Chinese Flags In Kashmir: Turko-Mongolic Face Of NWO

The appearance of Chinese flags among Muslim separatists in Kashmir show the rank hypocrisy of Islamicist groups there, given that the Uighur Muslims of China suffer an oppression far greater than that imposed on any Indian Muslim:

The presence of Chinese flags in Kashmir is clear indication that a dark movement, to destabilise the region, backed by Pakistan, who in turn is backed by China, is going on in the Valley. India doesn’t have much choice under the circumstances but to crush any such movement before it gets too big to handle.”

I’ve said before that the globalist order is fronted by an ethnically coherent group of Turko-Mongolic lineage, misleadingly called Jewish in common parlance.

In reality, the term Jew is itself a recent coinage. The people of the Old Testament are properly called Hebrews and those with whom the divine Mosaic covenant was made are properly called Israelite.

The term Jew can only be applied to those who lived in the Biblical region of Judea or to the blood descendants of the patriarch Judah.

Modern “Jews,”  being almost entirely neither of these, are better described as a mixture of European and Middle-Eastern and other blood, who, in origin, are a Turko-Mongolic people.

So, it makes sense that the global Sanhedrin would operate through its networks in Turkey and in China.

In the latter, the Sanhedrin operates through the disaffected Uighur Muslims, who call their homeland not by its Mandarin name Xianjiang, but as East Turkestan, betraying that same ancient connection.

In that light, Modi’s elevation of Hindi and Delhi (but not Hinduism as such) becomes notable, because Delhi was the center of the Turkish empires in North India – from the Mameluke and the Khilji in the 13th century AD to the Tughlaq in the 15th century.


6 thoughts on “Chinese Flags In Kashmir: Turko-Mongolic Face Of NWO

  1. Shephardic Jews are Haplogroup J, and Ashkenazi / Levies Jews are Haplogroup R1. Khazaria is a pseudo civilization concocted and manufactured out of nothing. The NWO elites are Haplogroup R1 and not of Mongolian haplogroup. Khazaria never existed, the whole story is a myth.
    They NWO elites are creating a false fictional lineage based on Khazaria to usurp the glory of the ancient Aryans. This fictional ancestry they dream is some sort of combination of the glory of ancient Aryans and mongols ie. Gengis Khan.
    They moved ancient Caucasia which was actually the region of greater Kashmir ( Hindu Kush is still called lesser Caucasia). Conveniently started calling some other mountains near Georgia, Greater Caucasian mountains. Whole geography turned upside down to make their hallucination Khazaria, the cradle of modern man.
    Don’t fall for the Khazaria nonsense.

    • NWO elites are of Turkic origin for sure. However, ethnic lineage or not, there is a Mongolian link through the Khanates…
      I don’t believe that ancient Khazaria is made up. But need to delve into the details more.
      I am quite willing to believe that geography and history might be turned upside down.
      But I am not arguing that Khazaria is the origin of Judaic (genuine) history, only of a large part of modern Jews.

  2. Continued…
    I agree with everything else you wrote. Muslims in Kashmir consider non muslims as Kafirs, people who they have thrown out completely from Kashmir. Not a crocodile tear is shed for the Kafirs but then they Kashmiri Muslims want all human rights for themselves. That is the hypocrisy of Kashmiri muslims. You can’t talk about freedom when you yourself are planning a theocratic totalitarian state. Chinese flags are a sign of my enemies enemy is my friend.

    • Khazars were Aryans…but I am saying NW0 elites mixed with and worked with Mongols..hence some heritage there..but I admit I need to research the details

      • No such thing as Khazaria ever existed. Whole concept a recent concoction. A flash civilization suddenly appears and then disappears, all signs of vested interest. Modus operandi pretty standard, throw in some coins, a few bones, a few inscriptions and let your appointed chairs in your universities then churn out paper after paper and create fact out of fiction.

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