“ISIS-Loving” Danish Teen, Refugee Friend, Murder Mother

A murder trial from last year reveals an ISIS-inspired plot:

Lisa Borch, 15, planned to join ISIS in Syria with her Iraqi boyfriend after the killing

A Danish teenage girl has been sentenced to nine years in jail for murdering her mother in what appears to be an ISIS-inspired killing.

[“appears,” “ISIS-inspired”….]

The Independent reports that just minutes before the fatal assault occurred in October of last year, 15-year-old Lisa Borch had spent hours watching ISIS videos of the decapitations of the two British hostages, David Haines and Alan Henning.

A Danish court heard that the teen planned to join ISIS in Syria with her Iraqi boyfriend, Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, 29. His fingerprints were also found at the scene of the crime and he has been sentenced to 13 years.

Borch originally met Abdulla at a refugee center near her home, the Independent says.

“This murder was cold-blooded, ice cold and committed in a bestial manner,” the prosecution told the court.

The court could not determine which of the pair delivered the fatal stab wounds, and both were found guilty of the murder.”


However, what is not mentioned in this account and in many other accounts is that it was Lisa who called the police after the killing and said,

‘I heard my mother scream and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away. Please come here, there is blood everywhere.’

This could just have been a clumsy cover story that the pair concocted, but it is certainly worth investigating, since we know that there are many people who stand to profit from war/confrontation in Europe.

He claimed to have only arrived to ‘help Lisa’ after the teenager had already killed her mother. But Borch said Abdulla had actually been the knifeman.

The muddled version of events meant the court heard several stories about what actually happened.

Although Abdulla was no longer at the property when police arrived, investigators found his fingerprints in the victim’s bedroom.

Although it couldn’t be established who’d actually delivered the blows that killed Mrs Holtegaard, both of the accused were found guilty of murder.”

The Real War on Women

Gavin McInnes has a brilliant satire at Takimag on the “right-wing” war on women the left is always complaining about. The satire lies in the fact that the slander pinned on the right is actually the creation of the left – it is the ideology of feminism:

The “War on Women” is a term usually used to describe Republican policies and their effects on the fairer sex. The right denies such a thing exists, but let’s stop kidding ourselves. Going back over the past half century, it’s impossible not to see a vast right-wing conspiracy to strip women of everything that makes them women and convert them into sex toys who take out the garbage.

The war began simply enough. In the 1960s, men decided they wanted to see more tits. The Republicans created an organization that encouraged women to burn their bras. Almost overnight, men were treated to breasts of all shapes and sizes swinging freely in thin T-shirts. As we gazed at their pendulous cans, we told women they were expressing their freedom and teaching us a lesson about uncomfortable underwear or something. Conservatives never lost momentum with the “dump ’em out” movement and as recently as 1992 removed all barriers between my eyeballs and funbags.

Inspired by this remarkable victory, the GOP began a “war of the sexes” that would garner as much sex as possible for men. The biggest obstacle they had was the fact that women can create life. This makes them less likely to spread their legs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes along. The solution to this was simple: trivialize it. Make women think it’s an irrelevant detail that’s downright disgusting. This took some convincing, but today it’s not unusual to see a young woman turn her nose up at the act like it’s the same as shitting out a tumor.
“Wasting a woman’s fertile years isn’t even a thing these days. How convenient is that?”

Once getting pregnant was seen as some kind of revolting accident, getting laid was way easier. Republicans encouraged birth control and created a “Free Love” movement where men could bed whomever they wanted without consequences. Those stupid enough to buy the cow when they were getting the milk for free invented key parties, where married men would exchange wives for a night. This led to a massive divorce epidemic, which sucks at first but ultimately means more sex partners for men. It’s a win-win.

Of course, accidents will happen and women will still get pregnant, so conservatives started pushing abortion as some kind of girl-power movement. All wars need a propaganda machine, and ours was so good it convinced the enemy that giving birth is defecation but vacuuming out a fetus is basically a phoenix rising from the ashes. This was particularly brilliant because you have a woman’s body doing exactly what it was supposed to do and she gets rewarded with a lifetime of trauma trying to forget the baby she killed. Today it’s not unusual to meet a young woman who has had several abortions, many of them after the first trimester! Us men get to ejaculate into whomever we please and she has to deal with the consequences. In the War on Women this was our D-day.

You can’t totally eradicate the biological clock, of course, so what we did was convince women their eggs will last well into their 40s when we no longer want to have sex with them. When doctors disagreed, we dug up some anecdotal evidence of some chick’s aunt who had twins at 45 and everybody clapped.

Today you can date a 25-year-old and dump her at 30 as her eggs are drying up, and nobody says a word. She’s recovered and ready to go at 33, but it’s too late, she can’t have kids. Now those nonexistent kids can’t have kids. In one simple shrug, this conservative has killed maybe a million people, and there is no possibility whatsoever he will be tried for a war crime. Wasting a woman’s fertile years isn’t even a thing these days. How convenient is that?

If a girlfriend did get pregnant and was too headstrong to get an abortion, she’d tend to become very cloying. She’d whine about being cared for and protected and blah blah blah. Could anything be less badass? In order to get out of this responsibility, Republicans created the welfare state and said the government will pay all your bills if you just leave this guy alone and let him get back to shtupping chicks. This worked wonders, especially in the black community, where 72% of dudes get to make babies for free.

The beauty of turning childbirth into nothing is you turn women into weak little dudes. Now she feels like a loser if she’s not strong enough to carry a grown man out of a burning building or do enough pull-ups to become a Marine. It’s like putting Superman in a vat of kryptonite and kicking him in the balls. Women strive to be something they’re not and create movies where they know kung fu and can lose the cops in a car chase. Making them into dudes means straight guys get the same sex life gay men have. Sometimes women complain that they “catch feelings” after being treated like a colostomy bag for yet another stranger’s semen, but we make sure they feel terrible about it. Isn’t that amazing? We convinced women their feelings are an STD. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Another fun part of making women into dudes was making them work. Your girlfriend isn’t someone you need to take care of. She’s a roommate who has to pay the bills. If she has a problem with that she’s a total sellout. Republicans got women out of the kitchen and into the workforce so they can pay half the rent. It gets better. You see, women still have that weird craving to be at home. They want to see the only child they managed to create, and this provides a massive distraction. This means they tend not to go up the ladder as fast as someone who isn’t pining to nurture and who leaves them stuck with all the shitty jobs us men don’t want to do. A generation ago, the ideal woman was a friend in the living room, a mom in the kitchen, and a slut in the bedroom. Today she’s a slut everywhere and a slave at work. Way to go, us!”


Indians Say No To Fraudulent “Menstrual Revolution”

An eye-opening article from a woman who is involved with women’s public health in India who spots the “menstrual revolution” for what it is.

[For my previous posts on Kiran Gandhi’s free-bleeding stunt and Asha Impact (her family’s foundation, with extensive ties to the Western NGO circuit and the globalist foundations), see

“Behind “Tampon” Gandhi, menstrual hot-lines at $8/call”

“The Kotex-Industrial Complex II”

“The Kotex-Industrial Complex I: Another Indian Stooge“]

Also note that the magazine (Swarajya) from which I took the excerpt below is run by Indians with extensive ties to the right-wing of the globalist order, i.e., they are the “controlled opposition,” as you can see from the fact that they style themselves the “liberal right-wing”; seem to endorse globalist stooge Narendra Modi; and buy into some of the globalist memes themselves.

In other words, this site is not the authentic, Indian right, but a globalist-endorsed Indian right, much like large parts of the “Men’s rights” movement in the West is globalist-endorsed.]

The most often quoted statistic, is of a study done by A.C Nielson and Plan India, which states “Only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins (Sns). Over 88% of women resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitised cloth, ashes and husk sand.” Here is why this study and others like it are incorrect in representing Indian women:

  • The lesser known fact about this study is that it only interviewed 1033 women, i.e. < 0.00029% of India’s menstruating women! How this sample size is representative of a country as diverse as India is really questionable.
  • Even if 88%  women might be using cloth, it is absolutely incorrect to club the usage of sand, ash husk in the same percentage bracket. The usage of sand, ash husk or dried leaves for menstrual absorption happen in extreme conditions (less than 1%), such as in Rajasthan where some women have been using fine sand for ages since water is scarce. In these cases, we need to further investigate if indeed such usage has been detrimental to their health, since such practices have prevailed for hundreds of years. Obviously if such practices were harmful, people would have let it go a long time ago
  • On what basis are they calling the cloth ‘unsanitized’? Are the cloth pads being sold by foreign NGOs sanitized? In fact, if we look at the stitched cloth being sold by NGOs, it is more difficult to dry and sanitize it in sunlight because the inner layers are never exposed to sunlight. Whereas, the loose cloth used by rural Indian women can be opened and dried with complete exposure to sunlight. It is foolish to take a traditional practice such as using cloth, and package it to give it the look of a modern pad, and in the process missing out on the point of maintaining hygiene using cloth!

Pads for India, reusables for the West

The hypocrisy is such that while foreign organizations are promoting the need to introduce sanitary napkins in India by saying that 88% of Indian women are using cloth, in their own country they are promoting reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups, citing environmental reasons. If that is the case, then India is far ahead of the rest of the world in being environment friendly.

In the light of the latest wave of western feminism, movements (such as the Free Blood Movement) which promote women’s right to bleed without using any product are being applauded and encouraged. At the same time, international organizations look down upon indigenous women who for generations have bled naturally without using any product.

But what took the cake was when, at the conference, an excited American activist told me that I should tie up with one of these cloth-pad making NGOs (which I’d rather not name) to start distributing cloth pads to rural Indian women because it is environment friendly and a safer alternative to sanitary napkins! Imagine the drama of telling our rural women to throw away their piece of menstrual cloth and instead use my packaged version of it, which by the way will also cost them. Imagine teaching her about being environment friendly as a new concept, when all along she has not used a single bit of environmentally damaging menstrual product. Imagine trying to educate her about cloth being healthy, when she and all generations before her have been quietly following natural methods of managing menstruation.

The ridiculousness of the suggestion made me both laugh and seethe with anger.”


Sudanese Women Stripped Naked For Crime Against Modesty

Police harassment of Christian women in Muslim-majority Sudan:

A Sudanese court has fined three Christian girls on charges of “immoral dress” for wearing slacks and skirts on their way home from a Baptist church function in June, while it found four other girls who were wearing similar clothing innocent of the charges, the advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide has reported. During their apprehension, 10 girls from the church were forced to strip naked in front of police who inspected their clothing for compliance with Shariah law.

All seven girls were among a group of 12 Christian females who were arrested on June 25 while on their way home from a service at El Izba Baptist Church in Khartoum simply because they were wearing trousers and skirts, which police deemed to be immoral dress.

Two of the girls were released from police custody without charges, while the remaining 10 were forced by authorities to strip out of their clothes and later charged with indecent dress under Article 152 of the Sudanese Criminal Code. Advocates for the girls said they range in age from teens younger than 18 to early 20s.”

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/3-sudanese-christian-girls-found-guilty-of-immoral-dress-after-being-forced-to-strip-naked-in-front-of-police-142835/#qZlQ5UbqKTUojfCu.99

Behind “Tampon Gandhi”: Menstrual Hotlines @ $8/Call


A Google search of Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi brings up pages and pages of uncritical praise from slick fashion, alternative, political, and media sites, even though, from the comments, most readers have reacted unfavorably.

Nearly every one of these sites applauds Tampon Gandhi as a “badass,” in such uniform terms that the articles must have been scripted.


One such site is Azadi.com, which can be translated as Freedom.com, “freedom” being one of those multi-valent buzz-words typical of New World Order mob-speak.

Azadi.com signals it’s on board the global menstrual revolution, by sticking out the begging-bowl for its cutting-edge “Menstrual Hot-line,” manned by menstrual activists at the cost of $8 a phone-call.

8 dollars in India is a decent amount of money, close to 500 rupees.

The Azadi Toll-Free Menstrual (1-800-3000-2805) aims to fill critical knowledge and support gaps, providing adolescent girls with a trained counselor to learn and discuss menstruation, menstrual health and menstrual management. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones in rural India, the Azadi Menstrual Helpline has the capacity to bring information to thousands of girls.

Each call costs approximately $8 to service. This includes the cost of training our counselors, manning the lines, and doing outreach activities. If you would like to support this program, click here! here!”


“Menstrual counseling” and “menses outreach”translate to radical feminist brainwashing and recruitment.

Now, the Indian government already has innumerable rural health schemes of all kinds, quite apart from the work of religious and secular charities.

So, the new, tax-subsidized, one-world government-backed, initiatives exist only to take tax-dollars and donations from Indian citizens on one hand and guilt-ridden Westerners on the other to fuel their parasitic existence.

It’s the most extraordinary chutzpah and immorality for the Crony-Corporate One-worlders (aka “international community”) to demand donations from ordinary people, crushed by the burden of taxes, the depreciation of their savings,  and the evisceration of their economies, all of which have been orchestrated by the very same people now trundling out Indian villages girls to pan-handle on their behalf.


As I wrote earlier, these “non-profits” have “for-profit” investors lined up for miles behind them.

A few clicks on the web-site of  Azadi.com take us into the Byzantine world of Health NGOs’ and non-profits:

AZADI.COM has for its partners,


Deconstructing just two of these is enough to establish that the Menstrual Hot-line links back to the Globalists.


1.VILLGRO.COM has a web-site replete with globalist buzz-words (eco-system, thrive, sustainability – all of which are worthy enough in their own right, except that they are perpetually exploited to sell one-worldism.)

One of VILGRO’S initiatives is called “UNCONVENTION.”

“Unconvention” partners with

(among many other)

TIE (Indus Entrepreneurs), IIM- Ahmedabad, ASHA IMPACT (“Tampon” Gandhi’s family’s foundation), and the BRITISH COUNCIL..

These names represent the quintessence of academic respectability and knowledge-capital in the UK and India.


Azadi’s next partner is PATH.

PATH describes itself as “driving transformative innovations to save lives.”

Their slick website suggests why a single phone-call in India – capital of cheap cell-phones and free VOIP services – should need $8 bucks to back it up.

After all, a typical cell call in India might be a few cents and VOIP calls are often free.

A click on PATH’s “Executive Leadership” explains the high-cost:

PATH’S executives are all involved with the Centers of Disease Control or other initiatives of the US Govt, or with international health bodies like UNICEF, or with the Gates Foundation and its vaccine programs, or with Microsoft.


These ties suggest that the US Government and its corporate cronies, rather than some humble charity, is the ultimate beneficiary of the Menstrual Hot-line promoted by Asha Impact and its partners and advertised so slickly by Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi.

There is certain to be a surveillance angle to all this, considering that the current allegedly nationalistic Modi Government (with its suspicious courting of the Saudi government) is also pushing a gargantuan, privacy-shredding DNA profiling program onto the entire Indian sub-continent.


Steve Davis, President and CEO

“…CEO of internet pioneer and global digital media firm Corbis, director of social innovation for McKinsey & Company, and interim CEO of the Infectious Disease Research Institute. Earlier in his career, he practiced law at the international law firm of K&L Gates, with a focus on intellectual property.

Mr. Davis is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and holds a faculty appointment as a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He currently serves on the boards of InterAction and Global Partnerships and sits on several advisory groups, including the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation, the Clinton Global Initiative’s Global Health Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relation’s Task Force on Non-Infectious Diseases, and Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Health Dialogue. He previously has served on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards.”

(from his biography)

Amie Batson Chief Strategy Officer

“Ms. Batson’s 20-year career in global health includes positions with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF, and most recently, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), where she served as senior deputy assistant administrator for global health.

During her three-year appointment with USAID, Ms. Batson led the agency’s engagement in the President’s Global Health Initiative, represented the US government on the board of the GAVI Alliance, and led the US government team in coconvening the Child Survival Call to Action, which launched the global vision to end preventable child deaths.

Throughout her career in global health, Ms. Batson has been a leader in innovation. Her contributions to immunization and vaccine financing at the World Bank resulted in billions of dollars in new funding for global health and the vaccination of millions of children against polio, pneumonia, diarrhea, and other vaccine-preventable causes of death.”


Kathy Cahill
Vice President, International Development, and Interim Program Leader, India

“She is the senior partner and founder of AHISMA Group, a global health company focused on health systems strengthening, policy development, program assessment, and monitoring and evaluation of infectious and noncommunicable disease programs in low-resource settings.

Previously, Ms. Cahill served as our interim vice president for Public Health Impact. Before joining PATH in 2014, she served as deputy director of Integrated Health Solutions for Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as director for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation and division director for Immunization Service Delivery.”

David Fleming, Vice President, Public Health

“Dr. Fleming was director of Global Health Strategies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, overseeing a grant portfolio of more than $1 billion in vaccine-preventable disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, leadership, emergency relief, community health programs, and human resources and health information. Dr. Fleming also served as deputy director at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Science and Public Health, and as deputy administrator of the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Dr. Fleming currently serves on the boards of Global to Local Partnership and the Washington Global Health Alliance, both in Seattle, and the Trust for America’s Health in Washington, DC. He sits on the Advisory Committee to the director of the CDC and chairs the external advisory groups for the CDC’s Center for Global Health and its Office of State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support. His former global health board service includes Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN); the Health Metrics Network; and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.”

David Kaslow, Vice President, Product Development

“Dr. Kaslow has more than 25 years of experience in vaccine research and development. Before joining PATH in 2012 as director of MVI’s work to drive the development of safe and effective vaccines against malaria, he held key advisory positions with MVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation related to malaria vaccines. Prior to that, he oversaw project leadership and management of Merck Research Laboratories’ vaccine pipeline and founded the Malaria Vaccine Development Unit at the National Institutes of Health.

As a basic research scientist, Dr. Kaslow completed the molecular cloning and characterization of several proteins involved in malaria parasite sexual development. He also has directed product development, including field studies, of several malaria vaccine candidates. Outside the malaria field, Dr. Kaslow has contributed to the vaccine application of tools originally developed for gene therapy.”

Michael Kollins, Chief Operating Officer

“During his 15-year career at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, he served in a variety of sales, product development, and management roles in Asia, Europe, and the United States, finishing his career in Hong Kong as the chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Asia.”

Daniel Laster, General Counsel

“….Microsoft Corporation and working in private practice at the law firms of Stokes Lawrence and Perkins Coie.

Mr. Laster has served on the boards of the YMCA Metrocenter of Seattle, ACLU of Washington, and the Digital Learning Commons.”

Mark Murray, Vice President, Global Engagement and Communications

“Mr. Murray served as press secretary, legislative director, and chief of staff to US Representative Don Bonker, who chaired the Foreign Affairs subcommittees on Human Rights and International Organizations and Trade and Economic Development. He also served as communications director, speechwriter, and deputy chief of staff to Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Most recently, before joining PATH in 2015, he served in a number of senior communications roles at Microsoft, including citizenship communications, global public affairs communications, corporate digital channels, and international communications across more than 100 countries.”

Kathy O’Driscoll, Chief Human Resources Officer

“Before joining PATH, Ms. O’Driscoll was general manager for human resources in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business Group. As a key member of the group’s executive leadership team, she was responsible for HR strategy and service delivery for 10,000 employees in the United States, China, India, and Israel. Over her 20-year career at Microsoft, she held HR management positions in varied units, including Microsoft Global Operating Groups, where she supervised domestic HR teams and staff in Dublin, India, and Singapore.”

Olivia Polius, Chief Financial Officer

“Most recently, Ms. Polius served as deputy director of global program services at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she managed a team responsible for implementing an innovative operating model that focused on creating greater strategic integration among the organization’s global programs.”