Bharara’s Israeli & Pakistani In-Laws (Update 1/23/14)

UPDATE (1/23/14)

According to this site, Bharara’s net worth is approximately $1 million and his annual salary is approximately $200,000? No references or explanations about where they got those figures.

Not sure…

UPDATE (1/23/14):

Bharara was naturalized in 1980, along with his parents.

(He would have been 12 at the time. He emigrated from India to the US in 1970, when he was 2).

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The surprises never end:

Preet Bharara is not only half-Sikh, he is married to a woman whose father  is Pakistani and whose mother is Israeli.

That makes Bharara’s three children Jewish (Jewish ethnic descent is through the mother’s line).

Q: Does Bharara’s wife have/retain Israeli citizenship?

Why is this line of reasoning important?

Because Sikh militants have had close ties with Pakistan’s intelligence, ISI.

And, the ISI is reportedly trying to revive Sikh militancy within India, where it has subsided, even while it has grown outside India, because of funding by third-parties.


“The minister [R.P.N. Sing] said the National Investigation Agency has been investigating into the funding of the banned Babbar Khalsa International (BKI).

Singh said the NIA has registered a case against Punjab-based operatives of BKI based on the allegation that they are receiving funds from UK-based BKI operatives to commit terrorist acts in India with active material and logistic support from Pakistan-based BKI leaders.” (Times of India, August 13, 2013)

Furthermore, Mossad reportedly helped create the Sikh militant movement directing it through an old-boy network of Sikhs in the Indian army.

Here are more details:

New York Times, Aug 9, 2009:

“His [Bharara] father, a Sikh, and his mother, who was Hindu, were born in what is now Pakistan, before India and Pakistan were separate countries.

In the violent migration that occurred after the 1947 partition, his father and mother both moved to the Indian side, with their families losing property and most of their possessions, Mr. Bharara has said.

His wife’s father, a Muslim, also moved, from the Indian side into Pakistan, also losing his home “and much, much more,” as Mr. Bharara put it. And his wife’s mother was born in Palestine, after her father, who was Jewish, escaped with his family from Nazi Germany.”

Bharara, the son of a Sikh doctor from Amritsar, which was the site of the Golden Temple massacre, is married into a Pakistani-Israeli/Ashkenazi family.

That alone should set off alarm bells.

But, in addition, the whole Devyani Khobragade incident seems to have had the support of a radical Sikh campaign against Indian sovereignty.

Indian intelligence has unearthed Mossad/Israeli agents have been making contacts with radical Islamic groups, as well as with the radical left, in Kochi, in Kerala state (from where the diplomat’s maid is alleged to have come).

Perhaps action, not just alarm, is warranted.

Does Preet Bharara have ties to the Khalistani movement?

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