The cyber-games people play……

What’s with Amazon? We have been requesting them to put the great blurbs we got onto the webpage of the book – so people can see them.

They put them up in August…..and then took them down just when we needed them up the most. And since then, despite repeated requests, they still aren’t up, after nearly two months!

You begin to wonder……


Apparently, the blurbs “dropped off” — ours, along with many others.

The way of the web.

However, even if they did, why would they not respond to repeated inquiries? And why would no one follow up, respond, or drop a line?

Why? Because people are not the little angels they are supposed to be according to the mythology of democracy. And what we are today is no longer the hard-working, thrifty, sober people who created the wealth of this country. Today, we are lazy, profligate, and delusional — and we love it. We no longer practice any self-restraint or discipline. We have no laws within ourselves. That’s why we have so many laws outside us. If you cannot rule yourself, someone else must.

And someone else does. The state.

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