Far Right-Wing Attacks On Refugees Linked To Intel

From the International Business Times:

Expanding far right networks are coordinating arson attacks on refugee hostels in Germany, security experts told Der Spiegel. In recent months there have been escalating numbers of attacks on asylum centres in Germany as well as assaults on refugees. An arson attack on a planned asylum hostel in Nauen on Monday, outside Berlin, was the fifth in the country in a week.

“The continuity and number of attacks can’t be explained except by assuming organized structures,” Fabian Virchow of the Working Unit Neo-Nazism at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, told the magazine.”

The  same piece lists the names  of the right-wing groups that are allegedly involved:

The Third Way:

Third Way (Der III Weg) is a small, much more recent group than the other two groups named below. Perhaps the exposure of the intelligence connections to the other two groups made it necessary to form another “neo-Nazi” group to perpetuate confrontation using the deceptive moniker of a “third” (moderate, in between, centrist) way. “Third way” in other contexts is not on the right at all, but is informed by the communitarian philosophy behind the false-flag anti-NWO “controlled opposition.”

Be that as it may, Der III Weg has come out with a map of all refugee locations, using Google’s MyMaps.

National Democratic Party:

Ynet news.com reports on the trial of neo-Nazis for the murder of 10 people in 2013. The trial revealed that all had ties to the “right-wing” National Democratic Party and that the NDP had multiple contacts with the German intelligence services, the Bundesamt fur Verfassungsschutz (BfV). $240000 was paid to the neo-Nazi informer over 18 years. The head of the committee that later looked into the times, Sebastian Edathy, was later tarnished by a child pornography scandal, involving a Canadian company.

The scandal exposed a sprawling web of contacts between the secret services and the far right in which the state systematically exchanged cash for information.

In the case of the NPD, the party was often aware of the informants in its ranks.”


Wayne Madsen, writing in January 2015 well ahead of this unfolding stage-managed clash between migrants/refugees and natives, describes it as a Muslim-themed Operation Gladio (see my piece in 2005 on Gladio)

Big picture of PEGIDA Cologne HERE. See this? Mostly normal Germans. No radicals. But by the time so many ordinary Germans are in the streets, we need to examine why they are there, why the intelligence agencies created PEGIDA as a vessel to harness and steer them and where this is going.

PEGIDA is similar to OWS  (Occupy Wall Street) in construct but far more dangerous. PEGIDA has been created to be a weapon against Muslims and a weapon against large portions of the German population.

Consider the contrived ever-larger protest waves in Europe. Look at the new EUGENDFOR special ops police force in Europe.

This is the logistical framework for big things yet to come. Gladio of the 60s and 70s is back. This time it has a Muslim theme. But the efforts on the ground which are visible are far beyond the Hebdo shooting. There is a huge machine on the ground by multiple intel agencies which I can show you (I plan to post more of this) which is ready for a giant fight between Europeans and their many million Muslim immigrants. This is going to become big and be big for years to come. ”



In Germany, Over 150 Arson Attacks Against Refugees

From a Reuters report in July 2015:

“I feel shame for the hatred of foreigners out there on the streets of Germany,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday after the Interior Ministry reported a near doubling of attacks on shelters to 150 in the first half of this year. There were 170 attacks in all of 2014.

Before dawn on Saturday, arsonists torched a shelter in the southwestern town of Remchingen, causing 70,000 euros in damages, just hours before assailants fired guns at the windows of another shelter in the eastern town of Boehlen near Leipzig.

In the Bavarian town of Vorra, an empty shelter was set on fire last week and swastikas were found painted on the wall.

There have been similar attacks in the eastern towns of Freital, Meissen and Troeglitz that prevented refugees from moving in.

In the northeastern city of Rostock on Sunday, police had to resort to tear gas to fight off right-wing extremists who had attacked a group of refugees from Albania andEgypt during a village festival.

Justice Minister Maas told Bild newspaper that aside from the “irrational fears and violence” against refugees in Germany, he has also seen an outpouring of compassion for their plight as well. An opinion poll in April showed 50 percent of Germans want their country to take in even more refugees.

Germany struggled with racist violence for several years during the economic upheaval that followed unification in 1990. Some 186 foreigners were killed.

Then, as now, critics assailed the government for failing to move quickly and decisively enough against the violence, and of indirectly encouraging attacks through inaction or, worse, populist comments against foreigners who abused asylum policies.

“The government doesn’t have a coherent strategy and some politicians, especially on the right, are making the situation worse with incendiary comments and actions,” Hajo Funke, a political scientist at Berlin’s Free University, told Reuters.

Bavarian state premier Horst Seehofer and his Christian Social Union (CSU), the conservative sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), have called this week for quick deportations of people from Balkan countries that Germany no longer dangerous enough to warrant asylum.

“The right’s populist ideas are spreading like wildfire in the CSU and it’s extremely dangerous,” Funke said, noting that lethal fire bombings in the early 1990s often followed provocative rhetoric by anti-immigrant politicians that Germans call “geistige Brandstiftung” (“mental arson”).

More than twice as many refugees are expected in Germany this year than the 200,000 who sought shelter here last year. Of the 85,394 arrivals in the first quarter alone, most came from Kosovo, Syria, Serbia, Albania, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In poor regions of Germany, fears of competition from refugees for state resources are high. In well-off areas, fears of falling property values or a rise in crime also fuel protests and resistance to new shelters being created.”


Orthodox Warning About False NWO Opposition

Update 2: 10/13/15

As I’d begun to suspect (see update 1 below), there is something amiss here and despite the correct assessment of disinformation in Western alternative media, the Orthodox Father must himself be looked at with reserve. It turns out, from my research so far, that he was charged by several sources with the abuse of young men and was forced to leave his post for disobedience, without any comment on the underlying charges.

This is not the first serious critic of the powers-that-be who has ended up tarred with sex abuse allegations that are unclear. One doesn’t know whether Podmoshensky was simply slandered in order to discredit him because of his activism or whether he was chosen to disseminate anti-NWO views, because it was known that he was a sexual predator and that would serve to discredit those views ultimately. This is the same issue that rises with Eustace Mullins, who turns out to have had a long interaction with the FBI.  it is the same kind of thing we find in many patriot and right-wing circles, which turn out to be fully in bed with the intelligence agencies.

Yet another instance when a little sense of unease turned out to be predict a larger problem accurately.

UPDATE, September 10, 2015 @ 17:12:01

I see an approving reference to Jonathan Cahn, who has been hyping the shemitah judgment on the US, which several Christian sites have thoroughly debunked, not least for the reason that the Shemitah had to do with a covenanted nation – Ancient Israel – not the US.

The site talks about the dangers of Christian Socialism, identifying it with the red dragon and it talks about the New Age and ecumenism as dangerous.

Fair enough.

But now that people are grasping the idea that there is a fake NWO-resistance, it will not be long before that too is co-opted.

So reader beware.


It warms my heart to think that there are religious who take the time to understand the nuances of politics and the fake opposition that is deceiving so many anti-war or anti-empire people.

Here, Father Herman Podmonshenksy of Orthodox Australia talks about the real NWO that will rise from the fake anti-NWO resistance.

And, he too sees through Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and the rest – all theater for the home crowd and smoke-and-mirrors for outsiders:

Harlan K. Ullman, the principal author of the “shock and awe” doctrine and current Chairman of the Killowen Group which advises government leaders, who also writes for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.


In an article entitled War on Terror Is not the Only Threat, Ullman asserts that, “tectonic changes are reshaping the international geostrategic system,” arguing that it’s not military superpowers like China but “non-state actors” like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and anonymous hackers who pose the biggest threat to the “365 year-old Westphalian system” because they are encouraging individuals to become self-empowered, eviscerating state control.

“Very few have taken note and fewer have acted on this realization,” notes Ullman, lamenting that “information revolution and instantaneous global communications” are thwarting the “new world order” announced by U.S. President George H.W. Bush more than two decades ago.

In a similar article, Brzezinski, a co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, seems to decry the ‘Global Political Awakening’ which “is making the Syrian war difficult”.


This is not the first time Brzezinski “denounces” the global awakening:


So here we have it all, the plan in plain view – the elites are seen loosing control and their NWO plan derailed  by the rebels – just like in Star Wars.

No dear Orthodox brothers and sisters, it is not that simple. As much as they would like us to believe that this is the case, the real NWO Bush was referring to, when he talked about forging “a new world order where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations”, is not about what the think-tank is suggesting, that is just the diversion. The real new world order will come about from this resistance movement that is carefully orchestrated by the same powers of darkness.

Yes, the coming world-wide tyranny under the “current” NWO is to be denounced and its true nature needs to be exposed, but we should not loose sight of what “the other hand” is doing.

Unfortunately every single member of the alternative media that have been warning about the impeding catastrophe, be it Alex Jones, David Icke, Glenn Beck etc, they are all identifying the current elites and the current NWO as the prime “enemy”, and see the resistance movement as the way to conquering it, but they give no thought to the possibility that the whole NWO thing being a diversion for the real NWO George Bush talked about – which will bring about a “more just system”. They all see these sort of news of the elite being defeated as battles won in their long war, not thinking that the victories may not be theirs at all.

It is really hard for anyone in the west, which has been under Catholic and Protestant chiliastic influences for centuries, to really see the deception, and pause for a second and take a look at the whirlpool that sucks everything in. It is hard for them to see the deception because they do not put Christ first, rather they see themselves as fighters for freedom for the sake of freedom, not understanding that the real freedom only comes from God as a gift for righteousness and repentance.

The real NWO is being prepared in secret and will be revealed by bringing the antichrist to the world scene as a liberator from the rising tyranny and coming wars, and will most likely be a leader of this movement of “awakening”. As our Holy Fathers have said, the antichrist will be Orthodox which is why the deception will be complete. He will be Orthodox, but of the World Orthodoxy – the ecumenist Orthodoxy.

Therefore we would like to ask you, our reader, to please take a moment and read some of our other related articles, and if you think that what is written here is true, help spread the message before it is too late.”


Trump: US Should Take In Syrian Refugees

Morally, Trump is actually right on this.  But does it make any kind of sense to aid and abet ISIS, and then say that Syrian refugees should come here?

What sense does it  make to grand-stand on Mexican refugees and then bring in Syrians?

If there are fears of ISIS penetration in Europe, what about here in the US? [Whatever you think about ISIS….]

My solution would be for the US to help/fund the resettlement of Syrian Muslim refugees in Muslim countries and Syrian Christian refugees in Christian countries like Armenia or Georgia.

BBC News:

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has asked governments around the world to resettle 130,000 Syrians by the end of 2016. In past conflicts, the US has typically taken half of the UNHCR request.

“On a humanitarian basis, something does have to be done,” Mr Trump said.

“It’s a serious problem. We haven’t seen anything like it since the second world war, and it’s getting worse and worse”.

When asked whether he thought they should be allowed in the US, the business mogul said: “I hate the concept of it, but on a humanitarian basis, with what’s happening, you have to.”

He added: “It’s living in hell in Syria. They are living in hell.”

Isis Embedded 4000 Gunmen Among Migrants?

From the Express.co.uk:

The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had been smuggled into western nations – hidden amongst innocent refugees.The ISIS smuggler, who is in his thirties and is described as having a trimmed jet-black beard, revealed the ongoing clandestine operation is a complete success.”Just wait,” he smiled.The Islamic State operative spoke exclusively to BuzzFeed on the condition of anonymity and is believed to be the first to confirm plans to infiltrate western countries.”
We know now that ISIS has been aided and abetted by the CIA.

[This is from Wikileaks, so I am delinking it. It is not necessary to go to WL because there is ample whistle-blower testimony to the fact. Besides, common-sense will tell you as much, given the surveillance apparatus in use now and the known history of the CIA.]

We have claims of social-media revolutionaries embedded among the refugees.

Multiple unusual and unusually large military drills have been running concurrently this summer all over the world.

Jade Helm 15 is one of them, and it is running in the US in the south, emphasizing special operations inside enemy territory.