Shiv Sena MP: Modi In Love With Self

A right-wing party attacks the PM for replacing the image of Gandhi with his own on calendars associated with Gandhi’s pet “Khadi” (home-spun) cottage industry:

“Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Shiv Sena MP from south Mumbai and party spokesperson Arvind Sawant called the move as an insult to Gandhiji. “I saw the news in some newspapers that Mahatma Gandhi’s photo from Khadi Gramodyog calender has been removed and replaced with that of the PM Narendra Modiji. Gandhi is the father of the nation, he is one who sowed the seeds of promoting Khadi. Removing Gandhiji and replacing it with PMs is an not only an insult to the Father of the Nation and but also of the nation and this should be taken very seriously” said Sawant.

In a personal attack Sawant said, “This is a perfect example of what happens when a person falls in love with his own image.”

Alleged Trump Sex Video: From 9-11, Grosvenor Gardens

An interesting factoid:

The infamous alleged fetish video involving Donald Trump and a Russian hotel bed in which the Obamas slept (details delicately withheld on our chaste blog) turns out to have been given to US intelligence officials by none other than Senator John McCain, whose own record is so dodgy it muddies the story even more.

We think the much bigger question than Obama’s bed is Trump’s. Who’s in it? How much in hock is he to Russia?

McCain, an alleged war-hero but documented fink,  was once a POW in Vietnam and, since I just watched “The Manchurian Candidate,” that raises all sorts of questions for me about his own motivations and agenda.

Second, the file on Trump was compiled by a 20 year veteran of MI6 (the British foreign intelligence service), Christopher Steele, who from 1990 until 2009 was also a spy in Russia.

2009 was the year a lot of intel operations, including that of Wikileaks, began operating.

So what did Mr. Steele do in 2009? He opened Orbis Business Intelligence, which compiled the video. Apparently, he was funded by Republican anti-Trump operatives.

Where is Orbis located?

At the commercial site of 9-11 Grosvenor Gardens in London.

Is this another Rothschild/NWO wink or merely coincidence?

If the former,  into which realm of reality, falsity, or some mixture of both, do we consign the video?

And who is  behind it?

Insane McCain, Trump himself, his handlers, the Russians, the financial cabal, the CIA, Mossad, the FSB? Or some combination of these?

And if this is an X-rated rerun of the Manchurian Candidate, with McCain as the brain-washed trigger-man, is it Mike Pence or Hillary Clinton, who is the intended beneficiary?

My bet is the latter.


97% Banned Indian Notes Were White, Not Black

More proof that eradication of corruption could not possibly have been the motivation for the cash ban in this piece at

All but 0.7 trillion  of the notes banned have been deposited, against the 5 trillion short-fall anticipated by the Modi govt, proving that almost all (97%) the banned notes were part of the legitimate cash-based economy now crippled by the ban:

Indians have deposited nearly all the currency bills outlawed at the end of the deadline last year, according to people with knowledge of the matter, dealing a blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s drive to unearth unaccounted wealth and fight corruption.

Banks have received Rs14.97 trillion ($220 billion) as of 30 December, the deadline for handing in the old bank notes, the people said, asking not to be identified citing rules for speaking with the media. The government had initially estimated about Rs5 trillion of the Rs15.4 trillion rendered worthless by the sudden move on 9 November to remain undeclared as it may have escaped the tax net illegally, known locally as black money.”

The piece, naturally, suggests that this was all a huge Modi blunder.

That doesn’t wash at all.

“Monumental blunder” is a kind of fall-back, limited hang-out position, and it’s being pushed by all the usual suspects (major media, globalist outfits, former globalist stooges, like Manmohan Singh).

Any kind of clear-sighted look at the facts shows that there was no blunder involved. Urjit Patel, the RBI governor, has himself said as much.

The repeated use of globalist memes, the date of 9/11 (which is how Indians write 11/9), the election of Trump on the same day the notes went into effect, the Gates connection, the McKinsey report, the involvement of De La Rue, the Sahara-Birla link, the Mallya Rothschild account, all these and multiple other factors show DeMo to have been a fully intended, carefully crafted “shock-awe” attack…

62 and counting RBI directives over 50 days cannot be error. They are intended to produce maximum chaos and trauma in the population.

2000 rupees notes printed with major defects (missing the head of Gandhi on some, running pink in water in some others), fake counterfeit-detection machinery,  all these facilitate counterfeiting, not security.

IT raids destroy political opponents in Tamil Nadu and Bengal; they are not directed against corruption at the very top.

This is economic war. Make no mistake.

New Indian Depositor Bill: Grandma Takes The Punch For Globalists

The New Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill of 2016  outs itself  with its use of the phrase “creative destructionto endorse the need for a quick resolution of bank and firm failure.

“Creative Destruction” in this usage is a  Marxist term, popularized by the economist Schumpeter and subsequently appropriated by neo-liberal economists, as well as  perpetual-war- theorists of the new world order, that describes the need for “capitalism” to “ceaselessly devalue existing wealth (whether through war, dereliction, or regular and periodic economic crises) in order to clear the ground for the creation of new wealth.”

That’s wikipedia.

“Isms,” however, do nothing. So I would replace the word “capitalism” there with “capitalists.”

And, being of a skeptical turn of mind, would replace even “capitalist” with “globalist cabal manipulating capital.”

As I blogged before, the reassuring sound of “deposit insurance” should not blind us to the fact that the bill actually demotes protection of depositors – the original mandate of the RBI act of 194 – to second place. The RBI’s new mandate is the ubiquitous one of “financial stability.”

On behalf of financial stability – which, in effect, means some institutions are “too big to fail, too big to jail,”  the new bill and the proposed new bankruptcy procedures – get around the standard Indian legal procedure and have complete authority to resolve any issue of bad debt, by winding up the firm/bank and/or restructuring the debt. In essence, that means, a small, overarching and centralized outfit can decide whom to bail out, whom not to, and who gets to foot the bill.

Bank depositors over 1 lakh (Rs 100000 or about $1800-2000) are unsecured creditors of the bank who will be stiffed in the face of senior debt holders.

In short, grandma takes the punch for the globalists.