Fannie CEO Raines’ Emissions Patent Would Make Millions From Cap-n-Trade

From Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, June 18, 2010:

“Former Clinton and Obama budget adviser Franklin Raines owns a key carbon-emissions patent he developed as CEO of the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae, positioning him and his partners to make millions of dollars if it is used in any carbon-capping scheme implemented by the Obama administration. Continue reading

BP Oil Spill Aids Expansion Of Regulatory Police State

The New York Times (June 11, 2010) reports on the failure of a republican effort to block the EPA (environmental protection agency) in its efforts to regulate carbon emissions as a health hazard to humans

“Senate Republicans failed yesterday to halt the Obama administration’s plan to regulate greenhouse gases, engulfing the chamber in a sprawling daylong debate that bounced from climate skepticism to posters of dead birds smeared in oil. Continue reading