Bitcoins – Coins For the Cryptocracy

People all over the political spectrum are pushing bitcoins again.

I explained earlier why I felt you should avoid them. When I did, I withheld any reasoning except the most logical and self-evident.

Short version:

You can accomplish everything that bitcoins can achieve with good old cash. And you don’t need electricity, internet, computers, devices, and security software when you use cash.

Second, if governments hate cash for its secrecy, why are they ignoring or pushing cryptocurrencies, which are supposedly even more secretive?

Makes no sense, does it?

The problem with bitcoins is they provide a solution for what isn’t a problem.

Secrecy isn’t a problem.

Secrecy can be achieved as is, if you set your mind on it.

The real problem is that every increase in secrecy augments the power of the cryptocracy – the unholy alliance of the spy agencies, criminals, and criminal financial cartels.

These are the forces that actually control our lives.

The criminal ruling class loves bitcoin because they know they have the power to exploit it fully. The ordinary chump just thinks he does.

As for Satoshi Nakamto, there’s no such person. It’s a made-up name, even though it has a meaning. A sinister one that gives the game away.

Don’t let clever people fool you into thinking it’s a real person.

They are probably being compensated for saying so.

Remember, practically every political site of any size on the web is in bed with intelligence. When they are not, they get pruned regularly.

Just see what happened to me here.

Bitcoin comes out of Israeli cryptographic research. The details I don’t know, but that’s generally accurate.

It’s not about saving anyone. It’s about enacting the kabbalist’s vision on earth.

That vision demands that the Anglo-Judaic Western powers rule the world through decentralized systems.

Those who are pushing bitcoin are on board that agenda.

I am too busy recovering from the latest body-blow from the cryptocracy to spell it out better just now.

But I will get to it.

If you want to gamble, go ahead.

But if you adopt bitcoins because you think your life will become opaque to the powers-that-be, you might want to rethink that.

The only way to hide anything done on your computer is to turn it off, smash the hard drive into metal dust, and throw it into a nuclear waste site.

But even then, there are still the servers and the other fellows’ computers.

Not to mention advances in technology or mathematics that will turn bitcoins invulnerability into mush.
















25 Reasons To Be Glad To Be In America


Right now, in this country, even with all its problems,

1. You can buy a condo on a lake for under $15,000.

2. You can buy a house in a good neighborhood that needs a little work for $25,000. You can buy a trailer for under $1000.

3. You can sell unskilled or semi-skilled labor for $12-$20 an hour.

4. You can pay little or no taxes on a wage of under $35,000, if you go into business for yourself, know how to structure it, and are the head of a household with children.

5. You can earn a money-making qualification online for less than $1000, and you can get the money for it, if you don’t have it. You can pay it back on time after your graduate. You can learn how to fix anything in your house that doesn’t need a license, by watching a You-Tube video.  You can learn any language online, for free. You can learn to play a musical instrument for free, and you can record and play your own tapes for free.

6. You can fly to a foreign country and back for under $100, if you know where to look and when.

7. You can buy a fresh loaf of bread, a big bag of crackers, a big bottle of shampoo/detergent, a box of pasta, each for $1.

8. If you bought items in bulk and with coupons, you could even get them for less. And if you cooked your own food and kept it very basic, you could feed yourself for under $50/mth.  Even less, if you fish or have a little garden.

9. You can get a gym membership for $10/mth. You can create a home gym for under $10.

10. Most of the people who were foreclosed on didn’t have much money in their homes. Those that did have the means to sue, a legal system they can use without putting up a dime, and a free PR machine on the web with tools like blogger and wordpress.

11. You can rent a room in any city for $250/mth or even less, if you do some chores. You can live for free if you do housework, or can take care of older folks.  You can rent a trailer for a month for under $300.

12. You can buy a computer for under $200, brand new. Second-hand computers that are functional can be bought for under $100. You can use a computer for free for an hour or more in any library.

13. You can get access to sophisticated hospitals and treatment for an insurance payment of about $100/mth. It’s not full coverage, but it will cover your for emergencies. You can get an alternative consultation for $50. A bottle of vitamins is less than $8. You can buy herbal remedies for even less. You can get excellent health advice free on dozens of internet sites. You can learn yoga online without paying a dime.

14. You can buy a functioning car for under $500.

15. You can borrow money at under 5% for most things and you can structure and restructure your finance in dozens of creative ways to save you money

16. You can buy a stock for $7.

17. You can educate yourself completely free at a good public library, available in any town.

18. You can read practically any classic book in the world on the net, for free.

19. You can make your own movies or documentaries for next to nothing on You-tube.

20. If you have a brilliant idea, you can get someone somewhere interested enough to pay you to develop it.

21. You can work at home and make $15,000/yr with minimal skills, if you don’t mind clerical work.

22.  If you are out of luck, you can get meals and a place to sleep for free, for at least a week, in almost any city in the country. You can buy a presentable work outfit at a thrift store for under $5.

23. Almost anywhere you can find a church or a shelter to feed you and help you find a job, even if you just came out of prison.

24. You can phone anywhere in the US for free on a computer. You can get a basic internet line for $20/mth. Or you can get free wi-fi at dozens of cafes and libraries in any city. You can sit in them and enjoy their facilities, their electricity, and AC and heat for free, day after day, and no one will question you.

25. You can go to sleep every night in peace and quiet, with no airplanes and bombers flying overhead. You breathe clean air. The phone and internet work well almost all the time. The buses run on time. The trains run on time. Taxis are cheap in most cities. So are buses. You can travel anywhere in the country by bus.

World Gold Council, Rothschild-backed Fund Buy Stakes In BullionVault

London’s BullionVault, an Agora friend and possible partner/affiliate, and,  so far as I know, a very reputable firm has recently announced that the World Gold Council and Augmentum Capital (backed by Jacob Rothschild’s RIT Capital) has bought stakes in it, in return for a 12.5 million P. investment. I must say I’m not too happy about the news and may look into James Turk’s Gold Money as an alternative. The World Gold Council has been an integral part of the gold-suppression scheme that is at the heart of the financialization of the economy from 1970 onward. (Full disclosure: I have an account at BV). Continue reading

Fannie CEO Raines’ Emissions Patent Would Make Millions From Cap-n-Trade

From Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, June 18, 2010:

“Former Clinton and Obama budget adviser Franklin Raines owns a key carbon-emissions patent he developed as CEO of the government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae, positioning him and his partners to make millions of dollars if it is used in any carbon-capping scheme implemented by the Obama administration. Continue reading