Pro-Jallikattu Protest Hijacked By Violent Groups

This Hindustan Times report confirms some of the theories I’ve floated about the “Tamil Spring” Jallikattu protests.

It turns out they were well-organized; they did spring from deeper discontents than Jallikattu alone; there were secessionist, communal, and anti-national groups intent on sabotaging them; there is friction between the Tamil identity parties themselves:

One group of protesters ran inside the Parthasarathy Temple close to the beach and rolled a Sintex water tank towards the police. A car was set on fire. Mob frenzy was at its peak as protesters set fire to vehicles at will.Unverified videos of policemen damaging vehicles and setting fire to an auto rickshaw too began doing the rounds on social media. The city commissioner of police, S George, denied any use of force, saying those videos were morphed, at a press meet on January 23.

Around midnight, police had to fire blanks in the air in the heart of the city to disperse rowdy elements. According to the Chennai police, over 50 people were injured, 40 police personnel wounded and 400 police vehicles and a police station torched.

……..By 20th January, senior police officials had begun murmuring about “anti-social elements” and “fringe groups”.

“This is too organised,” said one senior police official at the time. “There are people making arrangements for food and water in a very systematic manner. In the beginning, there were only a small group of people belonging to fundamentalist Islamic groups. I saw them on the first day. There are students here now, but there is a group of people working quietly behind the scenes, and this includes extreme Left wing groups and the pro-Tamil groups,” he said.

These suspicions were further confirmed by January 21. Speaking to Hindustan Times, one of the key protesters for Jallikattu, Tirupur-based Karthikeyan Sivasenapathy, managing trustee of the Senapathy Kangeyam Cattle Research Foundation, said that genuine student protests had been hijacked by fringe elements. “By the evening of 22nd January, most of the students had left,” claimed Sivasenapathy.

“Most villagers and students in Madurai left for home by the morning of 23rd January,” said another senior police officer. “What followed was a crackdown on the combined strength of members of extreme Left-wing outfits, communal outfits, members of some political parties and pro-Tamil outfits. In fact, we have only recently received intelligence that many of these groups met in Coimbatore at least three months ago to plan a situation like this,” he said. Three police officers confirmed this separately to this reporter…….

Sources within the bureaucracy also say that these intelligence inputs did not reach the chief minister. Due to a deepening power struggle between AIADMK general secretary VK Sasikala and CM OPS, the intelligence inputs are reportedly going to Sasikala, bypassing Panneerselvam. Chennai, as a result, witnessed violence like never before.Hijacking a protest?

…..By January 2016, the movement demanding Jallikattu had garnered a lot of attention, especially through social media. By June 2016, a music video composed and released by Adhi, linking Jallikattu with Tamil pride went viral, with over six million views on YouTube.

“Adhi’s music video was not just about Tamil pride but also about organic farming and native breeds,” said Sivasenapathy. “All political parties in Tamil Nadu failed to see the huge resentment among the people, and Jallikattu caught their imagination. People are fed up with the system and the leaders,” he said.

With the Supreme Court upholding the ban on the sport in November 2016 and again refusing to announce its verdict before Pongal (usually on 14th January), tempers flared.

As protests continued, the team of three who appeared to be the “leaders” of the movement were called by the state and Centre for talks on how to resolve the situation. Sivasenapathy, Rajasekar and Adhi were flown to Delhi where they met with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, home minister Rajnath Singh and other officials on January 20. A draft ordinance was quickly prepared and the Centre, the President and the Tamil Nadu governor approved and signed it by January 21. The decks were cleared for Jallikattu, at least for this year.

A change in mood

Sivasenapathy claims that when he returned to Marina Beach on January 21 to deliver the good news to protesters that they had won the battle, the mood was palpably different…

Thirumurugan Gandhi of the May 17 movement, a small organisation championing a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, now addressed the crowd. “This protest is not just for the single demand for Jallikattu, but about the excesses of the state and Central governments. No one was able to do anything about it all this while. Students are joining this protest to express their opposition to such authoritarian actions.” Gandhi was not available for comment despite multiple attempts to reach him.

Gandhi went on to attack the NDA, and the AIADMK (All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam) government in the state. “The state and Centre are working together to bring in anti-people schemes like the Neutrino project and the methane gas scheme in the Delta areas. If Neutrino project is implemented, the final sufferers will be the people and the farmers. They will commit suicide. Students must give voice for all this too,” he urged students to continue their protests.

An alarmed Sivasenapathy and Adhi then held a press conference on January 22, distancing themselves from the protests, alleging that “vested interests” had entered what was a movement by students. “The victory belongs to students alone,” said Adhi. “There are some other organisations that have wormed their way into these protests. Traffic is being regulated by youngsters, garbage is being collected by youngsters and food is being provided by them. But small gangs of people from outside are coming in vehicles — one group is saying Muslims are being targeted, another group says Hindus are being targeted and then they clash. One gang is raising the national flag, another gang is saying ban Pepsi and Coke and pouring it on the ground…..Another senior police official who did not want to be named said that anti-Modi slogans and anti-PETA slogans were being injected into the protests by these groups.

Take for instance the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political front for the Popular Front of India (PFI), an organisation with its roots in Kerala that has taken extremist and communal turns on various social issues. SDPI cadre was part of the protests from the very first day, ensuring that food supply continued throughout the week-long action. “The Centre has full rights and powers to ensure that Jallikattu happens,” said Syed Ibrahim Gani of the SDPI in Chennai. “The BJP leaders here and at the national level all speak different things. What is their stand?” Gani also said that blankets, clothes and food were provided by the organisation and its affiliates. “All Islamic organisations supplied food. It is part of our religion and concept,” he said.

When asked for his reaction about the police’s allegations that fringe elements had hijacked the students’ protests, Gani preferred to remain silent.”

Subramanian Swamy, an alleged Mossad disinformation outlet, has suggested that ISI (Pakistan’s spy agency) might be behind the provocateurs at the pro-Jallikattu protests:

“President’s Rule necessary. CRPF, BSF and Army must be mobilised for strike. It is now or never to recover TN from Naxals & Jehadis & Porkis,” Sawmy wrote in Twitter. In this tweet, he contradicted his earlier position where he asked for Sasikala Natarajan to be made the Chief Minister of the state in place of incumbent O. Panneerselvam. “Sasikala should take over. NRH Natarajan be kept far away from power. Panneer (O. Panneerselvam) is a good man but the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” Swamy, a Tamil himself, had tweeted earlier. Later, speaking with India Today, Swamy said that the sudden violence in Chennai was actually triggered by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. “Genuine agitators have dispersed. The main organiser said he is leaving Marina. Today there are people with Prabhakaran’s and Hafiz Sayeed’s posters. This is now an ISI-financed agitation,” Swamy said.

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7 thoughts on “Pro-Jallikattu Protest Hijacked By Violent Groups

  1. There will always be people with opposite views. There will always be antinational elements. N Delhi has been sleeping. Still sleeping.

  2. “Hijacked” by people who wanted a stop to coal bed methane extraction in Cauvery basin, by those who wanted to avoid Pepsi and Coke, by those who were against PETA, by those who were against excesses of State and Central govts, who want to control every aspect of everyones lives? These agitators then quickly morphed into “Naxals, Jihadis and Porkis”?

    Very interesting!

    • I think the initial protestors were interested in those larger corporate issues. The organizers look like long-term activists. I think there were others who came onto the scene later – waving Prabhakaran’s photo or Osama’s – who were in fact extreme left and secessionist. The analysis in the article is quite compelling. You have to look at the fact that the AIDMK was not favorable to the LTTE in Amma’s time either. It was only parts of the DMK that were. It is DMK’s Stalin who is accusing the police of initiating the violence and he has every reason to, if he thinks that Tamil identity can be a good electoral strategy, right?

      Police brutality should be condemned but you know someone torched that police station and the evidence seems to suggest it wasn’t the police.

      On the other hand, I did feel that Paneerselvam and the center were coordinating quite nicely…also, anti-Modi posters or anti-Peta posters seem OK to me. They belong to a different category from Osama and Prabhakaran.

      So, I think both sides have some points..

      • I think Tamil identity politics is irrelevant today, and it was irrelevant even during peak support for LTTE during Indira Gandhi’s days. There was and is, close to zero support for independent Tamil Nadu. A proud Tamilian is a proud Indian, a proud Kannadiga or proud Telugu or proud Bengali, is a proud Indian.

        But an “Indian” emasculated under the reign of an “emperor”, ready to be finger-printed and subject to surveillance by the technocratic state, ready to go for cashlessness, ready to be injected by vaccines in a synchronized assault, for minor illnesses of no consequence (, ready to give up traditional sports (that kept men, women, the fields, and cattle healthy), ready to cook with coconut oil with (E319, TBHQ, tertiary butylhydroquinone) under directions of FSSAI, …
        None of the above actions have come from native intelligence of the people of Bharat. They have been imposed as a synchronized assault, by foreign agencies, using strategically placed idiots in government, and the central bank. The boot is on the other foot, not on imagined “Naxals, Jihadis and Porkis”.

        But take the above statement and previous comment as tongue in cheek, as I am in the last stages of enslaving myself to the supreme technocratic state, controlled from elsewhere 😉

        • Agreed that there is little general public support for a secessionist Tamil Nadu.
          That is my point.
          However, there are plenty of secessionist groups and extremists, including members of the DMK. Yes, the Tamil identity movement was funded and manipulated from abroad.
          However, the original protest itself was a bit suspect, in my opinion.

          As I blogged before, when has a mass protest been so suspiciously well-coordinated and why would IT professionals with foreign contacts and Westernized student groups, with self-conscious Tamil identity clothes (black), represent a rural sport, not well-known outside villages?

          Why did they use the UN mandate as their starting point?
          Why did so many of the diasporic Tamil groups that supported LTTE end up supporting Jallikattu as well?
          Why did the media spend a lot of time telling us it was undirected, when, within a few days, the names of the organizers had come out?

          There are lots of splinter groups not representative of the people in general, who DO in fact want a separate TN.

          But I think the original pro-J protests smack of being an NGO supported color revolution, with Central support (hence the strictures against anti-MODI and anti-PETA slogans). I saw it as a kind of controlled opposition to raise the issue of Tamil identity and the North-South divide, as a locus for intervention by the center or, more accurately, by transnational bureaucrats… just as a few years ago, the anti-corruption movement got hijacked by Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, and eventually the Lokpal.

          So, yes, I agree that this is something coordinated from abroad.

          But I disagree that Naxals, Jihadis and Porkis are imagined.
          They do exist and the globalists use them and play them off the mainstream.
          There are real jihadis and secessionists. And they are constantly fueled by the intelligence agencies. To say they don’t exist is not exact, IMHO.

  3. THIS MIGHT JUST BE SHEER COINCIDENCE… But in September 2015, Microsoft India released a report on how they experimented with “Crowd Mobilization” via mobile phone and social media in Tamil Nadu and Delhi. The experiment was modeled around work done earlier by DARPA. The report with its vague and amorphous objectives and conclusions is available here (pdf)

    Remember, Nachiket Mor Country Director of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation India is from TN. (Btw, I want to thank you for bringing up that name.)

    Nachiket Mor, it would seem, is both omniscient, omnipresent, and yet invisible!!!

    He was in the TAGUP Committee headed by Nanadan Nilekani which brought up the idea of monopolistic NIUs (National Information Utilities) to leverage Aadhaar. He was, of course, head of the RBI’s Mor Committee which brought out the report laid the roadmap for “cashless payment economy” in India. And he is currently sitting on the board of the RBI and as Director of BMGF.

    It would be really interesting to know whose hands are up this sock puppet!

    • Brilliant! NOT A COINCIDENCE That fits the bill alright.
      I will post it.
      Of course, Bill Enghadl and whoever else will probably now pick up that link and put it in the mouth of someone else..

      Oh well. Doing the work of the Lord ain’t easy and no one ever said it would be.

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