Trump’s Jewish Ties

The secret of Donald Trump’s media success: Jewish support.

JTA – Among the expansive field of Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debate Thursday night, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.

Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel.

[Lila: Trump’s father Fred who built the family fortune,  was helped by government subsidies to the housing industry. He must have worked in close concert with Jewish business interests because the government and Goldman Sachs were closely tied to the housing industry from the start. 

Goldman Sachs was involved in massive fraud prior to the spectacular bankruptcy of Penn Central, a transportation conglomerate in the 1970s.

Guess who picked up the pieces?

None other than Donald Trump, picked for his family connections to the local government and the real estate industry.

It is a November day in Philadelphia, 1974. On sale in a federal bankruptcy court are the largest undeveloped tracts of land left in Manhattan — the West Side rail yards, stretching along the waterfront from 30th to 39th streets and 59th to 72nd streets. One of these properties — the 30th Street parcel — has since become the designated site for the city’s convention center. The other is being promoted as a 5,000-unit housing project surrounded by parks and a shopping area.

The seller is the bankrupt Penn Central Transportation Company (PCTC), which is attempting to reorganize itself by turning it’s real-estate portfolio into capital. The buyer is Donald Trump, then 28 years old, the son of Brooklyn’s largest apartment builder.

Trump proposes to build up to 30,000 units of partially subsidized housing on the sites. He seeks an exclusive option on the property and offers Penn Central the promise that he will obtain the required zoning changes and taxpayer subsidies to guarantee a minimum land-purchase price of $62 million — the least he expects to obtain in government mortgage funds. Trump’s firm advances no cash.

But, of course, without City Hall’s cooperation, this remarkable proposal would have remained just that. Trump’s father, Fred, had known Abe Beame, then the mayor, for some 30 years — and had been a campaign contributor for 20; the firm is tied to the same Brooklyn Democratic machine which spawned Beame’s political career. Trump’s attorney Bunny Lindenbaum, seated beside him in the courtroom that morning, is Beame’s oldest and closest friend. Penn Central representatives began negotiating with Trump two weeks after Beame became mayor. Trump’s option is scheduled to end when Beame’s term is up. There can be no misunderstanding: Trump, in that Philadelphia courtroom, was executing a political option.”

Murray Kushner, a New Jersey real estate mogul (uncle to Jared and brother to Charles Kushner, who went to jail over financial improprieties and essentially bought his son’s academic career), gave Fred and Donald Trump a leg up.

Roy Cohn defended Donald Trump at the outset.

It is an easy thing to make money, if your investments are backed by the government.]

His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.

[Both Trump children are married to Jews.  Ivanka Trump is married to New York Observer publisher and real estate developer, Jared Kushner, son of Charles Kushner.

Eric Trump is married to Inside Edition’s producer, Lara Yunaska.

Trump’s executive vice-president and the man behind is campaign is a Jewish lawyer – Michael Cohen. He’s a registered Democrat who voted for Obama.  Trump’s CFO is also Jewish – Alan Weisselberg. ]

But if you expect to find Jewish donors of influence in Trump’s network of associates, you’ll be disappointed: The billionaire’s campaign is self-financed, not donor-funded. Forbes estimates Trump’s net worth at about $4 billion; Trump says he’s worth $10 billion.

[A recent Forbes analysis of Trump’s assets shows that Trump’s investments were less successful than those of the man on the street.]

As the main attraction of the Republican debate, Trump’s trademark chutzpah was on sharp display. When asked about past references to women he dislikes as “fat pigs,” “slobs” and “disgusting animals,” Trump said he has no time for political correctness. He bragged about how Hillary Clinton dared not miss his most recent wedding because he donated to her campaign. And he refused to rule out running as a third-party candidate should someone else win the Republican nomination.

Given his myriad Jewish associations, Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade. After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. And in February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a right-wing Jewish news organization.

“I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

[Lila: The pronoun is a bit rich. Trump dodged the draft and any fight for Israel will be undertaken by the children of the mindless minions cheering on this wretched clown .]

Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin – terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”
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Another point. Trump wants Carl Icahn to be his Treasurer.



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