from 2002-2012), so what would happen if we focused our time and energy on helping out non-Muslims instead?

The very worst thing that can happen to the Nazi White Nationalist movement in Sweden is a 0% Muslim population and lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. This would ruin everything for them wouldn’t it?

They should deport/ban Muslim immigrants and prevent all that ‘crime’ in Sweden, then bring in lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. If this time, with non-Muslim immigrants there really is more actual crime, what will Nazi Swedes do?

There’s “more crime”, but the murder rate in 2012 (latest data) is one of the lowest in Sweden history, lower than all 50 US States (meaning that there’s not even 1 US state that has a lower murder rate), and lower than almost every single country in all of the entire world.

All that the liars/atheists can do is discourage people from reading the official crime statistics published and avoid mentioning the murder rate at all costs.

UPDATE: After much discussion I’ve determined the actual cause of the reported rape rate in Sweden being high.

Here’s my hypothesis as to why Sweden’s reported rape rate is so high:
– Sweden’s new modified rape laws in 2005 made it so that the way rapes are counted is intentionally inflated
– The rate of reporting rapes in Sweden is very high
– Many reported rapes in Sweden are false reports caused by the extreme racism there

The evidence to support this hypothesis:
– An excerpt from this BBC News article demonstrates how laughable Sweden’s new rape laws are:

“In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.

“So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.” –

So this means that 1 report from 1 woman in Sweden could count as 300 or more “rapes” in their rape statistics, depending on how many times the victim claims they were “raped”.

In 2009 according to the Sweden Democrats there were only 253 rape cases (the number of rape cases would tell us the number of rapes if Sweden would’ve had regular rape counting laws), meaning that Sweden’s reported rape rate would only be around 2.7 per 100,000 if they had normal rape counting laws (which is more than 94% lower than the current rate that appears in their rape statistics).

All of the objective crime statistics in Sweden that are difficult to falsely report like the murder rate and car thefts have decreased or remained constant

– Sweden’s murder rate in 2011 with more Muslim immigration has decreased to 0.86. It’s the lowest murder rate in decades for Sweden and one of the lowest in all of Sweden history, so Sweden’s murder rate is lower than all 50 US states in 2011 and almost every country in the entire world.

The murder rate in Sweden was much higher in the 1990s when there was much less Muslim immigration. From the murder rate we know that the type of “rapes” and “crime” in Sweden must not be lethal (Source:–statistik/mord-och-drap.html)

–  The reported number of homicides for Sweden in 2009 was 232, but the actual number was 92! So this means the actual homicide rate was more than 60% lower than the reported homicide rate.

Over 100 of the reported homicides in Sweden in 2009 weren’t even about homicides. (Source:

If people are willing to falsely report murders obviously they would be willing to falsely report a rape.

For a car theft how are you going to falsely report it? Are you going to make a up a non-existent license plate or hide your car? It’s difficult to falsely report a car theft.

For a homicide how are you going to falsely report it? Claim someone got killed even if they’re alive? It’s difficult to falsely report a homicide. Although you can falsely convict someone of murder.

But for a rape, it’s easy; even if there’s no DNA evidence or injuries in the case you can still win. Anyone can just make up a story about how they were raped; it’s arguably the very very easiest crime to falsely report.

– The main sign of a false rape report is no injuries and no DNA evidence.

No injuries tells us that very little to no force was used and no DNA evidence tells us that there was no actual intercourse. So in cases like these you would just have to rely upon whom you believe, the accused or the accuser.

If there was more violence in Sweden we would expect the murder rate to increase, not decrease, so the murder rate is a real big blow to the Nazi movement in Sweden.

– Falsely reporting a rape is extremely easy, falsely reporting a homicide is extremely difficult, and the reported rape rate is the only crime statistic that’s radically changed in Sweden

– We know from history that in extremely racist societies falsely reporting rapes was common. Here’s an example of one in Sweden:

“The [Swedish] woman later recanted her story about the alleged rape when she learned that a surveillance camera mounted in the taxi had recorded the couple leaving the vehicle without paying” –

– The murder rate isn’t calculated by the number of reports like how the reported rape rate is, it’s calculated by objective deaths, so the murder rate is a very objective statistic that’s difficult to distort and skew

– There were over 5,940 reported rapes in Sweden in 2009, but the Swedish Democrats talked about 114 out of 253 cases, 253 cases is more than 95% lower than the total number of reported rapes in Sweden, I’m guessing the number of cases is much lower because the “reported number” counts each alleged event (Source:

– According to Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist “Most [Sweden] rape complaints are false. I base my conclusions on the hundreds of preliminary investigations and verdicts I’ve reviewed in my 30 years as a journalist” (Source:,00.shtml)

– Since the reported rape rate relies upon a country’s rape laws, the rate of reporting rapes, and since it’s extremely easy to falsely report a rape the reported rape rate is the very least objective of all crime statistics and gives us no objective data as to what’s occurring

– The murder rate is really embarrassing, so the Nazi Swedes avoid mentioning it at all costs
– Not being able to falsely report a murder like a rape must really pain the Nazi movement in Sweden

There’s no way Swedish racists are going to encourage people to look at the official statistics and reports published, they’re only going to encourage people to look at  propaganda Nazi articles and YouTube videos
– The basic argument of the Nazi Swedes and anyone who supports them is that “crime is up in Sweden except in every objective crime statistic that’s difficult to falsely report and distort”
All that’s changed in Sweden is Sweden’s rape laws and the rate of reporting rape, this is why the murder rate has remained constant (and is actually lower now) in Sweden

If Swedes really believe that Muslim immigration is their problem (with a murder rate lower than all US states) then here’s what I suggest they do:
Deport/ban all Muslim immigrants
– After all the Muslims are gone, bring in lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants
– If there’s more actual crime in Sweden (you know in objective crime statistics) with  white non-Muslim immigrants, without a target as easy as the Muslims, what will Nazi Swedes do?

I would encourage Sweden to deport all existing Muslim immigrants and ban all Muslim immigration.  I would suggest that any Muslim immigrant living in Sweden voluntarily leave Sweden. I would also suggest that white non-Muslims go live in Sweden.

It would be a great experiment to see what would happen in Sweden with a 0% Muslim population and lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. My guess is that then it wouldn’t matter if the murder rate was 10 times or 20 times higher in Sweden. It wouldn’t be international news, because non-Muslim immigrants are much harder targets.

Some other things to note:
– The worst rapist in Sweden was a White Swede, Thomas Quick, who allegedly raped and murdered 30 men
– New Zealand doesn’t have Sweden’s unique rape laws, so NZ’s reported rape rate is probably more real than Sweden’s, yet in NZ they have rape-murderers, like Jason Frandi, a White New Zealander who raped and murdered a tourist

– The European countries with the highest murder rates, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have the least non-white immigration, the lowest percentage of Muslims in Europe, and the purest European stock. I’ve asked the people who complain about the supposed “Problem of Islam” in Europe as to why they don’t make websites or YouTube videos to help out Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians, but none of them have ever answered the question.

– Multiple studies and experiments have shown that White males are reported less often for all crime in general.

– Since White males are reported less often for rape, if White males were reported as often as others at least 80% of the reported rapists in Sweden should be White males, this would be more consistent with the murder rate in Sweden
– If you report a White male for rape and there’s no injuries, you don’t have video camera evidence, 20 witnesses, or anything like that, and it’s not a child rape or drug rape, then the jury will most likely just say “it’s no big deal, charges dropped”, you’ll just have to wait for the White male to go on to kill or seriously injure someone to get a conviction

What a shame it is for the Nazi movement in Sweden that you can’t falsely report a murder, as you can a rape.”

Levels Of Brain-washing

First Level Brain-washing: General Public:


“The Paris attacks were committed unprovoked by Islamicists (ISIS) who hate us (France/America/substitute country name) for our freedoms.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Islamic countries, Muslims, all brown people.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop called “war on terror.”

Second Level Brain-washing: Informed Public/Activists:


“The Paris attacks were blow-back by radicalized young men who join ISIS, who hate us  (France, America/substitute country name) for attacking them before.”

RESULT: Anger directed against French, American and allied Muslim governments.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop to dismantle all governments.

Deprogrammed public & activists:


“The Paris attacks were committed by Western intelligence operatives, working with their golem, ISIS and with hired operatives of Western-allied Muslim outfits to instigate public support for more funding for the “war on terror.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Western intelligence outfits and the Western elites who run them.

Obstructs NWO’s continuing psyop on the world, called the “war on terror,” which might better be called the “war OF terror.”


Open defecation is a social problem in India and Indonesia, not in Syria. Middle-class Syrian Muslims are not likely to be involved in anything like that.

Conclusion: the “migrants” are operatives.

Note that the CIA has, for several years, been using feces and menstrual blood in its intelligence operations abroad: for example, these “Egyptian feminist” activists, who front for Western intelligence.

[I deleted the link because of the images. You can find them by googling for Egyptian feminists sh** and bleed, or looking up the archives of Reason magazine.]

The secondary benefit Western intelligence agencies derives from the usage of feces and menstrual blood is that the public begins to be habituated to such images in the news, which helps promote genres of porn involving feces and menstruation.

The intelligence agencies are ultimately run by financiers/elites that depend on the global porn trade, so the use of these images can be seen as government-funded advertising to increase big porn’s market-share.

The images also make homosexuality more acceptable, for reasons I needn’t flog.

A further benefit to the agencies is that by running public campaigns against open defecation in Asia, on the one hand, while simultaneously running intelligence operations involving open defecation, on the other, the Western public is conditioned to associate militant brown (“like feces”) Isis operatives with, first, Islam and Muslims in general, and, secondly, with all brown-skinned people, especially South Asians and Indians.This conflation helps transform rational debate over immigration into something visceral and racial that solidifies resentment and anger toward all foreigners and thus supports imperial aggressions.

Lack of hygiene ( a social and economic problem) becomes conflated with “brown people” (color and race) and these in turn become conflated with attacks against the West leading to the notion of an anti-white foreign invasion generated by the third-world.

Syria, of course, is not a “third-world” country.

The propaganda classic, “Camp of the Saints,” made exactly the same move, conflating impoverished people in Calcutta with a migrant invasion of Europe, and in the process exacerbating white working-class anxieties.

The author, Jean Raspail, is a royalist, but, like all too many who fawn on blood-elites, he himself is  working-class.

The Calcuttan slum-dwellers who, in the book, land up in Paris, in the real world, cannot even afford to leave their slum, let alone, Bengal or India.

In the book, the slum-dwellers from Calcutta are uniformly depicted in the most loathsome terms, as perpetually copulating, disease-ridden sub-human monstrosities, swamping the shores of the “beloved city” of France.

The “beloved city” is a phrase from Revelations that actually refers to Jerusalem, so that in Raspail’s white-nationalist supremacist vision, the Christian end-times becomes fused with British Israelism and white Europeans become the “true Israel,” surrounded in the last times by the demonic forces of Gog and Magog, now equated with the third-world.

This is simply sleight-of-hand, intended to distract from the groups actually orchestrating the “clash of civilizations.”

US Trans-Formation: Money, Control, Depopulation

Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition like anorexia.

Like anorexia, gender dysphoria is most likely a result of injured family dynamics or social pressures.

But while anorexics are not given liposuction to appease their anxieties, people with gender identity confusion are given sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).

As one tortured “trans-gender,” who quickly came to regret his transformation, realized, the medical community is making big money from this quack “treatment”:

The recently published WPATH Version VII has simply allowed the medical community to open the “floodgates” for this very tragedy to unfold. To get on cross gender hormones and then have surgery has become almost as simple as going to the convenience store for a pack of gum. If the client [Lila: the word client, instead of patient, is instructive] wants it, give it to them. “Real Life Test”? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your circumstances, occupation, etc. It is a billion dollar industry that thrives on your illness.

Get help. Don’t mutilate your body. The psychiatrist, psychologists, and surgeons will enjoy a wonderful life. You, however, could end up with a tortured life, ending up penniless, possibly unemployed, without family or friends and maybe even homeless. And that’s if you haven’t tried or committed suicide by then! All so you can become the girl you “think” you are inside and wanted to be! People, God or whatever you believe in made you in the correct gender. It is encoded in your very DNA. If you think differently, get real help; but, DON”T CHANGE IT.”

There are several incentives at work here for the ‘trans agenda’:

  1. MONEY: These lucrative surgical and hormonal therapies are a bonanza for the unethical professionals who offer them. Drug companies make big money from them. Meanwhile, the expensive treatments become another burden that tax-payers are forced to pick up, making them more impoverished. The fetishitic and pornographic aspects of trans life-style are also cash cows for the sex industries (pornography, sex-toys, fetish costumes etc).
  2. CONTROL: The advantage of creating another protected class is that it becomes dependent on the government and antagonistic to the general population. Trans activists can thus be successfully used as proxy rulers, snitches, and controllers, to demonize and further destroy heterosexual families. The “trans” agenda helps the government interpose itself intimately into childrens’ lives and makes them destroy family and society from within. The increasing numbers of confused teens drawn into this community become a reliable vote-bank for pro-government policies.
  3. DEPOPULATION: The end-game is to reduce the number of “breeders.”  This is the real goal of encouraging people with psychological issues to turn themselves into guinea-pigs for treatments that have no chance of changing their chromosome-determined sex,  but have a 100% chance of destroying their ability to have children.


Transgender Activism: Porn Behind The Mask

I guess when you live in an affluent country, with dirt-cheap food, housing bargains galore, paid work if you are willing to do it, one of the cushiest social safety-nets around, well-stocked free libraries on every corner, and technological marvels at your disposal that a Roman emperor would envy, you tend to obsess over imaginary grievances.

Today’s imaginary grievance is that if you don’t feel quite in sync with your biological sex – a psychiatric condition called gender dysphoria that has some neuro-chemical basis – you shouldn’t just work on changing your mental disposition. Ah no, that would be too bourgeois and torturous.

Instead, you should chop off the offending body part, ala Origen, pump yourself up with hormones, and then force society to accept you at your face – er- genital value.

Yes. It’s bottoms up in the USSA.

That’s the substance of a recent ruling from America’s diseased judiciary on transgender rights.

The ruling forces an Illinois school district to give full access to the girls’ locker-room in a high school, in addition to the girls’ bathroom stalls, to a pre-op biological boy with his boy-parts and baritone fully intact, who rather fancies himself in girls’ dresses.

The biological girls at the receiving end of this  gross outrage staged a walk-out. The school offered to let the “victim” use a private bathroom.

But no, Mr. Guess-Who must undress before the girls and outrage their modesty, or his human dignity will be at stake.

In another age, the wanna-be Barbie would have earned a swift kick in the pants and exile to boot-camp or wilderness-training to learn some testicular fortitude.

This being the USSA, the American Civil Liberties Union whipped out the accordion and violins, Barbie was assuaged to the tune of 75 grand, and some shriveled men-in-black ruled from somewhere near Mount Olympus that undressed teen-aged girls in Illinois must watch a young man display his genitalia to them and allow him to watch them in turn or …..fascism!

This can only be construed as a victory for voyeurs and pedophiles, for who else would celebrate violating the sexual privacy of thirteen and fourteen-year old girls?


Apparently, large numbers of brain-washed liberals, for whom the issue has already been framed as one of “rights” and “discrimination,” rather than as it really is – a whole-sale, frontal assault on the young and the innocent by the pornocracy.

Fangs bared and bloodied, the porn culture howls in frustration at the one last obstacle – public opinion- that separates it from the freshest “meat” on the sex-market.




Why Christians Must Defend Their Traditions

The argument is made that Christians best imitate Jesus by not taking offense at insults and attacks on their traditions and icons.

There are many reasons why this is false.

There is the obvious one that Jesus himself did not tolerate the desecration of the Temple.

He actively threw the money-changers out of its precincts, over-turned their tables, chased away their animals, and put them out of business.

Then, there is the invective Jesus used  – “serpents,” “devils,” “liars,” “hypocrites.”

Is this Jesus meek and mild?


There never was a Jesus meek and mild.

That is a concoction of well-bred, middle-class Sunday School misses.

They cannot be blamed for knowing nothing about real men, but we can.

Jesus slept out in the open, with only stones for his pillow.

He went for days without food or sleep.

He preached and healed in sun and rain on the hills and on the lake-shore, in front of sweaty, restless crowds of thousands of peasants.

He worked and lived with illiterate fishermen and carpenters, who drank and swore.

He routinely castigated the lawyers and scribes and the powerful members of the Sanhedrin.

Indeed, the entire Gospel story is the story of the relentless persecution of Jesus by the religious “mafia” that had an iron grip on the spiritual life of the Judeans.

That was the iron grip that Jesus broke on the cross.

So, using Jesus as an excuse for our cowardice doesn’t work.

But there are other reasons.

As the symbols of a tradition are denigrated with impunity, they lose their power over the minds of the young.

Young people don’t yet have the experience or discernment to filter out the abuse and distortion.

The young go by what they are told, not so much in words as in deeds, by their elders and their peers.

When the adults around do not respond to the tidal wave of filth and abuse directed at the Christian tradition, the young do not take Christianity seriously.

They see it only as the butt of jokes. The punch-line of comedy routines.

Faith flourishes with physical persecution. The shedding of blood creates martyrs.

But faith is hard-pressed to survive Saturday Night Live and a moral martyrdom of unending, undefended humiliation.

Jesus Christ will survive it. So will his saints.

But the rabble who perpetrate this barbarism and the cowards who countenance it will not survive with their  humanity intact.

Judaic Anti-Christian Bigotry

I am using the term Judaic instead of Jew to represent the ethnicity that is otherwise called Jewish. I’m not satisfied with the word, but it will have to do for now.

Consider that the US has sent millions – if not billions – of dollars of tax-payer money to Israel, in addition to the oceans of donations from naive Zionist Christians who think of  anti-Christian Israel as the Biblical Holy Land.

I have included examples of anti-Christian bigotry from America and Israel, because liberal Judaics mock Jesus just as much as religious extremists.

It is a cultural item bound up in Judaic identity.

It is a hatred they have been fed from their religious texts and the warped and “lachrymose” narrative by which they’ve been isolated from humanity and conditioned by the Zionists.

1. An American Judaic climbed up onto a cross, took off his clothes, defecated, and spread his feces on it to express his hatred of Christians. This took place in 2009, but was recirculated on the internet in 2013, after the official announcement of the NWO at the London Olympics.

2. The same year, 2009,  American Judaic Larry David, in an episode of the HBO TV show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” urinated on a picture of Jesus. It was treated as a joke by the largely Judaic-dominated media in the US, which said nothing about the religiously-mandated bigotry behind such humor.

[The link is to the web-site of a revisionist scholar who has written extensively on the Talmud. I don’t subscribe to his views of the Holocaust, but neither do I believe that questioning the facts of the Nazi killing of European Jews should be a legal crime or render someone beyond the moral pale.

I also don’t subscribe to Hoffman’s views on usury, the interest-rate, Vladimir Putin, or what is entailed by Christian belief.

I’ve always suspected that “Holocaust denial” is promoted by the Zionists themselves, as a wedge issue and also to keep tabs on dissidents.

That is to say, it is quite possible that Hoffman, besides being a dissident, is also a disinformation agent of the state.

If he is not, I apologize to him in advance.

Anyway, reader beware.]

3. Comedian Sarah Silverman, a notorious  American Judaic, who has depicted herself having sex with “Jesus,” said that she hoped the Jews had killed Christ and that she would do it again herself in an “effin'” instant.

4. South Park, a Judaic comedy show, depicted Jesus defecating on George Bush, while censoring itself from depicting even an image of Muhammed. The video of the show has been removed from Youtube and elsewhere.

5. In June 2015, the Church of the Loaves and Fishes on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, an important Christian site, was damaged by an arson attack by extremist Talmudists, who left the message – “all idols will be smashed.”

6. In 2014, there were waves of attacks by “price tag” Talmudic extremists against Muslims and Christians. Christian churches were sprayed with graffiti with the message – “Jesus is garbage.” The attacks get their name from the argument by the extremists that vandalism and arson are the “price-tag” of trying to restrain the West Bank settlers from moving into Palestinian areas.

7. In an Israeli show, “Toffee and the Gorilla,” a girl in a bikini tells viewers how the goyim (Christians) are dangerous for Judaics because they try to convert them, refers to Jesus as Yeshu (a Hebrew acronym for a curse), and nails her companion, a toy gorilla, to the cross in a mock crucifixion.

8. Yeshiva students routinely spit on Greek, Armenian, and Syrian Christian priests and damage crosses.

9. A mob of 100 ultra-orthodox Talmudists attacked a group of 50 pro-Israel tourists, wearing t-shirts with Jesus’ words, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” that identified them to the mob as Christians. That was their sole provocation. Three people were injured and the police were needed to end the attack.

10. Lubavitchers and Hasidics show routine hostility toward ordinary British and American people they encounter, explicable only as religious hatred.

Pope’s Scientific Adviser Is Pantheist Malthusian

A fascinating article on the scientist who advises the Vatican, Hans Schellnhuber, who believes in the Gaia hypothesis (the earth as a living creature), is a climate and population alarmist, and suggests that the population of the world should be 1 billion.

Schellnhuber, a supposed atheist, talks in quite religious terms – using the Hindu deity Shiva to represent physical events that have a negative impact on the earth:

Although effects such as the glaciations may still be interpreted as over-reactions to small disturbances — a kind of cathartic geophysiological fever — the main events, resulting in accelerated maturation by shock treatment, indicate that Gaia faces a powerful antagonist. Rampino has proposed personifying this opposition as Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction.”

Of course, he does not mention that Shiva’s destruction is first of all divine  spiritual.

He also does not mention that the West has had the technology to induce massive changes in the environment for some time, and these technologies (mostly derived from weapons research) are far more culpable than anything done by ordinary people carrying on the daily business of living.

Not-so-coincidentally, Schellnhuber, a visiting professor at Oxford, advises former Stasi spy, Angela Merkel.

Worst of all, Schellnhuber is a proponent of world government to tackle climate change.

From the Catholic blog, Rorate Caeli:

Last but not the least he is an advocate of a very real form of “World Government”, also in the name of defeating the climate crisis. His ideas are laid out in “Expanding the Democracy Universe“, where among other things he discusses his dream of an Earth Constitution, a Global Council elected by the people of the whole world, and a Planetary Court with jurisdiction over the whole world and with the power to penalize violations of the “Earth Constitution”.


St. Peter Damian On Public Reproof

I was worrying whether I ought to have criticized Pope Francis.

What right have I to judge his faithfulness to Catholic doctrine, when I am not a Catholic and not a regular church-going Christian either and certainly hold a few heterodox beliefs.

But then I came across this letter by St. Peter Damian, who got a lot of criticism for his forthright denunciation of homosexual clerics in his day (1007-1072 AD).

Unlike Pope Francis who famously said, “who am I to judge,” in reference to homosexuals, St. Peter Damian says, “Who am I not to judge…”.

[Christians are not supposed to “judge” (that is, condemn or consign to damnation), but they are explicitly instructed to “judge” in the sense of reprove, when their reproof might be the only means to save someone from more self-destructive actions.]

… I would surely prefer to be thrown into the well like Joseph who informed his father of his brothers’ foul crime, than to suffer the penalty of God’s fury, like Eli, who saw the wickedness of his sons and remained silent. (Sam 2:4) … Who am I, when I see this pestilential practice flourishing in the priesthood to become the murderer of another’s soul by daring to repress my criticism in expectation of the reckoning of God’s judgement? … How, indeed, am I to love my neighbor as myself if I negligently allow the wound, of which I am sure he will brutally die, to fester in his heart?[48] “So let no man condemn me as I argue against this deadly vice, for I seek not to dishonor, but rather to promote the advantage of my brother’s well-being. “Take care not to appear partial to the delinquent while you persecute him who sets him straight. If I may be pardoned in using Moses’ words, ‘Whoever is for the Lord, let him stand with me.’ (Ezek 32:26)” [49]



Yossi Gurvitz: Eliminationism On The Rise In Israel

From Mondoweiss in 2012, more from former yeshiva student Yossi Gurvitz on why he became radicalized:

Meantime, in Israel we are seeing the Jehovahiztion of the Israeli public. Ignorant, radical Jews are turning more to symbols of Jewish superiority than actual Jewish values. It’s getting harder to be a liberal except in Tel Aviv. Everyone is thinking about a second passport.

This is a spiral that will leave Israel more fanatic, more religious, less able to communicate with the western world– and ironically more part of the extremism of the Middle East. I’ve been writing about the Jewish Brotherhood. Unlike the Muslim Brotherhood, our extremists have never had to face reality and soften. Because even when they wield power they claim that the real power is the hands of the liberal elites.

Unlike the US, we have no constitution. No Basic Law grants equality. The Israeli religious right has blocked that. The only reason we have freedom of the press is because of the Supreme Court decisions. The right is already using this as a way of attacking the Supreme Court, which is becoming more fearful, less willing to use its power.

Unless something drastic changes, and it could happen– I’m betting on the J14 movement– liberal Israel is dying, and it won’t be in existence in 5, or 10 years. Some elements will be kept as a figleaf, for the Zionist Jehovahist regime. The liberals will leave, those who can.

When that happens, the liberal part of the US will no longer be so willing to defend Israel and its policies. Then without the US, Israel will be hanging by its threat to use nuclear weapons. It will become a second North Korea.

There’s a history here. In 2004 a Maariv columnist demanded that the government nuke France. Because France is an enemy of Israel, and about to collapse into a Muslim Republic, a supporter of Iran– so we should nuke them first. The editor was fired for publishing it after the French ambassador made an official protest. The Foreign Minister [Avigdor Lieberman] suggested when he was in the opposition, that Israel nuke the Aswan dam. So there’s a reason the Egyptians won’t meet him.

[Mondoweiss: Gurvitz also suggests Israel could lose the American right.]

Four days ago a church was desecrated in Jerusalem. As part of a pricetag attack. This happens all the time. When the pricetag people run out of Muslim targets, they will concentrate more on Christian targets. When that happens, the American Christian right will realize that the Israeli right is hostile to Christianity.

Why is all this inevitable?

Zionism as a force is dead. The people who are actually speaking in the name of Zionism are speaking in religious and metaphysical and mystical truths. They are not speaking in the secular Zionist tradition. A poll two weeks ago—about 70 percent consider themselves to be the chosen people. American Jews think we as Jews are chosen to carry out tikkun olam [social justice]. Israeli Jews think something different—we are the chosen people of God, we are chosen to do anything we damn well please. To take people’s land. Take peoples lives. There is actually no mainstream force standing against the Jewish brotherhood.

This is not just the religious people, it’s a large part of the secular people buying into it. Israel’s Jews refuse to accept the legitimacy of the marriage of Jews and non-Jews. You American Jews really don’t understand us. They think we’re gutsier… American Jews… think of Zionist liberals. They’re older, they’re still thinking about the late 70s, early 80s, the golden age of Israel’s liberalism.

You have to understand what the religious right means when they say of leftists, the multitude, they are the erav rav. This means the ones who left Egypt, the mixed multitude. It is a concept in Kabbalah– the Amalekite Jew. A Jew who isn’t really a Jew. He looks like a Jew, thinks he’s a Jew, but he’s an enemy of God. It’s been used in the Knesset, the word erav rav.

If you think this Judaism is the wisdom of Israel, it’s not. This is the Judaism forced underground by the Christian regimes, censored time and again. It’s coming to the surface. Just about everyone knows this code here. What may change the picture is the J14 movement. It’s alive. It will be coming back after Passover. J14 has its faults, but it is the only movement that has put Israeli Arabs speakers out front. Many Palestinian Israelis are not quite happy with the result, but…. once Israelis realize that inequality harms everyone in Israel aside from the 1 percent, then they will begin to see the Palestinian as a partner in struggle. We’ve seen it in the north, if the movement isn’t crushed.

Liberals are dead, socialists are coming up. Most socialists are poised toward equality.

[Mondoweiss:  Tell us your story, Yossi.]

I was born in January 1970 in Petah Tikva. My parents are National Orthodox. My father is an electrical contractor who is in real estate. My mother is a housewife. I studied in the Yeshiva till I had a personal crisis and left the Yeshiva for the army in 1989. It looked like a liberation, strangely enough.

I started to do my bit for leftist ideology and got transferred to the Gaza Strip so I could stop the atrocities. That didn’t work very well. They hid them from me. I did manage to get my commander tried for slapping a Palestinian child. And one day they tried to abandon me in a refugee camp. [An officer] drove me to a refugee camp and told me to step out of the car, “your brother’s over there, go join him.” I cocked the gun, putting a bullet in the chamber. I didn’t point it at him, but he got the message, and he told me to drive back.

Everything I did was supportive of the occupation in every waking moment. I’m still doing penance. That’s the liberal trap. They say to you, You want to change the world, go there, be there. But it’s always compromising. It’s much bigger than you. You will go to prison if you don’t order the bulldozers to demolish the house.

I’m in the Meretz party. Meretz used to embody this liberal thinking. If you want to prevent atrocities, join the fighting units, serve in the territories where you can see atrocities, prevent them. That simply doesn’t happen.

I went to the university and got a degree in history. I had a personal crisis about not getting a master’s degree. I spent several years working in a chemical factory [in a clerical position]. I started blogging in 2002. I was writing on various forums in the 90s. Even before. In 2006 I stared my own blog. Friends of George. It is mainly a Hebrew blog. It quickly gathered steam. During the Second Lebanon war I started writing critically in ways that were not common. That attracted a lot of readers, also including a few death threats.

Recently I had my run in with the law. I was investigated for incitement two months ago.

Tell us about the radicalization of the left.

We see a radicalization on both sides. The leftists are becoming more radical and the right wingers, too. When I radicalized—and I did—I attracted more radicals. I’m going to the demonstrations; that’s the definition of a radical around here. Bil’in is basically a reenactment of the first intifada. Everyone is playing a part. No Palestinian is trying to throw a grenade, and generally in Bilin the soldiers don’t use lethal force….

I have really high hopes for what will happen in the next few months. I’m doing what I’m doing because I think it’s the right thing to do, but the Israeli government is using us to legitimize itself. ‘You see, we’re a democracy.’ The protests have very little influence on the general public. But they’re important because solidarity is important and it gets international coverage, which is always important.

[Mondoweiss: You say we American Jews don’t understand this Judaism. Elaborate.]

Rambam [Maimonides in the 12th century] writes, If a Jew has intercourse with a gentile child three years old and a day, the child should be executed for misleading the Jew, making him sin. Those texts are still valid. We don’t understand them, but they are valid.

These Jews …  took the elements of the religion that were nationalistic and have been slumbering for 100s of years and awakened it. They took the hatred of mankind which had persisted in Judaism for millennia and gave it voice and force. [In the former rabbinical tradition] the rabbis tried to housetrain Jewish messianism. The old way of thinking was, the messiah will lead Jews to victory. The rabbis made the messiah a supernatural being capable of talking to birds and animals. This mystical being was a dam against Jewish messianism in Ashkenazi Judaism, and the eliminationist elements against Christianity were held down by this teaching.

But once Israel was created, many Jews saw it as the end of the three oaths, the Shloshet Ha’Shvuot. Two of these oaths enjoin the Jews not to mass-emigrate to Eretz Yisrael and not to provoke the gentiles. The third orders the gentiles not to treat the Jews too badly.

Now Israel has the right to use force, and every demon that was pushed into the basement is up and has an M16.

– See more at:

Pope Calls Chilean Protesters “Dumb”

The NY Times on more peculiar conduct from the Pope:

Many watched in disbelief: There he was, Pope Francis, calling people in Osorno, a city in southern Chile, “dumb” for protesting against a bishop accused of being complicit in clerical sexual abuse.

“The Osorno community is suffering because it’s dumb,” Pope Francis told a group of tourists on St. Peter’s Square, because it “has let its head be filled with what politicians say, judging a bishop without any proof.”

“Don’t be led by the nose by the leftists who orchestrated all of this,” the pope said.”

When Israel Is Mighty

Transcript of a revealing interview with Israeli writer, Yossi Gurvitz, translated by Dena Shunra. He describes how Talmudic Jews view the non- Jewish world and what Christians should expect in a world where “Israel is mighty.”

[Bolding, paragraphs, and headers are mine. Note that I use the more appropriate word Judaist, rather than Jew.]

Now, we all know what the rabbis say is the origin of Judaism: Moshe passed the torah down to the elders, the elders passed the torah down to the prophets, etc…all the way down to the Talmud, and there were no changes. The central motif of the Jewish understanding of history is that there were no changes (in the religion). In other words, what the rabbis are saying now are merely minor refinements of what the rabbis had said during the time of the ‘Elders’ – the time of the Mishnah and the Talmud.
Now, first of all, the problem with this version of history is that it is completely baseless.
And second of all, that it has a few historical problems and these historical problems continue to this day, due to the fact that Judaism, as a religion, has been frozen in time for the last 1800 years.
Generally speaking, Rabbinical Judaism, as it appears in the Talmud – unlike what is generally taught in secular schools – the source of Judaism is not the Bible.
The source of Judaism is the Talmud.
The people who wrote the Talmud are the ones who decided what books would be included in the Biblical canon. What they decided wouldn’t go in – didn’t go in.
So, for example, while the Catholic Church included the Books of the Maccabees in its version of the canon, Judaism did not preserve them, and in fact only the Greek version of them was preserved.
Whether there were Hebrew or Aramaic versions of them is an interesting question, but only Christianity preserved them. The Book of Judith. The Book of Tobias. Many other books, mostly dealing with the Jews of the Diaspora didn’t make it into the Jewish Biblical canon, and were only preserved by Christianity.
Now, the Judaism that preceded Rabbinical Judaism was pretty much erased from history. In other words, there’s not enough information to know what happened then. We know there were Sadducees, there were Pharisees – the Pharisees are the rabbinical Jews – there were Essenes – we don’t know anything about them for certain, and the reason we don’t know anything about them for certain is, that when their enemies were victorious, the Pharisees established more than 10 religious holidays to celebrate their victories over the Sadducees, they simply erased them from history. So you have to eke out a fragment [of information] out of a fragment [of information], so you can say, “Maybe it was like this” or “Maybe it was like that” – its impossible to know what really happened.
What we do know is this: from very early on, Rabbinical Judaism is a Judaism that hates humans. It defines only Jews as humans – only Jews who believe in the religion as humans. Okay, lets get this exactly right: it defines only Jews who believe in the religion and are men – as full humans. And everyone else is some level of ‘other’, that must be pushed aside, or, in extreme cases, destroyed. Rabbinical Jewish law does not prohibit – okay, that’s not accurate. Rabbinical Jewish law prohibits the killing of a non-Jew, but it does not punish a person for doing so. In other words, if you kill a Jew, even a Jewish woman, even the slave of a Jew – and here it’s important to note that Orthodox Judaism has never abolished slavery – then there’s a penalty you have to pay. It could come to execution or it could be a fine. They didn’t have jails. But if you kill a non-Jew then you’re guilty, but there is no penalty. God will punish you. And that is – how shall I put it? – a bit problematic. When you say something is a crime, but there’s no punishment for committing it, then it’s not really a crime. That’s the Talmud.
When you come to the writers of later exegesis, especially the Shulhan Aruch, by that point, he is already saying that there are situations where you can kill a non-Jew with impunity. Of course, it’s written in the 16th century, after the expulsion [of all Jews] from Spain [in 1492 C.E.] so he has to write what he wants to say in coded language. So he calls them “idolaters”. But just so you know, there weren’t any [pagans] left in that part of the world [by that point] – not in Europe, and not in the Muslim world. So he calls them “idolaters” or other such terms, but everyone knows who he’s talking about [non-Jews].
The worst case, in my opinion, is the case of Maimonides, who decrees – first of all, he decrees that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with a 3-year-old girl. That age of consent is – problematic [?!].
And second of all, he decrees that if a Jew rapes a three-year-old non-Jewish girl, then she must be executed. Her, not him – because she tempted him to sin. [See this.] And for this reason, you have to treat her like an animal that puts obstacles in a person’s way, and he quotes some verse about a bull or something like that.
And the Rabbis know that the parts of the religion that are misanthropic, that are discriminatory to non-Jews – pose a problem for them. Because if they try to implement them – there are some rules that are very unpleasant, like that 3 year-old girl we were talking about. If they try to implement them, there will be a pogrom. So to avoid that situation, the Talmud defines two different states of reality. There is one called “Darkei Shalom” (Peaceful Ways). In other words, “This is the actual religious law, this is how you are supposed to act.” “However, because it would cause a huge mess, and people will die, so due to ‘Peaceful Ways’, you don’t act that way. ”
Now, until what point does the “Peaceful Ways” rule still apply? Just as long as the other situation does not exist, which is “When Israel is Mighty.” That’s when there is a Jewish regime. It is independent, and it is merciless, it can do what it likes. Under those circumstances – its all over, you go back to the letter of the law. No more “Peaceful Ways”, no more nothing. Now, when you think of Jewish history, lots of people talked about the Hasmonean Wars, which is pretty much the only time that Jews wielded weapons, and they think about what the Hasmoneans did to the Hellenized Jews (who assimilated Greek culture) – which was to make them extinct, to destroy them. A small genocide. And I remind people of this frequently, every time Hanukah rolls around. But they didn’t stop there. They embarked on campaign of looting and conquest, and at the beginning, during their first 20 years, wherever they arrived, they would destroy the local temples. It was prohibited for a place that was under Jewish rule to have a Pagan temple. That’s what we’re talking about. They also forced the Edomites to convert to Judaism on pain of death. It was a forced conversion. Something we learn the [Spanish] Inquisition did later on. They took people and told them: ” Either you’re dead, or you’re converting to Judaism”. And things only got worse from there.
Now, when religious Zionists look at reality, they say: “We’ve got a state. We’ve got weapons. We’ve got a Jewish army. This hasn’t happened for 2000 years”. “What this means is that God wants us to bring about the Messiah, that God wants us to build the temple”. They skip over all the conditions that are imposed by the Talmud on what a Messiah must be, and they go back to Maimonides. And they go back to Maimonides. And Maimonides says, “There is no difference between our time and the time of the Messiah, other than the subordination to kingdoms.” In other words, the only difference between the time of Maimonides – he died in 1204 – and the time of the Messiah, is who is subordinate to whom. Are the Jews subordinate to “kingdoms”, to other nations? Or can they subordinate other nations? And that is how Maimonides begins his Book of Kings. He explains what the rules are for a king, what a king can do. It emerges from the belief that, yes, there can be a king. You don’t have to first have a temple. You don’t need God to come down from the sky and point at someone and say, “That’s the Messiah”. You can have a king, and if he is victorious, then he’ll also be the Messiah. And then you look at what religious Zionists are doing about this. They want a Messiah. They want him now. There must be cleansings. Religious law prohibits contact with non-Jews. Of course, the Kosher laws prohibit you from eating with them. Other laws prohibit you from treating them fairly. You are forbidden to return a lost item to a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.” There is no prohibition from stealing from a non-Jew – except in order to “keep the peace.” You can’t say “hello” to them – unless there is no alternative. And so on and so forth.
There are all kinds of prohibitions that are entirely psychotic, that are based on a religion of vengeance. Religious Zionists have a serious problem with the fact that there are non-Jews here. The Land of Israel is supposed to be only for Jews. So, ironically, they would manage to get along with the Muslims, more or less, if we weren’t involved in a military conflict with them. Because according to Judaism, Muslims are not idolaters. Muslims believe in one God. They don’t have idols, they don’t have statues, they don’t have anything like that. So ironically, during the Medieval Era, Jews got along better with Muslims than with Christians. But what can you do? We conquered a territory populated mainly by Muslims, and the Muslims are fighting us – so those defenses fall away. And look, now they are starting to talk about genocide. You have the (book) Torat Hamelech (King’s Torah), which tells you that you can kill children if there is a reason to believe that one day they could cause harm. Now, if you killed someone’s entire family and left only him alive, he will indeed have a reason to cause harm. If you stole his lands, turned him into a refugee, tossed him to Jordan or Lebanon – he will indeed have a reason to cause harm. Many people have said that the book’s arguments are not sound according to religious law, and so on and so forth – but no one really tackled it head-on. And it’s no wonder that it became a best-seller. Because in general, what religious Zionists want is for the Land of Israel to be for Jews only.
Now the situation for the Christians, on the other hand, will be really bad, (according to Judaism) they are idolaters, and you will have to kill them, even if they do not resist Jewish rule. In Jerusalem, religious seminary students have a despicable habit: they urinate and defecate on Churches. If you go and talk to the Church staff, you will hear it from every Church. Spitting on clergymen in the street is something that happens every day. If the Priest has the gall to hit the person back, to slap him or something similar, then he is deported, quietly. They cancel his residence permit in the country. If you want to justify a pogrom, all you have to do is say the words “Missionary Threat”. And from that perspective, Christianity, which is the historical arch-enemy of Judaism, is going to get a serious beating once the religious Zionists are in power. The Christian Fundamentalists who send them money apparently don’t understand what they are dealing with. But you know, it’s really a case of “a pox on both your houses”.

Semitic Semantics

The word Jew is a very protean term, referring at times to race and at times to culture or religion. The correct term today should be Judaic or Judaist.

This leads to constant confusion, misdirection, and contradiction, to the advantage of the ruling class, which claims the mantle of ancient Israel.

But what we call Jews today are a mixed race people quite different from the Hebrew Israelites, who are now, retroactively and erroneously, equated with them.

The correct term for today’s “Jews” should be Judaics or Judaists.



Most of the people who call themselves Jews today have partial descent from converts from Khazaria, a medieval East European kingdom wedged between the Muslim and the Christian world, which chose the Hebrew faith as a way to survive.

The Khazarians intermingled with Eastern European people in the surrounding regions and later moved into Germany, becoming today’s Ashkenazy (European) Jews.

The Ashkenazim constitute much of modern Jewry (Khazarian Judaists), it is said.

This may or may not be true, because statistics about Jews (Khazarians of Judaist culture) seem to vary wildly.

The Khazarian theory of Ashkenazy origin has been vindicated, according to some people, by the research of Israeli geneticist Elhaik, but it has its detractors.

They claim it is simply an anti-Semitic canard.

Even critics of the theory, however, admit that there is ample European (in the maternal line) and “non-Semitic” Middle-Eastern blood (in the paternal line) in modern Ashkenazy Jews (Khazarian Judaists).

But, shockingly, their maternal descent from Europeans means that the Ashkenazim are irrefutably not ethnic Jewish (Judahites), according to Jewish (Judahite) law.

I repeat, the DNA evidence proves that according to Jewish law, Ashkenazim are not of Jewish (Judahite) descent, because Jewish (Judahite) law requires the mother to be Jewish.


The rest of the modern Jews (Judaics), a far fewer number, is descended from the Edomites (Idumeans) who were living in Judea at the time of Jesus.

That is why they were called Jews, to begin with.

Jew is simply the short form for the word, Judean or “of Judea.”

The word Judean/Jew thus had nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

It referred simply to people living in the region of Judea.

The Idumeans/Edomites living in Judea were forcibly circumcised and incorporated into the Israelite (Hebrew) religion under John Hyrcanus, in the 2nd century BC.

Their numbers included many of the Pharisees who lived in the time of Jesus, most of whom were killed in the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

This was the fate of most of the male population in Jerusalem.

The females were enslaved by the victorious Romans.

The Jewish men who survived the destruction lived on in the land, converting to Christianity and then Islam.

Eventually, they became the people we know today as Palestinians, who are thus also a mixed race, although probably less so than the dispersed Edomites.

The converted Idumeans (including, probably, some Idumean-Israelites) living in Judea were the people whom Jesus claimed in Revelation 3:9  were of the “synagogue of Satan” and were not really Jews (Judahites).

To be clear, in saying this, Jesus was not really referring to the Idumean ethnic heritage.

Some of the Idumeans had mixed with the native Israelites around them by then, so that some of the converts  may actually have been partly descended from the northern Israelite tribes that had been conquered by the Assyrians in the 8th century BC (722 BC) and then dispersed in Assyria, Babylon, and in Israel and Judea.


Map Of The Assyrian Empire

These dispersed tribes were the so-called Lost Tribes.

That suggests that some  of the Idumeans too probably had some Israelite or even Judean blood in them.

But Jesus was really talking about the beliefs of the Idumean converts, not their genes.

They followed a mixture of the pure faith taught by Moses and the Prophets with the pagan beliefs of the Canaanites and Hittites, with whom the Edomites, since the days of Esau, had intermarried.

The Idumean (Edomite) converts to Israelite faith were after all descended from Abraham, as they claimed.

But, they were not – and never had been –  descendants of Judah (Judahites).

As I noted earlier, Judahite is one of the two origins of the abbreviated term, “Jew.”

The other is Judean – referring to the area, Judea.

The Idumeans/Edomites  did not follow Jewish customs fully but added pagan beliefs.

These semi-pagan mixed Idumean-Israelites in Judea, along with other Idumean-Israelites in the surrounding regions and in the Hebrew or Israelite diaspora that was settled in Babylon and in Egypt, supposedly emigrated all over the Middle East and into regions of Europe (Spain, Italy, Germany, England) in the centuries immediately after Christ. These dispersed tribes became what we call today Sephardic Jews. Sephardic is derived from the old Jewish name for Spain, Sefarad.

Some claim that the Jews were scattered because the Romans dispersed them, although exiling conquered people was not characteristic of the Romans, who usually left some of the vanquished to till the soil.

Of course, is always possible that the Romans made an exception for the Jews, in response to the ferocity with which they resisted conquest.

More likely, the Jews who intermarried with European women in the first and second centuries after Christ were traders who were Levantine converts, rather than original Israelites of any kind.

In any case, it is a fact that the maternal stock of current Sephardic Jews is European, not Near Eastern, and dates back to this Jewish diaspora.

To repeat, Jewishness is traced through the maternal line, and since these diasporic Idumean-Israelites spawned what we call the Sephardic Jews, they too, by Jewish law, are not Jews.

Like the Ashkenazy, but even more so, the Sephardim took with them the pagan lore of Babylon and Egypt.

This religion contradicted the Torah teachings of the Israelites.

It was replete with astrology, gnosticism, ritual practices, esoteric texts, angelology and demonology.


Now, the Hebrew Bible of the Ashkenazy and Sephardic Jews is called TaNaKh  and it includes the Law, the Prophets, and other writings.

But these are not held in as much veneration as the interpretations of the TaNaKh by the Jewish sages (Rabbis).

The Rabbinical interpretations were codified in the centuries after 200 AD and form the written text (Talmud) of what in Jesus’ time was still oral and referred to as the Tradition of the Elders.


Jesus felt that the Elders had subverted the original faith in Yahweh with a ritualistic, formulaic legalism that killed the spirit of true faith and substituted notions of racial purity for purity of faith.

Jesus denounced this perversion of the Hebrew faith in the strongest possible terms.

But since the current crop of Ashkenazy Jews is most likely unrelated to the original Idumean-Israelite Judeans whom Jesus denounced, it is quite incorrect to claim that animosity by non-Jews toward the Ashkenazy leadership today (the Rothschild financial cabal) has anything whatsoever to do with the enmity between the Idumean-Edomite Judeans and Idumean-Israelite Judeans, on the one hand and Jesus, on the other.

In short, the accusation that the Gospels are the origin of current “anti-Semitism” is bogus  and an anti-Christian slander.

The current Jews are not the descendants of the Israelite-Idumean mixture whom Jesus cursed.

They were utterly destroyed in 70 AD.

Moreover, the genealogical records necessary to prove genetic descent from any of the tribes of Israel, were destroyed with the Temple at the time.

Without these, any subsequent claims of descent are either tenuous or completely specious.

What Jesus said then to the Judeans and Judahites of his time does not and can not automatically attach to the Ashkenazy and Sephardim today, on the grounds of genetic descent.

Contemporary Judaists are mostly a Euro-Turko-Mongolic people, with, at most (although not certainly), some small admixture of the original Israelite blood.

This is true also of the Sephardic Jews, who have a better claim to a partial descent from the Idumean-Israelite mixture.

They too cannot be blamed for deicide, as it used to be called.

According to the Gospel, in the final destruction of Jerusalem, all of Jesus’ enemies during his ministry were judged for the blood they had shed in their own life-times.

They were judged, as well, for the blood-shed of all past history, from the archetypal crime of Abel’s murder onward to the death of Jesus.

That chapter in history was closed on the cross.

It is finished, as Jesus said.

Neither the current Ashkenazy Jews nor the current Sephardic Jews have anything to do with it.

But, in so far as they adopt attitudes and beliefs that resemble those of the Pharisees, they, as well as all other people of any or no faith, are culpable for their own wrong beliefs and actions.

To sum up, there is very little or no genetic descent of current Jews from the ancient Idumean-Edomites (and Idumean-Israelites) who persecuted Jesus.

There is only the possibility of  spiritual descent.

And that possibility is shared equally by Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and anyone else who hurls curses at Jesus Christ.

Spiritual descent is a matter of choice and belief.

It comes about when people adopt the attitudes and beliefs of the Pharisaic persecutors of Jesus.


The writings of the Elders were codified in the Talmud in 200 AD and 500 AD, and thereafter, and to them were added, in the later middle ages, texts like the Zohar and Kabbalah.

The Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah explicate, in sometimes mystic, sometimes racial, sometimes moral or legal terms, the TaNaKh, formulated in writing some thousand years earlier (approximately 500 BC) by the Hebrew-speaking people that constituted the ancient nation called Israel.

The Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah also add completely new teachings, esoterica, occult texts, and mysticism, some of which is deeply antagonistic to the austere spirit of the Torah.

Some of the Talmud’s and Kabbalah’s teachings are truly amoral and perverse.

Others are profoundly wise and could have been spoken by Jesus himself.

The ancients Israelites included both the Judeans (the Israelite tribes living in Judea, descended from Judah and Benjamin) and the northern tribes (the descendants of the other sons of Israel/Jacob:- Reuben, Naphtali, Dan, Gad, Manasseh, etc.).

Is any of this Hebrew stock to be found among contemporary Jews?

Surely there could be some genetic ties, or, at least, similarities, between both groups.

But, equally surely, these genetic markings are mingled with the genetic markers of many other groups, because of centuries of intermarriage.

Race-mixing was always in the history of the Israelites.


Esau, the brother of Jacob in Genesis, who is the forefather of the nation of Israel, intermarried with the pagan Hittites.

But, so did Jacob’s own descendants, the Israelites.

So did the sons of Judah or the Judahites (Jews, in short form).

Ruth, the ancestress of  Jesus, belonged to the Moabites, one of the deadliest enemies of the Israelites and Judahites.


Given this history, how can anyone claim that Israelite or Judahite is a term for a pure genetic stock?

Yet, they do.

Many naive Jewish people today – and Christian dupes –  consider modern Jews both a pure ethnicity and a unique religion.

A people set apart and a culture set apart.

The Bible states otherwise.

Abraham and Isaac were counted as righteous, long before Jacob was called Israel and long before Judah sired Judahites and before Israelites ever set foot in Judea.

Righteousness preceded both Israel and Judea, both Judah and the Judahites.

The seed of Abraham in whom the whole world was blessed was not any supposed Master Race of Israelites or Jews, with genetic superiority to the rest of mankind.

This is a toxic carnal and ethnocentric revision of the Hebrew scriptures.

The blessed seed (singular) of Abraham was not a people, but a person – a unique prophet, like Moses.

He was the uniquely begotten and uniquely sacrificed “son,” like Isaac.

The blessed seed was Jesus, to whom all nations were to be gathered, according to the divine covenant with Abraham.

As a matter of record, people of all nations have been gathered into belief in Jesus.

The moral reign of Jesus Christ is visible all around us, despite all the blood-shed and mayhem wrought by those who would erase God from the history of man.

The Good Shepherd who gave his life for his flock is a figure beloved all over the world. 

Christ’s moral reign does not offend anyone but reprobates, no matter what their religion.

Muslims and Hindus accept Jesus as a divine messenger.

Righteous Jews have seen through the calumnies of the Rabbinate and accepted Christ’s moral status.

But there is no nation in the world that would accept without a fight the divine right of a Master Race of Jews to rule as overlords of the earth.





Suckers For Israel: The Pentecostal Bonanza

Blogger Charles Sullivan describes how Israel is reaping financial support from the massive growth of the world-wide (and, in Orthodox Christianity’s eye, heretical) Pentecostal movement:

Many people do not realize that Pentecostalism is the fastest growing Christian religion in the world with an estimated 497 million followers world-wide and expected to top 1 billion by 2025(1) This is a sharp contrast to the 13 million people who call themselves fundamentalists.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed in Israel, who have wanted their share of this Pentecostal growth in their country. They see it as a serious economic contributor and a powerful political alliance.

Pentecostalists have inherited and modernized the fundamentalist end-time system that believes the end of the world will come with the establishment of Israel as a geographical entity, with borders very similar to what was outlined in the Bible, the return of the Jews from exile, and Armageddon — a final war between Israel and all its enemies.

Persons of Jewish heritage that support the formation and expansion of Israel on religious grounds are standardly called Zionists. Most media outlets define Christians who align with the Zionist movement as Christian Zionists. The greater Evangelical community, Pentecostals in particular, do not use the term themselves. The majority, if asked directly if they are Christian Zionists, would not even know what the speaker is talking about and would categorically say no, though the overwhelming majority do fit within the definition. Some Pentecostals may even feel insulted with them being identified this way. Most would simply think they are following what the Bible tells them to do.

Pentecostalism has a major doctrinal difference over fundamentalism that is important to understand: it promotes personal involvement rather than being a third party observer.

This may seem trivial, but it has serious ramifications.

The Fundamentalists who previously monopolized the Evangelical perspective on Israel do not believe Christians can personally intervene in the events and circumstances that will ultimately unfold into the end of the world. Their support is done en-masse with visible spokespersons such as Hal Lindsey, Bob Jones or John Walvoord.

Pentecostals understand the future events from a prophetic perspective. Prophetic can mean God speaking directly to a person to complete an objective. The cause does not necessarily need to be rational, predictable or major.

This could be a financial commitment, planting trees, political involvement, volunteering, helping in immigration, all night prayer vigils, fasting, raising specialized cattle, evangelism, etc.

For example, some have heard God call them to help Jews return to the Holy Land. One of the better known Christian organizations, Ebenezer Emergency Fund’s Operation Exodus, was started by a prophetic vision to the South African Steve Lightle.(2)

Dreams facilitate some to unusual acts. Like Bruce Balfour, a Canadian affiliated with the pentecostal based Maranatha Evangelistic Association. He believed he was called of God in dreams to plant trees in Lebanon.(3)

Others feel called to expedite God’s plan for the end. Clyde Lott, a cattle rancher and an ordained National Pentecostal Assemblies of Jesus Christ Minister in the United States, had an epiphany from God to raise red heifers according to Old Testament requirements for the new Temple.(4)

It can be financial giving. Maoz Israel Ministries — a messianic Jewish ministry in Israel relates on their website about a 9 year old boy, Christian, who believed God had called him to send his $10.00 of birthday money for Israel.(5) This may not seem like much, but this is a grassroots event that Christians are doing all over the world. One Jewish fundraiser, Yechiel Eckstein, has raised over $250 million dollars from roughly 400,000 Christian donors(6) alone. This market is seen as a veritable gold mine by the Israeli Government.

Some may feel inspired to accelerate armageddon. In 1969, Dennis Michael Rohan, an Australian sheep shearer and Pentecostalist, “acting upon divine instructions”(7) attempted to and almost succeeded in burning down the Al-Aksa Mosque situated on the Temple Mount.(8)

The call to prayer for Israel is big with Pentecostals. Robert Stearns, who grew up in an Assemblies of God Church, the world’s largest pentecostal denomination, helped organize the annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, “instituted with the endorsement of hundreds of Christian leaders from around the world, representing tens of millions of Christians”.(9) It is arguably the biggest annual protestant rite held in the world.”

Now all we need to know is how these Pentecostal groups were actually conceived and if Zionists were instrumental in their birthing, just as they were with the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


“Conservative” Catholic Papers Fire Pope Critics

First Things,” a conservative Catholic paper, has fired Maureen Mullarkey for criticizing Pope Francis, going to the extent of publicly ridiculing her conservative views.

Other supposedly conservative Catholic papers have also fired Pope Francis detractors:

Adam Shaw, a Fox news website editor, was fired from a Catholic News Service gig.

The National Catholic Register has fired Patrick Archbold, using liberal talking-points to make its case.

Why are all these “conservative” Catholics suddenly so eager to echo the Liberal party-line?

Were they ever real conservatives?

Are they under pressure from bigger bosses?

Are we only now finding out the extent of the subversion and infiltration of conservative Catholic circles at the behest of the ruling cabal?

As a non-Catholic, I can only feel intensely sorry for traditionalists of that faith.

And more than ever I am thankful that I have never  put all my faith “in princes nor in the son of man,” no, not even (or, maybe, especially) when they claim to speak infallibly.


I really do not have a major problem with the content of most of what Pope Francis has said publicly (from urging people to care about the poor, to supporting refugees, to asking us to care about the environment).

What I don’t like is the overwhelming priority he has given to these social issues over reaffirming the Church’s teachings on the family and on sexuality….a reaffirmation that is much more needed than the repetition of concerns voiced often enough by political groups.

Even Francis’ social teaching is marred by his ignorance of economic science and his partisanship on man-made global warming.

And all of his exhortations ring hollow when you realize how closely they follow the globalist agenda that is pushed by the intelligence agencies.


Catholic “Spirit Of Francis” Is Treacle, Not Manna

An excellent piece by Rod Dreher, explaining why he left the Roman Catholic Church and joined the Orthodox:

In 2002, when the clerical-sex-abuse scandal broke nationwide, the full extent of the rot within the church became manifest. All that post-Vatican II happy talk and non-judgmentalism had been a facade concealing what then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger — later Pope Benedict XVI — would call the “filth” in the church. Many American bishops deployed the priceless Christian language of love and forgiveness in an effort to cover their own foul nakedness in a cloak of cheap grace.

During that excruciating period a decade ago, rage at what I and other journalists uncovered about the church’s corruption pried my ability to believe in Catholic Christianity out of me, like torturers ripping fingernails out with pliers. It wasn’t the crimes that did it as much as the bishops’ unwillingness to repent and the Vatican’s disinterest in holding them to account. If the church’s hierarchy cannot commit itself credibly to justice and mercy to the victims of its own clergy and bishops, I thought, do they really believe in the doctrines they teach?

All this put the moral unseriousness of the American church in a certain light. As the scandal raged, one Ash Wednesday, I attended Mass at my comfortable suburban parish and heard the priest deliver a sermon describing Lent as a time when we should all come to love ourselves more.

If I had to pinpoint a single moment at which I ceased to be a Roman Catholic, it would have been that one. I fought for two more years to hold on, thinking that having the syllogisms from my catechism straight in my head would help me stand firm. But it was useless. By then I was a father, and I did not want to raise my children in a church where sentimentality and self-satisfaction were the point of the Christian life. It wasn’t safe to raise my children in this church, I thought — not because they would be at risk of predators but because the entire ethos of the American church, like the ethos of the decadent post-Christian society in which it lives, is not that we should die to ourselves so that we can live in Christ, as the New Testament demands, but that we should learn to love ourselves more.

Flannery O’Connor, one of my Catholic heroes, famously said, “Push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you. What people don’t realize is how much religion costs. They think faith is a big electric blanket, when of course it is the cross.” American Catholicism was not pushing back against the hostile age at all. Rather, it had become a pushover. God is love was not a proclamation that liberated us captives from our sin and despair but rather a bromide and a platitude that allowed us to believe that and to behave as if our lust, greed, malice and so forth — sins that I struggled with every day — weren’t to be despised and cast out but rather shellacked by a river of treacle.

I finally broke. Losing my Catholic faith was the most painful thing that ever happened to me. Today, as much as I admire Pope Francis and understand the enthusiasm among Catholics for him, his interview makes me realize that the good, if incomplete, work that John Paul II and Benedict XVI did to restore the church after the violence of the revolution stands to be undone. Though I agree with nearly everything the Pope said last week in his interview and cheer inwardly when he chastises rigorist knotheads who would deny the healing medicine of the church to anyone, I fear his merciful words will be received not as love but license. The “spirit of Pope Francis” will replace the “spirit of Vatican II” as the rationalization people will use to ignore the difficult teachings of the faith. If so, this Pope will turn out to be like his predecessor John XXIII: a dear man, but a tragic figure……

There is, of course, no such thing as the perfect church, but in Orthodoxy, which radically resists the moralistic therapeutic deism that characterizes so much American Christianity, I found a soul-healing balance. In my Russian Orthodox country mission parish this past Sunday, the priest preached about love, joy, repentance and forgiveness — in all its dimensions. Addressing parents in the congregation, he exhorted us to be merciful, kind and forgiving toward our children. But he also warned against thinking of love as giving our children what they want as opposed to what they need.“Giving them what they want may make it easier for us,” he said, “but we must love our children enough to teach them the hard lessons and compel them toward the good.”

Orthodox View Of Catholic Dogmas

A list of the main doctrinal differences between the Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic are given in a piece cautioning against unwise one-world ecumenism:

1. The Eastern Orthodox reject the Roman Catholic notion of purgatory (Ware, T. The Orthodox Church. Penguin Books, London, 1997, p.p. 255 and Aghiorgoussis, Maximos. The Dogmatic Tradition of the Orthodox Church. Copyright:  © 1990-1996. 08/18/07).

2. The Eastern Orthodox number the ten commandments as they originally were (Mastrantonis, G. The Ten Commandments. Copyright:  © 1990-1996 Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. 05/14/07) and not as the Roman Catholics number them.  Those of Rome combine the first two, even though that is not what those such as Clement of Alexander (2nd century) did (Clement of Alexandria. Stromata, Book VI).

3. The Eastern Orthodox believe in baptism by immersion (Ware, p. 278). The Roman Catholics usually employ sprinkling.

4. Most of the Eastern Orthodox (presuming no abortive devices are used), as do most others, believe in “the responsible use of contraception within marriage” (Ware, p.296 and Harakis S. The Stand of the Orthodox Church on Controversial Issues. 8/20/05). The Roman Catholic position seems to be much more limited.

5. The Eastern Orthodox reject “the dogma of the immaculate conception of the Virgin” (Clendenin D.B. ed. Eastern Orthodox Theology, 2nd ed. Baker Academic, 2003, p.67).  That is a Roman Catholic dogma (Ott L.  Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma.  Translated into English by James Bastible. Nihil Obstat: Jeremiah J. O’Sullivan.  Imprimatur + Cornelius, 7 October 1954.  Reprint TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1974, pp. 199-202).

6. The Eastern Orthodox teach that presbyters (which they call “priests,” but we in the Church of God) tend to call “ministers” or “elders”) can be married (Damaskinos Papandreou, Orthodox Metropolitan of Switzerland. The Orthodox Churches and Priestly Celibacy. viewed 02/04/08). The Roman Church requires celibacy for all presbyters, even though that was not its original position (Fortesque A. Transcribed by Marie Jutras. Eastern Monasticism. The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume X. Copyright © 1911 by Robert Appleton Company. Online Edition Copyright © 2003 by K. Knight. Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1911. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York).

7. The Eastern Orthodox, similar to the Church of God, teach that, “Christians must always be ‘People of the Book’ “ (Ware, p.199). Yet, throughout history, the Church of Rome has tended to place more emphasis on the Living Magisterium and non-biblical sources for much of its doctrines.

8. The Eastern Orthodox do not observe Ash Wednesday.  The Church of Rome admits that it added this observance in the Middle Ages (Thurston, Herbert. “Ash Wednesday.” The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 1. Nihil Obstat. March 1, 1907. Remy Lafort, S.T.D., Censor. Imprimatur. +John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1907. 4 May 2009 ).

9. The Orthodox do not believe in the concept of “papal infallibility.” That concept became a dogma for the Church of Rome in the 19th century (at Vatican I) (McBrien, Richard P. Lives of the Popes: The Pontiffs from St. Peter to Benedict XVI. Harper, San Francisco, 2005 updated ed., pp. 20-22).

10. Many (though not all) of the Eastern Orthodox, like the Church of God, believe that God has a plan of salvation that can occur at the time of the final judgment. (Ware, p.255).  The Roman Church rejects the idea that salvation can be available after the first death and this has been clearly stated by Pope Benedict (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1021. Imprimi Potest + Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Doubleday, New York, 1994, p. 153).

11. The Roman Catholic view of eternal torment is rejected by the The Eastern Orthodox (Ware, p. 262).

12. Neither the Orthodox nor Protestants believe that the jurisdiction of Rome has any real bearing on apostolic succession.

It perhaps should be pointed out that the Orthodox, who generally make less pronouncements than the Vatican tends to, condemned the papacy as a major heresy in 1848:

” 2. Hence have arisen manifold and monstrous heresies which the Catholic Church, even from her infancy, has been forced to combat with the panoply of God, and ‘ the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,’ and has triumphed over all unto this day, and will triumph to the end, ever shining forth brighter and stronger after the struggle.

” 3. Of these heresies some have altogether perished, some are in their decline, but others nourish more or less, until the time of their overthrow, when, being struck with the lightning of the anathema of of the seven (Ecumenical Synods, they become extinct, even though they last for a thousand years; for the orthodoxy of the Catholic Apostolic Church, as inspired by the living Word of God, alone endures for ever, according to the infallible promise of our Lord…—Matt, xviii. 18.

” 4. Of these heresies widely-diffused was formerly Arianism, and now is the Papacy, which, though still flourishing, shall, like the former, pass away and be cast down, and a great voice from Heaven shall cry, ‘ It is cast down.’—Rev. xii. 10…

” 10. Every one of our brethren and children in Christ clearly perceives that the words of the present Bishop of Rome, like those of his anti-synodical predecessors, are not words of peace and compassion, as he says, but of deceit and quibbling, tending to self-aggrandisement; but the orthodox will not be beguiled therewith, for the Word of the Lord is sure—’ A stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him, for they know not the voice of strangers.’

(Encyclical Letter of the Eastern Orthodox, 1848. As cited in The Benares magazine, No. 31, 1851. W.H. Haycock, 1851. Original from Oxford University Digitized, Nov 24, 2006, pp. 370-371,373)

Perhaps it should be mentioned that “Rev. xii. 10” teaches about the “accuser of the brethren” (a reference to Satan in verse 9) being cast down. Thus the Orthodox officially seem to have condemned the papacy as Satan the devil.

Not only does the Orthodox Church consider the institution of the Papacy and the doctrine of Papal infallibility heretical, it considers many – not all – of the instances of stigmata and visions exhibited by Catholic saints to be evidence not of sanctity but of  delusion and vainglory, especially when they are sought out deliberately.

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call such displays Satanic, I agree that more than a few are the results of a misguided effort of will, very similar to the efforts of some yogis and ascetics in Hinduism and similarly lacking in moral content, while sometimes providing grave opportunities for moral depravity.

Asceticism (what is called tapas in India) and mental focus can lead to psychosomatic symptoms (markings on the skin, sensations) as well as psychic abilities – siddhis -(levitation, bilocation) of all kinds, but whether this is always a saintly thing, or even good, is the question.

In many cases (not all), the Orthodox answer, “no,” is the correct one.

The heart, as the Bible points out, is endlessly self-deceiving.



Is Pope Francis Practicing Talmudism Covertly?

Why did Pope Francis mention Moses and not Jesus in his addresses to the White House and the UN?

Is it because he wanted to cite a figure that would not “offend”?

But Muslims venerate Jesus, even if they do not regard him as the Son of God. They would not be offended.

It follows that Francis avoided Jesus, to avoid giving offense to religious Jews.

Historically, many – but not all – Jews have regarded Jesus as a blasphemer and apostate.

But, if interfaith peace is the goal, why not mention Abraham, who is the fountain-head of all three faiths?

Why Moses?

The answer lies in looking at Jewish texts.

Moses is held up as the greatest of the prophets by Maimonides, one of the most authoritative of Jewish rabbis and the codifier of the Shloshah Asar Ikkarim (“Thirteen Fundamental Principles”), a distillation of the Taryag mitzvoth (613 regulations) binding on orthodox Jews.


1. Belief in the existence of the Creator, who is perfect in every manner of existence and is the Primary Cause of all that exists.

2. The belief in G-d‘s absolute and unparalleled unity.

This would conflict with the doctrine of the Trinity in orthodox Christianity – that is why Francis praises Chagall’s White Crucifixion – because it effaces the divine Jesus and substitutes the human Jewish rabbi, thereby erasing the core of Christianity.]

3. The belief in G-d’s non-corporeality, nor that He will be affected by any physical occurrences, such as movement, or rest, or dwelling.

[Again, this conflicts with the doctrine of the Incarnation most fundamentally.]

4. The belief in G-d’s eternity.

5. The imperative to worship G-d exclusively and no foreign false gods.

[Maimonides and many great Rabbis saw Jesus as a heretic, sorcerer, and blasphemer.]

6. The belief that G-d communicates with man through prophecy.

The belief in the primacy of the prophecy of Moses our teacher

[This diminishes Jesus, who is superior to all the prophets, according to Christian teaching.]

8. The belief in the divine origin of the Torah.

9. The belief in the immutability of the Torah.

[Jesus taught that the Mosaic law was given because of the degradation of the people and that it did not fully reflect God’s law, as his perfection of it did.]

10. The belief in G-d’s omniscience and providence.

11. The belief in divine reward and retribution.

12. The belief in the arrival of the Messiah and the messianic era.

[Christians believe that the Messiah has already arrived. As for the Messianic era, some Christians regard this as heresy and others as true.]

13. The belief in the resurrection of the dead.


Is This Blog Anti-Semitic?

By the standards of the ADL (the Anti-Defamation League), yes, of course.

I think I subscribe to at least half of the beliefs they state qualify one as anti-Semitic:

I think that Jews are disproportionately represented in the media and government; that they wield too much unaccountable power for their numbers and that this fact is dangerous for the rest of society….

[…But I also believe that Jews are generally a productive and capable people.]

I believe – from the evidence – that Jews tend to be loyal before anything else to the Jewish ethno-state, even when they might not be pro-Israel.

[However, I also understand why that is so – trauma-conditioning orchestrated by the powers-that-be.]

As a Christian, I try not to hate any group of people.

But “loving your enemies” is not an instruction to acquire certain sentiments against your will.

It has nothing to do with superficial sentiment.

It is an instruction to treat others mercifully and not merely justly, as you would wish to be treated..

It is an instruction not to be vengeful and descend to the level of your enemies.

In that spirit, I do not denigrate nor regard as demonic or Satanic, Jewish religious faith, even if Jews do not return the favor.

[I do abhor certain practices and beliefs in Judaism, as I also do certain practices in other religions, including certain Christian heresies.]

However, I don’t see any instruction in the Gospel to laugh away behaviors that are detestable or to call one’s open enemies “one’s friends” or to claim that black is white and up is down.

If a Jew were accused unjustly, I would stand up for him, even though I knew the favor might not be returned.

If a Jew were being attacked physically, I would help him, even though I might not be able to count on the same help in return.

On this blog I have defended several neoconservative Jews like Donald Sterling, whose beliefs are anathema to me.

That is how I interpret “love your enemies.”

Would I go out of my way to befriend Jews personally?

Honestly, no.

I don’t know many Jews as friends and those I’ve known and liked were singularly unlike the majority of their co-ethnics, being artists or otherwise exceptional individuals.

Even so, there was a silent area of potential conflict that prevented me from getting too close.

That area was Christianity..or, rather, Jesus Christ.

The Psalms asks us not to sit in the seat of the scornful.

The Gospel repeats that message.

What about conservative Jews who are not disrespectful of Christianity?

Certainly, there are many of those. But they are respectful only of Zionist Christianity – that is, of Christianity that puts ethnic Jews and their tribalism at the center of the faith.

In the case of liberal Jews, their lack of  exceptional hostility to Christianity is only part of their general disbelief in all religion.

Of real Christianity, they are just as uncomprehending as the openly hostile Kabbalists, and, worse, by their incomprehension, they allow themselves to be used as tools by the powerful Kabbalists.

In fact, in my view, the hostile religious Jews, are to be preferred.

They have at least understood that man as he is, natural man, doesn’t cut it.

Blow hot or blow cold, says the Gospel.

There is no hope for the luke-warm.

My problem with Jews [as they are called today, a Euro-Turco-Mongolic people] is that they are not enough Jews [in the sense of Torah followers or Yahwists].


Some Thoughts On Anti-Christian Speech

Thinking about the power elite’s incessant anti-Christian imagery and rhetoric, both covert and explicit, I had some thoughts about how Christians should react to it.

And my thoughts were these:

Anti-Christian speech should make Christians realize how powerful and destructive words can be.

And it should make us recall the powerful and destructive ways in which Christianity itself was used to destroy other people’s beliefs and gods.

Sometimes, this was to the good – when the targets were temple prostitution and child-sacrifice, for instance.

But sometimes, the destructiveness was unwarranted- as when Muslim or Hindu or Jewish prayer is denounced by some Christians as inherently demonic.

So how should Christians react to anti-Christian speech?

Well, Jesus said that all manner of blasphemies by men against the Son of Man (Jesus) would be forgiven them.

But blasphemies against the Holy Spirit would not.

For many powerful Jews and Jewish sympathizers, it seems to be cathartic to denigrate Jesus.

So be it.

Jesus was not injured by such insults then..and he is not injured now. And Christians need not be more offended than Jesus.

But it is a different thing when what is good in the Church is inverted. 

Cursing Jesus Christ is one thing.

Calling what is good evil is quite another.





Pope Francis Praises Blasphemous Painting


Added: I want to correct the last paragraph of this post.

I now read that Chagall grew up in a religious Hasidic family, so he must have understood exactly what he was doing.

As for Francis, I should add that there is the possibility that he is being manipulated by more powerful people behind him….the crony-capitalist Jewish elites that use redistributionist rhetoric to con the gullible public. The support for the “climate-control” agenda suggests that Francis is not so much a leftist as an opportunistic “liberal” of the sort that has the backing of George Soros and the CIA.

That would account for the enormous media coverage that he gets.


The essence of Christianity is but the negation of the right of Judaism to exist…. The figure of Jesus is the figure of the universal enemy of Judaism, the eliminator and destructor of Jewish law [torat yisrael]. Thus, this figure was abhorred and despised in the eyes of many Jews with Jewish consciousness throughout the generations, and I share this despise and abomination”

—  Yeshayahu Leibowitz

[Lila: Of course, I do not accept that Christianity is the negation of Judaism…by which I mean Biblical Yahwism.

The Gospel, said Jesus, was the fulfillment of the Law (of Yahweh).

Yahweh of the Old Testament is the same merciful but righteous God as the one in the New Testament, although the OT scriptures have many misinterpretations, additions, alterations and corruptions that obscure that fact.]

Pope Francis’s fondness for the paintings of Marc Chagall has caught the attention of the media.

In interviews with Francesca Ambrogetti and Sergio Rubin for the 2010 biography “ El Jesuita ,” Pope Francis identified “White Crucifixion,” which depicts a Jewish Jesus, wearing a tallit instead of a loincloth, as his favorite work of art. “He likes us, he really does,” Tweeted Miriam Shaviv , a columnist for Britain’s Jewish Chronicle, about the pope.

But there’s more to the painting than “owning” Jesus as a Jew.

[Lila: Jesus was an Israelite, but not a Jew in the modern sense, obviously.

In the classical sense, there is no “Jew,” as such. That is a propagandist coinage invented to conflate the post-Temple (Talmudic) beliefs of a contemporary mixed-race people of Middle-Eastern and European descent with the Torah faith (Yahwism) of a Semitic people of thousands of years ago.

In Biblical times, there was only the Judean (a resident of Judea) and the Judahite (descendant of Judah).

Now, Jesus was not a descendant of Judah on his mother’s side (despite the genealogies in Matthew and Luke) and since he was only grafted on to Joseph, he could not have descended genetically from him either.

Finally, he was a resident of Galilee, not Judea, although he did teach in Judea. He was an Israelite, a Galilean, and, most likely, a Levite, descended from Aaron.

Israelite is not the same thing as Israeli. The latter word is often inserted into modern Bibles to conflate the two in the minds of unsuspecting readers, in order to further Zionist goals.]

Surrounding Jesus, we see a synagogue, a Torah scroll and a shtetl burning, as armed men march carrying red flags. And in the bottom-right corner, the Wandering Jew, donning a blue cap and a green coat, lugs a sack as he trudges past the smoking Torah.

That the chief executive of the Catholic Church has an affinity for a painting that was created by a Russian Jewish artist and also includes the symbol of the eternal wanderer, who was punished for abusing Jesus and became the pretext for centuries of anti-Semitism, is drawing a range of reactions.”

Forward is a Jewish paper.
The creator of White Crucifixion is the famous Russian Jewish painter, Marc Chagall.
For insight into what is really going on in Francis’ public admiration of  White Crucifixion, take a closer look at the painting.
It is not problematic that Jesus’s suffering on the cross is identified with the suffering of Jews.
[Lila: I want to reiterate this. Innocent suffering can be rightfully identified with the suffering of Jesus.  There is nothing inherently blasphemous about that.]
It is problematic for Christians that Jesus’ atonement is displaced by collective Jewish suffering.
The displacement is pure Kabbalistic teaching:
Determined to obscure the aptness of the prophesies of the Messiah in the Old Testament to the life of Jesus, the medieval Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki (Rashi) came up with the notion that the “suffering servant” the Scriptures describe in Isaiah 53 was not a man at all.
The suffering servant was the Jewish people as a nation.
This Kabbalistic notion has become a mainstream Jewish notion.
Now look at the Chagall  painting close up:
The inscription above Jesus is the word, Yeshu, a variant of  Jesus’ name, used in the Jewish scriptures, the Talmud.
In the Babylonian Talmud (the more authoritative Talmud), Yeshu is mentioned as the one who led Israel into apostasy and was rightfully hanged on the Passover.
He is said to have had five disciples and to have performed sorceries.
Contemporary scholars claim that this and other references to Yeshu are descriptions of someone else, but there is ample historical and other testimony that Yeshu is none other than Jesus.
The name expresses the hostility of post-Temple (post 70 AD) rabbinate to Jesus.
Yeshu is an acronym for Yima  (YE) + Shemo (SH) +  Wezikhro (W)  meaning, May his name and memory be stricken out.
How to reconcile this curse with the depiction of Jesus with tallit and with the turban, characteristic of ancient Jewish rabbis?
The Polish Hasidic tradition, for instance, embraced the notion of a tzaddik (compare with Sanskrit sadhaka) or holy man,  whose being in this world was so close to the divine as to resemble that of incarnate deity.
And it is this rabid anti-Christian, incarnational Hasidism that permeates the painting.
Whether Chagall fully knew what he was doing is debatable, but Francis surely does.

Francis’ public embrace of  this anti- Christian art cannot be accidental.

He is too well-educated and, as we can see from his wildly popular sound-bytes, too well-versed in public relations.


Female Privilege: The Facts


Yet the notion of the American woman as a powerless “victim” is one of the most absurd notions ever foisted upon anyone. American women live, on average, seven years longer than men. They control 86 % of all personal wealth [PARADE Magazine, May 27, 1990], and make up 55% of current college graduates. Women cast 54% of the votes in Presidential elections, so they can hardly claim to be left out of the political decision-making process! They win almost automatically in child custody disputes. Women suffer only 6% of the work-related fatalities (the other 94% are suffered by men). Women are the victim of only about 35% of violent crimes, and only about 25% of all murders, yet because of our society’s exaggerated concern and respect for them, special legislation has been passed to punish “violence against women” as if it were a more heinous crime than “violence against men”. (Feminists claim to want “equality”, and this is an example of what “equality” means to them, i.e., preferential treatment to address their concerns). Two out of every three dollars spent on health care is spent on women, and even if you don’t count pregnancy-related care, women still receive more medical care than men – yet feminists still holler that womens health is being “neglected”, and far too many of us credulously believe them. Of the 25 worst jobs, as ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac based on a combination of salary, stress, security, and physical demands, 24 of them are predominantly, if not almost entirely, male, which might explain why men commit over 80% of all suicides. (Most of these statistics come from The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell.)

Now, if it were really the case, as feminists claim, that men have selfishly arranged everything to be wonderful for themselves, absolutely ignoring womens’ legitimate concerns and needs, would the above be true? Of course not. It is much more realistic to suggest that women have cleverly seized the upper hand by pretending to be helplessly trapped below! Looking at the full picture, and not the tiny, distorted one that feminists and those they have duped present, we see a very different picture: The American woman emerges as perhaps the most privileged large group in history, enjoying a never-before- seen level of affluence, power, leisure, and health, supported by the work, discipline, and self-effacing, life-destroying exertions of a group they have bamboozled – their men – into believing their cries of “victimization”. The links below will help you to start finding your way out of the familiar maze of feminist lies.

Click here to read my article, Feminism, The Noble Lie

Take Back the Campus: refuting the Ten Most Common Feminist Myths (which are more accurately termed “lies,” because feminists just keep on promoting them with reckless disregard for truth, no matter how many times the falsehood of these claims is pointed out to them.).

Read my article Bill Clinton and the Gender Gap, in the August, 1996 issue of The Backlash Magazine.

Read Steven Goldberg’sarticle, Feminism Against Science

Howard Zinn: Card-Carrying Communist

The Other McCain:

One of the things you can learn from M. Stanton Evans’ recent book on Joe McCarthy’s investigations, Blacklisted by History, is how deeply the FBI had penetrated CPUSA. One reason that McCarthy’s was sometimes unable to publicly substantiate his accusations was that he relied on secret information passed along by the FBI. McCarthy couldn’t identity the source of his information without compromising the FBI’s investigations, so when his critics tried to make it appear that McCarthy’s suspicions were without merit, McCarthy couldn’t simply say, “Here is the FBI file.”

As we see from this file, the FBI had access to the CPUSA mailing list, which is not the same as a membership list, but is certainly strong evidence when combined — as in Zinn’s case — with admitted high-level involvement in a slew of front-group activities.

UPDATE III: Even if all the other FBI files proved nothing, this 1957 memorandum based on information from a former CPUSA member would seem rather conclusive:

So, according to the informant, Zinn appeared to have been a member of the Brooklyn section of CPUSA before the informant joined that section in 1949 — tending to corroborate information previously developed by the FBI.

Here is something very interesting: George Kirschner is named as co-author of Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States: The Wall Charts. Whether this is the same person as the George Kirshner who reportedly hosted CPUSA meetings in Brooklyn in 1952 might be a subject worth researching.

At any rate, the fact that “Informant T-1” was “brought up on charges of ‘white chauvinism’ by the CP” is also very interesting. This was the kind of “thought-crime” inquisition to which CPUSA members were sometimes subjected. Certainly an avid Communist like the informant, who had been a Party member since 1948, could not have been an outright racist, so we don’t know why he would have faced such an accusation. But it should be kept in mind that Stalin purged and executed many of the original Bolsheviks on fabricated pretexts of “deviationism,” and a similar Stalinist impulse might have made “T-1” a scapegoat.

This would seem to be the clincher: “T-1” is reported to have taken a photo of Zinn teaching a class on Communist doctrine in 1951, and to have provided the photo to the FBI in 1956. Zinn reportedly “took the position [in the 1951 class] that the basic teachings of Marx and Lenin were sound and should be adhered to.”

In May 1955, the FBI had de-activated its “Security Index” card on Zinn, who at that time was working on his Ph.D. at Columbia University and teaching at Upsala College in East Orange, N.J. Zinn’s file was re-opened by the FBI’s Atlanta office in 1957, after Zinn joined the faculty of Spellman College in Atlanta. A few years later, during the Kennedy administration, Zinn wrote an article in the Sunday edition of the Daily Worker disparaging Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and the FBI for their supposed failure to protect civil rights  — without ever acknowledging that Zinn himself had been interviewed a decade earlier by the FBI for his own Communist activities.

UPDATE IV: A little more Googling turns up George Kirschner’s December 2008 obituary in the New York Times, with commenters memorializing his association with Zinn:

KIRSCHNER–George. Beloved grandfather and greatgrandfather, father, husband, teacher and friend will be remembered for his contagious smile and energy, unwavering principles, profound sense of justice, unequivocal commitment to activism, and open and welcoming heart. Born in New York City, George served in the US Coast Guard during WWII. He began as a brewer, later went to college, and found his professional love as a teacher of history at the Walden School in New York City.

His age and biography as a longtime New Yorker would lend credence to the suspicion Kirschner was the same as the “Kirshner” listed in the FBI files as hosting Brooklyn CPUSA section meetings. So we may therefore presume that Kirschner is, like Zinn, now the only kind of good Communist.

UPDATE V: FBI files from the 1960s connect Zinn to a Who’s Who of the New Left anti-war radicalism:

In 1966, the main publication of the Socialist Workers Party, the Militant, reported Zinn joining with then-SDS president Carl Oglesby on a committee to defend a South African activist. After the SDS split in 1969 that led to the formation of the Weather Underground, Oglesby subsequently became a JFK assassination conspiracy theorist.

Zinn participated in a 1967 anti-war “teach-in” at Harvard, sponsored by SDS in cooperation with the American Institute for Marxist Studies, an organization founded by historian Herb Aptheker, chief theoretician of CPUSA.

At an MIT teach-in, Zinn was joined by Noam Chomsky.

In one of Zinn’s most infamous exploits, he traveled to Hanoi in 1968 with the radical priest Daniel Berrigan, an event hailed at press conference involving Tom Hayden (SDS co-founder and principal author of the “Port Huron Statement”) and socialist/pacifist Dave Dellinger, subsequently of “Chicago 7” notoriety.

What we see in all this, then, is how Zinn’s career forms a major thread in a rope that connects ’60s radicalism back to the Stalinism of the 1940s and ’50s. Zinn was a consistent advocate of Marxist-Leninist doctrine throughout his career, and it is amazing that his teachings — his anti-American history — are so popular nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

America won the Cold War, but the Communists won the campuses.”

Did America win the Cold War? Or was that victory simply a propaganda coup?


Brazil Denounces Christophobic Cultural Subversion

Brazilians have reacted strongly against extreme anti-Christian bigotry on display in Gay Pride Parades in the country:

– In the wake of numerous homosexual “pride” parades laced with anti-Christian profanities that have sparked outrage in Brazil, legislators are advancing a new law that will make “Christophobia” a felony.

Photos of the desecration of Christian images at the parades – an activity which is common in homosexual “pride” events throughout the world – have circulated widely in the Brazilian media and social networking sites this year. The offensive image that is receiving the most attention is that of the male to female transsexual Viviany Beleboni in this year’s Sao Paulo parade, who was portrayed as crucified on a cross seminude with a sign reading “Enough of Homophobia.”

Other images reportedly taken from the parades and displayed on the Facebook page of one Brazilian congressman show additional cases of desecration of Christian symbols. One photo shows two naked lesbians on a cross kissing on the lips. Another shows two people who appear to be a man and a woman sitting naked on top of piles of crucifixes, with sacred images covering their genitals.

Other images show nude men smashing sacred images on the ground, and a transsexual stripping naked in a lewd dance in front of a church.

Rogério Rosso, representing the nation’s federal district in the House of Deputies, has responded by proposing a new law prohibiting such displays and imposing a fine, and up to eight years in prison, for perpetrators. Such legislation would reverse the penalties sought by homosexuals against Christians who express their rejection of sodomy, applying them to homosexuals and others who desecrate the sacred images of a religion.

“The intention of the bill is to protect the beliefs and objects used in religious rituals by Brazilian citizens, because what has been happening in recent years during demonstrations, particularly those of LGBTs, is what we can call ‘Christophobia,’ with the practice of obscene and degrading acts which show prejudice against Catholics and Evangelicals,” Rosso states in the text of the bill.

Senator Magno Malta denounced the government-funded parades for going “outside the boundaries” of proper discourse, sowing “intolerance and disrespect for religious liberty.” He has asked federal prosecutors to begin a criminal investigation of the behavior.

This country is Christian, and now, here, I speak in the name of millions of Brazilian Christians, Catholic Christians, spiritualists, Evangelicals from throughout the country, taking a position in their name. There is a general revulsion with this nefarious, unscrupulous and abominable attitude. You have passed the limit,” Malta said on the Senate floor following the June 7 marches.”

Tell me again why Hispanics/Latins entering the US is a bad thing from the perspective of the culture wars?



The Racist Vision Behind Pan-Europa

The current “migrant crisis” has been planned to hasten the demise of any vestige of Christian culture in Europe and impose on it a totalitarian anti-Christian system.

That much a careful parsing of the actors and ideologies involved tells us.

Israel’s Messiah must come…. and Edom/Esau must submit before he comes, according to the vision of eminent Rabbis.

But there is another element in this story.

The Pan-Europa vision is not simply of Fortress Europe commanded from a distance by Talmudic sages.

It is a vision of a racially mixed multitude that will be under an aristocracy of Jews and European nobility.

The promulgator of this vision  was Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, an aristocrat of ancient lineage and great wealth. He was of mixed Flemish, Greek, and Japanese descent, with an admixture of several other European ethnicities.

In his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), 1925, he wrote:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The EurasianNegroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.”


Tom Sowell: We Need Thought-Control

Thomas Sowell is often a smart guy. But not always.

You shouldn’t discuss inequality, he says.

[Added: I know that title might not have been written by him and I know that he doesn’t tell you in so many words not to discuss inequality in outcomes, but that is the tendency of this piece and several others on the subject he’s written. All inequalities of outcome are not the result of inequalities of opportunity, he says. Fine. Then he cites basketball-playing and university entrance tests. Well, those are specific areas where native abilities can be shown to play a dominating role. However, what Sowell – and many libertarians – then do is to broaden this argument to a generalization that all unequal outcomes must then be the result of differing capacities, and not of other, sometimes malign, factors.
If you read LRC consistently and see when they trot out Tom Sowell , it’s invariably on race-related issues, when the fact that he is a black man gives the argument more weight.

Sowell would prefer people NOT to look at diversities of outcome but to focus on equality of opportunity. But, if malign social factors come into play, attention to opportunity equality is beside the point and Sowell’s argument becomes diversionary and tool used to keep people looking away from what is indeed often (not always) a very powerful indicator of something amiss.

Well, a philosophy of radical egalitarianism is one thing. Discussing inequalities is another.

Apparently Sowell cannot see the difference between natural distributions of wealth and power and unnatural distributions.

And he doesn’t want you to talk about either of them.

Now,there are people who grow taller than others, because of genes.

And then there are others who are wearing 10 inch high boots.

And still others are actually standing on the second floor of the house.

Sowell thinks that differentiating between these people is counter-productive to wealth creation.

Oh really?

How much wealth has Thomas Sowell created, as a think-tank book-writer?



Edom vs. Israel = Athens vs. Jerusalem

A scholar [I incorrectly assumed the writer was a Rabbi] lets the Kabbalistic cat out of the bag in the piece below.

Unfortunately, Patrick Buchanan and other “third-world armageddon” pontificators don’t seem to get the message.

Or maybe it’s just much easier to kick at another set of victims than to address themselves to the real Masters of the Universe…yes, the guys who pull Goldman’s strings.

“Chanukah is an eight-day annual Jewish holiday. But it also lays claim as the start of western civilization. Not Jewish civilization, which was already old at the time of the first Chanukah in the second century before the common era, and not Hellenic (ancient Greek) civilization, which was also ancient. But the encounter of the West with Judaism, of reason with revelation, of Athens with Jerusalem: that began on Chanukah.

“Man,” said an ancient Greek philosopher, “is the measure of all things.” The Bible disagrees: “the fear of the Lord,” it says, “is the beginning of wisdom.” Who is right? A great debate about G?d and man lies at the heart of the West. From Sinai to Babylon, from the lions to the Crusaders, from the Wars of Religion to the Age of Reason–and of Revolution, from Stalin to John Paul II, from eugenics to a belief that life is sacred, and from globalism to a respect for individual states – even Israel! — it remains the central question. Athens and Jerusalem still are what they always were, the struggling twins of the West.

[ Lila: That would be Esau/Edom versus Israel. Jesus/Christianity is Esau, Paganism is Edom.]

Chanukah commemorates a miraculous victory in a war in 167 B.C.E. A Greco-Macedonian kingdom, centered in what is today Syria, had tried to outlaw the Jewish religion in its homeland in Judea and to replace it with Hellenic culture. Many Jews, in fact, supported that goal. But that is no surprise, because Hellenism had enormous appeal.

Hellenism seemed to have everything going for it. It was up-to-date, sophisticated, and intellectually satisfying. It offered wealth, health, art, and glamour. It represented the entrance ticket to an imperial civilization. Hellenism offered the opportunity to think big.

Judaism sat at the opposite end of the scale. It was old, small, and poor. It had no empire. It had nothing to offer except faith, trust, love, and strength. But those things, it turns out, are items that the human heart cannot do without.

So the miraculous happened. A small band, burning with faith, went on to defeat an empire.

There is, of course, a rational explanation; there always is. “The Syrian-Greek state had passed its prime.” “The Jews had short lines of communication.” “They mastered guerrilla tactics.” “The Greeks overplayed their hand.” “Judea wasn’t worth the bones of a Macedonian grenadier anyhow.” If rational explanations are enough for you, then take your pick.

But if you think that “the heart has its reasons that reason knows not of,” if you think that there is more to life than shifting particles, if you respect science without worshipping it – in short, if you doubt that man is G?d, then wonder at the light of a miracle burning in the dark days of winter.”

Of course, this is an insightful and rich statement taken in simply literary terms. But it is, like Cahn’s Shemitah prophecy, both superficial and misleading.

And, taken literally, it is the very essence  of what it condemns: It is a masterpiece of hubris.

And that is a Greek pagan word that translates very roughly to “the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the gods.”

Hey,Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got To Go!

Remember that famous chant Jesse Jackson led on campus, “Hey,hey, ho, ho, Western Civ has got to go”?

It was directed against the centrality of Western classics in the University curriculum. They were to be replaced by more multicultural texts.

Ever since then, the mud people of the third-world, on whose behalf the meddlesome Jackson claimed to be speaking albeit uninvited, have been blamed for the death of Europe.

No one considered that there was a higher power that had a more malevolent and deep-rooted agenda than a mere revamp of the college canon.

From Jewish Answers:

Whether or not a particular person or nation is a biological descendant of Esau is obviously impossible to determine and not really important; what is essential to understand is that the World view of Esau has been passed down as a cultural inheritance throughout history from Edom, to the Roman Empire, to the Catholic Church, to Modern Europe and most recently to the United States and its ‘empire’ – in other words, Western Civilization as a whole. This World view has obviously been in a constant state of evolution throughout the generations – America, the land founded on tolerance has been a most fertile land for the Jews – Europe, on the other hand, was a nightmare; this dichotomy in Esau’s personality is brought out by our Sages in these two seemingly contradictory sources; on the one hand the Medrash states:

The name Esau has the same numerical value as Shalom (Peace)” (Kalla Rabati,3)

On the other hand, the Talmud analyses a verse in psalms:
‘Do not remove his bit…’(Psalms 140:9) – said Jacob to the Holy One: Master of the Universe – do not allow Esau his hearts desire…this refers to Germany of Edom, for if they were to be allowed loose, they would destroy the world! (Talmud Megilla, 6a-6b)


Rabbi: Europe Must Die Before Messiah Comes

Some Rabbis equate Europe, as Christian (at least, in heritage), with Edom, the sworn enemy of Israel in the Old Testament.

This equation is applied especially to Italy and Germany.

Before the Jewish Messiah can arrive, Edom must be destroyed.

The migrant/refugee crisis is the tool to destroy Edom so that the Messiah can establish himself.

Now, one can understand Jade Helm….



Rabbi Admits Shemitah Prophecy Was False

Yet another scam artist, Jonathan Cahn, bites the dust.

For all Christians, Jesus being Messiah, is the central key issue for the faith. This is also true for the Hebrew Roots Movement who use The Hebrew Calendar as the central foundation  for setting prophetic Jubilee and Sabbatical years (Shemitah). This became a major problem when Messianic Rabbi, Jonathan Cahn was confronted on one TV program, when one of his major promoters discovered that his date-setting predictions (of supposed coming calamities on America) ended up denying Jesus as the Messiah had him admit he based his book using calculations based on his own privately concocted new Hebrew Calendar, which never even existed.

Read the whole story of how Cahn’s Prophecy of a “Shemitah” judgment (7 year Biblical cycle of judgment on Israel) fell apart under a little serious questioning from another Hebrew Roots evangelist.

And yes, I know Shoebat never points out the Zionist hand in world affairs. Instead, as a converted Islamicist, he pushes the “Islamic Antichrist” line.

Oh dear.

Anti-Christs popping up everywhere…