Soros Outfits Behind Indian Diplomat Anti-Trafficking Case


I have said that the Devyani Khobragade case has all the ear-marks of a set-up:

From a previous post Rothschild Banks Behind NGO’s Helping Maid:

“Bharara is an approved Rothschild enforcer and part of the NY/NJ political machinery.
Safe Horizon the NGO behind the maid, is the largest victims services groups in the US. Its board of directors are officers of several Rothschild cartel banks.
Dana Sussman, the attorney from there who is representing the maid, is a gender feminist and abortion rights activist with a history of litigating discrimination claims. Her law firm was the same one that handled the previous diplomat forced-labor case. In that one, the maid changed her story several times and retracted half the charges. Safe Horizon is embedded in the NY city government.”

Now to be more specific. Here are some facts that bolster the theory that the whole Devyani Khobragade case was set up from the beginning.

I’m reposting this blog-post from a few days back, with footnotes and links. I’ll be adding to the evidence shortly.


By now, everyone knows that on December 13, 2013, an Indian diplomat, Devyani Khobragade, was arrested and strip-searched by New York police on charges that she failed to pay her Indian maid minimum wage and lied about it to the US government.
In the Western media the diplomat Devyani Khobragade was treated as a poster-child for the latest human-rights cause celebre, transnational human-trafficking.

However, a closer reading of media reports suggests that the case was set up from the beginning and may well be a part of an organized attempt by the Western elites to destabilize India, in their ongoing attempt to replace nation-states around the world with transnational bureaucracies under their own direction.

Here’s the evidence so far:

A. The activists advocating for the maid are part of a very well-financed, ideologically left-wing, transnational network.

The maid’s lawyer Dana Sussman works in the anti-trafficking program of a New York outfit called Safe-Horizon, the largest victims services outfit in the US. Its directors include representative of the leading multinational financial institutions and corporations in the US, including UBS, JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, and Calvin Klein. (1)

The anti-trafficking program at Safe Horizon was started by Florrie Burke, “a consultant on Human Trafficking and modern day slavery to both governmental and non-governmental agencies.” (2)

Ms. Burke is also on the steering committee of the New York Anti-Trafficking Network and chairman emeritus of the Freedom Network, a coalition of 35 experts and NGOs across the nation, which styles itself the only national group to adopt a “rights-based framework” for its efforts. (3)

The 2013 -2014 policy committee of the Freedom Network is co-chaired by Naomi Tsu of the Southern Poverty Law Center and Dana Sussman, the maid’ lawer, from Safe-Horizon. (4)

The SPLC, once a well-regarded civil rights organization, is increasingly regarded as a biased and selective enforcer of left-wing ideology, known for over-the-top characterizations of its ideological foes. (5)

This should lay to rest any idea that Dana Sussman is just a lawyer defending a client. She is instead a prominent activist, paid by the biggest victims services Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the USA and, thus, in the world.

B The Anti-trafficking network has the backing of major corporate and financial leaders.

Safe Horizon not only has the backing of major banks and corporate bosses in the US, it is embedded in the NY city government through its court-based victims services programs.  (6) New York’s government is the most important local government in the US, since New York is the financial capital of the nation and the home of many international bodies, including the United Nations.

C. The Freedom Network has taken a vociferous and one-sided stance on behalf of the Khobragade maid, as evident from letters on its site, such as the following:

“An Open Letter to Ambassador Samantha Powers Regarding Exploitation Charges Against Indian Diplomat.”

D. The chief of the anti-trafficking network was on an extended tour conferencing with media and government in sensitive areas of India at the time of Khobragade’s arrest.

Just before the arrest of Ms. Khobragade, Ms. Burke was in India on December 7 at Guwahati in the north-east state of Assam. She was there for a conference on human-trafficking, which she described as a menace needing an all-India body that would coordinate efforts across the states to combat it. (8)

To the Assamese newspaper, Sentinel, Ms. Burke said:

“After Abraham Lincoln, it is only Obama who has spoken out as stridently as possible against modern day slavery.

Besides Assam and Andhra (a Southern coastal state), Ms. Burke mentioned Afghanistan and Pakistan as sites where anti-trafficking efforts should be expanded.

Andhra has been a site of Naxalite terrorism, as well as of CIA and NGO/Church interference in the government, as has Assam.

Many have seen such intervention as the soft-power arm of empire, operating through bribery and espionage. (9)
Afghanistan and Pakistan of course are targets of imperial hard-power, that is, bombs.

Ms. Burke didn’t explain why her anti-trafficking interests mesh so exactly with US strategic interests.

Recall that the Indian electric outage first began in the North-East region of India, as I blogged in July-August 2012. (10)

Since then, other bloggers have shown that there is evidence that the electricity outage might have been caused by Stuxnet. (11)

With that background, and with our current awareness of the level and depth of US and Israeli espionage against the entire globe, it is interesting to find that the Guwahati anti-trafficking conference promoted the use of software enabling cross-border collaboration between law-enforcement agencies prosecuting anti-trafficking cases. (12) (My emphasis)

Cross-border collaborations between intelligence agencies of countries as far apart in their ability to “project power” as the US and India must inherently be asymmetrical and accrue to the advantage of the more powerful country.

In short, collaboration may be just another pretext for Great Power spying for business and military ends.

Remember that the biometric ID has already been introduced in Afghanistan and is being pushed in India. (13)
Again, as with the anti-trafficking program, the ID is advocated with a “good governance” pretext, in this case, that it will reduce fraud in welfare distributions.

Returning to Florrie Burke’s tour of India as chief of the Freedom Network and its anti-trafficking agenda,
we find that the Facebook page of the anti-trafficking conference at Guwahati shows an Indian newspaper editor (Editor, Sikkim Express) receiving the “Impulse” Model Award For Media Change Maker from Cristina Albertin, Representative, UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) Regional Office for South Asia. (14)

Awards are also being given to the editors of papers from Meghalaya.Thomas Lim, editor Meghalaya Times and Deepak Singh, Associate Editor of Meghalaya Times receive the Impulse Model Award For Media Change Maker from Helen LaFave, CG, U.S.Consolate, Kolkatta.

The presence of a US consular officer shows once again that the US government itself is never far behind altruistic “human rights” ourfits.

To put this more bluntly, the national anti-trafficking coalition which has been vocally lobbying against Devyani Khobragade has also been canvassing support for its agenda among the media of outlying states in India.
These are the states with histories of being infiltrated and subverted by Maoists and Naxalites, often abetted by the CIA, American NGOs, proselytising churches and missionary bodies. (15)

In fact, since the arrest of Ms Khobragade took place only a few days after this anti-trafficking grand tour, it wouldn’t be too much to wonder if the two were coordinated.

E. The Indian media networks that endorse anti-trafficking also support key elements of the UN’s Agenda 21, which has the backing of George Soros, the billionaire front for the Zionist/Rothschild banking cartel.

The “Impulse” in Impulse Media, one of the groups referenced in the Face-book page of the anti-trafficking conference at Guwahati, refers to Impulse Social Enterprises, a group that says it supports ‘sustainable livelihoods for all.” (16)

Now, “sustainability” is a word that crops up frequently in any program espoused by the Western power-elite.

Peter Wood, executive director of the National Association of Scholars (NAS) says, “It turns out that virtually the entire agenda of the progressive left can be fit inside the word sustainability.'” (17)

In fact, the word “sustainability” is code for UN Agenda 21, signed by the US in 1992 (18):

Vice President Gore s book, Earth in the Balance, addressed many of the general issues of sustainability. Within the past year, the President s Council on Sustainable Development has been organized to develop recommendations for incorporating sustainability into the federal government. Also, various groups have been formed to implement Agenda 21, a comprehensive blueprint for sustainable development that was adopted at the recent UNCED conference in Rio de Janeiro (the Earth Summit. )

and later,

A common misconception is that sustainability is synonymous with self-sufficiency; on the contrary, sustainability must recognize the interconnections between different levels of societal structure. (18)

One American activist writes:

Agenda 21 is about total control of our personal property, our ability to travel, our energy consumption…the list literally goes on and on. As Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 states, under an Agenda 21 future, Your energy consumption will be controlled until you can t farm, can t manufacture, can t travel, can t fish, can t use your land. Productivity and businesses are limited now.

Through pushing everyone into smart cities and onto smart grids, the Obama EPA s clampdown on coal, and the steering of all manner of public policy from land-use and land ownership restrictions to seemingly small traffic initiatives that ultimately restrict personal travel, evidence of Agenda 21 can be found everywhere we look these days.

It s just as former Rockefeller Board of Trustees member (the Rockefeller Foundation is behind Agenda 21 imitative America 2050? among others) and Earth Council Chairman Maurice Strong envisioned when he wrote the forward to ICLEI s The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide sustainable development implementation document:

In my parting words at the conclusion of the Earth Summit, I said that we all must move down from the Summit and into the trenches where the real world actions and decisions are taken that will, in the final analysis, determine whether the vision of Rio will be fulfilled and the agreements reached there implemented. Of the many programs that have resulted from the Earth Summit, none is more promising or important than this one, which has hundreds of local authorities around the world now setting out and implementing their Local Agenda 21s.” (19)

It’s clear from this that the anti-human-trafficking program is closely tied to Sustainability and Human Rights, two of the pillars of the UN/CIA agenda and that the terms mean something far different from what they mean in ordinary usage.

The UN/CIA agenda has been shown by activists to be funded and supported by George Soros, billionaire front of the Rothschild banking cartel. (20)

Would it be too far-fetched to ask if there might not be a financial and strategic reason for the pursuit of the anti-trafficking agenda, and would it be too cynical to ask, cui bono?




Executive Committee members include Paul Germain, Global Head of Prime Services, Credit Suisse; Cheryl Abel-Hodges, President, Calvin Klein Underwear;Jeffrey S. Brodsky, Chief Human Resources Officer, Morgan Stanley; Nancy Clark, Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence & Process Transformation, Verizon;
Founder Chairman A.S.0. A Second Opinion, Serves on Whole Foods Board and HSN Board; Linda Lam,
Partner, Professional Practice Quality and Regulatory Matters, Ernst & Young;Rohit Menezes, Partner, The Bridgespan Group;Samantha Saperstein, Head of Card Strategy, Consumer and Community Banking, JPMorgan Chase; Mark C. Smith, Financial Advisor/ Account Vice President of Investments, UBS Financial Services Inc., among many other corporate representatives.




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TiP Conclave 3 Session 4 (5 photos)
Collaboration across the borders between the Law Enforcement through Anti-Human Trafficking Software
6th December 2013 in Guwahati, India.

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Amit Patro, Editor Sikkim Express, receives Impulse Model Award For Media Change Maker from Cristina Albertin, Representative, UNODC Regional Office for South Asia with Arijit Sen and Amit Patro in Guwahati, India.

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“Young Christians are their [Naxalites’] primary constituency,” he [Intelligence Bureau chief] added, “and they bank heavily on them in the jungles.”

For the history of Naxalite terrorism, see “The Naxalite Rebellions,” Haider Ali Hussain Mullick, The American Interest,
August 11, 2013

Mullick writes:

“Today we spend less on training Indian security personnel than we do on security forces from Morocco, Tunisia, El Salvador, Poland and Pakistan. Compared to the zero dollars currently allocated to India in the Foreign Military Financing account, we provide $13.2 million to Bulgaria; $22 million to Indonesia; $35 million to Yemen; $42 million to Poland; and $296 million to Pakistan. Moreover, $800 million is allocated to Pakistan under the Pakistan Counterinsurgency Fund, with little bang for the buck. This distribution of resources, compared to both need and affinity, makes little sense.”

Rajiva: On the other hand, it makes perfect sense, if US-India security cooperation was less about security from terrorist threats and more about using the country as a cats-paw to further US goals in the region.

Note: The Global Terrorism Index 2012 ranks India in the top fivecountries suffering from terrorism in the world, ahead of countries like Somalia and Columbia in the number of terrorist incidents and deaths.

(16) See the website of Impulse Social Enterprises,

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Also, see the Post-Sustainability Institute

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(21) Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics

“The donation will put the once-small group [Lila: Human Rights Watch] into the same league as organisations such as Amnesty International. The £65m will allow Human Rights Watch to add 120 members of staff to its 300-strong payroll, and almost double its annual budget to £50m, meaning it could expand operations in such countries as South Africa, China and India.”

3 thoughts on “Soros Outfits Behind Indian Diplomat Anti-Trafficking Case

  1. The CIA and Mossad love to categorize entire nations and billions of people to more easily control them and to justify military and financial invasions and social attacks in the form of corporations and NGOs like feminazi lesbian mafia front “Sanctuary for Families” or “Safe Horizon.”

    Calling 1 billion Indians “rapists” is just as absurd as calling 1 billion Muslims “terrorists” or 1 billion South Americans “narco-traffickers.”

    George Soros, International Bankster and Rothschild Family Cartel shill, strikes again.

    These are the same power-hungry sick people who picked on, strip searched, and anally inspected India’s ambassador, Devyani Khobragade, in New York City last year.

    [Lila: two words have been altered in this comment to conform to blog policy.]

  2. Someone also needs to analyze the famous Indophobe Barbara Crossette’s “The Elephant In The Room: The biggest pain in Asia isn’t the country you’d think” found at

    It seems this woman Barbara Crossette, who is a pivotal member of the New York Council on Foreign Relations, is one of the brains and architects behind this NYC socialist NGO Feminazi Government within the US Government, which implements her ideas and policies through these NGOs Safe Horizon and Sanctuary for Families against Indians both in the United States and overseas.

    This entire campaign is a Soft War against India and its foreign and domestic policy, wherein soft war is defined as a set of deliberately hostile acts aimed at transforming the fundamental cultural values and identities of a society.

    This type of war can influence all social aspects of a political system, and can include such phenomena as “cultural invasions” and “psychological operations.” In other words, a soft war includes the following: (1) It is an intentional and planned activity; and (2) Its most important domains are cultural, political, and social.

    The problem is Indian Intelligence isn’t stupid, with Indians having invented the game of chess, and figured it all out pretty quickly, but not before many prominent Indians in the USA and India were taken to jail or character assassinated.

    • Very interesting. I didn’t see that before. It might have come off as just an rather tactless whining, except for the pointed references to specific political cases.
      It’s amazing how much power blinds people. Can’t they see that while they they insist on following their own (read corporate-state) interests, international law, ethics, or prudence be damned, they nonetheless think other actors should go along with their “hectoring.” I’ll look into the connections to NGOs as soon as I can make some time….Thanks.

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