Far Right-Wing Attacks On Refugees Linked To Intel

From the International Business Times:

Expanding far right networks are coordinating arson attacks on refugee hostels in Germany, security experts told Der Spiegel. In recent months there have been escalating numbers of attacks on asylum centres in Germany as well as assaults on refugees. An arson attack on a planned asylum hostel in Nauen on Monday, outside Berlin, was the fifth in the country in a week.

“The continuity and number of attacks can’t be explained except by assuming organized structures,” Fabian Virchow of the Working Unit Neo-Nazism at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, told the magazine.”

The  same piece lists the names  of the right-wing groups that are allegedly involved:

The Third Way:

Third Way (Der III Weg) is a small, much more recent group than the other two groups named below. Perhaps the exposure of the intelligence connections to the other two groups made it necessary to form another “neo-Nazi” group to perpetuate confrontation using the deceptive moniker of a “third” (moderate, in between, centrist) way. “Third way” in other contexts is not on the right at all, but is informed by the communitarian philosophy behind the false-flag anti-NWO “controlled opposition.”

Be that as it may, Der III Weg has come out with a map of all refugee locations, using Google’s MyMaps.

National Democratic Party:

Ynet news.com reports on the trial of neo-Nazis for the murder of 10 people in 2013. The trial revealed that all had ties to the “right-wing” National Democratic Party and that the NDP had multiple contacts with the German intelligence services, the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV). $240000 was paid to the neo-Nazi informer over 18 years. The head of the committee that later looked into the times, Sebastian Edathy, was later tarnished by a child pornography scandal, involving a Canadian company.

The scandal exposed a sprawling web of contacts between the secret services and the far right in which the state systematically exchanged cash for information.

In the case of the NPD, the party was often aware of the informants in its ranks.”


Wayne Madsen, writing in January 2015 well ahead of this unfolding stage-managed clash between migrants/refugees and natives, describes it as a Muslim-themed Operation Gladio (see my piece in 2005 on Gladio)

Big picture of PEGIDA Cologne HERE. See this? Mostly normal Germans. No radicals. But by the time so many ordinary Germans are in the streets, we need to examine why they are there, why the intelligence agencies created PEGIDA as a vessel to harness and steer them and where this is going.

PEGIDA is similar to OWS  (Occupy Wall Street) in construct but far more dangerous. PEGIDA has been created to be a weapon against Muslims and a weapon against large portions of the German population.

Consider the contrived ever-larger protest waves in Europe. Look at the new EUGENDFOR special ops police force in Europe.

This is the logistical framework for big things yet to come. Gladio of the 60s and 70s is back. This time it has a Muslim theme. But the efforts on the ground which are visible are far beyond the Hebdo shooting. There is a huge machine on the ground by multiple intel agencies which I can show you (I plan to post more of this) which is ready for a giant fight between Europeans and their many million Muslim immigrants. This is going to become big and be big for years to come. ”



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