Muslims Shout Allahu Akbar & Other Scary Stuff


“Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, Bishop of Szeged-Csanad in southern Hungary, said the migrants “come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.” He added that Pope Francis “doesn’t know the situation” and that many so-called refugees are actually economic migrants.”

My thoughts on this:

The situation in Austria and Hungary appears to be different from the one in the UK.

I  think (without proof so far) that the migrants are very likely being infiltrated by social-media revolutionaries.

I base this on my feeling that Jade Helm 15 was a feint or possibly a dry run for insertion/extraction of provocateurs, gun-running and such like, intended to be used not at the US-Mexican border  but in Europe.

That was why I made note earlier in the summer of the number of military exercises going on around the continental mass in Asia, India, and in Europe.(Google it).

Then I got into a bit of trouble with Caesar Augustus here…for a couple of months…and just got back to blogging.

Something is being prepared for sure.

But again, I expect a lot of exaggeration, obfuscation, and red herrings to make any theory come a cropper and the critic look foolish.

I also consider “Camp of the Saints” to be very shrewd propaganda and a “seeding of memes” planted in order to foment and frame the very scenario we have going on here.

The use of Indians in the book, rather than blacks or Muslims seems to be a dead give-away that it was propaganda and programming, rather like the Turner Diaries.

It is a book in the mold of “Brave New World,” – not so much a prophecy as a revelation of a project in the works.

Besides, Trump is clearly a a weapon of mass distraction. What is he distracting from?

Then again, the Sept. 11 date and the various self-serving prophecies of rabbis like Jonathan Cahn and other Messianic preachers scaring American Christians suggest that something is coming up this fall.

Cahn’s “Messiah” might be “humanity,” or “Israel,” or  “revolution,” – all of which can be read into the Jade Helm logo.

However, a chant of Allahu-Akbar by itself means nothing. Might as well get upset about a bunch of rambunctious Americans shouting  Go USA.

Muslims use the phrase for all sorts of secular reasons, and it doesn’t mean heads are going to roll.

Whites get frightened by even normal crowds and noise when dark-skinned people are involved. A friend of mine visited Delhi on Independence Day and thought there was a revolution going on. All it was was the parade and a bunch of people in the streets following it around, quite calmly, actually. But he was sure something was up.
Even a bandh, which is pretty common in India, can be terrifying if you haven’t seen one before. Students lying on railway tracks, throwing stones, the occasional bus set afire. Hooliganism from young people with no employment prospects, organized by political activists. Not very safe and some property damage.
But not necessarily Gog and Magog either.

As for economic refugees, of course, they are that. And what is wrong? Must they be at death’s door to be allowed to escape? It seems to me any middle-class person would want to get out of an open prison like Eritrea, even though it might not literally persecute them and even though foreigners are there investing. It’s one thing to be a foreigner with a Western passport and hard currency and English, in countries like that. It’s another to actually have to live there.

Only fairly well-to-do people can pay the various fees, bribes, and permits needed to move out of countries that are war-torn, ruled by dictatorships, or otherwise in a mess. Only the middle-class can afford clothes and food and travel expenses. Is that their fault?

The very poor never leave.

As for Pope Francis, his sentiments are right, but his application of the Bible and his motivation are a bit suspect with me.

Personally, I consider him a masonic pope, but then, I’m not a Catholic and wouldn’t take any pope’s word for dogma.

On the other hand, the Zionisation of the world means I would need to research any bishop quite well before I accepted their estimations of what is going on at face-value.

Zionists Salivating For American Collapse

Zionists on every front are salivating over the prospect of divine “judgment” on America apparently through the mechanism of  stock market collapse – for an assortment of evils, varying from aborting babies to not grovelling with sufficient meekness to Israel:

Well-known [Zionist] Christian evangelist Pat Robertson was criticized for suggesting the “Black Monday” stock-market collapse was a “taste” of the “judgment of God” for national sins such as abortion.

But another [Zionist] Christian leader is adding his voice to the controversy – and he says Robertson is right.

“Of course it is judgment!” says Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries and the discoverer of the “blood moons” tetrad.

He argues the United States of America has courted God’s judgment with mistaken policies, especially with regard to Israel.

The final blood moon arrives next month, and Biltz noted he predicted “economic judgment” coming upon American in his book, “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs.”

After observing two major stock-market declines earlier this century, on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2001 and on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2008, Biltz wrote: “Could the coming blood moons signal our third strike, and we will be out economically? We already see the signs of economic collapse coming, with America being so much in debt and our government in a comatose condition.”

Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 1,000 points. It did the same in the first five minutes of trading Monday but then rebounded slightly. On Tuesday, there was a bounce in the market, then it plunged again. The Dow is down about 13 percent now from its recent highs. That means trillions of dollars in stock and bond equity have vanished.

Religious teachers, analysts and international media outlets are warning of the possibility of American economic collapse, with some going to so far as to predict “economic apocalypse.” And while other Christian leaders shy away from specific predictions, they caution America may well be facing heavenly judgment.

[Rabbi] Jonathan Cahn’s clarion call to repent and return to God is well known, but what about the man himself? Where did he come from and how did he rise from obscurity to a Christian voice heard by millions? WND has produced a new documentary film, “The Harbinger Man,” that answers these questions and more. Pre-order your copy now.

[Zionist] Evangelist, filmmaker and author Joel Richardson told WND he would “never say that every negative or corrective cycle in the stock market is God’s judgment.”

However, the author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God” argues Americans should not dismiss the larger reality of God intervening in the fate of nations.

He stated: “The fact is, God does indeed humble nations because He desires for them to repent of their sins and return to Him. There can be no question that many within the United States are increasingly rejecting God and His ways. No doubt, as a nation, we need to turn back to Him. Desperately so.”



AIDS-Fort Detrick Theory Is KGB, Stasi Disinfo

Hunting around to find out more about the Alan Cantwell piece about AIDS I posted earlier, which one reader suggested was disinformation, I came across this announcement from the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies.

It doesn’t mention the Cantwell theory, but takes aim at another widely-circulated conspiracy theory about AIDS, that it came out of bio-weapons research at Fort Detrick:

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014,

Event description: In the second half of the 1980s, the KGB conducted an international disinformation campaign accusing the US of having artificially constructed the virus that causes AIDS at the Pentagon’s laboratory for biological warfare in Fort Detrick, Maryland. On the basis of his research with scholar Christopher Nehring in the archives of the former communist secret police in Bulgaria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, Douglas Selvage will present new details about the disinformation campaign and the key supporting role played by the KGB’s “fraternal organ,” the East German Ministry of State Security, or Stasi.  Among the findings: The free media in West Germany played a central, if unwitting role, as multipliers of the KGB’s disinformation thesis; a cycle of misinformation and disinformation arose between conspiracy theorists in the US and the Soviet bloc’s secret police; and the Fort Detrick-thesis continues to circulate around the globe yet today with dire political and medical consequences.  “

Here is a bit about Douglas Selvage himself. I am not sure how far one can trust state-employed historians.

Douglas Selvage is currently Project Director in the Education and Research Division of the BStU (Federal Commission for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic) in Berlin for the project “International Cooperation of the East European Security Services.” Before he joined the BStU in 2008, he served as a historian in the U.S. Department of State and as an assistant professor of history at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach. He has published widely on German-Polish relations during the Cold War, on the Helsinki Process, U.S. foreign policy, and the history of the Soviet bloc. “

Establishment Alternatives Defend Hersh

Michael Rozeff, who believes Hersh is accurate on the Bin Laden story, claims support from four journalists.

He says generalized skepticism about government accounts is not good enough to discount the possibility of a 2011 killing, instead of the rumored 2001 killing.

Fair enough.

However, the problem for me at least is not generalized skepticism of government accounts.

My problem is generalized skepticism of alternative media mouth-pieces attacking the government’s account – I don’t place much stock in the high-profile  Mr. Hersh and his ilk.

Unlike Mr. Roberts, I don’t believe in the theory of a 2001 killing of Obama; but I also don’t believe the government’s OR Hersh’s version.

Until I study the matter at first hand, I refuse to take any account at face-value. The only thing I do believe is that there is no end to the depth and complexity of Anglo-Zionist propaganda and that anyone who goes by party-line, confession, or ideology of any kind, will not be able to untangle the web.

High-profile journalists are suspects numero uno when it comes to intelligence/CIA propaganda.

As I said, Douglas Valentine, Ann Williamson, Paul Craig Roberts, James Petras and the less-known but insightful  Scott Creighton – between them encompassing every side of the alternative spectrum – have expressed cynicism/skepticism about Hersh.

The media fanfare over Hersh’s revelations is itself a giveaway.

Now Rozeff comes up with 4 voices in support of Hersh.

Three of them published their  support on Counterpunch, which has, sorry to say, often retailed disinformation about 9/11 by none other than Alexander Cockburn.  One is published at The Nation, another establishment leftist rag that carries disinformation all the time.

Before he died, I got to know Cockburn a  little bit, with some exchanges over the phone and email. I liked the guy. He said nice things about my writing. I am grateful for that.  I also appreciated his support of India and his love of Indian culture. His Catholic background and his sharp, curious brain made him a different kind of lefty.

But lefty he was….a true believer in feminism, the state, and “the people.”

And on at least two occasions known to me a guy who retailed government spin.

One was on 9/11. The other was on the child-sex abuse scandals of the 1990s.

The latter was a personal disappointment to me, because I relied on his word and his opinion, as an elder statesman on the subject of propaganda and the CIA.

I found later he was wrong on both subjects, but not because he was mistaken.  It was because he was misleading.

I suspected a tie to the CIA. That was confirmed to me later by a senior libertarian writer who ought to know.

So, yes, Cockburn was a good guy on a number of things. A funny, insightful, even great writer.

But he also retailed spin when he felt he had to. I can’t make a judgment about why he did it. I’m just saying he did it.

So Cockburn supporting Hersh is like, well, the Washington Post echoing the New York Times.

Journalist two:

Justin Raimondo supports Hersh.

Well, he also uncritically supported Gore Vidal, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, about whose bona fides there are persistent serious questions that have never been answered.  If you believe in the official Snowden-Assange story, I assure you, the tooth-fairy will be visiting soon……followed by some property in the Florida panhandle.

Raimondo, alas, is still an establishment alternative.  I have nothing clear-cut against him, but I find his judgment questionable on some things.

The other writers who support Hersh, Michael Brenner and Greg Grandin, are both professors – of international relations and of history – who write for the establishment alternatives – places like The Nation and TomDispatch, whose contributors often overlap.  Both are the usual East Coast left-liberal academic, part of the mandarin industry.  I have zero trust in them.
But no need to worry about Raimondo, Cockburn and the rest. Mr. Hersh can be judged from his own words, no less (Note: this is not an endorsement of the site on which I found Hersh’ words)

Seymour Hersh has admitted that he’s nothing but a liar. It’s okay tho, he only lies when he gives $15, 000 college campus speeches or gives talks for the ACLU and that sort of thing, he assures us he never lies in print (a liar who says ‘believe me’…funny.)

In a recent interview, Hersh said the following in regards to his fibbing:

“Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people…I can?t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.?

and when Hersh changes names, dates, places, and the like:

?I defend that totally…I find that totally not inconsistent with anything I do professionally. I?m just communicating another reality that I know, that for a lot of reasons having to do with, basically, someone else?s ass, I?m not writing about it.?

Hersh is merely “communicating another reality” that he knows of?! Outrageous. It’s okay tho, he still stands by his practice of lying in speeches and on talk shows and such, he just promises he never lies in print (whew, and thought we were dealing with a FULL time liar here, as long as he’s only a liar 80% of the time, it’s okay I guess.)

Hersh puts it out on the table, and in doing so he let’s us all know that nothing he says can be trusted.”

So here we have a guy who makes up names and events to convey his own reality (kind of like Rumsfeld?). A guy who rides entirely on reputation for his credibility since many of his lengthy pieces contain nothing more than a single anonymous source.  A guy whom one investigative journalist told me actually squashed an important expose (of George Soros) by a colleague and then plagiarized the material.  And people take him at face-value as more credible than “the government.”

When will boobus libertarianus wake up to the fact that the “media” and the “alternative press” ARE  the government? Often they are more the government than the “government.”

But that might require something a little bit more than slogans and herd behaviour.

It might involve – heaven forfend- a little critical thinking.





Doug Valentine: Woodward, Hersh, CIA-connected

In an interview with Suzan Mazur at, Douglas Valentine, an authority on CIA programs, mentions Seymour Hersh as a CIA-connected journalist.

In fact, just looking at the sites and the writers touting Hersh on the Bin Laden story will give you a good general idea about the level of complicity of American activists/alternative media in the propagandizing of the public:

Douglas  Valentine:

To answer your question about the connections between the CIA and the media and new media – I’d say they’re tighter than ever. It has to do with the centralization of wealth and influence. News organizations used to be a lot of independent owners of news outlets. There’s now less and less of that.

It goes hand in hand with the consolidation of capital in the United States. The media’s in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and those people are closer and closer to the imperial interests of the United States abroad. Their interests are now more in tune with the interests of the CIA. And they’re more likely to skew, without even being agents of the CIA.

So you don’t have to rely on the old boy system anymore; accommodating the CIA is built into the system because of the consolidation of capital.

It’s been reported that the CIA writes for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. So establishing and corroborating sources is more important now than ever. Also, since Watergate and Deep Throat, there’s a tendency on the part of CIA-connected journalists like Bob Woodward and Seymour Hersh to use anonymous sources. Just another sign of how incestuous it is between the media and the CIA.”

In addition to Douglas Valentine, writers as far apart as James Petras, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Williamson, have all questioned Hersh’s veracity.

In “Language of Empire,” I noted discrepancies in Hersh’s reporting and my suspicion that he was an outlet for disinformation.

Is the Osama Bin Laden story disinformation?

Frankly, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I care.

What I do care about is the uncritical way the alternative media trumpets “name” journalists, even when they don’t source.

Don’t they realize how easy it is for the intelligence services to feed them stories through established journalists?

Or do they just not care?

Why is it I get the feeling that a lot of the alternative media is in it for money and Google hits, not for actually finding out the truth.

It is just tamasha.  Or a form of preening.

Anyway, here is another site, a conservative, one,  where Hersh is proved to have lied…and then proved to have lied about his lie…

Seymour Hersh made some startling claims to a Pakistani paper called The Nation, basically claiming that Dick Cheney (and Israel of course) runs a secret death squad that was responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

When it became apparent that the statements made their way to people that knew they were a lie Seymour released this statement:

US journalist Seymour Hersh on Monday contradicted news reports being published in South Asia that quote him as saying a special death squad made by former US vice president Dick Cheney had killed Benazir Bhutto. The award-winning journalist described as complete madness the reports that the squad headed by General Stanley McChrystal the new commander of US army in Afghanistan  had also killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafique Al Hariri and a Lebanese army chief.

Vice president Cheney does not have a death squad. I have no idea who killed Mr Hariri or Mrs Bhutto, Hersh said. I have never said that I did have such information. I most certainly did not say anything remotely to that effect during an interview with an Arab media outlet.

He said Gen McChrystal had run a special forces unit that engaged in high value target activity, but while I have been critical of some of that unit activities in the pages of the New Yorker and in interviews, I have never suggested that he was involved in political assassinations or death squads on behalf of Mr Cheney, as the published stories state. He regretted that none of the publications had contacted him before carrying the report. This is another example of blogs going bonkers with misleading and fabricated stories and professional journalists repeating such rumours without doing their job  and that is to verify such rumours. staff report.

The problem is that’s a lie. Legal Insurrection has video of Hersh making these very claims on Marxist shill Amy Goodman’s dreadful Democracy Now! program.

Isn’t libel illegal?”