The Foundation For The Defense Of Democracy (Links Added)

Update: This post follows on an interview with former conservative Presidential candidate and business media mogul, Steve Forbes, at The Daily Bell. Forbes comes out with three important predictions: the US will stay on in Afghanistan; Iran will be attacked; and the world will go back to some kind of gold standard. None of it was surprising to me or to anyone who has followed the globalist/Zionist story since 9-11.

I thought I’d add some useful links for anyone who read the interview. They’ll show where Forbes comes from.

1.  Forbes is a founding-member of the Project for the New American Century, a document that explicitly lays out globalist/Zionist plans for world domination. The globalists have since pooh-poohed it importance, but this is simply white-wash.  Many of Forbes’ fellow neo-conservatives can be found rubbing shoulder with him, as signatories of the PNAC mission statement.

2. Forbes is on the board of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy, which is one of the most influential neoconservative think-tanks.

3. Forbes has supported the Tea-Party movement, but one wonders if that’s simply to latch onto the its popularity. I say this because Forbes’ own media outlets often promote positions that might better be called “beltway libertarianism” – i.e. libertarian on certain domestic social and economic issues, but fervently supportive of aggressive war abroad. As this poster points out, while paying lip-service to Ron Paul’s libertarianism, Forbes has endorsed Rand Paul, whose positions are far more conservative than his father’s (pro-Afghan war and anti-decriminalization of drugs). Forbes has also supported Rudy Guiliani.

That makes him a full-fledged neo-conservative, in my book. It’s notable that in the interview with The Bell, he was careful to call himself an economic libertarian.

Neo-conservatives are neither libertarians nor conservatives.
They are, with all due respect, proto-fascist.

Many of them are, however, exceptionally idealistic and intelligent people. Their principal drawback is an unfortunate inability to accept disorder, untidiness, lack of certainty, and the messy and creative state of flux characteristic of the real world. They’re convinced that change must be controlled and they’re even more convinced that god has appointed them to do it.

We haven’t heard anything about this from god’s side so far..

5 thoughts on “The Foundation For The Defense Of Democracy (Links Added)

  1. Don’t worry. The FDC has been assured by god that he is still on their side.


    The Foundation For The Defense Of Chaos

  2. It is good that The DB is conducting interviews such as this one. Forbes reminds me of Kaa the python in Disney’s animated version of the Jungle Book: seductive and inviting in manner and speech. His answers are not so direct and hawkish as others but, as evidenced by what you pointed out there and here, straight up neocon.

    Merely having guests who ascribe to a favorable POV does nothing except titillate the home crowd while leaving no place for critical thought and discussion.


  3. I remember that..

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    Shut your eyes and trust in me
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    Knowing I am around

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