NWO Psyop? Reserve Bank Governor affirms Indian citizenship


On looking through the website from which I got the information about the new RBI governor,  I began to have a few second thoughts. Although, it appears to be an anti-NWO website, some of  the information on it (besides the story about Rajan)  seems baseless or exaggerated.

I don’t know enough to say, but caveat lector.


I posted earlier that the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Raghuram Rajan, has been described by the English language media itself as an Indian and US national, and asked how that could be, as India doesn’t allow dual citizenship.

On October 29 Rajan came out clearly with a statement that he was and is an Indian citizen and only holds a US Green Card (work and permanent residence permit).

That was in The Hindu, which I’ve said before, has been very left-leaning and sympathetic to globalism, both under the chief editorship of N. Ram and under ex-editor,  Siddharth Varadarajan, brother of Tunku Varadarajan, contributing editor at the Wall Street Journal and vocal neocon.

Now, notice the comments under The Hindu piece, attacking those media outlets that raised the question of Rajan’s nationality.

The idea is that any criticism of Rajan must come from the BJP and anti-foreign xenophobes. They are dismissed as paranoid because they jumped to the conclusion that Rajan was a US citizen when he clearly wasn’t.

The implication is that everything else the BJP claims – including conspiracies about the globalists –  must be nonsense too.

Well, BJP or not,  Rajan’s citizenship is a very legitimate issue to raise, especially, as it was the Rothschild media that put out that information in the first place.

Let me show you.

Go back to my earlier blog post.

The piece I posted before linked to an anti-NWO blog,  GreatGameIndia.wordpress.com. The graphic accompanying the post clearly described Rajan as an Indian and an American national.

That makes it a legitimate question for people to raise.

Take a look at the graphic here:


It was taken from The New Indian Express:


Since the globalists (British imperialists) like to leave their signature on their capers, they also had Rajan quoting Kipling (the premier poet of the British Empire):

“But I hope to do the right thing, no matter what the criticism, even while looking to learn from the criticism,” Rajan said.

“Rudyard Kipling put it better when he mused about the requirements of an ideal central banker in his poem ‘If’: If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too: Kipling’s reference to “men” only dates these lines, but his words are clear.”

Check out the picture in the New Indian Express, which is the one carried at GreatGameIndia.

It clearly carries a description of Rajan as an American national. It also carries the logo PTI on the side of the picture.

That’s the Press Trust of India.

Now, what is the Press Trust of India?

It’s board of directors is comprised of editors of some of the leading publications in India, including The Hindu.

Here is a list of everyone on the Board, taken from the PTI’s own website (my descriptions are colored and in caps):

Mr K N Shanth Kumar     Chairman (The Printers,Mysore)


Mr Mahendra Mohan Gupta    Vice Chairman (The Jagran)


Mr R Lakshmipathy     Dinamalar


Mr Vineet Jain    Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd



Mr M P Veerendra Kumar    Mathrubhumi


Mr Sanjoy Narayan    Hindustan Times


Mr N Ravi    The Hindu


Mr Riyad Mathew    Malayala Manorama


Mr Aveek Kumar Sarkar    Ananda Bazar Patrika


Mr Shekhar Gupta    Indian Express


Mr Hormusji N Cama    Bombay Samachar


Mr Vijay Kumar Chopra    Hind Samachar


Mr S P Bharucha    Former Chief Justice of India

Mr Fali S Nariman    Legal Luminary

Prof E V Chitnis    Scientist

So,  The Hindu’s editor and a dozen other leading press men are on the board of directors of the very outfit that put out the information that Rajan was an American national (which means citizen).

And what is the rest of the board like?

Out of 12 newspapers or media outfits represented there, fully SIX are based in South India, and all six belong to just two states in the South (Kerala and Tamil Nadu).

Both states are closely tied to the West

1. Through ideology – communist Kerala and corporatist Tamil Nadu

2. Through history – British intervention in South Indian secessionist movements

3. Through the English language – more prevalent in the South than in the North

4. Through finance –  especially in Chennai and Bangalore, the site of massive Western investment

5. Through religion – the church and church related organizations are both wealthy and powerful in Kerala and in Tamil Nadu.

Six newspapers from two states, while the rest of India’s 28 states are represented by one Delhi urban  paper and one Bombay paper run by a Parsi (Parsis as a community have historically been affiliated with the British empire); one international outfit (Bennett Coleman); and just TWO Hindi papers.

The weighting toward Tamil Nadu, the home of the globalist-funded Afro-Dravidian secessionist movement, is striking, and it bolsters Rajiva Malhotra’s thesis in “Breaking India.

After the issue was raised by politicians, Rajan gave an interview in The Hindu (owned by the same N. Ram on the PTI’s board) affirming that he wasn’t an American citizen.

Comments from readers at The Hindu (and you know how they can be manipulated) claim it’s the paranoia, incompetence, and bigotry of the right-wing BJP that’s behind the whole issue.

So how could the  Press Trust of India be associated with any kind of globalist agenda?

Isn’t it just a national outfit?

Back to Wikipedia:

“It [PTI] exchanges information with several other news agencies including 100 news agencies based outside India, such as Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, The New York Times and Bloomberg L.P.. Major Indian subscribers of PTI include The Hindu, Times of India, the Indian Express, the Hindustan Times, the All India Radio and Doordarshan. PTI has offices in Bangkok, Beijing, Colombo, Dubai, Islamabad, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, New York and Washington D.C..[3]

In other words, PTI has a  thoroughly global network, with a distinctly international point of view, at the very least. At worst, it’s a regional mouthpiece for the “international community.”

Whichever the case,  PTI is hardly a disinterested vendor of “news.” After all, what is deemed to be news is, in the first place, a very value-laden and political choice.

More from Wikipedia:

“PTI correspondents are also based in leading capitals and important business and administrative centres around the world. It also has exchange arrangements with several foreign news agencies to magnify its global news footprint.”

In other words, PTI is in business with foreign news agencies, which are, as anti-NWO activists have shown, owned by a small group of Anglo-Zionist business interests, just six companies, in fact.

These are the six, with their most notable properties:

1. General Electric  or GE (owns Universal Pictures, Focus Features)

2. Viacom (owns MTV, NICK JR, BET, CMT, Paramount Pictures)

Majority owner – Sumner Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein)


“Viacom is one of the companies that uses the services of Wiki-PR, a public relations firm specialized in editing of Wikipedia that is accused of subverting Wikipedia content for business interest.[27]”

3. Disney (owns ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, Marvel Studios)

Disney is publicly owned and its CEO was until recently Michael Eisner.

4. Time Warner (owns HBO, Time, Warner Bros, CNN)

Owned by Edgar Bronfman, who until recently (2011) was the CEO.

5. Columbia Broadcast Corporation or CBS (owns Jeopardy, Sixty Minutes, NFL.com (National Football League), Smithsonian Channel, Showtime, Simon & Schuster)

Majority owner – Sumner Rothstein

6. News Corp (owns Fox, Wall Street Journal, New York Post, The Sunday Times, Times Literary Supplement, Dow Jones & Co., HarperCollins)

Created and owned by Rupert Murdoch, in 2012 turned into publicly traded companies, with Murdoch as CEO and with controlling shares.

News Corp owns the top newspapers on three continents (including but not limited to The Wall Street Journal in the US, The Sun in the UK, and The Australian, in Oz.

The 232 executives at these companies control the views of about 277 million people in the US alone, not to mention their enormous influence over the world.

In addition, there are powerful single individuals like Samuel Newhouse, who owns 2 dozen daily newspapers, the publishing companies like Random House, Knopf, Crown, Ballantine, and the Conde Nast group of magazines (including Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, The New Yorker)

The de facto ownership of almost all of these media conglomerates is, at the risk of coming across as anti-Semitic, Jewish and Zionist.

Murdoch, as is well-known, rose to his position with help from the Rothschilds.

[Bronfman has Rothschild ties

The Bronfman family is very active in Zionist causes:

“”The Bronfmans still move in an elegant world where the fabulously rich mingle with the powerful and famous. Edgar Jr.’s aunt Minda married a French banker with Rothschild ties and became a baroness. His father belongs to that small circle of New Yorkers who can get Presidents to answer their telephone calls. Edgar Jr.’s friends include the director Steven Spielberg and Senator Thomas Daschle.

One of the reasons the Bronfman dynasty has retained a glittering aura is that family members, though rich, have never been content to sit on their wealth and watch the world from afar. Edgar Sr. became president of the World Jewish Congress and exposed former United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim’s Nazi past. His brother, Charles, is one of the founders of Birthright Israel, which pays for young Jewish people to visit the country. Now, however, the family may have to scale back its philanthropic endeavors because of what happened to Vivendi. “It hasn’t [affected my charitable giving] yet,” says Edgar Sr. darkly, “but it will.”

Every one of these media conglomerates is thus ultimately associated with the Rothschild (imperial British) entity.

Do you suppose PTI, alone among major international media,  defies the diktat of the press barons of the world? I don’t think so.

Not only that, PTI has its own satellite network according to Wikipedia:

“Press Trust of India is the only news agency in South Asia which operates its own communication satellite , an INSAT , to broadcast news and information.”

So PTI is not just a national outfit. It is a powerful international news outfit, the post-Independence heir to the Rothschild media in India. It has a bevy of Indian editors on board, with a heavy concentration from South India (the locus of foreign investment, as well as of foreign intervention), with strong business ties with the international (that is, Rothschild) press; it has its own satellite network.

Any chance PTI is NOT a globalist mouthpiece?

I’d say none whatsoever.

Now, who is the chairman of PTI?

Wikipedia again:

I”ts current chairman is R Lakshmipathy.

An Economic Times piece describes R. Lakshmipathy, as the publisher of the Tamil daily, Dinamalar, and twice earlier the chairman of PTI.

The chairman before him was M. P. Veerendrakumar, also from a southern state, this time,  Kerala (Matrubhoomi newspaper).

There’s yet another South Indian connection.

All these Tamil papers are strongly supportive of Tamil secession.

Vice chairman Shankthakumar also represents the south, in his case, the Deccan Herald and some Kannada papers.

So PTI is tremendously slanted toward the south and to corporate investment (Chennai and Bangalore).

Tamil Nadu, as I’ve said repeatedly, is the locus for the globalist intervention intended to fracture India. Whatever one thinks of secession, it must be voluntary, not covertly manufactured by people with their own agenda.

Otherwise, its proper name is manipulation and aggression.

Given all this, is the Rajan story just an innocent blunder by the media?

No. To me it looks like a Rothschild psyop intended to discredit any criticism of Rajan as Hindu fundamentalist obfuscation.

The story looks just like the Obama birth certificate story, where the object of the media psyop was to discredit anyone who “fell” for the word of a  racist sheriff, deliberately inserted into public debate by the major media.

[Another example of this kind of media psyop was the Trayvon Martin business, where dozens of libertarian and conservative sites rose to the bait and looked like racists as a result. Of course, a few of them really are, but that’s another story.]

2 thoughts on “NWO Psyop? Reserve Bank Governor affirms Indian citizenship

  1. What is happening is irreversible. Is it good? Probably not. Is there an alternative? I doubt it. The forces at work are too powerful and they think they know what they are doing. Very few people understand the lost science of money and the true nature of reality. Good to be aware, wisdom is the greatest wealth.

  2. I think that is what the NWO would like you to believe. That it is irresistible.
    But it is not.
    Nothing human is.
    And this is a very human group of people.

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