“Ex-Pentagon” Analyst Made “Devyani Durga” Video


SHOCKER: Ex-Pentagon analyst behind a urination-and-rape video of Bin Laden, as well as the “Durga” video of Khobragade’s arrest.

“Early on in the Khobragade story, a video representation of the arrest of Devyani Khobragade appeared on the net. It was later removed.

The video was an animation of the arrest, in which, as in pictures in later news reports, Khobragade kept turning into a multi-armed figure reminiscent of the Goddess Durga/Kali:

“The one-and-a-half-minute spoof has been posted by a group called “Next Media Animation TV. And though not everyone will be amused by the fact that the sari-clad Khobragade keeps turning into a Goddess Kali-like entity, the idea seems essentially to tell the basic story of the row wittily. Subtitles include one that goes “US not sari”.

Next Media Animation is an animation company in Taiwan. It is run by a former Pentagon analyst, Mark Simon from Virginia, which is the headquarters of  the US intelligence community and of the government-subsidized electronic snooping industry. [See below.]

Next Media Animation is a subsidiary of Next Media, a Hong Kong-based media conglomerate that creates humorous animations of news events.

Next Media  is the creation of serial entrepreneur and devout  Catholic Jimmy Lai and it’s the largest media group in Hong Kong.

While Lai might be Catholic, one cannot assume Mark Simon – who runs Next Animation – is.

So, the “Durga” video need not be read as a display of personal religious animosity toward a “pagan, polytheistic” religion.

The video might just have been a clumsy attempt to use religious symbolism for political purposes.

Jimmy Lai is known as the “Rupert Murdoch of Asia” and is responsible for bringing in a flashy, tabloid-style of media into Asia. (Added: Jan 20, 2014)

Lai owns the biggest media operation in Hong-Kong.

Lai is highly critical of the Chinese government for its human-rights violations and lack of democracy, which has got wide coverage in Western mainstream outlets, like the BBC.

Also see this flattering Asia Week report of Lai, the maverick, republished at CNN.

(Added: Jan 21, 2014)

Lai has been targeted, reportedly, because of his political outspokenness.

Lai’s position on China seems close to the position of the US State Dept.

The Catholic Lai  has worked with Cardinal Joseph Zen in a campaign against the Beijing government’s attempt to replace Hong-Kong’s free educational system with organizing committees in each school.

The new government committees will replace the educational institutions (including the Catholic church) that now run the schools.

In China, there is a “legal” Catholic church that toes the official Marxist line on abortion, among other things, and there is also an “illegal” church that doesn’t and therefore suffers persecution and suppression.

Jimmy Lai seems to be an outlet for CIA disinformation and psyops.

NEWS REPORT: A Pentagon defense analyst runs Lai’s pro-democracy efforts


“Lai had made donations of nearly $8 million over five years to pro-democracy groups and individuals — and that [Mark] Simon, as head of his private office, handled the payments.”


“Simon, who spends most of his time in Taiwan, where he runs Next Media’s animation unit, dismissed the whole affair as a “sloppy farce.”

NEWS REPORT: A New York Times interview with Lai mentions a video made by Next Media Animation that showed Osama Bin Laden being urinated on and raped in hell.  Lai says the video was an “accident” by young employees


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Image from Wikipedia of Goddess Durga.



What was the significance of several news reports on the Khobragade story showing an Indian woman with multiple arms on the posters of domestic workers protesting the treatment of Khobragade’ maid?

The female icon with multiple arms in Hinduism is the goddess Durga, who represents the Divine Female (feminine energy) or Shakti.

[This the Hindu equivalent of Shekhinah in Judaism.]

Shakti is the consort of Shiva, the third person of the Divine Trinity in the Hindu pantheon.

Durga is the motherly form of the Divine Feminine, while the fierce form of the Divine Feminine is Kali.

Early on in the Khobragade story, a video representation of the arrest appeared on the net. It was later removed.

The video was an animation of the arrest, in which, as in the news reports, Khobragade kept turning into a multi-armed figure reminiscent of the Goddess Kali:

“The one-and-a-half-minute spoof has been posted by a group called “Next Media Animation TV. And though not everyone will be amused by the fact that the sari-clad Khobragade keeps turning into a Goddess Kali-like entity, the idea seems essentially to tell the basic story of the row wittily. Subtitles include one that goes “US not sari”.

Next Media Animation is an animation company in Taiwan.

It is run by a former Pentagon analyst, Mark Simon, from Virginia, headquarters of US intelligence and of the government-subsidized electronic snooping industry. [See below.]

It is a subsidiary of Next Media, a Hong Kong- based media conglomerate that creates humorous animations of news events.

Next media is the creation of serial entrepreneur Jimmy Lai and it is the largest media group in Hong Kong.

Jimmy Lai is known as the “Rupert Murdoch of Asia” for bringing in a flashy, tabloid-style of media into Asia. (Added: Jan 20, 2014)

Lai owns the biggest media operation in Hong-Kong.

Lai is highly critical of the Chinese government for its human-rights violations and lack of democracy, which has got wide coverage in propaganda outlets, like the BBC. (Added: Jan 21, 2014)

He has been targeted because of this, it is reported.

Lai’s position on China seems close to the position of the US State Dept. A further nexus between Lai and the West is the Catholic church. Lai is said to be a devout Catholic.

Durga is not only a significant icon in the Hindu pantheon, she has also been used to represent the nation of India, more specifically,  PM Indira Gandhi, who was famously painted as Durga in a portrait by a Muslim artist.

Indira Gandhi was in charge of Operation Blue-Star, to put down Sikh militancy in 1984. She was later assassinated by one of her own guards, a Sikh, in retaliation for Blue-Star.

The quadruple significance of Durga (as representing feminine energy, Hinduism as such, the Indian nation, and Mrs Gandhi) suggests the Devyani episode was a carefully planned operation, not a random event.  It also suggests the political motivations at work.


Jimmy Lai seems to be an outlet for CIA disinformation and psyops.

NEWS REPORT: A Pentagon defense analyst headed Lai’s pro-democracy activism


“Lai had made donations of nearly $8 million over five years to pro-democracy groups and individuals — and that [Mark] Simon, as head of his private office, handled the payments.”


“Simon, who spends most of his time in Taiwan, where he runs Next Media’s animation unit, dismissed the whole affair as a “sloppy farce.”

NEWS REPORT: This interview with Lai in the New York Times mentions a video made by Next Media that showed Osama Bin Laden being urinated on and raped in hell.  Lai says the video was an “accident” by young employees.


1. The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families, Global Research, June 1, 2011

2. The Invisible House of Rothschild

Assistant Secretary of State, Uzra Zey, who seems to be the chief architect of Nanny-Gate, has been very critical of Chinese human rights. (Added: Jan 20, 2014)

Imagery reminiscent of Kali/Durga also shows up in photographs of domestic workers groups protesting the treatment of the diplomat’s maid in New York City. The photos were repeatedly run in news reports.

The news photos of the groups showed them carrying pictures of a woman with multiple arms:

#StandwithSangeeta Rally for justice for Domestic Workers

Stand With Sangeeta Rally For Justice For Domestic Workers

(Added: Jan 20, 2014)

The superimposition of images of Kali/Durga on the  story of a “slave-nanny” suggests a demonstration along the lines of the “Pussy Riot” demonstrations in Russia, which have been  reported to be a CIA operation. (Added: Jan 21, 2014)

Conspiracy by the US State Department, NGOs, and US Embassy in India

(Durga Riot and Sikh Spring for India?)

The Indian nanny-gate conspiracy is the latest episode in the US State Department’s  machinations in India.

Those machinations are apparently entailed by the Asian Pivot strategy enunciated by US President Barack Obama in 2011, to use the Indian sub-continent to contain China and project US power in Asia.

As part of this strategy, senior members of the US State Dept are reported to have orchestrated a case against a senior Indian diplomat to high-light the US-UN Anti-Trafficking agenda.

This was done over several months in 2013, in co-ordination with the highly publicized global Modern Slavery campaign promoted by the Corporate/CIA/NGO  establishment, along with labor unions (AFL-CIO) and philanthropic foundations, like Walk Free, the creation of an Australian billionaire.

Anti-trafficking and modern slavery are intended to provide the “humanitarian” case for UN intervention into a country.

For that reason, it’s important to remember who represents the US in the UN.

The US Ambassador to the UN is Samantha Power, a noted proponent of humanitarian intervention who is married to Cass Sunstein, Obama’s information czar.

Sunstein is infamous for advocating “cognitive infiltration” into dissident groups.

Samantha Power was directly lobbied by Freedom Network (anti-trafficking NGO) to support the anti-trafficking agenda early on in the Khobragade story (see below).

All this is obvious.

What is less obvious is that Nanny-gate seems to have been orchestrated in coordination with (or in connivance with) a radical Sikh separatist (Khalistani) group that has been pushing Sikh-genocide claims against the Indian government in the US, UK, and Canada.

These genocide claims have been pushed most strongly by the group, Sikhs For Justice, based in New York.

In Nanny-gate, an analysis of the time-line of events (see below) suggests that Sikhs For Justice was acting in concert with the US court system in New York and with the NGO behind the nanny, Safe-Horizon, also based in New York.

The time-line buttresses the argument that the Devyani Khobragade strip-search was a planned event in the unfolding drama of a Color Revolution in India.

Color Revolutions use propaganda, covert (black) operations, espionage, provocations, and human-rights claims to destabilize and undermine/destroy national sovereignty to precipitate the balkanization of a region.

Examples of assault on Indian sovereignty:

Item: The custodial rape on in December, 2013, of a senior Indian diplomat, formerly consul to Pakistan, is in gross breach of the Vienna Convention.

Item: The T3 trafficking visa granted to Sangeeta Richard and her family, circumvented the Indian judiciary, which had a non-bailable warrant out for her arrest for extortion and theft. The exfiltration of Philip Richard and their two children from India was also illegal under international and Indian law. Both actions also violated US law.

Item: The recent case (January 2014) of alleged rape, in which the Danish victim is planning to use a Danish medical examination, even though Delhi police have found no evidence of rape.

This seems to be part of an ongoing UN-sponsored “Rape Crisis” hysteria in Delhi.


Events are being orchestrated to build a public case of India as a “failed state” lacking sovereignty, de facto and thus de jure.


Close association of Bharara, maid’s law-firm, trade unions, human rights NGOs,  and Khalistani Sikh separatists


Dana Sussman, the lawyer for the maid, works for Kane Kessler, a New York corporate law firm.

Kane Kessler has represented the NY State Division of Human Rights in US Federal Court in the Southern District of New York.

Preetinder Singh (“Preet”) Bharara is the US Attorney for the Southern District of NY.

He is the son Dr. Jagdish S. Bharara, a Khatri (upper-caste Hindu of Kshatriya class) Sikh pediatrician in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and his Hindu wife, Desh.

Bharara’s wife is half-Jewish and half-Muslim. She is the daughter of a Pakistani doctor father and an Israeli mother, (Added: January 21, 2014).


“An intimate recalls that he was married not once but four times: first a Hindu ceremony, then a Sikh ceremony, then a Muslim ceremony, culminating in “the main event”—a Jewish ceremony.”

Preet Bharara’s brother Vineet (“Vinnie”) is also an attorney.

Vineet Bharara is Deputy Mayor at New York City Authority.

He owned Diapers.com, which he sold to Amazon for $540 million.

NEWS REPORT: Sikhs for Justice files suit against Congress over the killing of Sikhs in 1984 on May 30, 2011, in the Southern Dt of NY, where Bharara is the US attorney.


Dana Sussman/Kane Kessler teams up with Preet Bharara and with AFL-CIO in a case in November  2013

This is one more piece of evidence for the close affiliation of Bharara, the unions (AFL-CIO), and Human Rights NGOs

There are many other pieces.


Dana Sussman is affiliated with Safe-Horizon (the largest victims services group in the world) and Freedom Network, the national coalition of anti-trafficking NGOs in the US,

Leadership of both outfits is comprised of high-profile activists at the UN level and leading Rothschild-cartel banks and corporate heads

(See: Safe Horizon Board of Directors and Freedom Network Board Leadership Team)


The Sikh separatist (Khalistani) group, Sikhs For Justice, has aligned itself vehemently with the maid.

Sikhs For Justice is located in Ocean Town, New Jersey, part of greater Metropolitan New York.

350 5th Avenue North NY 10118                       Tel: 212-601-2707

It lists its activities as counseling and psychologists, not mentioning its radical, separatist agenda.

MARCH 2013

Sangeeta Richard tells Khobragade she wants to work outside the household in New York at a second job. As she is on an official passport which prevents her from working outside her present job, Khobragade denies the claim.

APRIL 2013

NEWS REPORT: “Pro-Khalistan Group’s Proximity to US Lawmakers Raises Concerns,” April 29,2013

A Khalistani (Sikh separatist) group black-listed by India has a secret meeting with US Congressmen, while shutting out pro-India Sikh groups.

MAY 2013

JUNE 2013

Sangeeta Richard leaves without notification sometime between June 21and 23 2013.  The Indian government revokes her passport with effect from June 22. K informs the Office of Foreign Missions (June 24) who tells her to file a report with the NYPD, which initially refuses, but on written request files a report on June 25 and then closes it, stating that Sangeeta was missing.

Sangeeta reportedly lives with strangers and a Sikh temple in New York. She later arrives at Safe Horizon, which puts her in touch with the State Dept.

JULY 2013

On July 1 Khobragade receives a threatening call from an anonymous female attorney asking for a change in visa status enabling Sangeeta to work outside the Indian mission and for compensation for 19 hours a week of work.Khobragade refuses to negotiate and asks for the person’s identity, which is refused.

The call is reported to the NY Police Dpt and the Office of Foreign Missions a request is made to trace the call on July 2. On July 5, a complaint is made to the NYPD of aggravated harassment, involving extortion and blackmail.

Indian officials inform the US Embassy in India and the State Dept in DC.

On July 8,  Khobragade and several consular officials meet Sangeeta at the offices of Access Immigration, where Sangeeta asks for $10,0000, for her official passport to be changed to a personal one, and for a change in visa status allowing her to work in the market.  Indian officials tell her compensation will be payed before she leaves, but she has to return to India since her passport has been canceled.

There is an altercation and Access calls the police, which escorts Sangeeta away.

On Jul 19, Sangeeta’s husband Richard, a driver in the Mozambique embassy, files a petition in Delhi court alleging that the Indian govt has held his wife in police custody and that she has been enslaved in New York. He claims that Uttam Khobragade has threatened him with dire consequences should complain.

The petition is withdrawn 4 days later.



The US State Department writes to the Indian Ambassador to investigate the Richard case; asks for proof of minimum wages paid. Sept 4, 2013.

NEWS REPORT: SIKHS FOR JUSTICE files a class-action suit in NY Federal Court against the Congress and Akali Dal, Sept 5, 2013 .

SFJ accuses Congress of protecting those guilty of extra-judicial killings in 1984. A summons is issued to Sonia Gandhi when she lands in NY for medical treatment.

On Sept 10, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs lodges a strong protest at the tone of the US letter.

Khobragade files for anticipatory anti-suit injunction in Delhi HC on Sept 20, 2013

On Sept 21, the Indian Embassy explains to the State Dept that Sangeeta is trying to subvert laws in both countries.



On November 19, 2013, a non-bailable warrant for the arrest of Sangeeta Richard is issued by the Indian High Court in Delhi and notice of the warrant is sent to the US Embassy and to the US State Dept with a request for her arrest.

NEWS REPORT: SIKHS FOR JUSTICE files “Sikh Genocide 1984” with UN Human Rights Commission, Nov 19, 2013


Warrant forwarded to US Embassy in Delhi, December 6, 2013

NEWS REPORT: SIKHS FOR JUSTICE attends “Genocide and Sovereignty” Conference in Canada and determine to pursue genocide motion before Canada in 2014, Dec 7, 2013

Sangeeta and Philip Richard scheduled to appear in Indian Court on Dec 9, 2013

Philip Richard and his two children are “evacuated” from India to US on December 10, 2013

NEWS REPORT: The Indian Supreme Court reinstates a colonial-era ban that criminalizes homosexuality, although no one has ever been prosecuted under it.

Several members of the US embassy in India have homo-sexual partners.

Under USC Title 28, Sec. 1746, criminal charges of visa fraud (maximum of 10 years in jail) and perjury (maximum of 5 years) are filed against Khobragade by the US State Dept Bureau of Diplomatic Security on Dec 11, 2013 and a US Magistrate judge issues an arrest warrant.

Officers of the Diplomatic Security Services arrest Khobragade on criminal charges on Dec. 12, 2013 at 9.30 AM  after she drops of her children at school in Manhattan. She is taken to the courthouse at noon.

Female agents of the US Marshals conduct a strip-search in private (including cavity inspection but not probe) that is recorded on camera for security.

She was repeatedly DNA swabbed and “held with prostitutes and drug-addicts” according to her account.

She was produced hand-cuffed before a magistrate at 4 PM and released on a $250,000 recognizance bail on the same day, Dec. 12.

On December 20, a number of rights groups protested against the alleged treatment of Sangeeta Richard in front of the Indian Embassy in New York.

The protesters included Safe-Horizon (whose attorney Dana Sussman was representing Richard), the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance, Damayan Migrant Workers Association, the National Guestworker Alliance, and the National Domestic Workers’Alliance. Also present was the Break the Chain campaign.

The Democratic Youth Federation of India, a left-wing group, protested Khobragade’s arrest in Chennai, outside the US consulate on Dec 20.

Communist Party of India members scuffled with police in New Delhi in protest near the American center on the same day.

Earlier in the week Congress party members protested as well.

NOTE: All the protests were by left-wing or communist groups, both in India and in the US, for or against Khobragade.

US-based Sikh rights group to hold Justice Rally supporting Sangeeta Richard,  Dec 29, 2013

Pro-Khalistani group Sikhs For Justice publicly stand with Sangeeta Richard, after DK’s arrest.

US says visa fraud charges against Khobragade will not be dropped. Dec. 30, 2013


On January 8, Khobragade is granted a G1 visa giving her full diplomatic immunity.

On January 9,  a US grand jury indicted her on two counts of visa fraud and perjury. India was requested, and refused, to waive immunity and she left the country.

On Jan. 10, Indian expels Wayne May, the chief of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (in charge of 424 security officers, marines, police officers, and agents, including CIA) in New Delhi, for conniving in the flight of Philip Richard and his two children from India on a T-3 trafficking visa, in violation of the Indian high court order, and in violation of Indian tax laws. May’s wife, a community officer, has posted racially charged and offensive remarks about India on Facebook.

Sikhs for Justice urges Kerry to suspend India from the domestic visa program, Jan 10, 2014

Sikhs For Justice, a pro-Khalistani group based in NY, wants Indian govt condemned for acting against national sovereignty, January 15, 2014

In response to recent reports about British MI6 and SAS assistance in the Indian raid on the Golden Temple in 1984, Sikhs For Justice wants a public condemnation of the Indian government for its violation of the nation’s sovereignty.

(Lila: You can see where this is going).

NOTE Sangeeta Richard was looked after by a Sikh temple in New York

Quote: “From that moment on, Sangeeta Richard relied on the kindness of strangers within the Indian community in New York City, and even was looked after at one point by a Sikh temple.”

Here is a list of Gurudwaras – Sikh temples – in New York.

Background Information linking Mossad/CIA/ ISI to Sikh terrorism

1.Revived Khalistani movement (behind assassination attempt on General Brar) is strong and well-funded in Anglophone countries

2. Revived Khalistani movement is supported by ISI in Pakistan

3. Mossad/ADL Created Sikh Terrorism

Note:- Mossad also created LTTE and abetted Afro-Dalit movement.

Planned divide-and-conquer strategy?

North and South India  incited to fight in a nuclear war to the advantage of other actors?

There are reports of the creation of a second Israeli state in the areas bordering Myanmar (former Burma) – Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland.(Added: Jan. 20, 2014)


“Many people suspect a complicit understanding between Christian missionaries (majority of them are from the US, and most of them are not innocent propagators of Christianity but linked to the worldview of Bush as shown by Vijay Prasad (“Eastward, evangelical soldiers!” Frontline, 12-25 February 2005) and the on-going drive to identify many tribes in Mizoram and Manipur as “Jews” (which has been earlier reported in the Mili Gazette”

The Indian-Jewish community (like Beni Israel) and Mossad act with Parsis, Sikh separatists, Tamil militants, and other disaffected groups.

Added: Jan. 20, 2014 Hillary Clinton has been discussing foreign policy with Chief Minister Jayalalitha of the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu, as though it were a national government.

The Rothschild cartel is using the Tamil Eelam issue to create a foot-hold in Sri Lanka, while demonizing Lankans as genociders of Tamils.

The Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha is bending over backwards for the Vatican and Mossad/Israel.


1. The illegality of the grant of the T-3 Visa to Sangeeta Richard

A T-3 visa is only granted for trafficking crimes, not for labor exploitation. There were never any trafficking charges brought against Khobragade, despite the media’s hype and propaganda.

2. The evacuation of the Richard family comprised multiple violations and frauds committed on the Indian legal system, US law, and international law.

The “evacuation” of  Sangeeta’s husband, Philip Richard, and their two children from India while there was an outstanding non-bailable warrant for the arrest on extortion and theft charges of both Sangeeta and Philip, was a direct obstruction of justice and in contempt of the Indian court that issued the warrant.

The flight also constituted an act of trafficking under international and US law and an act of visa fraud under US law.  The tickets for the Richard family were purchased fraudulently, under Indian tax law.

3. Under Section 3, Article 41 of the Vienna Convention 1963, the US arrest and strip-search was illegal

“If criminal proceedings are instituted against a consular officer, he must appear before the competent authorities. Nevertheless, the proceedings shall be conducted with the respect due to him by reason of his official position and, except in the case specified in paragraph 1 of this Article, in a manner which will hamper the exercise of consular functions as little as possible.”

4. The strip-search was also in violation of the US Marshals standards for the treatment of foreign diplomats:

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT LAW ENFORCEMENT and judicial authorities of the United States always treat foreign diplomatic and consular personnel with respect and with due regard for the privileges and immunities to which they are entitled under international law. Any failure to do so has the potential of casting doubt on the commitment of the United States to carry out its international obligations or of negatively influencing larger foreign policy interests. As stated above, however, appropriate caution should not become a total “hands off ’ attitude in connection with criminal law enforcement actions involving diplomats (p.16).

5. Under the Vienna Convention the US has no jurisdiction over Khobragade’s labor contract with another Indian citizen in her household on an India government passport:

“Consular officers and consular employees and members of their families forming part of their households shall be exempt from all obligations under the laws and regulations of the receiving State in regard to the registration of aliens and residence permits.”

6. US Bureau of Diplomatic Security agent Mark J. Smith misread the visa application form that is alleged to be fraudulent.

The sum $4500 was not the maid’s intended/required salary, as the major media repeatedly stated. It approximates the diplomat’s salary but is in excess of her official salary.

(Added: Jan 23, 2014)

7. Sangeeta Richard, not Khobragade, filled out and signed the visa application and was party to both written contracts as well as to the oral contract.  She was educated, literate, and had multiple close family ties with the very agent in charge of anti-trafficking (the Bureau of Diplomatic Security Chief Wayne May, who employed her in-laws), so she cannot plead ignorance or coercion.

8. ISAACBROCK SOCIETY: Khobragade Guilty Only of “Form Crime” created by sociopathic bureaucrats (Added: Jan 20, 2014)


1. The US has claimed diplomatic immunity for acts of murder and maiming, with no compensation to the victim

2. The US claimed immunity for sexual abuse, solicitation of a minor, sex tapes, forced abortions, rape, slavery, murder,

3. The US claims international law rules when its diplomats are at fault under local laws.

AN INDIANS VIEW-POINT: Letter to an Indian Nanny in New York from the Do-Gooders Foundation in New York City (Added on 1/20/14)


1. John Kerry admitted to agreeing to the arrest of Khobragade, Dept of State Briefing, Dec. 18, 2013

2. Senior officials kept in loop, January 19, 2014

Reports show that all senior US embassy officials in Delhi were secretly involved in the illegal “evacuation” of Sangeeta Richard and her family.

The purchase of tickets was made by Mrs. May to avoid public perception of direct embassy involvement in the operation.

3.  Richard family flight drawn up by nexus of  US diplomats

Indian intelligence (Intelligence Bureau) has unearthed a huge ring of  US diplomats misusing diplomatic privilege to conspire together and to interfere in the internal matters of the Indian state, a violation of the Vienna Convention, 1963.

Richard was a government employee, like Khobragade, on a government passport.  She was subject to a non-bailable warrant issued by an Indian court for extortion and theft.

Her exfiltration amounted to subversion of the Indian judiciary by the US Embassy.

That would violate both Indian law and the Vienna Convention governing diplomatic relations, 1963.

The conspiracy to spirit out Richard included the following senior US embassy officials who all employed Richard’s immediate family (mother-in-law and father-in-law) over a period of at least 10 years:

1. Timothy Haley (Counsellor,  Regional Security Office) and his wife Joyce Haley (Consular Section) worked in Delhi from 2011 onward

2. Current Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, Uzra Zeya in Washington (former deputy ex secy to former Secy of States Condie Rice and Hillary Clinton, Counselor in Delhi from 2009-11

3. Wayne  May (Chief of Diplomatic Bureau of Security) and Alicia May (community liaison) in Delhi. Wayne May has publicly stated his belief in an over-arching global terror threat called Al Qaeda and on the need for a pro-active response to it. (Added: Jan 21, 2014)

READ wife Alicia May’s anti-Indian/Hindu remarks on Facebook: “Vegetarians are rapists.”

IB (Intelligence Bureau) also found that Richard’s in-laws had worked ten years ago for the following diplomat:

4. Geoffrey R. Pyatt, US Ambassador to Ukraine, when he was posted in Delhi from 2002-2007 as  Minister Counselor.


“According to officials, after her (Lila: Urza Zeya’s) deputation to the US embassy in Delhi, Zeya served as Chief of Staff to Deputy Secretary William Burns. She also worked as Executive Secretary, US State Department’s Accountability Review Board probing the September 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi.

However, a US committee on foreign affairs in a meeting in May 2013 had raised suspicion over Zeya’s role in the Benghazi probe after she allegedly shielded Burns and Hillary Clinton from being summoned by the ARB for questioning about the attack. But, the incident is said to have given her career a major boost and she was appointed acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor on March 2013.

“Zeya allegedly played a major role in converting the entire low wages controversy into a human trafficking issue”


Pyatt advised K.V. Rajan (member of PM Manmohan Singh’s National Security Advisory Board to feed anti-Iran views into Indian Government

When WikiLeaks published State Department cables, Pyatt became embroiled in controversy because of a May 4, 2007, cable he sent recommending that K.V. Rajan, a secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs and a member of the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) visit Washington DC in order to help “feed” U.S. government views on Iran into the Indian system.”



Uzra Zeya’s Bihari roots (Uzra Zeya is a Muslim of Pakistani origin)


Uzra Zeya advised by India’s Consul in Afghanistan:- India’s strategic interest in Afghanistan clash with Pakistan’s interests. (Wikileaks Cable)

Pakistan wants no Indian role in Afghanistan. Zeya apparently supports Pakistan’s position.


India’s Consul in Pakistan was Devyani Khobragade from 2007-2010.


“She didn’t have a problem in Islamabad where you would expect to face challenges. This (the row) happened in a country supposed to be a strategic partner,” the official said.


1. Zeya’s cover-up for Hillary Clinton on the Benghazi Accountability Review Board

2. Benghazi: Background on Hillary Clinton’s Handpicked Accountability Review Board: Unanswered Questions


“Former CIA Officer Clare Lopez has characterized US Activities in Benghazi as “gun running”…

Background: “America’s Great Game: The CIA;’s Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East,” Hugh Wilford, Basic Books, Dec 3, 2013




2. Billionaire NGO Invests In Human Misery


A political commentator Carry Roberts who exposed several frauds masterminded by US NGOs wrote in ‘Renewamerica’ that “victims of battering are in short supply these days. So when no victim is known to exist, the solution is obvious: fabricate one.”

“Like other abuse shelters, Safe Horizon makes a grand show of being perpetually hard-up for cash…..But how many would-be donors know Safe Horizon resembles Citicorp or Bank of America, far more than a grass-roots organisation dedicated to providing succour to persons down on their luck?” Roberts wrote, adding that Safe Horizon rakes in nearly $56 million every year and pays skyscraper salaries that would put many bail-out bank executives to shame.

NOTE: Anti-trafficking NGO Freedom Network Chief was liaising with media in Assam, Andhra, Bengal and urging purchase of anti-trafficking software to be shared with US intelligence

LETTER: Freedom Network Applauds Arrest of Diplomat To UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Dec. 17, 2013


1. Richard claimed she was underpaid and over-worked and that she worked for less than $1 an hour.

But boarding, travel, food, utilities, electronics, and beauty-parlor bills paid by the Indian diplomat added up to over $2000/mth.

2.  Richard claimed she was forcibly prevented from traveling.

Richard claimed that she asked to go back to India and was denied.


“When I decided to come to the United States, my hope was to work for a few years to support my family and then return to India.

[Lila: The claim is contradicted by her own mother-in-law, as well as by her own extortionist demands made on the premises of the firm, Access International, in the presence of several witnesses.

Richard demanded to have her passport and visa changed so she could stay on and work in the US]

(Added: Jan 23, 2014)

Richard also claimed that she had no time to sleep or eat or relax.

“I never thought that things would get so bad here, that I would work so much that I did not have time to sleep or eat or have time to myself.”

[Lila: This claim is contradicted by her request in March-April to work outside the house-hold of Khobragade to make money. That request is also corroborated by Richard’s later request for a visa/passport change and her subsequent refusal to return to India. The passport/visa change and refusal to return are confirmed by witnesses at Access International.]


“Because of this treatment, I requested that I return to India but that request was denied,” Richard said in a short, cryptic statement that largely served to glorify Safe Horizon’s role in the episode than throw any great light on her differences with the diplomat and how it widened.

[Lila: The govt. of India canceled Richard’s official passport when she absconded from the Khobragade household, so her” request to return” is a bogus claim. Richard was obliged to return. It was because she didn’t want to return to India that she trumped up a trafficking case against her employer. At least, that is how the evidence looks to me.]

From Sangeeta’s own diary:

“The whole family is very nice. I don’t feel that I am their domestic help. The children call me ‘tai’ (aunt). Madam is also quite nice and keeps smiling all the time. Sir is quite sensible. He takes care of things so it gives me a lot of free time.”



Bharara’s bogus charge against Khobragade that she confiscated the maid’s passport

Sangeeta Richard’s BLUE (personal) Indian passport became invalid once she had traded it in for her WHITE (official) passport.

The WHITE (official) passport was revoked by the Indian Government as soon as Sangeeta stopped working for Khobragade.

That was a Government of India action. It was not an action taken by Khobragade.

Meanwhile, Preet Bharara charged 49 Russian diplomats with Medicaid fraud and yet let them go, claiming they had diplomatic immunity. Actually,  some of them only had consular immunity, like Khobragade, and, furthermore, were junior to her.

Still further, Russian President Vladimir Putin banned Bharara from entering Russia for “biased and politically motivated” prosecution of its citizens.

Compare that to the tame response of the Indian government, a response that was nonetheless excoriated and ridiculed in the Indian press.

(Added: Jan 20, 2014)



Sunanda Pushkar’s Dubai Espionage Links

UPDATE: I changed the title of this post from “Sunanda Pushkar Was the Spy, Not Mehr?” to Pushkar’s Dubai Espionage Links, as I’ve been coming across things.  Although I think it’s still a very plausible theory, there still aren’t enough facts to suggest it’s more plausible than any other.

UPDATE: An unidentified man visited Sunanda Pushkar before her death and was captured by CCTV.

UPDATE: Shelley Kasli at GreatGameIndia has more details about Pushkar’s connection to Sunil Varkey, a front for Dawood Ibrahim and the Rothschilds (via his GEMS Educational foundation and its affiliated Clinton Global Initiative ).

I also noticed the Varkey connection (see below, in my original post).

Kasli writes:

“Established by President Bill Clinton in 2005, the initiative’s aim is to create and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. Among CGI’s diverse membership are heads of state, leading CEOs, Nobel Prize laureates and heads of NGOs”

GEMS also supports a variety of partners, including Amnesty International, UNESCO, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and other NGOs.

Sunil Varkey is connected to the Indian diamond business and its merchant princes in Europe.

The IPL (Indian Premier League cricket franchise) is awash from money-laundering of the profits from these and related businesses.

Sunanda Pushkar had been given a stake in the IPL, specifically, the Kochi (Kerala) team. She later renounced it when it led to charges of corruption against her recently married husband Shashi Tharoor.

Kasli writes:

“The most important aspect of Team Kochi is that almost its entire $333 million has come from Gujarati investors based in Dubai and Mumbai.Two prominent investors in the team are Atul Shah of Anchor Earth, makers of Anchor Switches, and diamond merchant Harshad Mehta, whose family is the largest exporter of diamonds in India and who holds a personal stake in Team Kochi through Film Wave, owned by Rosy Blue. Both families enjoy a celebrity status in the Gujarati community.”

Lila: More here about Harshad Mehta, the diamond merchant:

“Some 300 Indian families mainly hailing from the state of Gujarat live in the port city of Antwerp, the world’s rough diamond trading capital. Today, Indians control 60% of Antwerp’s rough and polished diamond trade that recorded a turnover of $36bn and contributes 8% of Belgian’s exports.”

The Kochi IPL owners also figure on a list of Indian black-money in Germany that the Indian tax authorites and the Reserve Bank of India have confirmed.

Some of the black money  appears to have been generated by sophisticated price rigging schemes involving the resale of diamonds, which has deprived the Zimbabwe treasury of money.

However, the largest investors in the Zimbabwe diamond mine at Marange are not the Indians, but the Chinese:

“Chinese nationals and state-owned companies are the largest investors in Marange. Many work in partnership with Zimbabwean military chiefs, who have seats on the boards of diamond mining firms.”

Shelly Kasli:

“Bringing Narendra Modi in the line of fire, Kochi franchise spokesman Satyajit Gaikwad said everyone knew about his “nexus” with Lalit Modi and the concerted effort by them to deprive Kochi of IPL team and get a slot for Gujarat.”

Lila: Lalit Modi is the corrupt chief of the IPL, which has been scandal-ridden since day one and last year was reeling with scam after scam.

When the Pushkar investment was outed, Tharoor was forced to resign his then position. The idea was that the Kochi IPL would head to Gujarat and be under Modi.

Narendra Modi was behind the pressure from Lalit Modi to move the Kochi IPL north.

Narendra Modi is supportive/protective of the diamond industry (centered in India in Mumbai and Surat) and also supportive of the global diamond industry, affiliated with Zionists.

Modi’s PR agency is APCO International, affiliated with Kissinger Associates. It is a strong proponent of the war on terror and its positions are supported by a wide-variety of right-wing think-tanks, like the Heritage Foundation, which are linked to CIA/Mossad directly.

It now makes sense to me why Subramanian Swamy – whom many people regard as a Mossad stooge -tweeted out that  Mehr Tarar was ISI.

It might have been a distraction from the real story behind Pushkar’s death.

It also explains why the major media (BBC, Guardian and so on) are treating the whole story as suicide.  Varkey’s GEMS foundation is behind a network of schools closely tied to multiple churches in the UK.

It’s also possible that this something more complicated, perhaps a playing out of spy and counter-spy.

As I said, Subramanian Swamy, who put out the viral tweet that Pushkar was eliminated by ISI, has himself been fingered by many people are a Rothschild/Mossad stooge.

The Rothschild cartel finances the right-wing, but through George Soros and affiliated Foundations that front for the CIA, it also finances the anti-Zionist/anti-establishment opposition.

UPDATE: Sumana Pushkar was introduced to Shashi Tharoor in 2010. That was when what I call the War on India (partly described in Breaking India)  that is orchestrated by the Rothschild banking cartel  and its propaganda machine first began to become obvious to the public.

She was introduced to Tharoor via Sunny Varkey, a Kerala businessman based in Dubai who is linked to Dawood Ibrahim, as a front man.

Ibrahim (D Company, as he’s referred to in media) is widely regarded as a CIA/Rothschild front.

She was volatile and got into confrontations with strangers.


Yet another bizarre story in the unfolding drama called “Break Up Of India” reported by The Financial Express.com:

“Call has been made for Union Minister of State for HRD Shashi Tharoor to be removed from the Cabinet till the probe into his wife Sunanda Pushkar’s suspicious death gets over.

Sunanda Pushkar died on Friday after a row erupted over ‘affair’ between her husband Shashi Tharoor and Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar.

The first reports of the demand emanate from TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu.

In a statement issued here today, Chandrababu wanted the police to book a case against Shashi Tharoor under the Domestic Violence (Prevention) Act alleging the latter was responsible for Sunanda’s death.

“An impartial probe should be conducted into her death without scope for any political interference,” the former Chief Minister added.

Chandrababu condoled Sunanda Pushkar’s death.”

My Comment:

Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under-Secretary General, current Indian minister, also a fine writer and author, was alleged to be on the verge of breaking up with his wife in a bizarre tweeting episode, in which his volatile wife apparently used his twitter account to tell millions of followers that he was having an affair with a Pakistani journalist, Mehr Tarar, whom she termed an ISI spy. Tharoor and Tarar denied the allegations.

A private email between the two that has gone public seems to indicate a friendship misunderstood by Sunanda.

Tharoor is alleged to have been involved in corrupt dealings,

Sunanda, his dead wife, was a Dubai entrepreneur. Tharoor is alleged to have once rescued her son from the custody of the UAE police over drug possession charges, using his influence as an Indian Minister. He and his late wife denied the charges.

So we have a Kerala minister (Tharoor is from Kerala and Kerala is a conduit for drug money-laundering not only through land purchases, but through the Indian Premier League – a lucrative, entertainment-cricket industry – in which Tharoor’s wife Sunanda held shares, corruptly, it is alleged); we have a Dubai business woman (Dubai is a center of money-laundering into India and terrorist-financing); we have a Pakistani journalist alleged to be an ISI spy, an allegation made over Twitter, whose India chief is a Kashmiri separatist; and to complicate things Sunanda herself is a Kashmiri Pandit.

She is closely tied, it is reported, to a real estate firm owned by the Sheikh of Dubai, who just happens to be closely allied to the US.

The twitter announcement via hacking of an alleged affair smacks of a psyop.

The rebroadcasting on Western media by the communist  NY Times author Suketu Mehta that “Sunanda was killed by Twitter” seems to confirm that this is a psyop intended to tarnish and topple Tharoor, who has been admitted to hospital with a heart condition.

Another tweet that linked ISI to Sunanda’s death is going viral. That itself suggests that Sunanda’s death is not linked to ISI but to CIA/Mossad and Dubai – that is, to the Rothschild cartel. The use of Twitter in all this is very interesting.

I believe attempts might be made to frame Tharoor in some way? Or?

There are also chances are the dead woman herself might have been an operative, who ensnared Tharoor and has now been disposed of by her paymaster.

Autopsy has revealed that she died of an overdose of prescription drugs, including sedatives. She is said to have suffered from lupus and tuberculosis. There are conflicting reports of how serious those conditions were.

My first thought was that this might be a set-up, with the phony ISI accusation working as a red herring to distract from the real spy-nexus, in Dubai.

Perhaps Pushkar was eliminated and then given a few hits to the body, to make allegations of domestic violence or even murder plausible.

Even if those allegations can’t be proved in court (and hey, Indian courts cannot be trusted, right?) they are enough, via Twitter/social media recycling, to end Tharoor’s career.

Twitter-social media is controlled by the NGO-Ford Foundation-CIA, which funds people like Arwind Kejriwal, Medha Patkar, Amartya Sen, and many other willing and unwilling accomplices in the establishment of the Rothschild-run global dispensation.

Which could be the point, if the intention is to topple the government….or to help this lot?

Why? For this reason...maybe? Not sure…

Those are speculations, but reasonable ones, at this point.

Draupadi Disrobed: India Strip-Searched By US…..

Draupadi disrobed in the Mahabharat

Credit for image of Draupadi vastraharan to Naari.com

“When the US tows away a Russian diplomat’ car in Washington for a parking violation, six US diplomatic cars disappear in Moscow. The Russian car then magically appears with apology.

That is the type of diplomacy we need.”

This was a comment I saw posted at the Indian news site, Firstpost.com, below an article on the unequal “relationship” between the US and  India, as evidenced in the Devyani Khobragade case.

India is claiming “victory” …….even though a senior female diplomat still faces indictment and a possible 10 year sentence and was strip-searched and cavity-inspected, for an allegation over what amounts to a routine visa issue.

Meanwhile, not even a criminal case was registered against Wayne May (the State Dept Security chief in New Delhi who is behind the whole affair.

May was guilty of subversion of the Indian judiciary, actual trafficking, and tax and visa fraud.

Further clarification of  a canard being circulated that Khobragade was lying.

Devyani Khobragade says she was strip-searched, DNA swabbed, and cavity-searched, multiple times.

The US Marshals deny that she was cavity-searched but admit she underwent a standard procedure strip-search.

So who is telling the truth? Devyani or the Marshals?

BOTH. There is just a confusion of terms.

Under US law today (ratified by Supreme Court in a 2012 case), arrests are accompanied by strip-searches.

1 The standard procedure of a strip-search

This is what the US Marshals admitted happened.

It involves the removal of all clothes and examination of all bodily cavities, including mouth, nose, ears, eyes, genitals and rectum.

It involves “baring of the labia.” That can be done multiple times.

It includes DNA swabbing and recording (for security purposes).

As we now know, the US has a vast espionage and surveillance network and nearly all sensitive nodes of telecom and electronic communication are monitored centrally.


These images can then be transferred to private corporations, working with the United States Government (and Israel.

Israel has complete access via backdoors in the electronic equipment as well as more directly).

Corporation working with the spy agencies and with the USG include Facebook, Microsoft,  Google, Digg, Verizon, Brighthouse and many many more.

There is immense  potential here for black-mail against a political figure like Khobragade, from a political family tied to the Dalit vote-bank (voting power of the lower caste/untouchable community), a prize for both Congress and the BJP.

Indeed, we don’t know that black-mail has not ALREADY occurred behind closed doors.

Extortion of the Khobragade family would mean extortion of the Ministry of External Affairs (foreign office of New Delhi), in which Uttam Khobragade, Devyani’s father, has power.

The MEA and the US Embassy in New Delhi were at logger-heads for some time before this episode

“Jail Strip Searches: The light at the end of the tunnel was not a train,” Gary W. De Land, Directors of Jail Operations, Utah’s Sheriff’s Association gives a detailed history of the litigation over strip-searches as well as the often confused terminology, from the perspective of someone in favor of more wide-spread use of strip-searches.  His description of the standard strip-search, including visual inspection of cavities (which he terms relatively useless since the cavities cannot actually be seen)

“The early strip search cases created a bit of confusion over what a strip search is. Part of that confusion was use of the term “body cavity search” or “visual body cavity search.”

The terms seem to imply searches actually probe or look inside of the rectum or vagina which was not the case.

The body-cavity searches were those where the male was required to lift his genitals for visual inspection to see if contraband was being hidden and bending or squatting to allow visual inspection of the anus (an external inspection). For females, prisoners were required to bend and spread their buttocks and/or squat to permit an visual inspection of the external genitalia and anus.

The Supreme Court commented on the different and confusing meanings that have been applied in various cases to “strip searches.”

The term is imprecise. It may refer simply to the instruction to remove clothing while an officer observes from a distance of, say, five feet or more; it may mean a visual inspection from a closer, more uncomfortable distance; it may include directing detainees to shake their heads or to run their hands through their hair to dislodge what might be hidden there; or it may involve instructions to raise arms, to display foot insteps, to expose the back of the ears, to move or spread the buttocks or genital areas, or to cough in a squatting position.

The impact of the Florence ruling is that the term “strip search” now covers each of the different levels of intrusion listed above. Since the so-called visual body-cavity searches are permitted without reasonable suspicion, then certainly the less intrusive strip searches are also authorized. It is now appropriate for jail officials to simply refer to levels levels of unclothed searches as strip searches.”

B. The procedure called a “cavity search”

Devyani mistakenly used this term, when she should have used the term “cavity inspection.”

That is understandable since in India, BOTH procedures would be considered custodial rape.

Cavity search (probe)  involves digital probing of the cavities (insertion of fingers or fists into rectums or vaginas).

This is literally sodomizing of an innocent person, on mere charges or suspicion.

“Probing” did NOT happen, which is why the US Marshals are denying the story.

Devyani used the wrong term, but she is not lying, just using the wrong terminology.

The standard inspection of the cavities would in fact be brutal and demeaning enough on its own.

The US apparently misjudged how people would react and then tried to muddy the affair by flooding the media with allegations and statements from the US prosecutor and the alleged victim.

In effect, this is a way to try the case in the media and cover up their own outrageous position.

The hoax video that was released on the net, showing the gang-rape of  Devyani, was apparently intended to muddy the story.

Perhaps that was so as to make it appear that the reaction was a misplaced reaction to exaggerated reports.

My first book “Language of Empire” dealt with such “hoaxes” and the problems they create.

Notice, as well, that almost immediately after the Facebook statements of the May surfaced, how another “gang-rape” allegation has surfaced from Delhi, this time by a Danish woman.

Yet, the police did not find any injuries consistent with a gang-rape and she refused to undergo a medical examination in Delhi.

She is using medical evidence from Denmark to press her case.

This is an extraordinary case from the point of view of setting precedents, because it means that the Delhi police might from now on be sued based on evidence cooked up abroad and concocted for political purposes.

Now, we see the political motivation behind the drum-beat about a “rape crisis” in Delhi

even while the rate of rape in the UK, for example, is ten time that in India, and although India is not to be found in the top ten countries for high rape rates, while the US, the UK, New Zealand, Sweden, and Belgium all are.

Read about the 25 signs of the Nazification of the US police-state.

Sangeeta’s Mom-In-Law: Maid Was Avaricious

Vatsala Shrangi in The Sunday Guardian:

“However, in a 19 December interview with another English newspaper, Agnes had said, “Sangeeta, 42, who hails from Kerala, married Philip 20 years ago after three years of courtship, then apparently left his house three days later because he was not earning enough. I had reservations about the marriage but my son was in a hurry. She was staying in Ghaziabad with her father and had no job then.”

The report also has Agnes saying “Sangeeta always wanted to work abroad. She knew I was working at a diplomat’s house and wanted me to look for a similar job for her.”

When Devyani’s father Uttam Khobragade was contacted on the matter, he said, “Even we did not know that Sangeeta’s father-in-law is employed with the US embassy. It was only this week that we found out from another source that he works as a driver with them.

The US embassy should have ideally informed us about this.”